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SFR 189: How I Built My RSVP Funnel

Nov 6th, 2018 anchorwave

There are more than just “sales” funnels. This is how I gathered peoples info for OfferMind…

When 386 people signed up to get the 30-Days book with my affiliate link, I needed to create a funnel that had NEVER existed before…

There was NO funnel for me to hack, so I had to get creative and invent a whole new funnel type.

Funnel building is like a big bag of adult lego blocks – as long as you know how the pieces go together you can move them about, and if the pieces are compatible… boom! The possibilities are infinite.

If you’d like an excellent overview, The Funnel Hacker Cookbook shows you how all the blocks fit together – I helped to write a lot of that book, and it’ll massively shortcut the time it takes to work out how the various pieces gel.

…When I design a funnel that hasn’t existed before, I take elements from the Cookbook and make up the funnel as I go along.

When I first started building funnels, I was terrified to do anything outside funnel building box. However, once you understand the basics of how everything works, you’ll see that there’s no reason to be scared.

funnel building

The funnel building game is far more malleable than most people think.

Let me show you what I did, but first…


During the 30-Day book launch, when you bought a book using my affiliate link, I gave you a free ticket to my OfferMind.

OfferMind is a live event where you can Discover What Offer And Sales Message Your Market Has Been ASKING To Pay You For…

marketing objectives

I help you to dive deep into the Most Important Steps that you need to take BEFORE you even open your ClickFunnels account.

This is a different way to think about this whole game. The stuff I’m gonna share with you guys, no one teaches it. It’s not from a book.

People often ask me, “Stephen where’d you learn how to create offers like this?” The answer is, “…from experience.” I’ve coached 18,000 people (NOT A TYPO) in the process and built 500 funnels.

Stephen Larsen Secrets Masterclass

I don’t know of any book that teaches offer creation the way I do – that’s why I’m writing a book.

Anyway, I digress – back to OfferMind…

After thinking that I might just have to give out a hundred or so free tickets to the Mastermind, it turned out that an anatomical butt ton of you bought through my link – so I had to find a way to fulfill on my promise and get those tickets to everyone who was entitled to them…

And so my VIP Funnel was born.

Now, technically, there wasn’t an RSVP funnel already in existence. So I want to walk you through the process that I went through to get everyone to RSVP and get an event ticket.


You have to understand that when I say that I built 500 funnels when I worked at ClickFunnels, maybe 100 of those were actual revenue funnels. A lot of them were more what I call fulfillment funnels.

A fulfillment funnel is something that can be used internally to create a process that helps your business to run smoothly.

Clickfunnels wall

This is the hard part, is that when you create a funnel that hasn’t existed before, there’s nobody for you to funnel hack.

What’s kind of unique about what I’m about to share is that, although I use funnels in this way a lot, I’ve never really shown you how I do it – so sit tight, here we go…

*If you’d like to watch me go through this process (whiteboard an’ all) them come hang out with me on my YouTube Channel, and I’ll walk you through step by step.

funnel building whiteboard

All funnel building is with crappy drawings on a whiteboard. And very imperfect boxes.

If you go to, it’s no longer what I’m talking about here because since then I’ve changed it into a sales funnel to sell event tickets.

“Funnel Hacking is NOT page copying”


When you design a funnel that doesn’t already exist, the 1st thing you have to think through is:

  • What’s the main objective of this funnel?

In this case, I need people to RSVP so that I can..

  • Confirm the size of the room. Ya know what I’m sayin’?
  • Give you the option to upgrade to a VIP, so you can sit close to the action, get your photo taken with me, and join a private VIP dinner to hang out and network in a more intimate setting.

Upgrade to VIP

  • Get your T-shirt size so I can print the swag I’m gonna give you. There are Capitalist Pig T-shirts for everyone who comes to the event – and “It’s Monday, Baby!” ones for the VIP upgrades. (Oh Yeah!)

Capitalist Pig T Shirts

I just bought In the future, I’ll sell ’em, and we’ll do swag drops. But right now, you can only get one if you come to OfferMind.

I’ve got a bunch of testimonials on the page too.

I have some super cool videos:

Offer Mind

I have this one from Angela at the top – she’s amazing – absolutely incredible.

I kinda have a lot of guys in here – which is awesome. Fellas, you’re looking great – but the women tend to sell that a little bit more.

Offermind Testimonials

I need more women’s testimonials. Look these are all guys!

Next, I pulled in FB comments for more social proof:

Social Proof


Often, people ask me, “Stephen, what if I’m launching something that I’ve never done before and I don’t have any testimonials?”

I haven’t done an OfferMind before. So what you do is you switch the questions:

  • “What is it like to work with Stephen?”
  • “What is it like to learn from Stephen in other courses?”

Then you can get testimonials around those.


Next, I took a lesson from Funnel Hacking Live and grabbed the FAQ topics that Russell used (and Dana Derricks too) to make sure I hit all the relevant areas.

OfferMind FAQ

In an events funnel, he FAQ section is especially important – you should have it on the bottom of every single page. That’s super key.

The first page is always the hardest one to create. It’s the one I spent literally an entire day on.


Good funnels have one objective – that’s the reason a funnel works. Each page has its own specific focus. Each page, one thing.

The thing that turns a funnel back into a website is when you have multiple exits from a page.

A funnel works because it’s a funnel – there’s only one way to progress forward. There’s only one way to move on.

One of the reasons why many funnels don’t do well is that there are too many exits inside of that funnel.

What I created was kind of a hybrid between a website and a funnel.


So think about this for a second…

I have two objectives:

  1. I need everybody who wants to come to RSVP.
  2. If you want more of my time, you can upgrade to a VIP ticket.

So that means that there needs to be some kind of a breakout.

Here’s how I did it…


Thank you for buying the 30 Days book through my link. You have a limited time to RSVP.

RSVP website

Do you like that piece of paper on the top of this pic? I know you… Because you’re like me!

And because we’re Funnel Hackers, and I teach you guys how to funnel hack, I took a piece of paper and taped it to the top of my screen to cover the URL – so you don’t try and sneak in ?

PAGE #1: I created a page with 2 options:

  1. You can just straight up RSVP.
  2. You can upgrade to VIP.

Button #1: I don’t want to upgrade (just my RSVP ticket.)

Button #2: Upgrade me to VIP

So this is the first page, the block I used was a sales page. That means ClickFunnels is not looking for any data from it.

If it’s an opt-in page, and there’s not an email form on the page, sometimes that can trip out of the ClickFunnels editor.

So I build it as a sales page because there’s no data requirement. It’s literally a shell. I can put whatever I want in there, and I can direct people to wherever I want.

  • Button #1: You go direct to the RSVP page – which sidesteps the payment step.
  • Button #2: Directs you to page #2

PAGE #2: The VIP Upgrade – for this block, I used an order form page type – which means that ClickFunnels is gonna look for credit card details and it’s gonna look for email contacts.

All contacts are email based inside of ClickFunnels. If there’s not an email, the contact profile does not exist so I have to make sure that that email capture exists.

The VIP upgrade is $197. There are only 60 VIP places available. That’s how the room is going to be set up. It’s not a hoax. There are ONLY 60 spots.

PAGE #3: The “Thank You” Page. You don’t need a thank you page, but I always get a little nervous when people it skips those pages – so I always like to create one.

After you upgrade, an email that gets sent out that pushes you right back to the RSVP page.

All roads lead to the RSVP form.


I could have used software like Eventbrite to integrate here, but instead, I just used Zapier.

I set up 2 different Zap inputs.

I have a Google Sheet to collect and separate out those who upgraded to VIP and those who just RSVP – and the zap pushes you into a specific tab. One tab is for the VIP, and one tab is the standard RSVP people.

Then I use Wufoo form because it’s super fast, so that as soon as you fill out this RSVP form, and I tell you, “Look, I’m gonna ask your t-shirt size.” This also gets sent to the same Google Sheet, but just to a different tab.

That way I have a Google Sheet where I can look up everybody’s information:

  • Name.
  • Email.
  • Date of purchase and time of book purchase (so I can verify the fact that they got a book through my 30-day link).

Now, these are simple pages, and the first page is always the hardest one to create. It’s the one I spent literally an entire day on – but when you get creative about how you put them together – you can build anything.

So when you look at the OfferMind pages, make sure you go throw them REAL SLOW – so you can see what I’ve done.

Does an RSVP funnel exist?

Not really!

But when you understand how the pieces work, this game is far more fluid than you might think.


I’m naturally an introvert, but for some reason, events with people like you, get me excited.

It’s gonna be me on stage for 2 days – which I’m used to doing.

Stephen Larsen on stage

The FHAT event was 3 days, with pretty much just with me the entire time. I’m not nervous about the energy output – the audience usually gets tired before I do.

I’ve just got Russell’s AV team, the same one that sets up the stage for the 2 Comma Club Coaching and the Funnel Hacking Live events.

Man, when you walk into a stage at an event room, you need to go to a different place. It should transport you mentally to a different state the moment you walk in. I hate crappy event setups.

If you guys have been listening and paying attention to me at all, I always teach with affiliate cash that’s straight affiliate cash. Never take profit from it.

I take all affiliate cash and I dump it right into something else so the asset creates an asset.

The 30-Days book pulled in a lot of affiliate cash, which It means I can afford to hire the really expensive, extremely nice stage setup, the amazing AV, and incredible videographers.

And that’s exactly what I’m goin’ for.

I’m excited to have you join me.

So if you are interested, I’d love to have you join me. If you wanna upgrade to VIP – I just wanted to show you how the whole thing works.

Until Next Time – Keep Crushing It!

Boom! If you’re just starting out, you’re probably studying a lot. That’s good. You’re probably geeking out on all the strategies also, right? That’s also good.

But the hardest part is figuring out what the market wants to buy and how you should sell it to them. That’s what I struggled with for a while until I learned the formula.

So I created a special mastermind called an OfferMind to get you on track with the right offer and more importantly the right sales script to get it off the ground and sell it. Wanna come?

The small groups are small on purpose  – so I can answer your direct questions in person for two straight days. You can hold your spot by going to Again that’s

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