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SFR 186: My Latest Free Lead Source

Oct 26th, 2018 anchorwave

This is so awesome! I found a way to get leads straight off Facebook!

Would you like to know the awesome growth strategy that’s allowed me to add nearly 3,000 people to my list (in only 7-weeks) without spending a penny or promoting at all?

lead generation

You would!

Cool, I’ll show you…


The only asset that you have on the internet, and in general, is your list… Not your product… Not anything else.

Even before you have something to sell, it’s all about list building strategies… *cough* publishing.

And once you have something to sell, then it’s all about putting more people into the pipeline…

Your list is gold.

Let me tell you a story…

About three or four months ago, there was a company I was doing stuff with who turned out to be dodgy. They were stealing from people and all sorts crap –  I had no idea.

Because I had a list, it meant that I just move on to something else, and it was not a big issue.

email list

The list is THE asset. The list is the ONLY asset!

Without a list, and without a following, it would have been waaay more stressful to get out of that situation.

So you can see how important it is to grow your list whatever stage of business you’re at, right?

  • Your list is where you get your leads.
  • Leads are where you make your money.

I think it was Jay Abraham who said that there are only 3 ways to grow a company:

  1. Get more customers.
  2. Increase your prices.
  3. Increase the frequency that your customers give you money.

So let me show you a wicked smart automation that I’ve been using to grab leads from Facebook, push them into my ClickFunnels list and then straight into Action Funnels. Oh, Yeah!


Facebook leads

(If you want to watch me run through this strategy in my Science of Selling Online Facebook Group peeps, then hop on over to my YouTube Channel to watch the recording – but I’ll walk you through everything you need to know here, too)

The ingredients you’ll need to make this work are:

  1. A Facebook Group
  2. Group Funnels Software
  3. Zapier (a free account should work just fine)
  4. A couple of minutes a day (or know someone who does)

When I launched the Science of Selling Online, there was this big rush to join because the hot traffic always comes in first. After that rush was over, we consistently brought in anywhere from 20 -50 people each day.

Now we’re hitting a 100 people asking to join the group daily – which is awesome.

But imagine if I didn’t have an easy way to get all of those leads onto my email list and into my funnel. Arrrgh – what a waste that would be!

However, because of the automation I’ve set up everyone who I accept into the group is added to my list. Easiest list building ever!

Here’s how:



Every day, I go into the group to approve new members.

Before anyone can join, they have to do 2 simple tasks.

  1. Give me their email address.
  2. Agree not to spam the group.

I ask for people’s email address before I let them into the group as a symbol to me that they are willing to exchange something for the value I give.

If someone can’t give me their freakin’ email address, I’m not going to let them in. I don’t even care.

growth strategy

I ask people to agree not to self-promo because I don’t want the group to become a massive spam fest – that drives me nuts.

I’ve been in so many other groups like that.

I’m part of waaay too many groups (that I need to get out of), where it’s just promo, promo, promo, promo, promo. Holy crap! That is not a group I want to create.

I love reading good spam, especially when it’s been running for a while because then I know something in there is working. (It’s also good with eggs and rice, Polynesian style.)

But, man, if it’s not targeted correctly, then I freaking hate spam as much as everyone else.

If somebody is spamming, I kick them out of the group and ban them for life. I’ve banned many people.

I’m not trying to create a scary place where you can’t post anything. But some people are obviously to farm from the group.

That’s NOT the purpose of the group.

I’m just trying geek out and show cool things and teach the science of selling online.

Out of the 102 people ask to join the group today, when I whittled out all the people who didn’t give me their email or didn’t agree to not self-promo, only 72 where left.

After I’ve declined all the people who don’t give their email and don’t agree NOT to self-promo. This is what I do…


lead generation on fire growth strategy

This is where you need to have the Group Funnels software.

It only takes a moment to go in and grab in all the emails that new members have given me. It’s nuts – it’s the craziest list building thing ever,

I’ve added almost 3,000 people to my list – FOR FREE, because of this strategy!

I set up a Zapier (you can grab yourself a free account with some free zaps) which collects those email and adds automatically to a Google Sheet.

Next, it pushes that data into a ClickFunnels list. Boosh!

ClickFunnels has just started accepting incoming data. This is a huge deal because it means I can automatically add people into a ClickFunnels list and put them into an Actionetic sequence.

group funnels

If you want to see more about Group Funnels, then go to, and look at the Group Funnels strategy video. It’ll teach you everything that I’m doing more in depth.

Other than a one-time payment for Group Funnels, the only cost is the time adding to the group.

If you like what I’m showing you, you can use the affiliate link underneath to get Group Funnels for yourself.



Now that I can automate my facebook leads, the next thing that I’ve been doing is building out my value ladders so I can introduce my leads to:

# My podcast.

# The blogs.

# Affiliate outrage.

# The Free opt-in course…

If you don’t know what that is, go to it will teach you how to get opt-ins.

All the free stuff gets you indoctrinated – then pushes you up through varying my value ladder.

And it’s because of the sick Group Funnels software and Zapier that I’ve been able to do this. It’s freaking nuts!

I’ve been testing the last few months, and it’s been working out really well – so now I need to go build that onboarding sequence.

Doing things like OfferMind is a strategic move for me. I’m not just like, “Hey, I should do an event.”

I’m running 6 different campaigns. I like to run them like football plays.

I know if I run them:

  • People get results in their businesses and in their lives.
  • My cash coming in increases.
  • My following grows.
  • I get more customers.
  • I can charge more money.
  • I get more money more frequently.

I’m not talking about Facebook ads. Facebook ads are not campaigns. That’s why I’ve been asking for people’s emails!

Watch carefully what I’m doing because there’s a value ladder that I’ve been building out. The pieces are now in place so we can go full circle with the whole thing.


business tools

If you’d like to see what other tools I use in my business, go to I went through my business bank statement, and listed everything that I use – there’s over 50 of em’.

2 or 3 I share are the ones turn in a massive 80% of my revenue. While others are just these cool things that save me time, money, energy and resources – or they make me money.

I filmed a strategy video for each one of the resources I use so that you can see why I use them. Underneath you’ll find my affiliate link, so if you got value from the video – it’s right there for you to use.

You’ll see the resources I use to:

  • Publish Content
  • Manage My team
  • Create Content
  • Build Funnels
  • Funnel Hack
  • Fulfill On Products

Until Next Time – Keep Crushing It!

Wish you can geek out with other real funnel builders, and even ask questions while I build funnels live?

Wish granted!

Watch and learn funnel building as I document my process in my funnel strategy group. Its free, just go to and join now.

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