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SFR 180: Case Study – Turn Socks Into An Offer

Oct 5th, 2018 anchorwave

Offer creation is for any product or service in any industry at any price point. It has nothing to do with building a funnel and can be done offline, online, or in person…

If you have a great offer, you can sell anything…

But how do you create an offer that makes any product so sexy that people will rush give you their money?

With my offer creation process, you can sell anything  – even a pair of socks.

Without a plan to sell, product creation is a waste of time.

yellow socks

It’s a simple formula that I use to draft an outline and figure out what my offer will be.

The thing that drives me crazy is when someone says, “Ah, this doesn’t apply to me because I’m in retail. This doesn’t apply to me because I’m in B2B. I sell things on Amazon, I can’t make offers.” *IT DOES* Anyone can use this process.

Companies fly me out to do a solid eight hour day with them to craft a detailed plan of what their offer is going to be. We create the sales message behind it, the best funnel for that offer, and the sales message to their market.

These consulting days are awesome fun and… REALLY EXPENSIVE. However, you don’t have to pay $30,000 for me to share my formula with you – because I ’m gonna share it right now…

boom spreadsheet

There’s obviously the bigger, deeper process that I’d go through when I’m about to launch a product, but I want you guys to see how I would craft an offer around socks.

Hop over to YouTube, if you’d like to see how I went through the process live with my Science of Selling Online group.


if you suddenly lost everything what would you do

When I was preparing my affiliate offer for Russells 30 Days book, I knew that my offer was gonna be better than anybody else’s out there.

And when the results came in, I had nearly 2x the sales of my closest competition. The reason for this is because of the way I craft offers.

If you’d looked at all the promo emails that were sent out during that campaign, you’d have noticed that it was the same freakin’ email.

There’s nothing wrong with prewriting emails if you’re gonna get just people to promote in general, then sending pre-written emails is good.

But if you actually want to get serious, then because sending out a white email that’s the same as everyone else’s is the epitome of a freaking red ocean!

Understanding the red ocean is not just what people are selling and how they’re selling it. You also need to look at the actual messaging and the funnel they’re selling it with.

If you’re blasting out the exact same material, then you’re still in that red ocean – and that’s not where the money is made


I don’t care if you’re selling your own products, or promoting somebody else’s. I’m gonna teach you how to create your offer from a marketers perspective.

dont be a lazy marketer

I’m not here to slap people around by saying “Oh, that’s crappy, that’s crappy! Don’t do that!” But I’m here because I wanna share with you that there’s a total junky way to do this, and a real way that actually provides value.

I’m a firm believer in something that Todd Brown said. He said, “If you have nothing else of value to say, then you need to end your funnel.”


I had only been at ClickFunnels for about two months when Russell turned around, and as with all great ideas, he said:

“DUDE! You know Stu McLaren?” “He’s got this thing coming up called TRIBE, and I wanna promote it ’cause it’s really good. What else could I give with that product?”

Russell in office

Until that time, I had never considered the fact that you would create an offer around an affiliate link.

Russell doesn’t promote many people’s products, but when he does, he is very methodical.

So I wanna walk you through the process that I watched Russell use, and that I now use myself, as well.


The reason I chose socks for this example is to show that this process works for anything however ludicrous. You could even use it for toothpicks. In fact, it works for any product at price-point in any industry.

Here’s an example:

In the morning I like to jump rope to warm up like boxers do – Rocky style. So I bought a jump rope off Amazon. It’s one of those speed ropes. It’s super cool. And what excited and tickled me pink was that you also got:

  • A two-week program showing you exactly how to use your rope.
  • A cool little bag.
  • Some spare parts.
  • An invitation to a special community.

It was a freaking jump rope and it literally had an offer created around it!

even a toothpick

They’d crafted this amazing offer around a jump rope.

I want to show you that there are multiple ways to create an offer, regardless of what you sell.

I want you to see the structure and the questions that I ask, in order to create an offer.

It might be helpful for you to go watch on YouTube, but I’ll do my best to explain the process here too.


man with long hair and dog

Every time a person buys a product they also get a set of problems.

If I can identify future problems that the product cause you can build an offer around them.

For example:

#1: The first thing you need to do to create the offer is to list out the potential problems. What are the future issues your customer may run into when they buy socks from you? (These answers are from the live audience)

  • Maybe their feet are too warm.
  • They don’t know how to put them on.
  • Dry feet.
  • How to keep them clean?
  • Stinky feet.
  • Knowing which size to buy?
  • Athletes foot.
  • Holes.
  • Too tight after first wash.
  • Sensitive Skin
  • Foot Care

sheep socks

I’m trying to choose a ridiculous example so you guys see how easy this is.

#2: Once you’ve identified the potential problems you can ask, “How could I solve that problem?”

If you don’t know what the problems are, then just go look at reviews.

  • Stinky Feet? I could add some shoepourri ? Or send them an e-book about what kinds of shoes cause your feet to sweat.
  • What Size to Buy? I could send 2 pairs, or add a ruler for them to send in a custom sock size. In reality, you could have like three different sizes, but it’s perceived customization.
  • Foot Care? What if I interviewed a few foot doctors, and made a Little Known Doctors Order’s Foot Care Guide – Yeah, we’d need a sexier name, but you know what I mean…

pink socks

…By the beard of Zeus, the cat’s meow, and the bee’s knees, that’s a freaking offer!

Total value = a lot. What’s the real price of it? A pair of socks like everybody else.

You could actually charge a little bit of a premium, and nobody’s actually gonna compete with you on that.

Following this process is one of the easiest ways to create your offer.

I’ve got an offer creation book coming out on this very concept.

Another benefit of following this process is that you actually end up creating your entire sales message along the way by matching false believes and problems to the products in your offer. That’s why my freaking stuff sells so well.

Wish you could geek out with other real funnel builders and even ask questions while I build funnels live? Ha ho, wish granted:

Watch and learn funnel building as I document my process in my funnel strategy group. It’s free, just go to and join now.

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