SFR 178: How I Launched Affiliate Outrage – Stephen Larsen

SFR 178: How I Launched Affiliate Outrage

Sep 29th, 2018 anchorwave

The way a product enters the market is just as important as the value the product delivers…

The first money I ever made online was affiliate money.

Before I discovered affiliate marketing I’d had 17 failed business attempts to my name – but nothing seemed to work.

Each time I started a new venture, I’d throw myself into it 100%. I’d be sure that this was the time that my hard work would finally payoff. This would be the time that I could go home to my wife with some money to show for all the evenings she spent alone while I was working.

Finally, we’d be able to go to the store and fill our basket with more than ramen noodles…

But at the end of each project – all I had to show for my effort was a pile of frustration and an empty wallet.

cmon steve, im sick of noodles

It wasn’t that I was expecting to be amazing right off the bat, but after several years of struggling – and with baby on the way, things were getting pretty desperate.

Affiliate marketing was the way that I was finally able to bring some cash home.

Affiliate marketing is also the way I funded my entire company without using any of my own money – EVER.

So whether want to make your first buck online, or fund your growing business, affiliate marketing is the perfect too to help you do both…

And if you keep reading, I’m going to tell you how to get your hands on a FREE training I’ve just launched called AFFILIATE OUTRAGE – Seriously, it’s AMAZING.

Learn How I Built My Entire Business AO

So you might be wondering why I’m giving away a free program? Well, there’s a few reasons:

  1. *Cards on the table* – I hope that you’ll want to promote my products using the methods that you’re going to learn – but no, you don’t have to. You can promote anything you want to (but I do give awesome commissions).
  2. I know that a lot of people who follow me haven’t made any money online and I want to show you the easiest way to start – I really don’t want you to have to eat noodles for 2 years.
  3. Use affiliate marketing as training wheels to learn what marketing actually is without having to create your own product.
  4. I want show you why the last 6 or 7 funnels that I’ve launched have been successful (*Hint* it’s a lot to do with my product launch pre-launch strategy)… I want to show you how I launched Affiliate Outrage, so that you can improve your sales too.
  5. I’m actively trying to help people call themselves on their own BS for not doing things that they know they should be doing.

A few people have ask me, “Why on earth would you tell your market about the actual marketing that you’re doing?”

Well, guys, I teach marketing, so I’m trying to show you what I’m doing – I’m building trust. I want to give you quality and value if you see that I know what I’m talking about, it’s only gonna have positive benefits for both of us.

Sound good? Ok, Let’s talk pre-launch…


Disney World figures

In April, I took my family to Disney. Before the trip I was very careful to build up the anticipation by talking about all the things we could do and see.

A 2010 study, published in the journal Applied Research in Quality of Life, discovered that just planning or anticipating your trip can make you happier than actually taking it.

So that what I did.

I was like, “Hey, check out this map. Oh, look at this. We could go eat here, we could do this. Check out these hotels. Did you know there’s a monorail? Did you know we could do that? Holy crap!”

I talked about Disney a lot, well before we went. Well before we got in the car and went to the airport.

Ok, so you may be thinking:

Stephen, you used marketing principles on your own family! Of course, I did – come on, right? You should too!

Marketing is just the act of shifting and affecting people’s beliefs.

Why on Earth would I not build anticipation for something that we’re gonna do as a family? Of course, I’m gonna do that. I’d be stupid not to.

I talk about the cool things, and future pace the experience to build excitement for when the day arrives.

little girl with hand over mouth

I’m not trying to manipulate. That’s not what I’m talking about at all. But think about how powerful this is for you as a marketer…

It doesn’t matter whether your selling a course, an event or a product you need to build anticipation for its release.

Think about it….



Imagine Hollywood dumping a $100 million bucks into a movie and then launching it without a pre-launch advertising strategy…

What do you think the success rate of that movie is gonna be? Not that good! Not nearly as good as it could be, is if there was a lot of pressure built up beforehand.

It’s just not gonna happen, right?

So if you’re launching a product and just hoping that it’s gonna be a success – you need to stop what you’re doing, and put some thought into how you’re going to launch.

How you launch your product is just as important as your product’s ability to deliver on what you say it will.

Great marketers build up the pressure. They create events. For lack of a better term, it’s called a campaign.


Before I show you all the gold I’ve put in Affiliate Outrage, I want you to know how I built up pressure ahead of its launch…

Most of the time, I have don’t know exactly what the product or campaign is going to be. I have rough idea – meaning “Okay, it’s gonna probably sit in this part of the market.” But I don’t really know everything that’s gonna be inside it.

So I use publishing to I’m test how people react to the idea. I tell stories and see which ones get the best response…


Is the idea of the product is insatiable enough, interesting enough, or controversial enough?

I almost think of it like I’m standing in a blue ocean hucking rocks into the red ocean. Did that ripple really carry through, or was it boring? Huh…

If I don’t get a reaction, that doesn’t mean my product was bad – maybe the idea about the product was bad. So I throw another rock. Bam! All right, did that hit? Is that a ripple effect? Are people talking about it?

man skipping rocks

I’m not trying to create controversy for controversy’s sake – that’s not cool. I’m just trying to point out the pain points in the red ocean that people may have gotten used to.

I don’t need to create problems in a red ocean – there are already problems. I just need to bring attention to the fact that there is an issue that they’ve been comfortable with.

That’s one of the major keys to making a good pre-launch campaign.

I’ve got five whiteboards, and I’ll just start listing out storylines. I’ll start listing out different controversial hooks – things that would take people in the red ocean, and shake ’em.

I’m not trying to be polite, I’m trying to create value. That’s not the same thing.

If as marketer you’re worried that “people aren’t gonna like it when I say that.” You gotta like get over that, or find another profession.

One of my favorite books is, is a book called Trust Me I’m Lying by Ryan Holiday. Read it, it’ll help you get over that fear.

So here’s what you’re looking for:

  1. Did anticipation build when I talked that idea? “Oh, it didn’t… Huh, maybe that’s a crappy idea? Let’s try another”
  2. I got a positive response. Awesome, maybe I should progress this idea a little bit more. Let’s drop another little bit of pre-launch content.

The book Launch by Jeff Walker, is where I first got some of these ideas. I read it at our at our kitchen table when I was in college. It a freezing cold winter, and I’m huddled up in a million jumpers thinking, “Hmmm…that makes a lot of sense.”

I followed elements of that book, then I added others as I discovered them. Now I’ve kinda developed my own repertoire of how to get this done.


woman praying

When you look at the product I launched at the beginning of the year, there’s several things that I did to make it successful.

I planned everything because hope is a terrible marketing strategy.

I do not hope for my products to be successful. I ensure that they will be. Hope is a terrible marketing strategy! Someone put that on a t-shirt! Staple it on my face.

I don’t wanna make a product, and be like, “I hope people buy it – I hope we get some traffic” Are you kidding me?

It gives me anxiety, thinking about that.

You can’t hope your way into product sales.

I will not even create a product, I will not try to sell you anything, I will not do, unless, unless I’ve got this idea. And the idea is the thing that you’re putting in their head through a story.

The book Play Bigger says that whoever can define the problem best is usually the one who owns the solution.

I’m trying to figure out what problem I can best define in the red ocean. When I do that, we’re gonna roll forward into a pre-launch campaign.

I always create a publishing platform. I will start listing out all of the red ocean influencers who are also selling or providing something similar to what I am. I will go in, and I’ll start looking to see who also is publishing?

That’s very key.

Because if I listen to their podcasts, if I read their blogs, or listen to their shows I now know what major beliefs are being shoved into the throats of the red ocean.

I know now exactly where their current beliefs are because story upholds belief.

I know what beliefs they have and now I know what to go change and shift to a blue ocean.

Stephen Larsen pointing at whiteboard

One of the easiest ways for you to start dominating a space is to get intimate and get incredibly knowledgeable about your red ocean.

A lot of guys have no idea who the freak you’re selling too and that’s why your marketing doesn’t work. Your marketing is with a single customer in mind.

Instead, you’re like, “It could sell this person… this person could buy it… this person could buy it…” That’s crap! That’s the fastest way to failure.

I’m not asking who COULD buy it, anybody COULD buy it – I’m looking at who SHOULD buy it. I’m looking at my dream customer. That’s a very different question to answer than who COULD buy my thing.

Who do you want to buy it?

…And a lot of that has to do with getting intimate and understanding more about the red ocean itself:

  • Who is in inside that red ocean?
  • What do they believing?
  • What are they reading?
  • What are they consuming?

I’ve accidentally become category king in a few places without realizing it, and then when I look back and realize, it’s like, “Oh, my gosh, this is what I did.”

When I am designing a blue ocean, there is more fill in the blanks about the red ocean, rather than designing the blue ocean itself.

There are more questions I have to answer to get to know the red ocean, than the blue ocean.

There’s far more for me to understand about where people currently are and how they got there than where I’m taking them – that part’s easy.


Hand holding jar of lights

Even though Affiliate Outrage is a FREE program, I still had to sell it.

Look at how massive the sales page is.

I encourage you to consume this slowly even though you’re not buying anything.

Go through it slowly. Watch what I’m doing. Why am I doing what I’m doing? Why would I introduce to you all these people? Why would I tell you about all the things?

I have brought you through multiple epiphany bridge stories. I have published my face off about it. I’ve co-created with a lot of people. We’ve created a lot of pressure ahead of time.

Even when I knew it wasn’t quite ready yet, or going to be for a little bit, I’m like, “Hey, it’s coming out soon.” I’m not telling you when, but it’s coming out soon. “It’s coming out soon, it’s coming out soon.”

If you guys go look at the group, you guys are like, “Oh my gosh, I’m so excited. This is gonna be so cool.” And I’m like, “Yes, it’s working.”

A lot of you have told me, this is way better than any paid one that’s out there when you haven’t even had it yet. Fascinating! Think about that, okay? “This is better than anyone’s paid stuff.”

Are you sure? Because you haven’t even gone through my program yet?

Notice how the anticipation and excitement of the prelaunch help to create your beliefs.


If you’re like, “Stephen, what does this have to do with Affiliate Outrage?”

Well, recently Russell asked me to write a chapter for the book 30 Days. Loads of amazing marketers talk about what they would do if I lost it all, and how they’d get back on their feet in 30 days.”

When promoted that book I got almost double the sales of affiliate number two. Out of everybody, I’m number one. I’m excited, and it’s cool to celebrate your wins…

But I know why I’m number one.

woman jumping

And that’s what I’m going to share with you in Affiliate Outrage.

  1. You’ll learn how to create affiliate offers. Just because you didn’t make the product it does not mean you do not need to make the marketing. Tossing out an an affiliate link just won’t cut it.
  2. I created all the share funnels for the things I’m building for you in the course – so that’s in there.
  3. You get access to 16 of the best experts (from my personal Facebook expert to my YouTube rock star) all showing you how to use their platform to create affiliate sales. If they’re not on my team, then I at least just know that they’re awesome. I super appreciate them and endorse them

Excited? You should be ?

Let me introduce them to you:

#Chris Benetti – he’s a great funnel designer. He’s gonna come in and teach you how to make design awesome without getting distracted by it. ‘Cause design is not what makes things sell, right?

#Dan Havey – he’s the man. He’s a crazy good, I call him the ninja hacker. He’s gonna teach you guys more about strategies in numbers areas. You get the share funnel pre-hacked. He’s a great coder.

#Derek Wilson – he is the high ticket closer at ClickFunnels. He’s gonna teach you how to make affiliate sales – there are the scripts that he talks about, it’s really cool.

#Helen Henley – she’s absolutely fantastic. In fact, if you’re reading this from the blog, she’s the one writing this right now (*waves*). She is not just my incredible blog writer, she’s also helping me create my first book about all the lessons I learned sitting next to the desk of Russell. Crazy awesome! She’s super cool.

#Josh Forty – Josh Forty is the man. If you don’t know who Josh is, he’s the absolute rock star at social media in general. Specifically, though, he’s gonna come in and teach you guys more about the Facebook platform itself.

#Josh Ryan – On Instagram, I now have 35 thousand followers – they are not bots, they are not fake people, how did we do it? He’s the guy that has done that with me as well, which is crazy cool.

#Julia Taylor – she’s my WordPress expert. She’s the one who has completely redesigned and redone the sales funnel radio blog. It’s way better than the clunky one that we had before. Go check it out

#Kevin Anson – he’s one of my good buddies, he is the guy who films everything for funnel hacker TV. He’s gonna teach you how to make promotion videos in the best way.

#Leslie Black – she is my crazy amazing accountant. Again, we are not legal advisors, *disclaimer, disclaimer* Does everybody feel disclaimed? Sweet!

She’s gonna teach you guys how to set up enough legal structure to keep you protected while you’re starting to make your affiliate cash.

#Marley Baird – absolutely incredible! She is my YouTube expert. YouTube is one of my favorite platforms ever out of all social media, but it’s also a search engine, which is really cool.

Anyway, Marley is absolutely amazing. She made my cool YouTube video intro. She’s the one cutting all the video for everything. She’s absolutely incredible.

#Nathan Sheer – he’s one of my good buddies. He’s a great funnel hacker. It’s hard to find funnel builders who are also marketers. It’s easy to find funnel builders. It’s pretty easy, ish, to find marketers.

It’s very challenging to find a funnel building marketer. There’s not many out there. Nathan is one of those other people. He’s got the crazy twitch in his left eye, and he’s awesome!

There’s a checklist he’s gonna walk you through to make sure your funnel’s ready to rock before you launch it.

#Nico Moreno – he’s my chatbot expert. He’s co-created some products with me, and he’s helped me create some cool things with chatbots as well as Josh Forty. So he’s gonna teach you to use chatbots to get affiliate sales.

#Semma Erzouki– is my absolutely incredible Facebook person. I call her the Facebook ads whisperer. She’s the one who’s been running all my Facebook ads – she’s absolutely fantastic.

Each one of these guys has a day. I introduce them, and then they teach you the inner workings of the platforms that they’re an expert on – all for FREE.

Learn How I Built My Entire Business AO


The final ingredient of Affiliate Outrage is the “M” word.

It’s not just like money money money money money money – though that’s a huge part of it. I hate the term mindset training, but that’s part of what it is.

woman blowing flower

I am actively trying to help people call themselves on their own BS for not doing things that they know they should be doing.

I never wanna yell at a person, but I will yell at your behavior. I will yell at my behavior. I will yell at my habits. I have false beliefs about my ability to go achieve things.

The better that I can get at calling my own false beliefs out, and shifting the stories in my head – the faster I can approach those goals that I’m aiming for.

I’ve found that people suffer and do not take action because of mindset. It’s not because they don’t know what strategies to use, it’s because their brains can’t handle achieving and conquering the thing I’m telling ’em to do.

That’s why I like affiliate stuff – because you have the ability to go in and practice marketing without the intense experience it is to create the product itself.

Learn How I Built My Entire Business AO

Some people get so wrapped up on the product, that they forget that this other thing, that is completely isolated called marketing exists. And that’s why I love the training wheels that affiliate marketing is.

I’m very excited for you guys to have this:

Until Next Time – Keep Crushing It

Hey, many don’t know that I actually made my first money online as an affiliate marketer. If you wanna know how I funded my entire company without using any of my own money ever, you can learn to do the same for free at

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