SFR 177: How I Found My VA’s – Stephen Larsen

SFR 177: How I Found My VA’s

Sep 25th, 2018 anchorwave

Obviously, a good team isn’t accidental. This is how I found the Rock Star Virtual Assistants on my team…

Growing up, I didn’t know what I was good at – a lot of the time entrepreneurs don’t.

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It’s kinda like the X-men when they’re still trying to figure out their powers.

Once you find out what you’re good at you can start focusing on the best ways to use your talents to solve problems and make money.

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However, too many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of trying to do ALL the things and be ALL the things. If you’re doing this in your business, I need to set you straight now.


wall of clickfunnel awards

I have never seen anyone win a 2 Comma Club award by themselves.

I remember going to events where people would pick up their 2 Comma Club Awards.

They’d get up on stage, collect the award, and take the picture. I’d see it over and over again. Eventually, I started asking myself, “What do each one of these people in common that helps them to reach 2 commas?”

Sometimes I’d think, “I can build a funnel better than that, but he made a million bucks. Why didn’t I?”

And so, I asked myself a very important question:

What do these 2 Comma Club winners have that I am lacking?

stephen larsen Ive got it

I’m kinda a pattern junkie, so it didn’t take long before I started to notice a fascinating correlation.

One of the things that I started to realize was that all these people had a certain mentality that I lacked at the time.

All of these 2 Comma Club Winners had an incredible obsession with having a team, while I was focusing on being a Renaissance man.

I was doing a little bit of everything. The 2 Comma Club Winners, on the other hand, were telling me:

  • “Nope, I’ve never run a FaceBook Ad in my life – I have someone to do that…
  • “I didn’t write my book – I outsourced that…
  • I have no idea how to use photoshop – I have a guy for that…

I’ve never seen a 2 Comma Club winner do it on their own – EVER!

They might be the solopreneur, but they still have a team. They’re the ones running the business, but they have a team making sure the stuff gets done – so they can keep selling..

They at least have a few of the following:

  • An Assistant.
  • A Support Guy
  • A High-ticket Seller.
  • A Fulfillment Person.
  • A Sales guy.
  • A Traffic Driver.

When I discovered this, I knew that something needed to change if I wanted to hit the 2 Comma Club with my own products.


woman sat on bed with laptop

When you’re starting out in business, it’s great to be able to turn your hand to a lot of things. You probably don’t have any spare cash, so you’ve gotta wear a lot of hats just to get your business up and running.

Before you build a team you need 2 things:

  1. Proof of Concept
  2. Revenue

Proof of concept and revenue go hand in hand.

Building a team before you have both of these is a scary thing to do because it means that your product is not market driven.

In college, I was taught to hire for the sake of building a business before creating revenue. That’s backward. That’s dumb. Don’t do that. In my honest opinion, that is some seriously terrible advice. College taught me some great things. That was not one of them.

The only equity you should be putting into your business at the start is sweat equity.

It’s the reason you’ll love your company so much. It’s the reason I love my company so much. I have given a lot of time to the business instead of my family because I was wearing a lot of hats.


Don’t build a team until you have freakin’ revenue. Otherwise, you’re gonna go into debt.

There’s a lot of mystic crap that people try to lace around entrepreneurship. It’s not mystical. It’s business.

Entrepreneurship is giving value and getting paid for it.

lemonade stand

So how do you know when it’s time to outsource or hire a team?


If you want to get your hands on a 2 Comma Club Award, there will come a time when you’re gonna need to outsource or build a team to help and support you.

man in booth with laptop

My rule of thumb is to hire when it hurts.

That’s something that Russell always told me when I worked with him at ClickFunnels. He said, “Only hire when it hurts.” Meaning: if you can handle it, keep doing it.

Only use virtual assistance services when they are actually beneficial to your business.

A lot of companies die because they hire too quickly before they have the revenue to support their growth. They just drown in debt and expense.

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In my opinion. If you’ve barely got any revenue coming in – I don’t know why you’d ever go hire somebody? All your revenue should be back into getting more sales.


One thing that I started doing to create some money to help me build my business was affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing allowed me to build my entire business and team without borrowing a single dollar, or using any of my own money, Ever.

learn how I built my entire business and team online

Affiliate Outrage is a free program and what I’m talking about in this blog is towards the end of the program. You can go grab it for yourself, here.

Once I had a little bit of cash from the affiliate sales, I would use it to try and hire people to help me – but before I found my system, it wasn’t always cash well spent…


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Man, I’ve wasted a lot of money on bad VA’s – just tons of ’em.

I’m not a coder, so sometimes I’d need a website or something done fast. So I’d go and try to find someone that I could pay to do it for me.

There was one time when I spent $500 on a guy who said he could put together a very simple thing for me, and it was garbage. I mean, “holy crap,” it was so bad.

I’ve wasted money on bad writers, bad designers, bad… You name it, I’ve probably wasted money on it!

cash in toilet

Finding a great team of people to support you can be an absolute nightmare…

So I developed a specific system to weed out the crap and attract the talent.

I discovered a way that’s pretty much guaranteed to help you find good people EVERY TIME you need them!

Pay Close Attention. This could save you tons of time, money and headaches.


find the right people

There are lots of Rock Star freelancers out there. The problem is how do you find them? The best way I’ve ever found is to create a competition. My favorite place to do this is on

Freelancer is my favorite because they actually facilitate the contest.

If you guys go over to and scroll down, you’ll see all the resources I use in my business – including Freelancer. If you use the link to get a freelancer account, they give you $15 credit. It’s my affiliate link of course, but you get a little goodie for using it.

thanks on postcard

I found my incredible Facebook traffic driver, Sema in a contest. She’s extremely talented, and I found her because of a contest. Later I found out, “Holy crap, you’re Dan Henry’s traffic guy, too.” It was crazy!

I don’t give a crap about resumes – they’re what peaks my interest initially, but who I decide to have a long-term relationship with is based on contests.

Who makes it rain? Who can make it happen? I want those kinds of people.

I use contests regardless of whether it’s on the freelancer platform or not. Usually, I try and use Freelancer though, because there’s great talent on there. You’ve just gotta find ’em.


five hands over desk

  1. I need a creative freelancer/ VA to create something for me.
  2. I go to Freelancer and start a contest – I usually do a screen recording explaining what I need.
  3. I make sure I overpay a little bit for it. Why? Because it attracts a butt load of people to me.
  4. I make the contest a week long.
  5. I make sure that I’ve got my critiques set to public. So that everybody can see all the submissions and my critiques. *This Step is Crucial*
  6. For the first 5-days, I’m pretty harsh with my critiques. I’m not rude, but I’m not mincing words: “I hate this. I love this. Change that.”
  7. Everyone sees my comments, and everyone gets notified of them.
  8. Day 6-7, the real talent swoops in. They see the comments, they see my critiques.
  9. Incredible work starts to appear, and I’m like, “Where have you been? I’ve been trying to find you in all of Freelancer and the entire VA world.”
  10. During the last 2 days, I’m even more interactive with the top 10 people.
  11. Then it’s always within the last 12 hours that the most incredible work appears.
  12. The contest ends on day 7, and I pick and pay the winner.

The best thing is, that I now have an amazing freelancer who I can go to over and over again.

I’ve literally filtered out hundreds of people that weren’t any good. I don’t have to keep doing it because I’ve already found who the most talented people are.

sales funnel radio with steve

That’s how I created the graphic for Sales Funnel Radio; the one with me pointing at my shirt.

The great thing is that when you use competition to find outsourcing and virtual assistance services in your business – you have access to the BEST talent from across the globe. Ta-dah!


red dot green dot

Now you know when to outsource and how to outsource – there is one remaining question. And that is

  • “What should you outsource?”

I have a simple solution that I’d like to introduce you to called Red Dot/ Green Dot.

In general, entrepreneurs are really good at writing massive task lists, but the problem is that it can bogs you down, stress you out, and overload you.

Some things that you should do never get done because they’re important, but not that important. You know what I mean? My solution is to list out all the things I need to go do and give each item a red dot or a green dot based on their priority.

  • A Big Green Dot is something that makes me revenue. I do that task during the parts of the day that I know I’m most fresh. For me, that’s 7 am to 1pm.
  • Big Green Dot Tasks include script writing, certain aspects of funnel building, and sales videos. They are the things that only should or can do.
  • A Small Green Dot is still revenue generating, just not as big. A do these tasks in the afternoon or evening – when I’m not quite as fresh.
  • A Red Dot is something that needs to get done, but it’s a cost on the business. I should never do any of these roles.
  • Red Dots can be outsourced while you continue to focus on bringing in revenue. If your time is worth more money than the job, you should definitely outsource it.


man with goat

If there are jobs that I want to outsource, but I’m not sure if anyone would know how to do them in the way you want them to do…

Then I follow this advice that Dana Derricks gave me.

He and I were chatting on Voxer one day, and he said one thing that really helped me out…

At the beginning of your business, you’re probably the one doing wearing all the hats. After a while, you don’t wanna be doing that because it’s not revenue generating.

Dana said “I always make sure that whenever I do a process, I do it the hardest, most arduous way possible. I document what I’m doing, so then I literally have the system that I can outsource.”

It’s completely 180˚ of how most people react to pain or discomfort of growth.

oh its not going to be hard is it

Most people are like, “I don’t wanna do the hardest way! Are you kidding me? Don’t make me do it the hardest way.” But Dana’s the exact opposite.

This has been a key aspect that I’ve taken on in my business.

So, to sum everything up:



  1. Generate revenue before you build a team.
  2. Use affiliate marketing to create income for outsourcing.
  3. Use contests to find VA Rock Stars.
  4. Use Red Dot/ Green Dot choose which tasks to focus on.
  5. Create systems so that you can outsource the tasks that you shouldn’t be doing.
  6. Keep Selling

Until Next Time – Keep Crushing It!

Hey, many of you don’t know that I actually made my first money online as an affiliate marketer. If you wanna know how I funded my entire company without using any of my own money ever – you can learn to do the same for FREE at

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