SFR 176: Why DotCom Secrets Changed My Life – Stephen Larsen

SFR 176: Why DotCom Secrets Changed My Life

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I haven’t told the full story about why DotCom Secrets was so impactful for me. Here’s why, and here’s WHERE I read it…

This may sound like a bold statement, but DotCom Secrets changed my life. I’ve only read the book twice, but it was in such crazy depth that made it very effective.

Let me tell you how it happened…


After we married my wife and I were crazy poor. We moved to Rexburg, Idaho so that I could finish my marketing degree. Alyssa had already finished college and was looking for a job, but in a town full of students, work was scarce.

Rexburg Winters are harsh. Our bare apartment was cold and uninviting.

For our first Christmas together, I drew a fireplace on butchers paper and pinned it to the wall with some stockings around it just to cheer things up a bit.

Every morning Alyssa packed my lunch for college, and then looked for work herself.

Stephen Larsen with wife

When I wasn’t studying, I was working work on side hustles or business ideas late into the night. I wanted to make cash. I wanted to be a successful entrepreneur. I wanted to be a provider for my family.

It wasn’t the sort of life that you dream of as newlyweds – everything was a struggle.

I’d walk streets and trying to sell to people. I wanted to change our situation real bad.

Each time I learned something new, I aimed to use it to make money as fast as possible.

I pitched the owners of Vivint Home Security, sold pest control door to door. I pitched anyone I could think of. I started fifteen businesses that didn’t quite work out.

I didn’t really know what I was doing, and I was pretty much breaking every single rule that you could imagine.


A few weeks into our marriage, I starting coming home to find Alyssa still in bed. It was freezing in our apartment, so at first, I thought that she was just trying to stay warm.

I have a hard time talking about the part of this story. Seven years later it still kinda brings me to my knees, it cuts me up.

Can you imagine how it feels to find out that the person you love most in the world has been going without food so that you can eat?

Behind my back, Alyssa had only been eating one meal a day.

She’d pack my lunch for college, then Alyssa wouldn’t eat anything until I came home in the evening.

We had so little cash that she didn’t feel like she could eat. She’d eat one meal in the evening with me, and that was it.

plate and silverware

After a while she didn’t have the energy to face the day, so she was just going back to bed. She was sacrificing for me. That was an intense amount of love. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I felt guilty and inadequate.

After days and weeks of eating barely anything, Alyssa was super weak.

When I found out, it wrecked me. It destroyed me. My pride was gone, shot to nothing.

A lot of times, a man gets his identity by what he does. And I felt like wasn’t doing anything.

Person sat against a wall

I wasn’t enough. I was trying to make money, but I wasn’t able to put food on the table so that my wife could eat. I was a failure.

It was a hard truth to face. The crap kinda hit the fan, and I was like “We gotta make some cash somehow. I’ve got to make at least enough money so my wife can eat.”


I did some research and found out that we were entitled to student loans. The only problem was that they weren’t going to arrive for about six weeks.

When I found that out, my heart sank. I had no idea how we were going to survive until that money turned up. I was like, “Four to six weeks, we’re gonna be dead’ in two. We’re not gonna make it. How are we gonna survive?”

no money in wallet

So I decided to do something that was totally against the way I was raised. I called my dad and I asked him for money.

All through my high school years, I had worked like crazy. I was not a stranger to hard work. I did labor jobs, or whatever came along. I didn’t care what it was I worked, and I knew how to work. And my Dad had always encouraged me to be responsible that that way…

So calling my Dad and to ask for money was not an easy thing to do.


We weren’t poor growing up but weren’t super wealthy either. We were middle class, and my dad provided very well. I knew that he had cash that could help tide us over until the loans arrived.

So I plucked up my courage to call. I worked myself up to ask him, and I said, “Hey, Dad, I just found out that Alyssa is only eating one meal a day. Could you float us like three grand? We’ll pay you back as soon as our student loans come in.” It made sense to me.

I remember the sound of the air conditioning above me as I walked around the college classroom waiting for the answer.

It was hot, and the door was closed, so I took off my jacket. The light was either off or dimmed, and I walked around the room in a square getting faster and faster the more anxious I got. My palms started sweating, and the stress that started setting in was huge.

There’s a long pause on the phone…. And I will never forget what my Dad said. I remember how he said it and everything.

He said, “Son – No. If I give you this money now. You will not exhaust the resources that you didn’t know you had.”

Stephen Larsen at graduation

How cool was that! Seriously, that’s what he said. Best Dad Ever!

And his answer, in a loving way, was “Buck up.” We both cried – man tears, of course. (I think we’re flexing while we’re doing it.)

It was a really hard lesson, but it started this fire start in my gut that most entrepreneurs fail to ignite ever.

I learned how to get resourceful in a way that I think most people never learn. I became more determined than ever to become a successful entrepreneur.

A few months after this we found out that Alyssa was pregnant. With the student loans, life had improved a little, but I knew there was no way we would be able to pay all our medical expenses, I decided to join the army. I’d always wanted to join the army, but our situation forced my hand.

Stephen Larsen with wife and child

So I took a semester off right in the middle of college to go to basic training. I had to leave Alyssa and our newborn daughter for nearly six months.


Stephen in military uniform

The first time I read DotCom Secrets, I was lying in the dirt for ten days with an M16 in my right hand.

In army uniforms, there’s a place for pens and pencils on the sleeve. Part of the army discipline was to lay prone for long periods of time with your M16.

Maybe I didn’t have enough discipline because I would pull DotCom Secrets out from where it was hidden in my uniform and start reading.

I kept it in a plastic bag. I’d choose these obscure places to lay in so I was out of the way, and I would lay there taking it all in. I got really good at turning pages with one hand.

And then when I was like, “Oh, that’s really freaking good! Oh my gosh!”

I would lay down my M16, grab my pen from my sleeve pocket and slowly, carefully make notes. Then slip the pen back inside my sleeve pocket, pick up my M16, and keep reading.

Stephen Larsen holding DotCom Secrets

When I bought DotCom Secrets for the first time, the $7.95 for the shipping was a real stretch for me, but when I’d finished reading it, I was blown away.

I couldn’t understand why nobody else was talking about this stuff.

If we ever had a few minutes in the evening, I would read. I remember when I finished the book, I was sitting on my sleeping bag on a tarp.

Half my kit was still wet from the night before. I put the book down on my lap, my hand resting on the cover, and I started thinking. I was like, “Dang, that’s good. Man, that’s good! Holy Crap!”

this is freakin awesome

And I turned to the closest person to me, and I just started just started barfing all the stuff I learned on him.


DotCom Secrets taught me way more than I ever learned in my college classes. To the point was I was getting into fights with professors because I knew that some of what they were saying was wrong. And we’d kinda get in little tiffs about it.

Man looking shocked at laptop

Now, I know that from experience that what they taught me was wrong.

Once I put into action what I learned in DotCom Secrets my wallet grew fatter.

I stopped swinging from one failed business to the next and started making tweaks and adjustments to make my projects successful. It went fifteen businesses not quite working out to, “Check it out, it’s working.”

My goal was just to make a grand a month, but I started to make a grand a week.

We could put food on the table, and go on a holiday.

Stephen Larsen stood in front of colorful building

I was like, “Okay, that was not as hard as I thought it was gonna be. Where was this information a while ago?”

It was life-changing for me.

In fact, the business that I began to create when I read DotCom Secrets is the very business that I finished creating when I left Click Funnels. This stuff works.

This book is ridiculous. This book changed my life. It’s changed a lot of my friend’s lives, a lot of my family member’s lives, a lot of my student’s lives. That’s why I’m 100% fanatic over it!

It’s one of the books that’s always next to me on the shelf. I reference it like crazy.


If you haven’t read DotCom Secrets and you run an online business, I think you’re a joke.

The DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets, and a few others are the books that I know I’ll continue to read my whole life. I know if I didn’t read any other book, I’d still be more than well-off because of what they teach. I know that’s a bold statement – but I stand behind it 100%

There are several other books that are like that for me.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad from Robert Kiyosaki is most entrepreneurs gateway drug. But DotCom Secrets is the gateway to actually make money from what Rich Dad, Poor Dad talks about.

Holding lots of cash

I feel like the subheading should be, “How to actually do what Robert Kiyosaki talks about?”

Just because it’s called Dotcom Secrets – don’t let that freak you out. The strategies work equally well for offline businesses too. You don’t need to be techy to make this work.


The first time I bought DotCom Secrets didn’t buy the upsells because I thought, ‘This guy is trying to take my money!’ After I read the book, I was like, ‘Holy crap! I should give this guy my money.’

So I went back, and I funnel hacked that funnel. I’ve bought this book many times so I could dive through that funnel. Don’t buy the book and fail to study the funnel

Buy slowly, and look at each step, and ask:

  • What is he doing?
  • Why is he doing that?

Understand what’s going on in that funnel, and it will show you a way to make money – it’s not hard.

There’s some work involved, but it’s shockingly less work than I thought it was going to be for the amount of money that I’ve made.

I have built many funnels now, and they’ve been very, very lucrative and fun.

I’ve helped many people do the same, and what’s better than impact and income?!

Frankly, DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets will be two of the books that I’ll require my kids to read. They’re not even five years old yet, so maybe I’ll just start reading it for bedtime stories.

and then Russell threw rocks at the red ocean

This is daddy doctrine. I will pass this info on. I feel like I’d be selfish not to.

You can use this link to get your copy of DotCom Secretsit’s my affiliate link, but I don’t promote anything to you that I don’t stand behind. I stand behind this book like crazy. This book was life changing for me.

Read it with an open mind; instead of saying, “Man, this isn’t true!” – act as though, “What if it is true?” There’s nothing that’s far-fetched in here – and it’s a very easy read.

If you want to see what other tools, courses, and books have impacted my business is a resource I’ve created to share with you guys all the things that I love.

There’s only a few of us in my company, and it works because of the way these tools interact together to automate the business. There’s a short video telling you how I use each of these tools – so check it out here:

Until Next Week – Keep Crushing It!

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