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SFR 171: How To Recycle Sales Stories

Sep 4th, 2018 anchorwave

Marketers are storytellers. Yet, you don’t have to ALWAYS have new stories. Here’s how to recycle your stories no matter the product you’re selling…

If you’ve been following my journey for any length of time, then you’ll know how important story is to me on both a personal and business level.

Story played a vital role in me getting the job as Head Funnel Builder at Clickfunnels.

Story helped my wallet to grow fatter and increase the sales for my products.

Story has been one of the tools responsible for helping my coaching and consulting clients to get their message out to help more people and maximize their sales.

Stephen Larsen talking on stage

Story is effective marketing.


From your ad copy to your sales script, you need stories.

The right stories stimulate oxytocin in the brains of your customers helping you to break old beliefs patterns, build trust, and lay the foundations for new beliefs and opportunities that you want to sell.

A story that emotionally connects is the most effective way to make sure that your customers are ready and willing to give you their money.

Story is powerful.

those who tell the stories rule society


The success of your funnel has very little to do with the pages. You can have a funnel that is limping along on one leg and still be very successful.

Sure, you need to go in and make all your funnel tweaks, but if your offer sucks and your script is terrible, then a funnel is NOT going to save you.

The funnel is just the delivery method. That’s a fact. Take it from a guy who’s built a lot of funnels.

I build funnels with great stories and a stache


Whenever I teach about story, one question always comes up: “Hey, Stephen, but I don’t know what stories to tell that to break someone’s belief patterns and make them want to purchase my product?”

Stephen Larsen talking at event roundtable

I understand, however, creating your origin story is easier than you think. If you haven’t read Expert Secrets yet, then check out SECRET #7 on p103 for a fantastic overview.

The next thing that you need understand is you don’t always need to come up with new stories. Once you have an origin story you can recycling it for different products.

And I thought what better way to teach you how I actually do this than to let you watch over my shoulder while I use my origin story to build a script for a new product.

This is something I’ve never done before in front of a live group. I’ve done a lot of funnel building, but live script building… Guys, script writing is hard! It’s one of the most challenging parts of funnel building overall.

women writing in notebook

Putting the pages together, that’s some easy stuff. You drag and drop, and you’re done. Script writing is where the rubber meets the road.

Before ClickFunnels, copy was always the most expensive part of building a funnel with a traditional team. Because copy is what does the selling. You have to have a great product and a good offer, but without the copy – you just won’t make those sales.

If you feel you don’t know how to write copy, then choose a funnel style that requires very little copy – and /or just learn how to do write it.

D circled in red

I didn’t know how to write copy until I worked at Clickfunnels. I got straight D’s in English pretty much all of high school, and through a lot of college. I’m not an amazing writer. I don’t know fantastic punctuation. I’m not good at that crap.

The language of marketing is different. It’s its own language. Its own vernacular. It’s the way you give your people what they need to hear in order to help them make the decision to buy. It’s the core of everything.

Take my money


Let's do this

Yo be honest, the thought of doing a live script build made me a little nervous. At Clickfunnels we would often spend days coming up with one headline. So to write a whole script that quickly was really challenging for me.

It was in front of an audience of about 75 people, and it took me 12 hours to built the entire webinar script from top to bottom.

It was for my product called My Funnel Stash. It’s all the funnels that I built over at Clickfunnels in one place, so that you can use them in your business.

Funnel Stache

It might sound a little conceited, but no one else is gonna have the opportunity to do what I did, and learn right at the feet of a master for that amount of time.

For that reason, I feel a responsibility to to share some of the things that I learned during that time – the finer points that actually make a funnel successful.


Stephen Larsen with glasses and mustache

What I want to share with you now, is how I built the introduction to the My Funnel Stache webinar by recycling my origin story for the sales script.

You can watch as I build the webinar slides, and walk you through the script for each slide in turn.

My Funnel Stache did 30 grand in the first week with no ads spend. That’s crazy cool, right? How did I do that? A lot of it has to do with the script.

However, what I want you to understand before we start is that even though I’m using it for a webinar this time, I use this script no matter what product I am selling.

This is the most powerful sales script you’ve ever seen in your entire life. It literally saved my family financially when I learned how to use it. You can find it on p114 of Expert Secrets.

I would normally ask you to do this, but I want you to come over to my YouTube channel now, so you watch me as I build the slides for my origin story using the Epiphany Bridge Script.

Steve, who are you

So go grab a piece of paper, and take some notes so that it can change your life too.

Now let’s cut to my screen, so can show you how I recycle my story and build my script out.

I’m sick and tired of the misleading garbage information out there, “Oh you’re not converting because you don’t have the right slogan, or the right mission statement.” That’s bull crap!

I care about you guys too much to not share this and get a little passionate about it.

Until Next Time – Keep Crushing It!

Oh yeah!

Hey, obviously a funnel’s already dead if you can’t even get anyone to opt in, right? So I spent four hours teaching an audience how to get high opt-ins. When they work, and when they don’t.

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