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SFR 164: Are Webinars Dead?

Aug 10th, 2018 anchorwave

Whether it’s this actual question or just the quiet whispers around me, let’s address this topic. “Did Chrome kill the webinar?”

See this rubber fish that I’m holding in my hand? Well, it’s going to come in handy a bit later on in this article…

Check out my awesome fish

There’s one question that I’ve been getting extremely tired of lately.

A scare has been going on across the internet since Google Chrome stopped allowing videos to autoplay on page load.

People have been freaking out: “Argh, does this mean that webinars are dying!”

This question was on everyone’s lips – from my personal students to the gurus who were feeling the fear. It seemed that Google had killed the goose that laid the golden egg.

Wrecking ball hitting egg

Today, I want to talk about this issue on two levels:

#1: Has Google actually killed the webinar?

#2: Why were entrepreneurs so freaked out by the change?

So has Google killed the Webinar? My answer to this question is an emphatic “NO!”

To prove my point, I’m actually to drop in the stats from my webinar over the last month – just so you can see what’s been going on for us since the dreaded Chrome update.


Check out my awesome stats

Let me run through the stats from June 21st – July 23rd, 2018. We’ve only recently turned ads back on – but this is since Google stopped the autoplay function on video:

  • We’ve had about $3.35 earnings per click
  • The registration page has 1798 unique page views. 1800 people have seen that page uniquely in the last month.
  • 63% have opted in. A 63% opt-in rate on an auto-webinar funnel. I can barely even get that on a live webinar funnel! Usually, when you go from live webinars to auto webinars, you get a drop in conversion rates. Mine went up!
  • The actual show up rate is about 50% – which is awesome
  • 1100 people have opted in
  • On the auto-webinar funnel – I get about an 8% purchase rate
  • About 10 -15% of the people actually see the self-liquidating offer, but it’s a 35% purchase rate. It’s a 10% purchase rate from the actual traffic coming on in, which is pretty great for a self-liquidating offer
  • We spent about two grand in ads in the last month, we have made about $1700 in sales on that self-liquidating offer alone. So we are just about breaking even on all of our ads spent for that funnel
  • We had 17 sales from $2000 in ad spend, but that ad spend was also liquidated; so we’re putting a dollar in ads, guys, and we’re getting about four dollars back out, and we’re almost getting that dollar spend back on the SLO. Isn’t that crazy!
  • Overall, in this time frame, the funnel’s done about $19,000 in sales
  • And the average cart value is $114 per purchase because of the self-liquidating offer
  • A few people come back webinar replay a lot of purchases come through that as well
  • For about every three people who buy the self-liquidating offer, one of those people is buying the actual full program. That’s nuts!

If you guys don’t know what an SLO is; it’s a self-liquidating offer – which means we have spent about $2000 in ads, just testing stuff.

However, the small offer we made to people has allowed us to make back the majority of this ad spend – so that testing has been virtually free.

So these stats are all great signs of a fantastic webinar.

Pretty outstanding in the wake of the Chrome Autoplay Armageddon – don’t you think? 😉

Remember, we only turned ads back on a few weeks ago – there was not much going on in that funnel for about a month. I was focusing on building and putting things together.

  • I’ve added tons of awesome case studies and testimonials in the last three weeks – that’s helped a lot.
  • We now have a cool chat element, and we’re adding in live closers to help answer questions and close the deal.

These are things that I’d do regardless of whether Chrome stopped autoplay or not.


Stephen Larsen with fish

Here’s the thing you have to understand about webinars right now, while it’s true ‘that technically’ Chrome has shut down autoplay on videos – it’s easy to find a way to turn this to your advantage.

Let me share how I did this:

In Clickfunnels there’s a feature in the native video element which lets you select video autoplay – you just can’t have the sound autoplay. So when the page loads the video starts playing, but unless the sound is turned on it’s silent.

A few of you may be thinking, “Ah, but that’s not true autoplay.” However, bear with me because I’ve found a way to turn this challenge to my advantage.

That's not autoplay

Clickfunnels have added a transparent overlay on top of the video that says, “Turns On The Sound.” So the webinar attendee can see the video playing in the background, but it unless they click they can’t hear what’s going on.

Here’s what I’ve done; I’ve changed the text on the overlay to say, “Click to Join Live Session in Progress.”

I’ve added CTAs on the actual page that says, “Hurry! Click to Join Session in Progress,” and I have an arrow below saying the same thing.

It’s one extra step of micro-engagement before they join the webinar, and it’s working fantastically.

I’ve taken this a step further by pre-framing my audience in the confirmation email by explaining to them:

“Hey, you’re about to join a live session, so remember, once you get there, make sure you click immediately to turn your sound on, or you’ll miss valuable information.”

I don’t know what the big scare has been about because the pre-frame + micro-commitments seem to create more attentive attendees, they’re actually better buyers. So none of this has been a detriment to us.

I’ve really enjoyed this whole feature.

Sure, you may have to add an extra little step here and there, but I actually think it gets you a better customer.

Instead of fighting it or wasting time getting stressed about the changes – why not go with the flow and used it to your advantage!

So are webinars dead?

Lets Fish-slap that crap

Hang on a minute, let me just take this fish and help you guys. “No! Webinars are not dead!” So now I’ve fish-slapped the crap out of that belief – let’s talk about one of my favorite subjects…


Even though I don’t think that webinars are dead or even dying, this whole panic brought up an interesting issue for me. Which brings me on to the #2 point I want to address:

Why did so many entrepreneurs panic in the face of change?

At first, I was freaking out right along with everyone else. But quickly I started asking a better question; “How can we turn these changes to our advantage?”

The obstacle is the way

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that two of my favorite philosophies that I love are:

  1. The obstacle is the way
  2. Questions invite revelations

I firmly believe that if you lean into the obstacle rather than away from it that you will find a way to adapt and become a better entrepreneur along the way.

Secondly, if you ask a better question, you’ll get a better answer. This rule is so powerful that it’s one of the rules I wish I’d discovered much sooner in my life.

As Robert Kiyosaki says:

I’d rather welcome change than cling to the past

You may have to adapt, but that’s a good thing.

Click funnels headquareters

In this particular case, all you have to do is:

  1. Go into your Clickfunnels account and turn on the button in the native video
  2. Change the text on the overlay to say something like: “Click to join webinar in progress.”
  3. Pre-frame in your registration page, your welcome email, and webinar page by reminding your audience: “Hey, make sure you click to turn your sound on – so you don’t miss the session in progress.”


Let’s look at the situation a little further…

What would happen if I hadn’t been able to create a workaround that let me continue to use webinars… what would I have done?

Worry Panic

Frankly, my attitude would have been:

Google Chrome is not gonna stand in the way of me delivering my sales message to people who want to purchase my products

Whoa, Papa Larsen’s coming out a little bit here!

I’d have taken that webinar script, repurposed it. That script is gold!

In fact, what we’re working on right now is taking that webinar script and blasting it out everywhere.

Personally, I don’t always want to buy through webinars. One of my favorite ways to purchase on the internet is through a product launch funnel.

If I know it’s a great product, I might just go to the order page and buy it straight out. I know that some of you guys have done that with my products too.


  1. The Webinar – obviously 😉
  2. The Product Launch Funnel – same script, different delivery
  3. A Blog Post – take that script and turn it into a blog post
  4. An Audio Program – so people can listen to it
  5. A Book – Dean Holland takes his webinar script and turns it into a free plus shipping book offer
  6. A Stage Presentation – I can close 25-30% with my script on stage. Russell Brunson usually does 40-50%! He closes half the room, baby! (I’m workin’ on it)


Stephen Larsen on stage

So if someone says, “Ah, webinars, they’re dying!” First of all, “No, I don’t agree with that.”

Secondly, just figure out some other ways to deliver that exact same script – it doesn’t have to go through a funnel.

The funnel is not the reason that they’re buying. The funnel is just a way to the close the sale on the internet.

A lot of people do prefer to buy through a webinar, but understand that there are other ways to purchase too – So take that script and repurpose the crap out of it.

This is my invitation to you to “fish-slap the crap out of the idea that webinars are dying – and move forward with confidence.”

You just need to get creative, and find a solution – which is great news – because that’s what entrepreneurs are good at! There are usually multiple ways to get the result you want – you just have to find them.

For Example;

Let’s look at the way that I drive traffic to my funnel. When most people think of driving traffic the think of ads. However, the truth is, ads are only part of the strategy I use…


Fast cars

My favorite strategies to drive traffic to my funnel are:

  1. The Dream 100 – these are existing influencers, they have big lists already. The aim is to set up joint ventures and give them a 50% profit share. (That’s what the fish is for – I’m inviting them to fish-slap the crap out of the old ways)
  2. Affiliates – these may not have a big list, but they’re willing to promote, and they earn a percentage of everything they sell.
  3. Publishing – I have a podcast show dedicated to my major products
  4. Ads

Do you see how many strategies I went through before I got to ads?

I’m not saying that you can’t use ads – I’m just saying that there are other strategies that you can use.

As an entrepreneur, you need to develop the ability to look for those solutions – because although formulas will get you 90% of the way – it’s your ability to lean into an obstacle to find a solution that will take you the rest of the way to success.

Until next time – Keep Crushing It!

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