SFR 160: My Greatest Asset (+College Transcript) – Stephen Larsen

SFR 160: My Greatest Asset (+College Transcript)

Jul 27th, 2018 anchorwave

I won’t ever bash college cause it made me learn how to learn. BUT, I do wanna share my greatest asset to date (and probably forever)

This blog post comes with a *Larsen Rant Warning*

Larsen Rant Warning

There’s some Real Talk goin’ down, so please go in with a thick skin. If you’re easily offended, then maybe give this one a miss…

One of my most painful lessons helped me to create my greatest asset. Without this asset, I wouldn’t have been able to sit next to Russell Brunson.

Even if everything went pear-shaped, or the internet blew up tomorrow, I know I’d totally fine – and it’s because I have this asset. It’s like an insurance policy that no one can take away from you.

What is it?

Hold tight, and I’ll tell you.


College Transcript

Check out my college transcript. Look at my first semester: D+, A, F, F, F, F. Hardly auspicious is it?

I did get an ‘A’ in Apartment Leadership, but frankly, that was because it only took 2 hours. One day, when I realized how screwed I was, I just sat down and did it. My GPA was literally .00017.

With grades like that, it’s no surprise that I got kicked out of college. I stopped going to class about halfway through the year – I wasn’t because I was partying hard – the real issue was; I didn’t know how to learn.

I barely graduated high school. I got straight D’s in Science, Math, English and foreign languages.

From fourth grade all the way through until I went to college and removed my parents from the notifications list for the school, every parent-teacher conferences would be the freakin’ same, “Your son seems really, interested, he just hasn’t applied himself.”

Kid looking at F

Four years later, I decided, “let’s go do this thing,” so I reapplied to college and decided to finish my Marketing degree – which is funny because:

  • I didn’t learn how to be a marketer
  • I didn’t learn how to sell stuff
  • I didn’t learn how to make money

I’d sit in Quantitative Marketing Research; blah, blah! I hated it. Accounting – man, that was terrible!!! If you like that stuff, that’s great. I don’t, I’m just not good at it.

My first major was CIT, blah. Coding? I hate coding. I don’t know how to do it. I understand pieces of it, but my brain doesn’t work that way, and so, I had to learn how to learn.

Let me show you this:

Boom Transcript

I didn’t get a single ‘C’ for the four and a half years that I was in college. Straight A’s, with a few B’s here and there. I ended up graduating with a 3.83. That’s crazy.

The only difference was that I learned how to learn. I discovered a process that you can apply to any situation.

I discovered how to be a SELF-SOLVER.

When I look at the most successful entrepreneurs, I see that being a self-solver is the 10% that will skyrocket your business from “meh” to millions. I want to share my Self-solver process with you now.

Couple with umbrella and money falling from sky



For a long time, I prided myself on being a Renaissance man. I could do a bit of everything. Whether it was ad copy, setting up the ad, building the funnel, setting up the integrations, making the video, or the sound editing – I could do it all.

I was a one-man show and, frankly, for a while, before you build a team, that’s a great way to go. It helps you to know who’s good at what they do so you can.

But after a while, you need to stop learning everything because it’s killing you.

Sometimes you need to go on a low information diet – Tim Ferriss

Stop learning everything

It’s time to start hiring people who are better than you in their zone of genius – so that you can spend more time in your genius zone.

You need to find a way to hire people who you can’t afford. (I show you how I do it, in this post)


The Low Information Diet also applies to who you choose to learn from.

What information consumes is rather obvious; it consumes the attention of its recipients. Hence a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention – Herbert Simon (Nobel Prize Winner)

I have a little Mr. Miyagi bobble-head; I gave one to Russell with this message, “Dude, you’re my Mr. Miyagi.” You tell me to do things that I don’t want to do, but when I do them, I make money.”

Mr Miyagi whats my task

The reason why I live 3 miles away from Clickfunnels is because Russell is the person that I’m committed to learning from long-term.

When I find out there’s something that he’s freaking out about, I want to know about it. If he’s excited about a book, I’ll read the same book. He’s the marketing genius that I’ve chosen to learn from.


  • Stop listening to every podcast show that’s out there – Choose your top 2-3
  • Stop reading every book and joining every course
  • Choose the 1 or 2 topics that you want to excel and study those
  • It’s better to be a master at of one subject than average at lots of things
  • Dive deep with one or two experts. Study them for years and grow with them


If you needed to learn something find a way to become curious about it.

I have mastered this to such a level that I feel like I could teach a master class on any subject – if you gave me 2 weeks. I focus with intent and dive deep until I have the answer.

When I looked at guys who were in my classes at college, pretty much 99% of them were not doing a dang thing outside that class to learn on their own.

They literally surrendered ALL LEARNING – to the teacher! That’s crap! Don’t do that!

If I’m coaching somebody, and they leave every single step up to me, I know they will fail.


If they have no drive, if they do not learn on their own, if they’ve never opened up freaking Google or YouTube and typed in, “how do I ….?” I know they’re not going to make it. They will not make money because they have zero drive.

I can teach you the formulas, and they will get you 90% of the way; save you years of searching, and tens of thousands of dollars of testing on your own. But that last 10% is up to you.

If you can’t stay up a few extra hours, get up a few extra hours earlier, open google or YouTube to find an answer to a question – if you can’t or won’t do it on your own – then it’s GAME OVER.

It’s freakin’ easy to set yourself apart from everybody else if you make the time to study for an hour on your own. That’s the beauty of it.
I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but let me keep ranting!

I hate it when people reach out to me and ask questions like, “How do I add a new funnel?” I’m like, “DID YOU EVEN GOOGLE IT?!” I get so mad about it.

When people reach out, and they ask, “Stephen, how do I write a Seinfeld series?” I get pretty animated; “Did you even google it? Did you look at Dot Com Secrets? Did you even check YouTube?”

Two men shocked

When I started using Clickfunnels, I probably read every support document that they ever had out – no joke.

2 or 3 times a day, I would reach out to support to ask questions. I was THAT GUY… and I was fine with that.

When I turned up to Funnel Hacking Live, I got 5 job offers from Clickfunnels because they already knew who I was. They knew that I was dedicated to educating myself; that I was a self-solver.

It took 6 months from the time I built my first successful funnel to when I got a job offer from Russell.

Even when I was sitting next to Russell, the same principle applied. Russell would say, “Stephen, go figure out how to hook up deadline funnel. Stephen, go figure out how to do this… You’ve got 2 hours to learn this whole software and integrate it with this funnel, go.”

Same process, same principle:

  • Know the answer exists
  • Focus with Intent
  • Take action

THE 80/20 RULE

When the Two Comma Club Coaching Program started, I was the only coach for 600 students. That’s a lot of students, right? Are you curious to know how I managed it? How did I do it?

Two Comma Club Stephen Larsen Secrets Masterclass

The honest truth is it was because the 80 20 rule still applied. Only 20% of the 600 were even doing anything.

Apply yourself and take action; it’s the quickest way to set yourself apart from the crowd


  • It is not a matter of “how do I?” anymore. Someone already knows the answer. Freakin’ YouTube and Google are amazing!
  • How to learn is never on anybody else’s shoulders If you don’t know how to do something it’s one else’s fault – BECAUSE GOOGLE EXISTS – YouTube exists, and guys like me, who are willing to teach you, exist.
  • If you don’t make an effort to do your own learning; its GAME OVER
  • The 80/ 20 principle applies – 80% of people won’t make an effort – if you become part of the 20%, you are already ahead of the game.


One of my tricks was that I discovered was that it was always easier if I “learned for two.” That’s the phrase I always say inside my head. “I’m gonna learn for two, I’m gonna learn for two.”

Let’s say there was some topic which I didn’t want to learn. I would sit back, and think, “How would I teach this to somebody else?”

For some reason I always imagined myself teaching it onstage. I don’t know why but I always did.

I felt a little weird, little conceited even, doing that, but I’d think, “How would I say this onstage? How would I simplify it? How would I draw a picture so people will understand?”

One of my favorite quotes is:

The purposeful destruction of information is the essence of intelligent work – Ray Kurzweil

I’m not trying to sound super smart. I’m trying to sound “simple” – because it’s actionable.

There’s a great quote from Albert Einstein, which says:

If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself

Child Reading Expert Secrets

The point is if you can simplify a subject, it means it’s really sunk into your noggin.

One way that I found to learn for two, (and this is a little weird), but it really helped what I was learning to sink in…

I would find somebody after class, and I didn’t care who it was, sometimes it would be a complete stranger.

I’d be getting on an elevator or something like that, and I’d say, “Hey, this is gonna be weird, but can I just tell you what I learned in my last class?” Usually, they’d be cool about it, and I’d tell them what I learned.

Then I would go back home, and I would teach it to my wife so that it sank in my brain.

The other day, I was teaching a lady who was cutting my hair. She had a really terrible attitude about trying new things in life… 😉

The point is; if you can teach it, you know it.

However, before you start panicking at the thought that to be successful you’ll need to accost strangers in elevators, or run the risk of your partner hiding in the bathroom every time you come home, here are some other ways to learn for two:

  1. Write it down – I showed you my funnel journal packed with everything was learning in my last blog post. I showed it to Russell, and he’s freaking out about it. That was another way to help me learn – if I could simplify it – I could share it.
  2. Create Content – Write a blog, teach on YouTube, start a podcast. Not only will you be teaching people and growing your audience – you’ll be solidifying any content you learn in your noggin when you teach it.
  3. Be a Coach – Teach someone else what your learning and reap the benefit both financially, and on a personal level, as you share what you learn


Stephen on stage at FHL

For the first few episodes of Sales Funnel Radio, I was pretty straight tactics. I would teach nuggets that I’d charge a grand to teach at an event.

…And the funny thing was, no one remembered what I was saying, and no one took action.

People would love the episode, but then I’d never hear about it again. So I started using story to deliver those nuggets.

When you wrap your value nuggets in a story, there’s an emotional response that people remember forever.

Stories are how people learn; it’s how information sticks in the brain

It’s what also assigns the value to the nugget. It’s what gets people to go, “Oh my gosh, that was so cool!”

When I do 80% story, 20% nugget, people say, “Oh my gosh, that was such a sick episode!”


Use stories to help evoke an emotional response to get your message across effectively.


Lies Uninstalling


As I took 1600 people through my coaching process, I started to notice that the reason that most people didn’t get started was that they could only see the 2 or 3 steps in front of them.

There was this area that was totally dark; no lights on, completely black, and it freaked them out.

They’d see how to build the funnel, but don’t know how to get traffic? So instead of taking the first step and building the funnel, they’d freakin’ do nothing at all!

No money in the piggy bank

They’d worry about something that hadn’t wasn’t even relevant yet. But that’s not how this game works!

I always see the peak. I know exactly where I want to drive the ship. You know you want:

  • This success
  • This kind of outcome
  • This kind of life
  • This kind of revenue or profit

You decide, “I’m going for that peak.” Your next move is to look for the next step to take – and take it.

Woman on mountaintop

I only ever see the first few steps in front of me. I hardly ever even see step #4.” I see the peak, and I know the major milestones to get there, but in-between it’s completely dark. I have no idea what’s there or what’s coming along the way.

That why it’s so important to have the ability to be a self-solver because it gives you the confidence to jump even when you don’t see exactly what’s coming next. You just know that whatever it is – you will deal with it.

If you’re nervous about solving problems in entrepreneurship, you need to get used to it, or learn to love it, because that’s the path


  1. Focus on the peak
  2. Don’t worry about step #2 until you’ve taken step #1. Just start moving, and take step #1. Don’t worry about step #2 until you need to
  3. Take it slow – Your speed will increase over time. Place your foot as perfectly as you can. Then take your next step
  4. Know that as a self-solver, you can deal with any challenge along the way #HelloGoogle
  5. When you take a step, a new step always becomes visible
  6. You don’t need to see from beginning to end to be successful (nobody has the power)
  7. Execution is what matters – Done is the new perfect
  8. Failure will happen – Move on quickly
  9. If you take action, you’re already ahead of 80% of people


Woman opening box with excitment

Have you ever bought a treadmill and never used it? Or a membership that you’ve never done anything with? We’ve all done something like that, right?

I’m not poking fingers. I’ve been guilty of buying stuff because I love the idea, and then never even used it.

Now I try to buy with intent; I only buy stuff to funnel-hack it, or to use it. There are times where stuff sits around for a while – but I’m conscious of only buying courses that I’m going to use.
When you make a purchase, psychologically it scratches the itch, and it’s easy to confuse the action of buying something with achievement.

Somehow, when we buy something, we believe that the problem is solved – and we forget about the hard work that is needed to make the dream a reality.

Remember the 80/20 principle and make sure that you don’t fail for that lie. You need to take action to get results.

Phew, we covered a lot here. But I wanted to show you how I developed my greatest asset. How I learned how to learn, and how I became a self-solver.

That’s why I believe if something were to go to crap, I’d be fine. I’d just take my process and apply it to another area; for example, real estate.

I’d get curious and spend 2-weeks learning all the strategies. I’d find the best expert to learn from – then I’d dive deep with them, and do exactly what they told me to do.

The thing is once you have this process down, no one can take it away for you – it’s yours for life. And that’s why I call it MY GREATEST ASSET.


Until Next Time – Keep Crushing it!

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