SFR 16: My Entrepreneurial Bloodline… I think… (What’s Yours?) – Stephen Larsen

SFR 16: My Entrepreneurial Bloodline… I think… (What’s Yours?)

Oct 27th, 2016 anchorwave

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Turns out, I have quite the entrepreneurial-like character in my family history line… What’s your family/entrepreneurial story?


How ya doin’? How ya doing? I got to say, “Good morning,” because for me of course it’s morning. Hey, we just got back from … I just had this really cool thought. I wanted to tell you about it. We just got back from Utah actually. I’ve got some family there.

I got family in Cache Valley, if you guys know where that is. It’s a little bit in the middle of nowhere, but just completely gorgeous. I got an uncle there, and he’s got some goats. My little two year old daughter just absolutely loves it. She calls that place, Uncle Goat. (laughs) She calls him, Uncle Goat.

She’s there feedin’ the goats, and one of ’em was gettin’ out, and about to charge her, and she’s freakin’ out. Anyways it’s super-funny.

We’re out feedin’ the goats, and later we went over to … My grandma died when I was eight, and we went over to her grave, and I have a ton of family at that cemetery that she’s in. (laughs). A lot of ancestors in that cemetery. There’s one is particular that’s just has been very inspiring to me.

He’s the man, and his name is Hans Larsen, and I wanted to tell you a story real quick. This is pretty intense. The guy grows up in Denmark, and he grows up, and he wanted to join a certain religious faith, because it’s like 18 … I don’t know, 1880. Somewhere around there.

I can’t remember the exact year, but anyways his family says, “No,” and kicks him out. He joins it, and he gets on this ship that’s going between Europe … England … He travels over to England, gets on a ship in England, and he works on a ship that goes from England to the new continents in America back and forth.

He works on that ship for a while, and when he has enough money, one day when they went to America they just … He just got off, and he stayed there. He stayed over in the new colonies, and then he decided to join … There’s that … I’m Mormon by the way … He joined those pioneers that went west, and he walked from the East Coast to Utah.

He went over there, and he walked … That’s a long ways. He walked that. I want to clarify that: he walked it in rain, snow, sun, and he … The guy’s an animal first of all. Total respect for what he did. He gets there and he’s like, “Dang.

There’s all these other people who are comin’.

They’re going to need help,” so he walked back.

He walked all the way back to the East Coast, and then helped bring all those people back again.

Then he did it … He walked back, and forth seven times across those plains. Seven times. I mean, that’s incredible.

I think about the things that I complain about sometimes. I’m like, “Man. I’m a pansy if those are the things that I’m complainin’ about.”

Hans Larsen, which I can’t remember how many greats back that is, but he’s my great-whatever grandpa Larsen, and he went back and forth seven times across the plains. Total workhorse. That’s in my blood. I’m really proud of that.

I was thinking about that, and he’s one of the people that settle Mendon, Utah. He didn’t want to be the governor for a long time, and they kept saying, “Come on. You should be the governor.” He’s like, “No, I don’t want it.” “Come on. Be the governor.” “No, I don’t want it.”

Finally they just voted him in, and he didn’t want to be the governor, but he’s the governor. He’s just dealin’ with these issues that he hated.

I just … Anyways, super-cool attitude, and obviously a go-getter to walk across seven times, and be the governor of a place he don’t want to be a governor of. Anyways, just super-cool.

On one part of the family I got that guy. Just awesome dude, and it says a lot about his wife too. Holy smokes.

Which for back in that day, and age it wasn’t as big of a deal, and it’s still not a huge one, but … He’s like 15 years old, and his wife … They died a couple of months apart though, which is actually cool.

Anyways, the … I got him on one side…

Then still on the Larsen side … My dad and I are talkin’ and he’s like, “You’re obviously an extreme entrepreneur,” and I was like, “Yeah.” He goes … He’s like, “It’s funny. Because if you look at sometimes parts of my family that entrepreneurial, and you are, and I am, and I broke away from everything, and my …”, anyways without going into too much, but (laughs) it’s like … He’s like, “It’s funny though, because if you look at our family history they’re not … We’re not crazy entrepreneurial people when it comes to certain things.”

Like Hans Larsen, when he came over, he didn’t want any kind of … He didn’t … He just wanted to farm, and he wanted to help people get across the plains. That’s it. I don’t think he’s necessarily an entrepreneur.

Anyways my dad was like, “Do want to know where …”, because he’s like, “I think sometimes things come through our blood, and things stay inside of us,” and I got that itch. I just … I’m antsy.

I’m an antsy guy. I don’t sleep a lot.

My dad was like, “Apparently our family history legend has it that there was this guy. He was a traveling salesman way back in the day.”

Like … I don’t know when. Early 1900s, mid 1800s. Somewhere in that time period, that 50 year time period, there was a traveling salesman that came through, I think the Cache Valley area, and totally had an affair with on my side and then left.

Ever since then all the little kids that spawned from that, the really little just go-getting entrepreneur guys. I don’t think entrepreneurship is something you’re born with, you learn it, but I do think some people are more apt to take it on.

Anyways, so whoever that guy is … If you were related to that guy please let me know. We’re probably related, so now … Anyways, I thought that was funny. The whole point is that this is a more serious episode for sure, but just remember where ya came from.

That you’re only where you are, because you’ve been standing on the shoulders of giants, you know what I mean? You really haven’t done anything on your own, and no idea is really yours.

This is just a coagulation of all these other ideas, and experiences you’ve been having from other people, all these other inputs that have created your cool output. Whatever your business is, or whatever you’re trying to do. A little humble pie there.

I was thinking about that just this last time that we had a family reunion with everybody, and I was like, “This is cool. It’s good to be with everyone. I mean, this is awesome. At the same time I got to remember I’m still no one.”

(laughs) You know what I mean?

Even when you’re somebody, and you’ve made it, and you’re successful, you’re still technically no one. I mean you’re going to die, and the only things you take are memories, and relationships, so … Man, this is a serious episode. What the heck? Somehow that ties into Sales Funnels, and motivation, so figure out what that is for yourself.

(laughs) All right, guys. I’ll talk to ya later. Bye.

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