SFR 146: My Inner Circle Presentation… – Stephen Larsen

SFR 146: My Inner Circle Presentation…

May 31st, 2018 anchorwave


If you wanna know how I’ve launched all my content, I ripped the audio from my presentation at Russell Brunson’s Inner Circle…


Hey, what’s going on, everyone? It’s Steve Larsen. You’re listening to Sales Funnel Radio and I’m excited for this episode. What I did for this episode is I wanted to rip the audio from the presentation that I gave at the Inner Circle.

We just barely had the Inner Circle, and it was packed. It was one of the bigger groups. It was a bunch of fun, just absolutely loved it.

I thought I’d rip from you guys the presentation. If you don’t know the way that those presentations are handled, everybody gets up and everybody speaks, but the way it is … One of the reasons I like this Mastermind so much … I’ve seen others, I’ve watched …

What I like is everybody’s very giving, and so what we do is we stand up and everybody gives something incredible to the group; either something that’s working, some cool hacks, something that’s cutting edge, something that’s just jaw-dropping, “Oh, my gosh! That’s incredible.”

You know what I mean?

Then, at the end of it there’s an ask and you ask, “Hey, these are the things I’m struggling with. Could you guys help me with X, Y, and Z?” That combination between the two where you’ve given before you ask is amazing. We obviously see that in selling to our customers and selling to everybody.

The more you can give, obviously, create this feeling of reciprocity, well, it’s no different inside of the Inner Circle.

What I did is I ripped the audio from my presentation. We only have 22 minutes, it’s really, really fast, so I would love to dive more deeply into this at some point, as this is a topic that I’ve been obsessing over recently. Anyways, this is cool stuff, and this is how I launched my podcast.

A lot of you guys continue to ask me those questions…

If you have never heard the episode 60 and 61 of Sales Funnel Radio, it will walk you through my content strategy, how I handle it all, but I think you’ll like from the standpoint of, as far as how I stack together my episodes when I launch my shows. This is super powerful.

I’ve had a lot of students now who are actually in top-rankings of iTunes with their podcasts, because of the same strategy that I teach with these, so this is powerful stuff.

Know that there is a lot of data behind it, there’s a lot of success stories behind it. I know the strategy works, this is how I launched my own stuff.

Anyway, take notes if you were thinking … Especially, if you’re going to do a blog, or a podcast or whatever, it doesn’t matter if you’re going to do a podcast or not. This is any type of content strategy, as far as what do you say? What are you doing? How do you call your shot?

How do you become the guru on the mountain without being perceived as an idiot or a jerk or self-centered?

This is how you do it, and I’m excited for this episode. Anyways, we’ll cut over to the show here and this is the audio again of my presentation to the Inner Circle. Thanks for listening.

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My name is Steve Larsen, and welcome to Sales Funnel Radio.

Hey, I’m excited for this, though. I have waited so freaking long to be a part of this group. It’s cool. I’m like a combo of really introspective moment, look back, and like, “Yeah,” at the same time. That’s what I feel like, anyway.

It’s been a long road, though. When I first saw that email come in from Russell I was walking through the basketball gym, and I started reading the email. I’m like, my face as I’m reading it goes like, “Oh, it’s from Russell,” and that’s when my face starts going, I was like, “No!”

MoneyI stopped and I responded to him that the Inner Circle is closing. I was like, “Don’t close, I’m on my way! I don’t have $25,000.”

I showed him the email like six months ago. He was like, “You know it was an autoresponder, right?” I was like, “Yeah, I know. I just needed to …” because I didn’t see that. Anyway, so it’s a good email, though. [inaudible [spp-timestamp time="00:04:01"] I could show you some day.

I want to show you my support team for how I got here. This is my support team.

That’s Maya. I call her Thigh master, because her thighs are like the two-year-old 12-ounce steaks. Do you know what I mean? Chewy thigh. Anyway, she’s the Thigh master. That’s Brnley. I call her Pack and Play, because she will randomly dive at me off of couches with no warning.

Anyway, she’s awesome, playful. Here’s my wife. I call her Princess Babe. That’s been the name in my phone since we dated, because … well, duh.

The whole thing started though when I was … I really wanted to go to Funnel Hacking Live in 2016. I had no cash for it. I started bootstrapping my way there and I started trading funnels for plane tickets. Funnels for hotel nights. Funnels for event nights. Things like that.

I remember I was riding my … I was riding … Do you know those city bikes in San Diego? You can rent them or whatever, slide a card in. What money I had, I did not want to go and actually spend money on a cab. We were living off loans. I had been building funnels for companies and making them successful. I just hadn’t charged for stuff yet,

I was just trying to make my story…

I was staying on the other side of San Diego, and I had my luggage over my shoulder riding my bike over to Funnel Hacking Live through the city, around the bay. That’s how I did it.

As I was riding the bike over there, I was like, “I’m going to do whatever this man tells me to do, but I will never publish.” That was the sentence that came out of my noggin. I was like, “I’m never, ever, ever going to do this publishing game. I do not want to be one of those publishing people. I will not become a character on Facebook Live. I’m not doing any of that. I’m not doing it.” The first-

Character in a comic book.

Right? The first day … Right? I know! Then the first day, and part of it was because I was voted the nicest kid in high school in my graduating class, but it was because I was shy. I had this near clinical fear of adults and massive anxiety; huge insecurities, I’ve dealt with a lot. Even into my early 20s. It’s true. That’s why I was like, “I’m never going to do that.”

FeThe first thing he says is, “Everyone should start publishing a lot.” I was, “Crap! It’s the thing I don’t want to do!” I gave a lot to get there. We take the picture.

Two day later I was interviewing here, and two days after that graduated, two days after that I was sitting next to The Man.

I’m seeing Russell going on the camera, “What’s up everybody?” Then, he’s over on podcast, “What’s up everybody?” Then on blog typing, “What’s up everybody?” I’m like, “There’s something to this publishing thing. I’ve got to do this.” Since then, I want to … I didn’t … I spent three hours trying to figure out the question to ask you guys on Wednesday.

I realized, sitting here, you guys already answered it. I was like, “Dang it,” but I couldn’t believe how many of you are not publishing, because I started with, not just with no email list, there was no list.

No one knew who I was. I want to show you how I launched these two podcasts, because today we should cross 160,000 downloads. It’s freaking nuts. It’s the content strategy behind it.

I’m going to show you guys real quick the strategy behind it. I just want you to know that it works. Here is, as of six weeks ago, six people I brought through, they’re in the top, if not 100, then 25 for the MLM category in iTunes now. I’m going between number one and number two on Stitcher. Darn you, [Simon Chan [spp-timestamp time="00:07:24"]. I will beat him. I’m number six in that category. Then, if you look at the Sales Funnel side. I want to show you how I did it as a seriously shy person.

Everyone of you have to do this. If you guys have massive businesses with these cool audiences, you are sitting on a goldmine. I want to show you real quick how I did it. With Sales Funnel Radio, the way I started it, that was when I started about a year and a half ago. There’s been no ad spend on any of these. Can’t spend it profitably yet, so I’m not.

Anyways, if you think about this is the concept I came up with as I was launching this. I was so scared I didn’t know what to talk about. I chose not to talk. What I did is I thought, I’m going to reach two levels up at all time. If I go through and I say, “If this I me and my level of influence as a brand new person, and there’s someone who’s a little bit above me, someone who’s a little bit above me,” and it’s like C-list influencers; people who have sway.

People with lists…

You think through, “Oh, my gosh. There’s someone above them. Someone above them. Then there’s Russell Brunson. Wow!” Let’s say it’s Tony Robbins, which in my mind I’ve switched now. “The Pope!” We got at the very top … Who’s at the top?

batmanBatman. Okay? All right. You think through that. I thought, “What if I get other people to do the talking for me and I just provide the platform?” I’m just the platform. It is ridiculous what it has done for me. The Dream 100 comes to you when you are able to boost their status.

I started getting a whole bunch of people to just get on my show. This is the pattern that I used to launch that first show.

My very first episode wasn’t even me talking. I was so scared. I was like, “Who’s two levels above?” Then when I felt like I had reached up, I reached another two. I reached another two. I didn’t want to be … and it’s no hit against John Lee Dumas, but that’s all he does; interview, interview, interview.

I don’t want to get asked just interview questions. I also want to be seen and positioned as an expert when I do, so I lace in podcasts with myself and what I’m learning.

I was sitting with a student in Dallas a little bit ago, a month ago, and we were chatting. He goes, “What are you going to do on episode 157?” I don’t know, I’ll figure that out when I end 156. He was like, “Well, aren’t you going to run out of things to say?” I had this realization.

You think I already know what I’m going to talk about. The huge secret is that you’re learning with me. I can’t batch four months of content, because I don’t know if I’m going to be able to scrunch four months of learning into that amount of time. That’s not my style. When I saw … Anyway.

When I saw [Peng Joon [spp-timestamp time="00:09:53"] do his thing, I was like, “Oh, we’re super close to that already.” I got six people. We have the sweet concept machine that’s been moving and just a few tweaks and we’re super close to what he’s been doing. This is how I launched the first one.

The second one I did, this was amazing, was, I thought through … If you think through what the perfect webinar script is, it’s not just for webinars. It is the basis of persuasion. What I started thinking through is, oh my gosh, what if I just took the first part of the perfect webinar script and I write an ordinance story for the audience I want to be buying from me later.

The audience that I believe will listen to me. This is in an MLM space, and I took some concepts that everyone believes you need to be successful in that space. “Talk to friends and family. Lose all your relationships.” I go through and I just  rocks at them as hard as I can.

I literally wrote a webinar script and I wrote an ordinance story, the three more stories for the secrets and I turned them sideways; so episode number one was the ordinance story, episode number two was this story only for secret number one. The next episode’s only the story for secret number two, only secret number three.

Then, that let me go through … By then, they’re so freaking sold, so sold. I haven’t even sold them anything, but I have tons of people who reach out to me consistently. Many of you have already. You’re in here. They’re like, “I listen to your podcast. It’s amazing. When are you going to ask for my money somewhere?” I’m like, “Well, you just wait.”

Anyways, this is what I thought, is what if I combined them? That’s what I’ve been teaching to my students lately and it is killing it. They’re all over on iTunes and because what they’ve essentially done is sold their audience on why they should continue subscribing and listening.

I combine them. Instead what I do, is I say, okay the first five episodes is going to be literally a sideways webinar. The next after that, I go through and I call my shot publicly and I say, “I have not done the thing that I’m here to show you that I’ve done yet. Instead, I want to show you that I’m just a few steps ahead and I will document my entire journey, both the successes and the failures.

You won’t want to miss this. If you don’t want to go through the same pain yourself, follow me and sidestep it.” It is crazy what happens.

We’re not at 3,000 or 4,000 downloads a day, but we’re about 800-ish now. It’s been awesome what that does. It’s ridiculous. People feel like they know you so well when you get vulnerable with them. I talk about all this stuff. I talk about how shy I was as a kid. I talk about Russell was going, “What’s happening you guys? What’s happening guys? What’s happening guys?”

I learned this and that. It’s really cool to see if you take the standpoint of a reporter and become the expert in front of them, crazy what that does.

Here’s the funnel that I kind of made up, but it works super well. I went through and I figured out, on all the end of my podcasts as well … I’m going to hurry because there’s something I want to ask you guys. I create this ridiculous bait. Something that is so insatiable and I say, go to and check it out. It’s a free course, and when they go opt in, what they’re actually doing, on the very first thing is my ordinance story again, that’s the first video.

Then I tell them, if you opt in, I’ll give you this cool free course. Thank you so much. It’s like a 72% off  on the thing, still, it’s crazy, crazy. I haven’t sold anything to them yet. I pre-frame the crap out of them, though.

Over the next six days, it’s essentially a product launch funnel. They don’t know it. “It’s a free course,” but it’s a product launch funnel. Underneath every video is the option for them to go learn and experience more from me. It just goes through my webinar registration page and I sell. My best sales, my best customers, my best advocates, Dream 100 people, future affiliates, all come from my podcast, not my ads. My hardest customers come from my ads. Anyway.

That’s super cool. I have a four-and-a-half-hour course I created on this.  Which as a gift to all of you guys, I will give it to all of you.

It’s super cool, if I may say so myself. It’s pretty epic. It blows me away. I’m like, “Holy crap! A lot of you guys aren’t publishing.” I didn’t even know how to get as big as you have been without doing this stuff. I’m excited for you to plug that in. If you have any questions, ask campaign.

adsCan I ask really quick, you just …them, like, “Ha!” Your hardest customers come from your ads. Your easiest customers come from your content … Anyway, it just makes you think the frame they go through. It makes me want to take all my crappy hard ad customers and shove them to something like a podcast so that they become good customers and then we sell that at that point.

Anyway. That’s-

Well, what I realized … I studied Ryan Holiday like a beast. When you think about it, what controls public opinion? Publications do. Right? All of our ideas, our cultural ideas, come from the news.

Whoever controls content, controls ideas. What I’m doing is creating … I have the funnel going, which is awesome and it’s doing really well, but I’m creating a content machine that can go through and it is repurposing the crap out of everything that I do to the nth degree.

I’ve figured out I spend about $20,000 a month in hard cost in just my content machine only, because it spreads the ideas.

I’m trying to change the MLM industry. I will not do that on my own, so instead I create mini-me’s, teach them how to do it as well. When we are the only ones talking, the highest ranked on iTunes across blogs and everywhere, we affect ideas and belief. That’s what I’m doing.

Real quick, I want to … I got to go. The reason this works is because story amplifies value. When you think about your offers, your offer has generic value inside of it. This American flag, what’s the material cost for this flag? $20? Meaning retail value, probably about $20, maybe a dollar to actually manufacture. Watch.

This certificate is from a senator ordering that this flag be flown on the White House for me specifically. Now, how much value just got added to this? It’s worth way more than $20. I’ll not trade it for that either. Isn’t it interesting? Most the reason why you can’t sell your thing for what you want to when you start doing things on a…, “Oh, my gosh. They just don’t believe me.”

It’s because your story suck. They don’t understand yet. There’s already inherent value in the flag, but what amplifies and explodes on multiples and exponential curve is story, because story gives context.

Just one more thing before I … I got to show you what I’m stuck on, because … Dark example, a man walks down an alley. He shoots another man, and he dies. Context, it’s a war zone.

Shifted everything. Story creates context. Context amplifies value…

Anyway. Is that helpful?

Yeah. Yes. Yeah.

Freaking, geek out on this stuff like crazy. It’s the fastest 22 minutes of my life. Oh, my gosh. I already talk fast, I’m winded. Okay.

Wow. Thanks for listening. Yeah, please remember to write and subscribe.

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