SFR 143: Dana Derricks Shares His Top Revenue Method… – Stephen Larsen

SFR 143: Dana Derricks Shares His Top Revenue Method…

May 8th, 2018 anchorwave


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I’ve come to know and be increasingly amazed by Dana. His knowledge and skillset never ending and very impressive. Dive into this episode with notes to learn how he’s using the Dream 100…


What’s going on everyone, this is Steve Larsen, and you’re listening to Sales Funnel Radio. I’ve spent the last four years learning from the most brilliant marketers today. And now I’ve left my nine to five to take the plunge and build my million dollar business. The real question is how will I do it without VC funding or debt, completely from scratch?

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How’s it going everyone, I am super excited for today.

I have a very special guest on. Please go stop whatever else you’re doing. Again this is another one. Take a piece of paper out, write down notes, write down inspiring things that come to you. This is the kind of episode that not just has the ability to teach you a lot, but have a direct impact on the thickness of your wallet. I’m very excited for our guest today. I have known him for quite some time.

I’m always extremely impressed with everything that he does. I want to welcome to the show, Dana Derricks. How you doing man?

Dana Derricks: What’s up man? Hey, thanks for having me. And for anybody that’s listening, if you’re in your car, pull over, put your hazards on. Just stop what you’re doing. Tell your dog to go away. Your about to get hit with some gold here.

Steve Larsen: This is awesome stuff. Thanks for being on. Anyway, I’ve been just been super impressed with you. I think honestly the first time we met though was we were redoing the homepage of ClickFunnels and Russel’s like … I remember I came in one day and Russel was like … He was like, “Hey man. Dude I got Dana Derricks man.

He’s going to come on over and he’s going to help us rewrite the entire, all the copy for ClickFunnels’ homepage.” And I was like, “Cool. Wait, who’s this?” “He’s the goat farmer.” I was like, “Wait there’s a guy … There’s a goat farmer who’s an internet marketer?”

He’s like, “Yeah yeah yeah yeah.” And then you came out and you showed up, and you had overalls and like, sweet straw farmer hats. And I was like, “This guys is the man.” And like ever since then I’ve just been diving into your stuff. I’m super impressed with what you do.

Dana Derricks: Dude, thanks man. I’m glad I have one fan.

Steve Larsen: Whatever.

Dana Derricks: No, that was so much fun and don’t forget what … By the end of that trip, what did you end up wearing home?

Steve Larsen: Oh yeah. Oh yeah. So he came in one day, just so everyone on the show … He came in one day, it was one of the last days, and he had a full chicken suit costume for me. What was … You gave Dave a massive bear. Russell had … He was the gorilla right?

Dana Derricks: Yeah. Russell was a gorilla, Dave was a bear, you were the chicken.

Steve Larsen: That’s right. And I thought that it’d be funny to ride that on my motorcycle home. So I did. And we’ll put that –

Dana Derricks: And…

Steve Larsen: In the show notes.

Dana Derricks: Yeah. Please. And can we put the picture? Can we dig up the picture too?

Steve Larsen: Yeah. I’ll go find the picture. I’m just writing that down.

Dana Derricks: Oh man. So good.

Steve Larsen: Chicken.

Dana Derricks: Such a good sport everybody. Steve Larsen, everybody.

Steve Larsen: Oh thanks man. Appreciate it. Well hey, just so … If you guys don’t know, if you’re not aware, Dana Derricks is one of the, I would say foremost experts on this whole concept that I feel like is extremely kind of gray, cloudy. A lot of people don’t understand it, but it’s this whole thing around the Dream 100 and how to actually implement it.


And I mean you literally wrote a book on it right? And when did that come out?

Dana Derricks: When did the book come out?

Steve Larsen: Yeah yeah.

Dana Derricks: I think it’s been out for about eight months. So probably about towards the end of last, of 2017.

ChickenSteve Larsen: Okay cool. Now before, before you were doing Dream 100 … So I mean, first of all, how did you become an advocate of Dream 100? How did you start doing it yourself?

Was it … I mean, I know the story, but for everyone else who’s listening, like how does a goat farmer who’s also a copywriter, who’s also an internet marketer overall product creator, go directly into Dream 100 stuff as well? Could you give us a little backstory there?

Dana Derricks: I know. Everybody at this point is probably thinking, “Stephen, what is wrong with you? Where did you find this guy?”

Steve Larsen: “Who is this guy?”

Dana Derricks: Yeah. “What’s happening?” So yeah. So I guess a little bit of a backstory that got me into the Dream 100 was I’m the type of guy that’s going to try everything, and then figure out what works and what doesn’t. And when I figure out something doesn’t work, I just keep moving. Like, so I always say like honestly, there’s two things about me that work well.

Like, number one I’m too dumb to overthink things so I don’t get paralyzed by that. And then number two, for every ten things I try, one of them works and I’m thrilled. Like I’m so grateful for the other nine that didn’t work so that I could get those out of the way to find the one that did. Right? So like for me, like I look at like major league baseball right?

The best in the world, on the planet, go up to the plate and they end up getting a base hit or you know a single, double, triple home run only three out of ten times. Right? Like nobody goes over four out of ten. So what’s happening the other seven out of ten times?

They’re striking out. They’re hitting the ball and getting it caught.

Like bad stuff’s happening almost over two thirds of the time. Yet like, us in business we go and try one thing, we step up to the plate and we expect to hit a home run, and then when we don’t we’re like devastated and never want to step up to the plate again.

So for me, I was not … I wish I could share this amazing story of how I fell in love with the Dream 100, and it was this love story. But reality is dude, I tried everything. So back in the days of Google SEO, like, Google AdWords, and then YouTube, and then Facebook, and then like all these things I tried and tried and tried, and it just like, it sucked and I failed.

I kept failing, and failing, and then I realized, “Wait a minute.” I was already doing the Dream 100 before I even knew what it was, and that was the only thing that ever worked for me. So that’s why I got obsessed, doubled down, wrote a book about it, and all that other good stuff.

Steve Larsen: I mean, how did you first find out about it though? Was it straight from Chet Holmes course, from Russel’s stuff, from … Where’d you learn about it?

Dana Derricks: Yes. So I actually first figured it out through Russell.

I think he had something … One of his things was like the lost chapter on the Dream 100, and he just kind of described what it was, and then he was talking about Chet and I was like, “Oh man. I have sifted through many stacks of hay looking for this needle, and I finally found it.”

And then I grabbed Chet’s trainings and it was like game over from there…

Steve Larsen: So what ended up happening. I mean you read this thing, and you go start implementing. Like what did you do first? Because there’s a lot of … I feel like there’s just a ton of misconceptions.

Everyone thinks it has to be this package, or it has to be this … I don’t know. I think we all over complicate it a bit. Like what did you end up go doing?

Dana Derricks: Totally. So well, the first that I think everybody thinks when they first learn about the Dream 100 is, “Oh my gosh, I’ve already kind of been doing that. Right? I didn’t realize it.”

So for me, the big epiphany immediately was, “Holy crap.” So for those that don’t know my story, I grew up in a town of, I kid you not, 512 people.

Steve Larsen: Oh no way.

Dana Derricks: Yeah. My graduating class was 30 and we had a big class.

Steve Larsen: Wow. Cool.

Dana Derricks: Yeah. So my life growing up, because we didn’t have a movie theater, we didn’t have a grocery store in town. We had nothing. We had a bunch of cows and not even a goat. Like what the heck? Right?

So football was our life, and I love football so much that I didn’t want to stop playing after high school. I wanted to play in college. And nobody from my school, or area for that matter, played in college or did anything after high school. Like it was just, like we’re too small.

Nobody knows about it. Like it’s not for real. So I’m like, “Screw that.” So none of my coaches ever played college football. They don’t know how to help with recruiting and all this. So I’m like, “Screw that. I’m going to do it myself then.”

And basically what I did is I created these … Well first I started with … I printed out a list of 40 schools that I potentially wanted to play football for. And then I made a packet for each school, like literally a box, and in it had like the highlight tape, a letter of recommendation from a coach, a personalized letter addressed to the coach that I was sending it to, all this stuff right. And I mailed all 40. And I was like, “All right, sweet. Let’s see what happens.” Two weeks goes by nothing. I’m like, “Wow that was a waste of time.”

Third week, I get called to the principal’s office which for me is not a good thing. Like, “Oh man. What did I do?” I go in there and there’s a football coach in there, and I’m like, “Whoa.” He’s like, “Are you Dana,” and I’m like, “Yeah. Who are you?”

He’s like, “I’m Coach so and so.” And he’s like, “I’m here to recruit you.” And I’m like, “What? You’re here to recruit me? You came all the way to my town?” He’s like, “Yeah,” and then day or two goes by and then I get called back in and suddenly there’s two coaches in there from two different schools at the same time. And I’m like, “Oh my gosh.” And I remember like … Yeah. Like my principal pulled me aside and he’s like, “Dana when is this going to stop. It’s really disruptive.” I’m like, “I’m sorry Mr.C, it’s like a broken fire hose. I can’t do anything.”

So long story short, because of the Dream 100, I didn’t even realize what it was at the time, I ended up getting a pretty major football scholarship, and I’m the only person in the history of my school that’s ever gotten any sort of athletic scholarship, and it’s 100% thanks to the Dream 100. So that’s like the first emotion you go through I think when you learn about the Dream 100 is like, “Oh my gosh. Why didn’t I know about this sooner? I was already doing it.”

Money You know? And then it turns into, “How do I now leverage the crap out of this in what I’m doing today here and now?” Right? So what I did, just really quick, was I wrote out a list of my Dream 100 right then and there and I remember, I’ll never forget, Russell was at the top of my list and I looked at it … This was not that long ago either. This was only a couple years ago.

I looked at it, I’m like, “There’s no way that I could ever get that guy to ever pay attention to me or do anything with me.” Right? And I erased it. I literally erased it, and then I was like, “Oh maybe.” Right? “YOLO.” So I put it back up on the side of the list, like with an asterisk. And I’m like, “Eh. Maybe.” Right? And then fast forward like couple years, and then I go up, get to meet you and hang out with Russell, and speak at a Funnel Hacking Live, and all this other crazy stuff, and it’s all 100% thanks to the Dream 100.

Steve Larsen: So for everyone else also, before we started this Dana is an amazing copywriter. He’s amazing and Dream 100, and between those two topics I asked him, I was like, “Which one do you want to talk about?” And he said, “Which one do you want to talk about?” I said, “Which one gets you the most frustrated and mad?” And he immediately said, “Dream 100.”

Why is that? Before we dive into some how you actually put this together, how come the Dream 100 gets you most ticked off compared to copywriting which is also very important?

Dana Derricks: I love this question. So for me it’s because I feel like it’s sort of a tragedy that most … Every single business isn’t … Like first of all that everybody just doesn’t know about it, number one. And then every single business or entrepreneur isn’t using it. Like to me that is such a tragedy.

And for some reason, like I still don’t know why. For some reason when people think of traffic and getting people into their funnels or eyeballs on their offers, or whatever, they instantly think, “Oh Facebook ads. I need Facebook ads.” And for some reason, like that apparently is the only traffic source in the world. Right? Like, it’s just this crazy misconception and the reality is is the Dream 100 is a much … How do I want to say it?

It’s a much more sustainable approach because it will never go away. It worked 50 years ago, it works now, it’ll work 50 years from now. And it also … It’s free. I mean it’s targeted eyeballs on your stuff for free. And it’s all about … It’s really not that difficult. It’s just building relationships with people.

So that … I guess that fires me up is like why everybody thinks they need to have Facebook ads or whatever else when they could be using the Dream 100 instead.

Steve Larsen: Yeah, I feel like maybe that is part of the issue though is like, most internet marketers now are … We’re just spoiled. I mean before Facebook days, I mean how did everyone get the traffic that they needed. It’s exactly what you’re talking about right now and I feel like that’s … Not that Facebook’s a bad thing, but I don’t know how to drive ads.

Dream 100 Like I don’t want to go learn that stuff. I feel like Dream 100 is so much more long term sustainable, higher leverage sources of eyeballs than going and … Anyway. And learning that stuff. So you mentioned real fast, you said, “Okay. I went and I …” It’s funny because Russell was number one on mine also, and I was like, “Eh, we’ll see. I don’t know.”

How did you make your list? I feel like that’s the … Do you feel like that’s the reason people actually never do this? Like one of the choke points? Or how do you actually put it together?

Dana Derricks: I think that’s a big one. And that’s probably the most common question I’m asked when I’m talking about it. Yeah. It’s like, “Who was my Dream 100? Who was it?” And I’m like, “Well …” So finally I came up with a very simplistic equation I can give you and your listeners if you want it.

Steve Larsen: Yeah. I’d love that.

Dana Derricks: So basically it starts … It doesn’t start with your Dream 100, it starts with you and then your customer avatar. So it’s literally this simple. Who is your customer avatar? And that to me is a function of who do you want, as well as who do you not want? So it’s who you want, minus who you don’t want, equals your customer avatar. Right? And then so I’ve got my customer avatar, because if you don’t have that then the Dream 100 is a very complex, difficult thing because you don’t know. Right? So all right. The next question is, where are your customer avatar? Like where do they hang out? Right?

Is it certain Facebook groups? Is it associations they’re in? Is it … Are they buying the same book? Are they all subscribed to the same software? Do they listen to the same podcast?

Like if you can figure out who your avatar is, figuring out where they are is not that hard, and then wherever they are, whoever owns and controls the group that they’re in, the groups I should say, or the audiences, that right there is your Dream 100.

Steve Larsen: Interesting. So you go from your customer avatar meaning who you want and don’t want, and then you go from where they are, and then who already has them.

Dana Derricks: Exactly. Boom. Done.

Steve Larsen: Who has them. I’m just taking notes.

Dana Derricks: Sure.

Steve Larsen: Who has them. Okay, so then from that point, like … So I’m just … From when I’ve launched a lot of stuff and I’ve got Dream 100 stuff all over my office right now. What … Huge believer. Huge believer. So I’m excited I get to –

Dana Derricks: Yeah man…

Steve Larsen: I feel like … I mean I like to sit down and start creating somewhat of a campaign for each one of these people with a blend of personalization, but also my ability to do it kind of en masse. You know what I mean? To each one of these people. I don’t know if that makes sense. But what do you do next to actually get a hold of them?

Are you going one by one for each of them? Are you doing something mass that kind of blankets all 100?

Dana Derricks: Great questions. So I actually, gosh this is just a little bit off topic but it helps to kind of illustrate this. So how build my system around what’s working is I do everything the hardest, longest way possible and then that becomes my system. So for example, if I launch a new offer for something, like if I have a … If I come out with a new $2000 book right?

I will find the person who is absolutely unqualified to buy it, who might want it, but who’s totally … Like for example, maybe they’re totally broke. Right?

And I will literally go through and answer every single question for them, and have 1500 back and forths if I have to, to then have basically, after the point of first contact to the point where they actually buy the thing, which is like a humongously long duration of time and effort.

That is my system. Right? So that is now my system because very single objection basically has already been taken care of, and those are now all scripts that I can use for the next person. So I do the basically … That’s how I look at everything. So for my Dream 100, like let’s say I have a target. And I’ll use more of a short term target. So like a smaller kind of, more accessible one.

Because Russell, that’s a long term play. Right? But like a smaller one that you could start the conversation with already is like … You definitely have the elements of personalization, so figuring out … And this all comes obviously from … So for those of you that are Dream 100’ing Stephen, you’re in the right place because listening to his podcast is a great way to get his attention and get to know him, and the second secret sauce I’ll tell you is, buy all of his stuff. Okay?

So there’s a correlation usually between how much access you get to someone, and how much money you’ve spent with them. So –

Steve Larsen: That is fascinating actually.

Dana Derricks: Right?

Steve Larsen: Man. You say too much good stuff man. You got to slow down. I can’t write that fast.

Dana Derricks: Yeah. So for me it’s like, I’ll just pick … So when you’re starting out, it’s really critically important to just pick one that isn’t years down the road, so don’t go after Tony Robbins on your first one. But also don’t go after somebody that is already in your network that you could get a yes from without even having to go through all the hoops of all the other stuff right?

And then just figure out what it is that can just showcase to them that you care about what they say, and you listen, and you consume their stuff, and you buy their stuff. Right?

So I’ve had people … I learned this myself, they’re like, “Well are you …” I wanted to partner with software companies before and they asked, “Well are you a subscriber of the software?” And I’m like, “Good question.” Right? Like, “I should probably get an account and get to know it really well before I should expect them to want to do anything with me.” Right? So that’s the beginning.

If you’re not already doing that, then it’s going to be really really difficult. But once you are, then … Because it’s like you’re part of the community right? And –

Steve Larsen: It’s funny that … There’s a few times I’ve tried to reach out, or someone reached out to me, and they’re like, “How do I learn this?” I’m like, “You serious? I have a course on this.”

Money They’re like … You know there’s been times when … Anyway. I don’t know how else to say yes, amen, ahh, little hallelujah, lights coming down. What he’s saying right now, please visualize bright shiny objects and things in the sky because that is so gold.

Dana Derricks: That’s funny man. But yeah, like if you think about it, makes total sense too. Like, if you’re already … And the other … To take that a step further, is if you can contribute value to their community, right? So like for me with Russell, I have intentionally … I don’t … I love helping people, but like I’m not getting paid and I’ll go into the ClickFunnels community, the Facebook group or whatever, and I just go help people. I’m not there, I don’t have an agenda.

I don’t have … I’m not selling them. I’m just going in there and helping. So if they have a question to something that I know the answer to, I’ll spend five, ten minutes helping them.

Steve Larsen: Which you’re so good at man. I’ve seen you pop around all over the place doing that. Like I watch you do that all the time. You’re such a … Ah, it’s awesome. Okay cool. Yeah.

Dana Derricks: Thanks man. Well hey, see I’m glad somebody notices.

Steve Larsen: I do man. Yeah I turn back around I’m like, “Man this group doesn’t even … It’s not even active anymore. Or this.” I’m like, “Man, Dana wrote a long incredible response to that. This is cool. He spent a lot of time on this.”

Dana Derricks: So yeah. Because if you think about it, who’s the perfect person for a guy like Russell to put on stage at his live event? Somebody that the community already knows, likes, and trusts. Right? Somebody that has invested in him and what he’s building. And then, not only like monetarily. Yeah I gave him a lot of money to get into his inner circle, right?

But also like, I spend quite a bit of time, and energy, and effort on helping his people for free. I don’t ask for anything in return you know? So it’s like … That’s a deadly combination for anybody to … How can you say no? Right?

Steve Larsen: Right. Oh interesting.

Dana Derricks: So if somebody’s saying no to you, ask yourself those three things. Am I already buying their stuff and consuming their stuff, and in the community? Am I contributing to the community?

And have I … What was the last one? Oh. I think, have I given them a lot of money?

Steve Larsen: Yeah. Yeah. That’s awesome. Okay okay. So once … Let’s say … Let’s say … Right. Because there was some point when Russell’s like, “Wow. I’m now aware of Dana,” and you realize that he is. How do you move forward? I feel like that’s one of the other major questions kind of from the community that happens. They’ll be like, “What do I say to him next?”

You know, “When do I drop, ‘Hey we need stuff?’” What’s the steps forward after you’ve gotten their attention?

Dana Derricks: This is like the second most frequently asked question is like, “I don’t know what to say to him” or “I just feel like …” Whatever. And I’ll share quick like … So Lady Boss, Brandon and Kaelin Poulin, amazing human beings, I work with them. They’re in my intensive I call it. It’s kind of like a course mastermind blend. And they build a $10 million company off of paid ads. And I’m just thinking to myself, “Holy crap. If I could make $10 off paid ads I’d be thrilled,” right? And they’re like, “We should probably try this Dream 100 thing.”

And I’m like, “Yeah you probably should. Good idea.” So three days before Funnel Hacking Live, Brandon the action taker he is, he enrolled in my course and then he’s like, “You know what? I got a guy I think I’m going to put in this spot.”
So because they’re a big company, they can just by having a full-time affiliate partnership management person. Right? So he ends up being Brandon’s brother, and his name’s Jeff. He’s awesome.

And Jeff asked me three days before the event this exact question right? Because Kaelin was going to be on stage, which is an amazing opportunity for people to know Lady Boss, and I’m sure there are people in the sea of the 3000 plus that they could potentially work with somehow right? Or they know somebody that they could. So Jeff’s like, “Dana,” he’s like, “I’m really new to this. What do I say to people?”

And I’m like, “Jeff, this is the only thing you have to make sure you say. Everything else just be yourself, but this is what you have to say. Before you end any conversation, just ask the question, ‘How can we help each other?’” That’s it.

MoneyIf you can just get that question out there, they may not have the answer immediately, but at least it gets their mind going, and number one it like tells them what your agenda is. It’s not, “Hey can you do Lady Boss?” No. It’s like, “Hey. We want to help each other,” and that’s kind of how it was for me as well with Russell is I got on his radar, and then you know it’s like, “How can I help you with what you’re doing? How can I help ClickFunnels?” Right?

And then that’s how it came to, “Hey. You could probably help me by coming out here and knocking this copy for the homepage.” Right?

So a really long winded way of saying like, if you can just always have that question in your mind, “How can we help each other,” then it just takes care of the rest.

Steve Larsen: You know, it’s interesting, with that approach, which I absolutely love because it comes from a place of friendship, and adding value, I mean you think about Dream 100 … I mean, doing that 100 times, I mean it’s easy to see how … You easily could have a full-time position with somebody just doing that alone.

Managing those relationships, working on the next pieces. Is there ever … What’s the point in the relationship after you’ve been adding value, because I’m sure it’s different for everybody. We’re all different, but is there a time where … Because some of them probably come up and go, “Hey. Let me promote your stuff.”

But then there’s probably other times you have to come back out and say, “Oh my gosh, he’s not getting it, or maybe I do have to be a little more forward.” Like how do you approach somebody and say that without sounding … After you’ve given value, they know you’re there, they know you’re there to help, you’ve clearly developed a relationship. What’s the way that you approach them and say, “Promote my stuff?”

Dana Derricks: Love it. So I basically relate it to marriage. So me personally I would never get down on a knee if I didn’t know the gal was going to say yes. I just don’t want to be the next YouTube marriage proposal fail video. Right?

Steve Larsen: Which are great to watch.

Dana Derricks: Oh yeah. As a viewer. Yeah. So I look at it the same way as like … Like I ask myself, “Have I built up enough goodwill with this person,” whether that’s buying their stuff, consuming their stuff, being in their community, contributing to their community, or whatever. Contributing directly to them. “Have I done enough of that for them to say yes to what I’m going to ask?”

And if the answer isn’t a clear yes, I just keep giving value. And usually for me, it’s get to the point where people will ask me, “How can I help you?” Like all the time. That’s one of the most common asked questions I have is from people just when I see them at events and stuff, and it’s like, “How can we help you?”

And then I’m like, “Hm. Well let me think about that for a second…”

And then it’s just the perfect … So that’s the thing is like, can you confidently say yes you’ve built enough goodwill up for them to say yes. And then number two, if not just continue to give them more value somehow.

Steve Larsen: That makes total sense. Okay okay. So we’ve gone through … Okay. Gone through how you make the list, psychology of … I love your approach by the way. That is just pure gold. Choose the hardest way possible because that becomes a system. That way all the objections popup and you can address those in scripts. Things like that. Just brilliant.

How to actually … What do you do with the Dream 100 next? How can we help each other? On to promoting. Okay.

You are notoriously known in the inner circle, in pretty much everywhere who’s ever come in contact with you, for your incredible packages that you do send.

Dana Derricks: Oh man.

Steve Larsen: Could you talk a little bit about the way that you do that? I know that Dream 100 itself is not packages, but obviously that is a strategy and a method. Could you tell us a little bit about what it is that you’re sending out and what you’re working through as you go through each person?

Because I’ve heard some pretty amazing stuff get sent around from you.

Dana Derricks: Oh man. Well do I have your address? I’ll have to get it. So yeah. Russell talks about … Because somebody asked him this once, and he had a great response. He said that he likes to theme things. And I didn’t even realize that I was doing it, but he mentioned me as well. But he does superheroes.

You know. So that kind of takes some of the question out of what you should be sending is if you can latch onto a theme. So for me, obviously goats. So I’ve got … Let’s see if I have one. Oh I must have sent it out. Oh no I have one. Hold on, wait for it.

Steve Larsen: Is that the screaming goat thing?

Dana Derricks: That’s the screaming goat.

Steve Larsen: Nice.

GoatsDana Derricks: Oh I got to get you one man. Oh my gosh. That’s the best way to crush any awkward silence ever right there.

Steve Larsen: Just play that.

Dana Derricks: Yeah. So my stuff is really goat related. And then the other thing that I look at is … And the other thing, if you’re creative you don’t have to spend a lot of money. I know that’s a concern for people, and at the end of the day though this stuff is so valuable, as soon as you get one, yes everything’s paid for.

So I keep that in the back of my mind. That keeps me going. But as far as like making it stand out and be cool, because I get stuff … People send me stuff and I hope … I don’t care if they’re listening or not.

Steve Larsen: It’s a lesson. It’s a lesson. We’re all good.

Dana Derricks: Yeah. Like I love you guys. Keep sending me stuff. There is a difference though between something that somebody personally put together in a box, and somebody that just sends me a gift from Amazon with like a gift card, or the typed out thing from Amazon. Like both are cool, and you doing just the Amazon thing is better than 99% of people. But like there’s something to be said about that hand touch and stuff.

So for me like, I guess my creativity comes out because one of the things I sent to everybody in the inner circle that kind of got everybody kind of, I don’t know, in a frenzy was –

Steve Larsen: Yeah..

Dana Derricks: Yeah. Was a wizard stick. So long story short, my dad lives in Texas, I’m in Wisconsin and I like to send to his Christmas gifts. So a couple years ago I bought this weird like weed puller thing where it’s like you don’t have to bend over to pull weeds out. It’s like … You know what I’m talking about?

Steve Larsen: Yeah yeah. Totally.

Dana Derricks: And I open it up from Amazon or whatever, and then I forgot. Threw the box away and then I was like, “Oh man. It’s like [spp-timestamp time="4:50"] PM on a Friday. I need to get this out to my dad.” So I went to the post office and I’m like, “Do you have a box that this would maybe fit in?” And they’re like, “No not at all.” And I’m like, “Oh crap.” But he’s like, the post master was like, “But we could send it like that.” I’m like, “What?” He’s like, “Yeah.”

Like picture basically like a shovel. Essentially a shovel. He’s like, “We could send it just like that.” I’m like, “Wait what? You don’t have to put in a box?” He’s like, “No.”

So basically, picture the shovel. They just printed off the label, and then like stuck it to the handle of the shovel, and then the shovel got sent in the mail just like that. Like no box. And so I’m like, “Huh. You don’t have to put things in boxes. That’s amazing.”

So I sent out these wizard staffs or whatever, and I zip tied a wizard hat on top, and didn’t put it in a box, and all these sticks essentially showed up at people’s mailboxes and it was just this big crazy viral thing. And stuff like that that’s just way more memorable and exciting when stuff like that shows up than just a box from Amazon. You know?

Steve Larsen: Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. Let’s say … Okay. So I’ve identified my Dream 100, I’ve contributed some things to the community, I really want to do things to grab their attention, what are some of the … I mean, how much money are you spending on each one of these packages?

You mentioned it could be cheap, and sometimes that’s better, but how much money per package do you expect, or … I guess that’s the question. How much money do you expect to be spending on each one of them?

Dana Derricks: If I can keep it under … So depends on the target too. I segment my Dream 100 with A, B, and C.

Steve Larsen: Oh really?

Dana Derricks: Yeah. A is being like the top, B is being like middle, and then C is being like quick wins. Reason for that is because another things that people ask is like, “Well how high should I shoot?” And if you have all like, Russell, Gary V., Grant Cardone’s on your list, like it’s not that it won’t happen, it’s just that’s not going to happen any time soon. You know? So I learned an expensive lesson from my football scholarship.

And that was I ended up playing in a division two school, which they still give great football scholarships, and mine was a huge one, but wasn’t a D one school because I listened to the doubt in my head that I was never good enough to play D one so I didn’t even print off any D one schools. I really regret that to this day.

So I just had B’s on the list. And so if I’m looking at … Typically for a B campaign, or even some C’s, if I can keep my packages between $20 and $40 a piece, I’m pretty happy with that. But again, there come … It comes with like, pretty relentless followup. Because if you just sent the box to somebody, good luck. But you got to do more than that. You know?

Steve Larsen: Right. Right right. Followup process. What does your followup process typically look like?

Dana Derricks: Oh man. So –

Steve Larsen: Because you’re a beast at this man. I’m pumped to hear this.

Dana Derricks: It’s very extensive. So … Oh man. Do you want the whole … Not like the whole thing, but do you want to know the extent I go?

Steve Larsen: Yeah, totally. I do. Because I feel like what people do is, let’s say I go put the package together, I go to the mailbox, I drop the thing off. Boom. I’ve now done Dream 100. You know? That’s kind of it, and people kind of like rinse their hands. “Yes, I get my success cookie for the day.”

But it’s really not over…

Dana Derricks: No. It’s just beginning.

Steve Larsen: You’re brilliant at this part. I’m so pumped.

Dana Derricks: Thanks man. So that’s like … If you’re running a marathon, that’s the gun that just started the marathon. But you can go home with your marathon number on, and you’ve dressed up, and congrats you participated, but you didn’t finish. Right? So for me it’s like, I’ll send them … For me really the lumpy mail is permission to follow up with them.

That’s all it is. Because if I send somebody a gift card, or I don’t care, wizard stick in the mail, like I have the right to follow up with you now. Right? I’ve spent money, invested time and money into you, now you don’t have to work with me, or say yes to what I’m asking, but you do have to reply. Like that’s the decent thing to do.

So I will then send them an email followup, and it’s never like, “Hey did you get my email?” Like have you ever had somebody message you 17 times on 17 platforms saying, “Did you see my email?”

Steve Larsen: Yeah. “I called you. I called you. I called you. I called you.” You’re like, “Oh my. I know. I saw it, okay?”

Dana Derricks: Dude. Yeah. Like we saw it. Like –

Steve Larsen: It drives me nuts.

Dana Derricks: Right. But if it’s like, “Hey did you see the package I sent?” That’s a different ball game. That’s like, “Whoa you spent money on me, and you took the time and energy to cut through and go to me in the mail.” Right? So I’m always like, “Hey did you get the box yet that I sent,” or whatever. And I’m not like … I’m never annoying about it because like, I’ll look at the tracking and make sure the thing was delivered before I’m like, “Hey did you get the box?” And they’re like, “No, what box?” Right? It’s like … So that … So it’s basically multi-channel followup. It’s really … It’s extensive. So it’ll go from emails and Facebook messages and whatever they are on, and then if I get no response from them, and I know that they’re potentially seeing my messages and I’ve gone to the extent of like, two, three, four weeks of followups, next is a dodge ball in the mail.

Steve Larsen: Wait you send them an actual dodge ball in the mail?

Dana Derricks: Oh yeah. Oh yeah.

Steve Larsen: So you’re calling them out?

Dana Derricks: Oh yeah. If I have their address, they’re so screwed man.

Steve Larsen: I didn’t know you do that. That’s funny man.

Dana Derricks: Oh yeah. Well that’s because you’ve replied to me.

Steve Larsen: Oh that’s funny.

Dana Derricks: So dodge ball. Rubber snakes work really well. It’s literally … And it’s always … Here’s a thing. It’s always got to be around humor though, and sarcastic, otherwise it’s just … It wouldn’t work. So like the dodge ball’s like, “Come on man. You’re dodging me.” And they know I’m not going to stop at this point. And the rubber snake, I think it’s just to hilarious to think of the thought of them opening a box to see a snake inside. Like, it’s just so funny. So I’ve never had to go past the snake, but the next one …

This is kind of naughty, but I will, I am prepared to send a certified with like a W9 inside that basically says, “All right man, have it your way. If you don’t want to reply, then I guess you can pay the taxes on all this stuff I sent you.” It’s all a big joke, but that’s the extent.

Like people don’t see … They think you … Like you said, they just send something and then all these good things happen and it’s not. You have to really work.

Steve Larsen: You have to really keep going on them.

Dana Derricks: Yeah. And just be … But being like … Not badgering them though either.

Steve Larsen: There’s a line.

Dana Derricks: Value. Yeah. For sure.

Steve Larsen: Okay, so someone … Is the package … I’ve heard you say this before, but just for everyone listening. Is the package the first thing you send to them?

Dana Derricks: No. So what I’ve found is … I’m not sure the number, like the percentage. I’d say it’s close to half. Probably close to half the Dream 100 deals I’ve made, I’ve never had to send anything in the mail.

Steve Larsen: Wow.

Dana Derricks: Yeah. So that’s more of like, it’s in the tool belt, it’s like a special kind of like drill. Right? You can use it when you need to, but you don’t have to use it. So for me it’s like more so cutting through the noise, and then giving me permission to continue to followup.

Steve Larsen: Interesting. Okay. You just turn up the heat when you get to packages.

Dana Derricks: For sure. And then also though, it’s also about nurturing too. So I send my existing affiliate Dream 100 people, like my number one affiliate last year, I sent him … I think I probably told you this before, but I sent him a big screen TV and surround sound just out of the blue. Right?

Just to keep him happy and yeah. So that’s when it comes back in is really just spoiling people and giving them gifts and all that good stuff.

Steve Larsen: So … Okay. So I mean you’ve given a lot of ways to actually pull this off, to get attention. As far as like pulling off a JV with them, and them … Could you go through some of the practices that you have when someone says yes. Like, “Yeah I’m super super excited to dropout.” You know, my people [ Dana. I’ve heard a lot of people that go by … I don’t know.

They’ll pull like a URL up. There’s a whole lot of like small little isms and little practices that are out there. Do you mind going through just a few of those?

Dana Derricks: Yeah, sure. So is this … What’s the goal? To get them to promote?

Steve Larsen: Yeah. I guess as far as like they’ve said yes. As far as pulling off the JV with them. What are some of the things that you do to make that go smoothly?

Dana Derricks: Sure. Great question. So the number one hurdle that you’ll have to get through first is getting them to actually do it. Because all these people will tell you yes because they don’t want to disappoint you or whatever. But few will actually follow through and do the promotion.

Steve Larsen: Interesting.

Dana Derricks: Yeah. And Russell talked about this too. He said … I don’t know if he’s faxed me this or where I heard it but, he said for every hundred people you target, you’ll probably only end up with maybe about six that actually do the promotion with you. And of those six probably only about three will actually be worth all that time and energy.

Steve Larsen: Totally believe that.

Dana Derricks: Yeah. Right? So I break it down like this for … And my students do it this way. So it’s like, first things first. Once we’re to the point where we think we can ask, we do. And then when they say yes, we’re always selling the thing that sells the thing. So it’s not like … It’s getting the calendar. Getting it penciled in on the calendar.

That is like the next win we need. That’s what we’re trying to sell. If we can get that dang spot locked up, I can remember there were … I was on the phone with the CEO of very well known company in our space, and he’s just like, “Yeah we’re booked through whatever.”

And I’m just like, “Dude. You know what? That’s totally cool. Let’s just do October. Right? How’s that? Like, October clean for you?”

He’s like, “Yeah, yeah okay.” And then I’m like, “All right cool. How about the 12th?” And then just getting it on there because if they’re going to be like, “Oh I want to look at my schedule, I have to view calendar, I’ll have to get back to you,” or whatever. But more friction right?

Steve Larsen: Sidestep. Yeah.

Dana Derricks: Yeah. So I found too like where it was … Excuse the sirens this is a big deal for a town of 1000.

Steve Larsen: You’re good. No worries.

Dana Derricks: So like, also I’ve been surprised too where like I had it penciled in, I’m thinking, “Yeah they just told me that so I would keep them happy, or keep me happy.” And then they actually did do it on that date and time. So it was like, “Wow, this is awesome.” So that’s the first big thing. And then making sure that you take everything off their plate.

Because the minute they thing that they’re going to have to lift a finger for this, they don’t want to do it. Right? So from beginning to end, we do every single thing. We will create all the swipe files for them to send out. We’ll create all the affiliate … I call them co-branded funnels.

So if we’re pushing a webinar for example, it’ll be a co-branded webinar funnel. We’ll offer to host a webinar if they are cool with that.

And then we deliver everything to them about like two weeks in advance just so that everything’s done. And then we followup and make sure. That’s what’s really cool about having an affiliate manager is that they kind of take care of all that, but like we’ll make sure that every step of the way is covered so they don’t –

Steve Larsen: That’s fascinating. Oh man that’s super … Okay wow. That’s crazy cool. And what do you when you … Because I mean, I’m sure it happens right? You go out and you’re getting … I mean I’ve had those people …I’ve had this happen also. Like you go out and someone says yes. You get the few yes’s. Six say yes, three actually do it. What do you do with those other three?

Dana Derricks: Good question. So –

Steve Larsen: Is that when you send them the W9?

Dana Derricks: So if they’ve said yes but you just haven’t got it scheduled yet, right? So I would try, just throw it way out in the future, and if you still don’t then there’s something there they want to do something with you, but apparently the way that it presented was … That might not be what they’re actually going to be comfortable doing. So I would like at trying to down sell it somehow. So if it was originally, “We’re going to do a, you know, a joint venture webinar together,” maybe starting out with a Facebook live might be better right?

Something that’s a little bit easier them to not have to fully commit to, or even just like doing an email to their list or something like that. Because even that’s going to be better than nothing, and if you look at … That’s another thing that we … Is pretty cool.

So if you can do something successful with them, even if it’s something small, you can go back to them and do something big. So you know, look at Russell with Grant Cardone. He went to 10X last year, and basically wasn’t given … He got on stage, and he was allowed to pitch kind of, but he wasn’t allowed to do half of what he asked to do.

Steve Larsen: Right. The true Russell style.

Dana Derricks: Exactly right. Grant’s like, “We’re going to do it my way.” He’s like, “Okay, fine.” And Russell did it Grant’s way, got some wins out of it, but then look what happened the next year. Russell go to to go there and call the shots. He said, “I want this. I need that.” Grant and his team said, “Okay. Whatever. You proved yourself last time.”

And then boom. Closes $3 million in an hour and a half. Right? But he would have never been able to do that had it not been the year before doing it Grant’s way, doing it smaller, doing it in a way that Grant was more comfortable with.

Steve Larsen: That’s cool. That’s cool. Okay. I know I’m just pounding you man. I got one more question for you. Scenario is, right, you go off, you’ve done the successful ones with the three, you’re obviously continuing to work and warm up the leads for the other 97 as you go through. With the ones that you have done it with though, what’s kind of your play as you move forward? Are you hitting them again for the next promo? Are you … I guess post successful campaign, what kind of actions do you take with that person?

Dana Derricks: Yeah. So for me, especially like once you’ve figured out who’s good, for me it’s like how can we integrate? So I just want to turn and take it to the next level. So for me personally, like let’s say that I’m JVing with somebody from my course, and we do a webinar together, kill it. We do five, six figures together, whatever. I want to work with that person. I don’t want to just do once a year, once a quarter.

I want like full on, how can we work together. So I always offer … What I’ve been doing a lot is I’ll create a bonus module for whatever their thing is, if they’ve got a course. I’ll come in there and basically teach a bonus module, or I will throw in my book in their value stack, or whatever just so that I can get not just access to their audience, on the one off promotions, but for every single buyer that comes into their world, they see me and the affiliate doesn’t have to do a thing. Right?

And it comes back to value. Like this module I make, it’s not like a pitch necessarily. There might be call to action. There is a call to action of course, but this is value, value, value and it’s always enhancing the thing that they already sold. That’s kind of the secret there. So I look at integration after a successful one.

Steve Larsen: Oh man, that’s interesting. That’s so cool. Man you have just like, just divulged. I have a full page of notes. Just given so much. I just appreciate that like crazy. I mean right, there’s only a few people that ever really even written about this topic. The Chet Holmes. Amazing Chet Holmes, Russell himself, and you. That’s it man. Like those are the options.

Money I know you have a book that has come out and is amazing. You have a lot of people … I have a lot people who’d come and … The book’s incredible. And I’m very very excited for it. Where can people go get the book? How do they find out more about you and follow you?

Dana Derricks: Yeah. For sure. For anybody that’s kind of vibing with this, and you’re like, “Oh man, that sounds a lot better than running Facebook ads or running after the next shiny object,” Stephen and I are totally Dream 100 junkies, and I’d love for you guys to do the same. So it’s called The Dream 100 Book. Actually had the foreword written by Russell. It’s pretty cool. I think Stephen’s read it.

Steve Larsen: Woo-hoo. Yeah.

Dana Derricks: There is a caveat. Actually listen to Stephen’s advice. So one of things you have really made famous Stephen is the concept of sell it before you make it. Right? Which I love by the way. I actually did that. Stephen said to do that –

Steve Larsen: No way.

Dana Derricks: Yeah dude. So I sold a copy of The Dream 100 Book, my first copy, for $2000 before I wrote one page of it.

Steve Larsen: No way. I didn’t know that.

Dana Derricks: Yeah dude. Because Russell says writing a book is similar to giving childbirth. Which is…None of us know, but it’s probably true. And so there was no better incentive to write a book than to have somebody on the hook for two grand that’s waiting for it. Right? So anyway, that’s the caveat. It is $2000. However, because Stephen was so gracious to put on a chicken suit and drive around on a motorcycle in Boise, Idaho –

Steve Larsen: I secretly just loved it. I was excited.

Dana Derricks: Yeah. I mean if he didn’t like it, he was putting on a good show. So for you guys listening, if you’re vibing with this, I’m actually going to let you guys get a copy of it for free.

Steve Larsen: Holy crap.

Dana Derricks: I don’t do this really for money that much anymore, so I’m cool with that as long as you guys don’t share this with the rest of the world. [inaudible [spp-timestamp time="00:48:48"] The mad buyers that paid two grand for it. So the link is going to be

Steve Larsen: That’s cool man. Appreciate that. It’s S-T-E-P-H-E-N. Yeah?

Dana Derricks: Correct. The good spelling.

Steve Larsen: Yeah, the good spelling. The biblical way. No but seriously, just echo what Dana’s saying here like I … Funnel’s nothing without traffic. And especially as an entrepreneur and those of you guys who were listening. I know you guys are go getters. This podcast is getting a significant amount of downloads daily now and I thank you all for listening, but what I want you to know … And that’s the way that I think about it too.

Russell thinks about it, Dana thinks about it. Like all these top guys, they’re not out looking usually for like this little tiny trick insight of a platform. Right? A Facebook trick. A Twitter trick. They’re not looking … That’s not how they do it. Instead, they outsource that piece of it, because we all know it’s still important, and they go focus 100% of the time on developing these kinds of relationships.
So anyway, I’m super excited.

That was very very generous of you give that Dana. So it’s

Dana Derricks: Totally. And you all should listen to Stephen. Keep listening to him.

Steve Larsen: I appreciate that. Well thanks for being on the show man, and where can everyone go to follow you as well?

Dana Derricks: So being the farmer I am, I don’t think I’m on instant grams. I’m over on Facebook, or, or just keep listening to Stephen, and every once in a while I’ll probably pop up.

Steve Larsen: Absolutely. All right. Hey, thanks so much for being on the show. And everyone go to and get the free copy of … It’s literally called Dream 100. Was two grand, for this audience it’s free.

Dana Derricks: Go get it.

Steve Larsen: Boom. Just try to tell me you didn’t like that. Hey whoever controls content controls the game. Want to interview or get interviewed yourself? Grab a time now at

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