SFR 142: Profitable Webinar Sequences (Part 2)… – Stephen Larsen

SFR 142: Profitable Webinar Sequences (Part 2)…

May 6th, 2018 anchorwave


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Lessons from my 2-day deep dive (caffeine and dubstep abound)…


What’s going on everyone? It’s Steve Larsen and you’re listening to Sales Funnel Radio. I’ve spent the last four years learning from the most brilliant marketers today. And now I’ve left my nine to five to take the plunge and build my million dollar business.

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Hi guys, I’m excited to share this with you. These were … These are the patterns that I noticed while I was kind of deconstructing some of the most profitable webinars, and especially their sequences. Okay? I was specifically looking at sequences.

The funnel part I didn’t look at as much, frankly because on some of these I helped build them, but it’s the actual copy itself that I’m trying to go through and show some of these neat patterns that are inside of every one of them.

Anyway, so I’m going to walk through some of these. I’ve got notes all around me right now. So if there’s like a little pause, or little ums, or little ah, just stick with me, bear with me, because I’m going to walk through these. I just sent a lot of these lessons over to several people as well.

Anyway … Okay. So I’m going to walk through some of the scenarios here, okay? And what’s funny is, man just going in and just adding one of these things in. Like it’s going to increase my … It’ll increase my show up rate, it’ll increase the amount of people who purchase.

There’s a lot of pros and benefits to what it’ll actually do for actually sequencing itself. And what’s funny is while going through and looking at these things, I almost started getting this feeling like, “Man I actually owe it to my prospective customer to do this stuff. To actually make these changes. It actually will increase the experience.

…They’ll actually have a better experience during the buying process.” I actually feel like it’ll serve them more. And so this is like … These aren’t like little tricks like, “Oh these are cool tricks to like do that very thing. Trick them.” Okay. I actually think that the level of clarity that this added was very fascinating as well.

Anyway, so I’m going to go through some of these lists as well here, and specifically there’s like … Let’s see. One, two, three. There’s ten.

Actually ten things that I want to walk you guys through and show you how to vastly, I believe, especially from watching the way each of these webinars are pulling off, increase your cart value, but like I was saying before, I think like followup sales. Right. Dropping refund rates. Does that make sense?

And all the things that come with it. Anyway, so I’m excited for this. Here’s the first thing though. So number one here, these are the interesting webinar followup lessons from my hacking expose. Okay.

Anyways, number one here, what I … Some of these might be like, “Oh kind of cool,” and some of them are just like massive super huge bombs. Anyway, so the first one here is on these webinars. The confirmation email … And almost every one of these scenarios, and every one of these normal webinars, the confirmation email itself has an origin story in it.

Now think about this, okay? Does everybody buy the same way? No. People do not all purchase in the same manner, right? I am not going to sit and read sales copy. I want a video. Right? I do not sit and read a blog. I want to listen to a podcast. Okay. I do not consume content.

All right, but there are other people that exact opposite. And as one of the biggest lessons I think I can give to you, especially one of the themes you’ll see throughout as I kind of draw up these lessons, you’re actually giving the webinar script in several manners, not just on the webinar. Okay.

Those that want to listen to your webinar and those that don't
There’s a group of people that want to see it on the webinar. There’s a group of people that do not.

And so you actually threw the scenario. You’re actually going hit several different modalities to deliver the sales message, to deliver the offer and the stack. To actually give the scarcity and urgency to close.

To give the time close for them to actually act. To give the bonuses away. It’s actually hitting them in several different manners which is really interesting. It’s really three heavy ones.

But anyways, think about this right? The first email they’re going to be seeing is let’s say they’re not actually going to go and watch the webinar. But most of them are still going to go check out the confirmation email, right? Or a good portion of them are going to.

That’s still an opportunity for you to sell them the origin story. Why you got into this thing, an opportunity for them to fall in love with you, an opportunity for them to actually fall in love as to why they should listen to the rest of the offer.

So just think of that. Okay. So first spot, one of these major touchpoints. Again, when we’re talking about the last podcast episode, right? About the hook, story, offer. You’re still doing the hook through the email. You’re still doing the story.

Your actual origin story is the first, very first thing that’s coming over to them regardless of if it’s a webinar, regardless of whatever you’re selling, you still have an opportunity to … Right. It’s one of the major things too. I remember I was hacking … I was funnel hacking … This was again one of the first really profitable funnels I ever built.

Again probably like three, four years ago. I was hacking this guy, and I noticed that he was doing this very thing. He had a soap opera series and the first email after you opted in was the first email of the soap opera series. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go read DotCom Secrets. And he was following that format.

But along with the first email came a second email of just his origin story. And he was like, “Hey, just wanted a chance to introduce myself and blah.” He went right into the origin story. So I started doing that as well.

And it was really cool because I got a lot more feedback from people replying to that email saying, “Man I’m totally in this for the exact same reason Steven. Oh my gosh, that’s super cool. Thanks for sharing that. I’m actually … Sounds like you’re telling my story.”

I got more feedback from me telling my origin story, than I did from that first email with the soap opera series which is fascinating. Anyways, that’s kind of cool. So to reinforce the point. Okay, so number one, write … You’re hitting from these different areas.

Here’s another one. On webinars that lead to application funnels, the confirmation email has a case studies origin story. Okay this is a pretty powerful thing to notice and recognize. When you think about these, if you’re trying to sell something that’s high ticket, the way that you present these stories … Right.

Let’s think about some coaching. If you’re trying to sell coaching or a high ticket mastermind, or a high ticket event or experience, something like that, a lot of times the … Like when you think about the way Russell sells his inner circle, or when you think about the way really expensive people sell their stuff, there’s really two modalities.

The first one I absolutely hate which is when … In fact I was … I can’t say his name. You guys would all know him. He’s on a very famous TV show that I’m sure many of you guys consume.

I got offered to go help build an application, high ticket application funnel for him, and I said no actually for a lot of reasons. Which kind of made me sad. I wanted to go do it, but just scheduling wise, just logistically too many things going on.

Anyways, it was fascinating because I looked at the current application funnel they had and it was this guy, who’s a celebrity, and he … You could tell he was being told what to say which is fine.

And the first video though was him saying like, “I’m so and so, and I’ve done this and this and been on these TV shows, and you’ve seen all this, and you’ve done this, and you know that I can get you,” and I, I, I, I, me, me, me. It has total me syndrome. Okay? It’s the me monster.

Me monster

Okay. Me monster was all over it…
And I was like, “Gosh that’s …” It’s very hard to sell super high ticket stuff like that. Right?

Really high ticket funnels are very very client result based stories that you’re using as your sales letter. The Liz Benny story. Right? The Drew Cannoli story. Right? Those are the stories.

Do you ever really … You hardly ever see Russell ever on any of the application funnels that are out there. That’s not what’s selling it. Results are selling it. The fact that he’s been successful with other people is what’s selling it.

And it’s the same thing when you’re selling a webinar funnel into a high ticket application funnel. So I was looking at CF Certified right, and that’s a webinar that pushes into an application funnel. And so the actual … Right, when it’s just a webinar funnel for usually like a $1000 to $20000 product, it’s the protagonist origin story.

It’s the entrepreneur’s origin story…

But when it’s moving … This is one of the things I recognize. When it’s moving into an application funnel though, it’s one of your most successful case studies, it’s their origin story. So there’s a split that happens right?

There’s a very stark, very powerful difference as I was looking at this. Anyway, the indoctrination series, when you think through life you’re like, I’ve had a lot of people reach out and ask like, “Steve you’re talking about indoctrination series, what is that? Is that a soap series?”

No. It is specifically for a webinar. It is specifically for … Think of it as like a … I make indoctrination series on one of my podcast funnels, and it’s actually my other podcast show. I have a really strong podcast funnel there. And it gets like 62% opt in rate, and just it kicks butt. It’s really really awesome.

But they get a series from me, I sell it as a course. I’m like, it’s free and it’s just for the listening. Does that make sense?…

So it’s a free course, but really it’s an indoctrination series. Anyway, if you study and you look carefully specifically at like the Followup Funnel webinar, the Funnel Hacks webinar, even Software Secrets, the Software Secrets webinar, all of the indoctrination series are actually a product launch funnel. What?

What? I’m like recreating so much stuff because of that. Think about this. Right, some people do not like buying on the webinar. Some people do not like buying from blogs. Some people do not like buying from product launch funnel.

But you can deliver the same message and offer in each one of those modalities. And so that’s one of the things I’m doing is I’m looking at my followup sequence. It’s not longer just a webinar that’s delivering my offer, and the story, and the sales message pieces. Okay.

Pieces of the Webinar It’s actually … I have it coming across as text which I’m going to show you in just a second. I have it coming across now … There’s actual hidden product launch funnel inside of my followup sequence.

It’s a product launch funnel. This is what I’m building out next which is so exciting. So I have a … The product launch funnel as well matches and follows up with my close cart sequence. So at the end of video number four, like if you think of Jeff Walker’s product style funnels, video number four is where a lot of the call to actions dropping in right?

But it coincides with my close cart timeline. So in the email I’m saying, “Hey the cart’s closing. If you want, go ahead and check it out here.” They’re actually watching video number four though, which is the stack portion. It’s me reselling a whole … Anyway. Super cool.

Super super cool. Hope there’s massive aha’s with that. Delivering in these multiple ways…

So anyways, it is a product launch funnel the indoctrination series. And I don’t know that I’ve ever heard many people really teach that which is kind of cool. Like if you think through and you’re looking at these replay sequences which is … I’ll tell you guys.

Most of my money comes in my replay sequence. Right? I still make sales on the webinar, but I don’t know why. Like there’s something in my webinar followup sequence that works really really really well. I’ve not totally identified what that is yet, but most of my money comes in the replay sequence.

If I can turn the sexy up though on that sequence, right, which includes the urgency and scarcity aspect, and I’m putting them through a product launch version of the same webinar, people are going to go check this … Most people watch … Most people can’t actually join me on the live webinar.

They watch the replay sequence. Everyone’s timeline is different. They just login, they sign up so that they know they’ll be on the sequence, they can watch it later.
Well, heck. If you can’t watch the full hour, hour and a half webinar, might as well drop it out to you in 20, 30 minute little episodes.

And across the top bar on each page, they can progress forward just by clicking if they want to, or it’ll drip out to them anyway and match my close cart sequence. Anyway, this is like a far more technical episode and I know that.

Just stick with me. These are like … Man, these simple little elements guys are going to change the way I do the game a lot.

Anyway, let’s see. Post webinar, all emails focused on how to get the offer for free. Yeah. Yep. Anyway, I’m reading what I wrote just so I would remember what to say. Anyway the post … Yeah. That was right.

All post webinar, pretty much all email focuses on how to get it for free, and if I’m at the part where it’s not like the blatant call to action, there’s still some piece in every email where they can either number one, go watch the replay, or number two pushes them over to buy.

But it’s reinforcing the fact that they can go get it for free. Think of it like this, right? There’s some aspect in your stack slide, in your offer, that’s the thing that everyone actually wants.

There's some aspect in your stack slide, in your offer, that's the thing that everyone actually wants.

It’s not that they don’t want the bonuses, it’s not that they don’t want the other pieces inside what you’re actually offering, but there’s one thing that you’re giving away that’s the thing that they actually want.

Let’s say I went in and I was on Amazon, and I was creating an offer on Amazon. Actually here’s a better example, right? Okay.

Okay. So I’ve been working out a lot more. I’m super excited. Trying to like … One of the inner circle member, it’s Brian Bowman, what’s up buddy? Big shout out to you. You’re the man. He was pointing out to me, he’s like, “Dude you do literally nothing but funnel stuff.” And I said, “Yeah, I know. Isn’t cool.”

And he’s like, “No like, yes that’s a good thing, but like you’re in a phase now where you should maybe … You could do something else also. Enjoy other parts of life.” I was like, “I’m doing what I love brother.” He’s like, “Come on dude.”

Anyway, so I’ve been trying to do other stuff as well which is kind of hard. It’s funny. I like suck at like this life thing. I’m better at just living in funnels. Anyway I was like, “I got to go lift. I go to go exercise. Get more into that phase more,” which has been fun.

Not very sedentary anymore which is awesome. So I’ve been lifting a lot more and exercising, and one of the workout things I’m following, I’m on two different three month programs which I’m super pumped about and it’s going well so far. Trying to get ready for that two comic club cruise. Okay?

It’s coming up in January you guys. So excited. But I don’t want to be a tubby bubby on that baby…

So anyway, super excited. I was looking and there was a jump rope. This guy was saying, “Hey, whenever you start, one of the cool things to go and do is just jump rope for five minutes, and you’re going to burn a lot of calories just like that,” which shockingly, oh my gosh, is true.

Anyway. Way harder than I thought. Anyway, so I go on Amazon right? I go on Amazon and I start looking around for a jump rope. A speed rope. And these guys have nailed the offer creation piece on Amazon for ecom stuff, for these jump ropes. When I got the jump rope, it was so funny guys.

Like anyway, part of me felt like a little bit of a pansy for buying a jump rope, and another part of me felt like Rocky. You know. Anyway, and there was … So the main thing right? I wanted the speed rope. Right? But what came with it? It was so cool guys. They had made an offer in their ecom stuff.

And the offer was, “Hey. You know what? Just because you probably don’t know all the cool things … You think you’re literally just going to jump a little piece of rope for a while. A little cord. This little piece of plastic.

Offer in ecommerse

But look at this. This is actually going to come with 12 workouts that you can do. By the way, here’s a whole bunch of before and after pictures of people who’ve been doing it. By the way, did you know that this comes with the most awesome cool carrying case?

It’s also featured to have extra ends and parts and pieces.” Like they made an offer out of it. It was really interesting, and they totally had … And I was like, “Man I’m buying from you guys just because you did that.”

Anyway, it’s fascinating right? So if you think through all the different pieces of your offer, there’s one thing on there that I really wanted though. It’s the reason that I got … I want the jump rope.

And so all of these followup communication after somebody goes through either a webinar, or a free plus shipping funnel, or I don’t care. Whatever it is, all of it is focusing on how you can get the main thing you actually want for free.

So one of the biggest tweaks I would have made to that offer is I would have said, “Hey, actually the jump rope is free.”

I would have priced it the same as everybody else, but the copy I would have changed it to would be, “Hey the jump rope is free when you get this other stuff, which happens to be the same price as all the competitors.” But does that make sense?

Now the copy made it an offer. Even more of an offer. You still get all these other things, but it makes the thing they actually want free.

And so it’s the exact same thing…

Think about that with like funnel hacks. With Click Funnel’s offer. Right? “Here’s how to get Click Funnels for free for the next six months. You buy Funnel Hacks.” Does that make sense? So think through the thing. I’m starting to call it the anchor of the offer.

There’s one anchor…

Anchor Product Funnel

I call it the anchor product, okay? And it’s the thing that they actually want in your offer so bad, and when you tell them it’s free when they buy those other things, oh man.

Really cool way to turn up the sexy in your offer, and all of the followup sequences, all the emails, all the pieces of copy, post pitch, post webinar, reinforce the point of how to get that thing for free.

Okay. And the fact that there’s limited time actually to get it. Anyway. That was really really powerful. So I started looking through that.

This is also a really cool commonality as well. I typically after my webinars, one of the things that I’ll go do is I immediately dropout to them the opportunity to go and watch the replay. That almost is never the case in any of these webinars. Isn’t it interesting? Almost none of the time is the replay email sent first.

Like post webinar. It’s over. Or it could be post … You know they’ve gone through your free plus shipping book funnel, or ecom funnel, or high ticket funnel, or I don’t care whatever it is. Right? Post call to action. Post offer.

Post you actually going and trying to get them to purchase. Right? The first thing in here, the very first email, was actually another call to action email. It was an email that reinforced the stack. It actually redelivered the stack. Right?

“Thanks so much for joining the web class. I appreciate it. For those of you guys who weren’t actually able to get on here, here’s what it is,” and actually just went straight through the stack slide. First thing you’re going to get is X, Y, and Z. In fact which … There’s one of the sequences here.

…Hold on let me look real quick here. I’ll include the whiteboard screenshot in the blog just so you guys know. Actually I’ll put it on Instagram. It’ll be one of my posts. There’s my hook right there. Go follow me on Instagram. Okay. At Steve Larsen HQ, and I’m going to make it one of the posts there.

You can see the screenshot of the lessons that I learned from each sequence and then right next to it, I made like this ultimate followup sequence, and I mapped the different webinar emails to each … Anyways. Super super cool. You can go check it out if you want to on my Instagram which I’m far far more into now which is awesome.

But anyway, so post webinar it was let me followup … Yeah yeah yeah. Follow funnels. Hold on, let me look at it. Okay, follow funnels. Okay very first … I’ve got all the emails I printed out right here. Very first email that goes out post webinar, let me get to it. Okay here. Okay. Yeah. Check this out. Okay.

Okay. So right after the very first email that goes out, right afterwards is this. Okay this is the followup funnel’s webinar. Okay cool. Yeah. Check this out. I’m just going to read part of this to you, okay. Reinforcing a stack slide on the very first email post webinar.

Okay. The second email is the one that actually pushes the replay. Okay. But there’s another opportunity to purchase right from the get go which is so interesting because I’ve always just sent immediately a replay email.

Anyway, I don’t know if you guys are geeking out about this, and maybe I’m going too deep on this. Hopefully this episode’s super valuable. For me, this is going to make … I feel like the vehicle I’ve just designed here, because I not only am fixing all the stuff here.

Like I rebuilt an entire funnel that just totally kicked butt. I feel like it’s the difference between a $1 million webinar and a three million. And, so excited. Calling the shot on that one by the way. That’ll be cool. All right so anyway it says, “So the web class just ended. I hope you had a chance to watch it live.

tip and the rest of the iceberg today

If so you saw the power of followup funnels. You saw how we were able to literally make $16 for every dollar made on the front end funnels.

You see how this is the way our company’s growing.

We talk a lot about the tip of the iceberg, some of you only saw the tip but I showed the rest of the iceberg today.

And that copy is linked over … Actually it’s just underlined I think.
Anyway. “Hopefully you love the presentation. I wanted to send you a quick email because people are blowing up our help desk.

They saw the presentation and weren’t sure if they should be all in. What does it mean to go all in? Being all in is something we talked about towards the end of the presentation.” And here we go.

He goes into what I’m calling a benefits stack. The benefits stack is one of the things that is included inside of that first email out. So there’s an actual stack, but it’s not always like, you know, “First you’re going to get software secrets. Then you’re going get this. Then you’re going to get this. You’re getting this.”

It’s like a benefits stack. It’s the benefits of actually getting. It’s really really interesting. So I don’t know what else to call it, so I’m calling it a benefits stack.
And he goes into it. This is the copy part of the email where he goes into benefits of those getting it.

And then he puts a call to action at the end. “It means you’re using Click Funnels, backpacks, acitionetics, all the tools inside Click Funnels help dramatically scale your business. When you go all in we’ve got a huge gift for you.

First off, I’m going to give you 15 followup funnels.” So he’s still going to go in, and he’s selling each part of the stack, but he’s diving a little more deeply into the benefits of it because it doesn’t … Like if you didn’t see the webinar, right, who cares what the things are in the stack? There’s no value behind it.

So he’s actually selling the whole … Anyway, this is interesting…

He goes, “First thing I’m going to give you 15 followup funnels. These are the exact followup funnels I use to one get people to actually show up for the webinar, two get people to purchase after the webinar, three get people to buy high ticket coaching, and much more.

You get all these 15 funnels, total value is 9.97. Second,” he’s now on the second item in the stack, “We’re going to give you a T-shirt that says, ‘We’re not confusion soft.’ If you missed the presentation, you need to watch to get the inside joke, but this shirt is amazing. I’m going to send you it. Third, I’m going to give you,” Right. He actually is writing out … I’ve never seen this. This is crazy.

“Third I’m going to give you, ‘I build funnels,’ laptop sticker. Fourth I’m going to give you the, ‘All in’ temporary tattoo.” And then he goes in and he talks about the total value. Anyway, “These are all the insane bonuses you get. Click here to go all in.”

He actually literally pushes a stack and immediately back to the call to action is the first email. I have never … I have always done that like the very dead last thing when my cart’s about to close. Not first.

So anyways, huge realization. And later on, right before this email’s over, the same email, he goes, “If you didn’t get a chance to watch the webinar, don’t worry. I’ll try to get you guys a replay tomorrow.” Is that interesting? So he’s baiting the hook for the next.

Totally Seinfeld thing right there. Does that make sense? But he’s pushing it.

Anyway. I might have gone too deep on that. But that is like crazy cool stuff. That is so lucrative to know that. This is pretty interesting too. He did this in a lot of webinars. Not all of them. And several of the followup sequences, he actually has two different replay pages.

Okay. The first replay he pushes out. So let’s say it’s the next day, he pushes a replay out. All right. It’s kind of the normal, “Hey you can go check out the replay here. By the way this is only open for the next 36 hours,” or whatever. And then a few hours later he’ll be like the hook. Right? The hook of the email.

reason and curiosity

The reason. The curiosity…

The reason why he’s emailing again is he says, “Look, a lot of you guys are emailing saying, ‘I actually saw most of it Russell. I just don’t want to actually watch all the things I’ve already seen before. I want to fast forward to the point where I left off.’” And he says, “I get it. I totally get it. So we did something special for you guys. Here’s a replay with scroll bars.”

So he unlocks … He just makes another page and he just, on the video element, he makes it so that they can fast forward. That’s it. But it’s another reason to email. It’s another hook to go email and get it out into their hands. What? Crazy.

So I now have two replay pages in my personal webinar, and one of them is … I want another reason to email them. Another logical reason to email them after they’ve … “Check it out. There’s scroll bars in this.” Okay.

Anyway that’s a big one. One of the things too is as part of the first replay email that goes out, he drops in … You can see this specifically in Funnel Hacks if you go check this out. Actually I think there’s few others as well. High Ticket Secrets have this.

There’s a few other webinars that had it. But this was brilliant. Oh this was brilliant. I was just saying how not everyone buys the same way…

Okay. If you go to Funnel Hacks. You know, go opt into Funnel Hacks, buy it again if you want, but if you go opt in to Funnel Hacks, and just watch the replay sequence that’s coming out, there’s something very interesting that comes in. Let me grab it here real quick.

Something very interesting that pops in in this sequence as well where he dives deeply into … He actually gives … He calls it, “Hey for those of you guys who didn’t get a chance to, or you’d rather skip around, I’m going to toss in for you cliff notes to the webinar.”

Oh man. Funnel Hacks has an awesome product launch funnel in it. Let me find it here. Anyways, whatever. I’ll just tell you guys what it is. What he did is he took all of his slides and printed them all out, and transcribed the webinar so that you could see the slide, and you could look at the slide and you could read the webinar.

This is brilliant. Guys, he has somebody go through and they actually printed out all the slides, and transcribed everything that he said in the webinar underneath each one of the slides so that you can see the slide, and then read. See slide and then read it. See slide, read it. It’s huge.

Okay. I don’t even know how many pages … It’s absolutely gigantic. Right. But when somebody goes through, somebody who’s a reader, they want to read stuff, they want the little nitty gritty details. They want, right. Especially those who are like the engineer mindsets. They really like that kind of thing, right?

Reading the webinar they buy

They want to go through, and they want to read the webinar.

And so he gives them the option to do so inside Funnel Hacks.

And they go through and they read it. What happens when somebody spends like an eternity reading the webinar?

They buy. You know what I mean?…

Oh there it is. All right. This is a day three post webinar. “24 hour warning. Want the cliff notes? Okay in less than 24 hours they’re pulling that Funnel Hacks web class and the special offer we made.

We can get Click Funnels for free for the next six months,” he’s reinforcing the ability to get free for the anchor product of the offer, “Because you’re almost out of time, I had one of my team members type up the cliff notes of the web class just in case you missed it to recap.

So here’s what you need to do now.” Straight on to call to action. “First download the cliff notes. Second watch the replay here. Third get a huge Funnel Hacks discount, six months for free by clicking here.” So number one, want to see the cliff notes. Number two, just watch the replay here. Or number three, you want to go buy.

So towards the end it’s more … And that’s the whole email. It’s a super short email. But towards the end of the replay sequence, I’ve noticed that the emails actually get far shorter as well. Almost across the board.

The email’s towards the beginning of the replay sequence are much longer. They’re telling the whole origin story. They’re telling the secrets. They’re telling the reasons you should get in there. And usually the copy, copy wise is actually getting smaller and shorter, and shorter, and shorter as the replay sequence goes.

Anyway, I’m almost done here…

Okay. There’s something called … I don’t remember if I go this from Russell or … Anyway, I’ve seen this from several people, but I’m calling it … It’s a hidden cart close.

So they’ll close the cart down, scarcity, urgency is the only reasons why anyone does anything. So it’s important to close the cart I believe. So close the cart down, and legitimately take the bonuses away.

They can still go get the main thing I’m sure on your main page, they can still go buy Click Funnels for example somewhere else. But the actual main thing they want, they can’t get that for free. They can’t get all the bonuses.

There’s some aspect of it that you take away for the scarcity aspect. But there’s a hidden … What was it? It was like 72 hours later … Yeah. Something like that. There’s a case study that people can go in and they can read. I think I saw Dan Henry do this too once.

They can go in and read a case study of another successful person. The cart closed, they clearly did not purchase. And you don’t really … You’re like, that’s fine. Instead a little while later, you drop this amazing case study after the cart’s closed, with a link to a limited secret replay that they could go watch it again just to scoop off the top.

So the hidden cart close thing. Cart close, and then hidden cart close. That was kind of cool. One of the things that I’m doing is I’m going to put Facebook, the actual Facebook comments element. I’m going to put it below the broadcast page. Below the replay page.

Below my indoctrination, which is going to be a product launch funnel page. And it’s going to be the same link though, so any comment on any one of them is going to populate to all those pages. Massive social proof. Super excited about that.

If somebody … So on the actual order page, and on the broadcast page and replay, an exit pop that I’m dropping on, I’m going to drop in like the Facebook live chat element. So if they’re leaving … It’s kind of like…and one of the reasons why he would make so much cash as well on his … And if you don’t know, like he made … I can’t say the exact number.

tens of millions in a few months Money

He made tens of millions of dollars in only a few months. Like a couple months. Right. Made a lot of money, tons of revenue dropping in. And one of the reasons why is because he understood his buyer, and understood that everyone does not buy the same way.

So some people wanted to buy on the website, but then … Or on the funnel. But when they tried to leave the funnel, there was an exit pop that said, “Hey got a final question? Why don’t you just call us?” Right? And there was a phone number.

Well I’m going to do the exact same thing with a Facebook live chat. So when they’re leaving, and I’ll just change the copy to whatever it needs to be. If they’re on the order page … Like, I’m noticing for every four people who actually check out the order page after the webinar, about one purchases which is pretty standard.

I mean that’s pretty normal. What if I just doubled that? I mean, does that make sense? People are clearly going to the order page. They’re checking it on out. They want to see it. So they got some last burning dying question. Well I’m going to go in, I’m going to drop in the ability for them to ask a question live.

So on the order page, when they exit, it will be a Facebook live element, or a Facebook live chat element. Probably through mini chat or something like that. That way they can chat immediately with somebody on my team and get the final questions answered. Or let’s say they’re on the broadcast page and they try to leave. Right?

“Oh you got a final question? We got a live moderator right now. Go ahead and drop it in.” And there’s probably going to be some … Like a page profile or something like that. Probably for the main product that someone’s just moderating at all times and trying to get back to almost instantly. Right.

So we can keep on there. Keep the last few questions going. Because most of the questions I get now are … They’re not, “Hey, I don’t believe this product works.” The questions I get now from my webinar are primarily, “Hey, will this work for my scenario?”

questions apply to my scenerio

And if I could just have someone answer that question, we’ll double our sales right off the bat. And so I’m going to do that on the replay pages, I’m going to do it on the broadcast pages, on the order page, and just to get the last few … Anyway.

So I’m super stoked about it. It’s going to be awesome, and all right. That’s a lot of stuff. Anyway, that was deep. That was heavy. If you need to listen to that again, go for it. I would love to do like a full blown out course just walking through all the cool stuff I’m dropping in. There’s so many ways.

Now that my … Because I recreated my whole offer, and it’s so much more sexy.

It already was sexy, but it is like … I got the correct response this time guys. People were emailing me, they were Facebooking me, they were all saying, “Dude are you sure you want to give all that value away for that price?”

But I was like, “Yes. Yes. That means I hit it. That means I did it right. That means … Okay. That is the correct response that I want,” and I got a lot of them.

And I’m like, “Yes. Okay, sweet.” Right? And I’m finishing the last few pieces that I want to go get for the stack slides, and stack section itself. I’m getting the webinar funnel where I want to be now. And I’m obsessing over the little things now that’ll add just another two percent conversion here.

Extra half percent conversion there. Now I can obsess over that tiny stuff because for a while it’s just making sure that freaking offer is amazing. Anyway. So I’m excited about that. And I’m going to go put these different pieces together, and anyways it’s going to be epic.

All right guys, hey go crush it. And please for the love, if you have not left a review, I get so excited. Thank you guys for dropping those reviews in there. I just spent two days studying and learning the stuff that I just dropped you guys in 30 minutes to an hour here. Over these last few episodes.

I would love a review if you wouldn’t mind…

If you could drop it on over. That drastically helps. I’m certainly always trying to increase the reach of this. We are pushing stuff all over on Instagram. I’m getting my content machine all put together. But I would love that, and anyway.

In fact, I think I got a cool little special bonus coming up for those of you guys who do coming up soon. So anyways … Because I can see your name on it which is awesome. Anyways guys, thanks so much, appreciate it. There’s my ask. All right guys. Talk to you later. Bye.

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