SFR 14: My Simple $1,000 Per Week Asset… – Stephen Larsen

SFR 14: My Simple $1,000 Per Week Asset…

Oct 13th, 2016 anchorwave

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Hey, how’s it going everyone? You know what?

It’s actually not even 5:30am in the morning yet and I’m already at the office.

I’m tired.

Yesterday we had the guys from Rhino Rush come and bring us some extra Rhino Rush over at Russell Brunson’s office, you know? This is where I am. That’s where I’m sitting right now.

They brought us this stuff called Rhino Relax, and it makes you … It’s not like a sleep agent, but just makes you kind of sleepy and tired, or just makes you kind of … It just makes you relaxed.

They’re like try it before you go to sleep, and so I did. I had like the most ridiculous dreams. I’m not even going to get into that. It was nuts. I felt like … You remember that old school Willie Wonka show and they’re in that tunnel full of candy, and it shows picture of surgery and insects crawling all over people?

That’s kind of what I feel like happened.

Anyways, I digress.

I was excited to wake up.

Oh my gosh. It worked. It made you relax, but I had the most ridiculous dreams on the planet.

Well I am here early to record this podcast actually because I’m going to go over to Russell’s and lift. Monday when I went and lifted with him afterwards, he pushed me into a Cryo-chamber and it was negative 220 degrees.

It was so cold. Oh my gosh.

Supposed to help with inflammation and things like that I guess. That was kind of fun. I don’t know why I’m telling you guys all these lifting stories.

There’s a point and purpose to this podcast, but it’s kind of fun to just do crazy stuff workout-wise.

I get bored with just lifting all the time. I like to lift. Lifting is my favorite. That’s my favorite type of workout.

I think it was last Friday, I used the long-board a lot, you know? Not skateboard, but long-board. I don’t mean like the surfing kind on asphalt. I long-boarded a lot growing up.

So much fun. I miss it so much.

I sold it because when I got married, I figured I was going to kill myself or something. My brother would get behind me and he’d get in the car and he clocked me down this huge hill. We lived at the bottom of this massive, gigantic hill.

It was super fun because I would go to the top of this hill and barefoot, which I know sounds stupid. Barefoot I would bomb this hill, and he would clock me going 45 miles and hour down this thing.

It was so fun.

You’d go in a tuck, just go hauling down this thing.

I started getting into sliding, which means you slide sideways as you go down. I only really wrecked twice, which wasn’t bad. Neither of them was because of that, but it was always the safest, which totally sounds weird, to do it at night time.

At night time I would go do it because you could see headlights from cars way before you’d see the car, you know? It was a huge warning. It sounds counter-intuitive, but I don’t know why I’m telling you all this.

Last Friday I realized … Because I used to do all that barefoot. Last Friday I realized like, “Man my feet are really weak. I can’t do anything anymore. I’ve been wearing shoes too much. Man, if I walk on asphalt it feels like I’ve got to be all tender.” It’s stupid. Russell and I, we hardly ever wear shoes anyways.

I think I wore shoes every Sunday to church, but besides that, that’s it. I haven’t worn shoes in like four or five months.

All day everyday, we’re just barefoot. Anyways, I completely digress.


The one thing I wanted to tell you guys today, and I guess call this the early morning, the [spp-timestamp time="5:30"] early morning foggy brain-ness.

I should have woken up a little bit more before I started recording.

There’s something really exciting going on right now.

A year ago I had this idea, and I am not pitching anyone an MLM. I’m actually not even in one, but I just had this idea for a product in that area, right?

I was like, “How sweet would it be if I made an MLM product where people could train their down lines before they actually become their down line?” I was like, “That’s fantastic.”

That’s what I’ve built.

It’s this really cool system with ClickFunnels where I give the funnel that trains someone to do marketing.

I give them that same funnel to give everyone else to train as well. It’s really fascinating. I’ve built a five day course, a traffic course. I built a whole other sales funnel that people could go get and purchase, and I put it into a funnel. The hook in the beginning is you get a five day free course as soon as you opt in. Then there’s a free plus shipping DVD right afterwards, and it gets sent over from a company I’ve integrated with, I think in Illinois. Something like that. It’s called Disc Delivered.

Those people are amazing. They’ve helped me like crazy. Then it goes over to a one time offer that says, “Hey if you guys want this funnel, go ahead and click right here. It’s 150 bucks.”

I’ve had several people buy that. Then there’s a traffic course for $500 dollars after that. It’s going really well. I’ve really enjoyed it.

What’s funny is that, guys if you start to develop … I’ve said this before, but the moment you start publishing and getting yourself out there, and just putting things out on the web that stays there, right? People eventually are going to start finding it, right? That’s not the way I suggest on actually generating revenue, but it was kind of just a fun product.

I actually didn’t think people were going to buy it. I didn’t think people were going to want it. I had all these videos out on YouTube. You can check them out on my channel. It’s just, or Stephen Larsen is my YouTube channel. I didn’t think anyone would want it.

I didn’t think anyone would want this stuff. All of a sudden I woke up one morning, and I’ve used Stripe. I’ve got an iPhone 6, you know? I woke up and there’s all these notifications from Stripe, 150 bucks, 100 bucks, 100 bucks, 100 bucks, 150 bucks, 100 bucks, 7, 7, 7, 7, 7, from all the people buying the free plus shipping one. I was like, “Holy crap. How are people finding this?” I started looking through all my stuff and realizing it’s all these videos on YouTube. Then if you search the word ClickFunnels in Google, I’m starting to rank just because I put so much out there about ClickFunnels. I was like, “This is fantastic.”

That little asset, that little tiny funnel is literally making me about 1,000 dollars a week right now and I am not doing anything to promote it. The only reason I bring that up, it’s not to brag, but if you guys want to check it out, at least the process that I’m taking people through because it’s fantastic.

It literally took me … Just because I was in the middle of college when I made it, but it took me like eight months to make it because I created a five day course, and I give that away with it. I give away so much stuff. I give away all … They white label all the products I built in there except the traffic course.

I let them use literally everything that I created to recruit their own massive down line. It’s been selling like hot cakes. I actually am really shocked. I guess I shouldn’t be. I mean I really worked hard on the thing, and there’s a crap ton of value in there.

I just wanted to point out that when you start doing stuff online … My wife and I last night, we were watching The Prophet, right? On CNBC. The Prophet, I mean that’s a fantastic show. I was explaining to her why he was doing what he was doing, you know? What he’s saying when he’s saying, “I’m giving you a loan versus equity.” Things like that.

I was teaching my wife that stuff and she was like, “I love that you don’t have a brick and mortar business.”

This works if you use brick and mortar businesses by the way, but she was like, “Oh my gosh.” She was like, “Look at all these people who have been losing their businesses because their rent has been too high.” I was like, “That’s a good point.” I was like, “Yeah, yeah.” I mean that’s actually one of the reasons I purposely got into internet is that I can put assets all over the internet and they make me money.

There’s like a 12 dollar a year cost for me to have the domain. That’s it, right? Then ClickFunnels basically pays for itself because I have people that I’ve given ClickFunnels too, right?

After you give so many, the commissions from that … Every single month that come from that, I mean it’s paid for ClickFunnels. It’s paid for … Basically all the tools I use online are free. It’s kind of a sweet set up. If you’re still thinking about if you should go get inside of the internet world and go promote stuff, or anything, just consider that.

It really is a fantastic opportunity to go do that. I’m trying to sell you on the internet. I’m not trying to sell you on buying any of my stuff or anything. If you want to, awesome. You can. That’s not the point of this podcast. I’m just trying to show you that it is a fantastically amazing business space to be in, right? You have to know how to market, but those skills will come to you. You’ll get better and better and better at it, but if all you do is put 5 dollars a day towards a Facebook ad, that’s really all you need. Then you just target an audience.

The nice thing about Facebook, and even the internet as a whole is that the internet is really divided into congregations. You think of like churches, like Methodists are all in this corner and they believe this stuff so they hang out together, right? Pentecostals, they all hang out together and they believe this stuff, and they’re all together, right?

Mormons and LDS, they’re all over here and they hang out together That’s kind of how the internet works. It’s a big group of congregations.

You can get online and say, “Hey look. I really want my message to get in front of people who like surfing by the horn of Africa, and spear fish as they do it.”

I bet that there’s a group out there that does that, you know what I mean? All you’ve got to do is find them and then drop your ads into that group. It’s very, very simple because so much of it’s indexed so you can just go into Google and you can search whoever you want.

Then just drop cool products out to them. If like 10 percent of people are buying when they’re seeing, I mean that’s pretty standard for the industry, for the internet as a whole. Just know it’s a numbers game.

I remember the first time that I went out and first time I ever tried to do any kind of affiliated marketing, or any selling online.

I was in the middle of one of my college classes and I told the teacher that I did not want to be there anymore because I was like, “Look I’ve been selling this stuff on my own already for a lot. I’m way past …” He was like, “Now let’s learn what SEO is. Do you guys know what a key word is?”

I was like, “Oh shoot me. Oh my gosh.” I grabbed the other kid that knew what he was doing. I could tell he was bored out of his mind.

He and I, I drew up this plan and I was like, “Hey. First we’re going to bring people to a squeeze page.” This was before I knew what ClickFunnels was. I was like, “Then we’re going to shoot them over to the affiliate sales page, and if they buy we’re going to get some money from them. If not, we at least got their email address and we’ll send out emails to them to promote other products.” Really simple. That’s like marketing 101, okay?

If you never sold anything online, go to and get an affiliate buy a product, and just start sending traffic to it, and just start learning how it works. If you’ve never sold anything. That night my buddy and I, we went to a place that’s called 7Search. The number seven, 7Search.

You can buy advertising across seven different search engines in one platform. It’s not Google traffic, and it’s actually pretty cheap traffic, you know? It’s not as amazing as Google, but it’s good for testing. We would pay a tenth or even one percent of what Google would charge us for the exact same key words.

What we did is we got on there and we said, “Hey let’s go and let’s put 50 bucks towards this affiliate product on Amazon.” I can’t even … I think it was a social media thing. Some kind of social media management training software or something like that.

What was really cool about it is we put 50 bucks in and I was like, “Gosh. I wonder if this is going to work.” Like 50 dollars at the time really seemed like a ton, “Oh my gosh. This is nuts.” We woke up the next morning and there was 50 bucks in our bank account.

I freaked out, because it meant that we broke even. Now I didn’t understand it at the time because I kind of thought it was a failure. I was like, “Crap. We just made all the money back.” Seventeen people opted in. One guy went through and he bought, then he bought the up-sale. Another guy came in and bought. I mean we broke even.

It wasn’t until I was reading Russell Brunson’s book later that I realized, “Holy crap. Building a front end funnel that just breaks even and just brings you customers and opt-ins, that’s the whole goal.”

If you can do that, man you can scale to anything because it means your ad costs are covered, you know?

We were watching the show, The Prophet last night and my wife and I were like, “Hey.” We were watching these people and they were like, “Yeah my cost to acquire customer is 37 dollars. My product is 57 dollars so we’ve got to make 20 dollars in there.” My wife was like, “Wow. They did all that for 20 bucks.”

I was like, “That’s totally why Russell teaches and why I advocate and practice. You have to have a sweet product in the front in order to make all the stuff.”

With this … To bring it full circle, with these MLM funnels, it’s called the MLM Downline Recruiting Funnel. I think if you just Google that or go to the ClickFunnels marketplace, you can see what I’ve done there, if you’re interested. I’ve just created all these front ends. Now I’m not spending any money on those front ends yet, but there’s still assets, right?

I’ve got videos all over the place. I have like over 100 videos on my YouTube channel that teach marketing strategy. I probably still do, but I haven’t touched to that audience at all.

I had about 600 people in my Periscope following, and like two or three times a week I’d get on and teach and show them what I was doing. I’m like, “Hey look. I’m making 600 dollars per lead. Per lead.” That would break even.

Anyway, the whole point and the whole purpose of this is that you’ve got to push yourself if you’re not doing anything at all. Just start dumping content all over the internet. It’s free to do it. Just put it up there.

YouTube wants you to do that. That’s how they put ads on stuff. You have to … Anyways, my biggest encouragement for you guys is just start publishing. Put your name out there and just start publishing. You will find that as you do that, just kind of like how I’ve been, I’ve not done anything to develop that asset at all but I’m making almost 1,000 dollars a week right now.

It’s fantastic. I’ll text my wife and be like, “Crap. Just sold another two.” They’re 100 bucks a piece, you know? “Well, there’s another two. There’s another one. There’s another one.” I sell about one to two every single day. I mean most people don’t make more than 130 dollars a day at a job and I’m pretty much … It’s like working twice anyways. Like working two jobs but not actually being there.

Anyways, that’s the whole purpose of this and I don’t mean to keep drawing this on, but hopefully that inspires you to just go do stuff.

Stop caring so much. Just put your name out there.

You’re good enough as you are. You don’t need to be an expert. No one needs to tell you … I’m giving you permission right now, how about that? You are certified to do what you do best. There’s only one thing that you can do that other people can’t do, or not as well as you.

Just find out whatever that is, whatever your unique ability is, and just start charging people for it.

My unique ability is building. The very act of building, I’m fantastic at it. I know I am.

I don’t need to be apologetic of it, “Oh yeah. I’m sorry. I’m pretty good, I’m pretty good.” No, I’m pretty good. I’m fantastic. I’m freaking good at building. That’s my unique ability is to understand a strategy and front end funnels to pump people into someone’s business.

That’s just what I do.

Figure out what your unique ability is and just start working it. Don’t do anything else. Hire everyone else. I freelanced like crazy when I built that other funnel because I’m not amazing at images.

I know PhotoShop and Illustrator and all those things, but just find out whatever it is that you’re fantastic at and just start putting assets all over the internet.

All right guys, I will talk to you later.

If you have any success stories or something like that, please let me know. You can reach out at and that would be awesome. You can also go to

There, if you scroll down and look on the right, there’s this green button that says start recording. You can record questions to me straight off of the browser and it will email that file to me. I call it the “HeySteve!” Show.

I’ve got a few questions from you already. In fact, I need to answer another one right now, but that’s kind of my segment where I like to answer any of the questions you guys have been having about anything.

Especially if it has to do with obviously sales funnels and selling and marketing, and online business. Send me over any of your questions, and I in return just to say thank you, kind of vet the questions. If it’s a stupid question I’m probably not going to put it on the show. If it’s awesome though, I’ll email you back, find out what your address is, and send you one of my HeySteve t-shirts for free. All right guys, I’ll talk to you later.

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