SFR 138: Ed Bordi’s Incredible Story… – Stephen Larsen

SFR 138: Ed Bordi’s Incredible Story…

Apr 23rd, 2018 anchorwave


Most of us never said, “I wanna be a marketer” when we were 7. Come learn from Ed’s persistence and watch how his new business is blowing up!


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My name is Steve Larsen and welcome to Sales Funnel Radio…

Hey, how’s it going everyone. Real quick, I’ve got a really special treat for you guys here today and before I introduce our special guest I don’t know how long it was ago, maybe four, five, six months ago I was walking down the street with Russell in Vegas and we had just gone to some convention.

I don’t actually remember what it was but we were walking down the street and there was a moment where he and I were chatting and I said, “Russell, is it interesting that we have the best of the best tools that have ever been available ever?

…The best of the best training. The best of the best coaching. The best of the best of all these different things. The insights. What really does it come down to, then, to a person taking action?”

We were chatting about that and I said, “I think it has to do with just belief. Just telling stories of people who are actually doing it. Telling stories of people who have actually gone through and figured it out and gone through what looks like is kind of the mire for a little while but really is not.”

Anyways, I’m excited to have our guest on today who has done incredible things and, anyway, we were at a master mind right before Funnel Hacking live and this gentleman was here and I saw him, heard him speak, and immediately thought I’ve got to interview this gentleman.

Ed Bordi

Lot of respect for him even for just the brief amount of time that we were able to meet together. Anyways his name is Edward Bordi. Ed, how you doing man?

Ed Bordi: I’m doing great. Thanks for having me.

Steve Larsen: Awesome. Yeah, yeah. I’m glad that you’re here. Thanks for jumping on the show with us.

Ed Bordi: Of course.

Steve Larsen: You were telling this story. You were telling a little bit about your backstory and it’s what pulled me to you, to be honest. I don’t know, led me to you, and I think it’s inspiring for other people to hear.

…Do you mind sharing a little bit about your backstory and how you got into this whole internet entrepreneurship game?

Ed Bordi: Yeah, no, sure. Actually, it was about 10 years ago when I just stumbled into it really. I was working in a corporate environment, had a 9 to 5 job and my career goals for a long time, back then, were to climb the corporate ladder.

I had planned on becoming an executive in the company I was in and that’s the path I was taking. My company had paid for me to go back to school and get my masters. I did some study at Wharton Business School.

I studied marketing and I was taking that path and in the middle of that process I had a situation happen at home.

My wife had, she had become ill. She had develop a chronic illness that had made her bedridden. Probably 80% of her day was stuck in bed and that put a monkey wrench in our whole life, really. My plans were the least of my worries as the point, it was just at that time just taking care of my family and I had babies at the time…

I had a like a five year old and a newborn when this happened. I put my career on hold and just was focusing on taking care of my family. I really wanted to do something more and especially now because of the situation that I had in my life.

I wanted to have more freedom because I ended up having to work from home full time to take care of my wife, plus do a full time job. I was always thinking, I really wanted to be able to, if I could, have my own business.

Maybe work from home, not have somebody else dictate my time and my hours and all that so I was always thinking about what I could do and I really had no idea at the time what internet marketing was or being able to have my own business for working from home.

I just had no idea…

I heard this ad on the radio. It was, I’ll never forget it, I mean I can literally hear the guys voice right now. His name was Andy Willoughby and he had this program called the Three Step Plan. I listened to him every single day as my morning routine.

…You know, “Hey, this is Andy Willoughby and how in the world are you?” Anyway, that was the way he started his radio pitch and then he went off and he talked about … Yeah. It was just, it was catchy and it was all about working from home.

Heard Andy Willoughby on the Radio
I think months probably passed, I heard this radio ad over and over again and I just called him up one day. I’m like, “What is this all about?” It was no details, it was just, “Make money working from home, Andy Wilabee’s three step plan.” I called the number and a gentleman called me back.

…A guy by the name of Brian McCoy who ended up becoming a very good friend of mine and who is actually, today, probably one of the top money earners in one of the biggest companies in the direct selling industry today.

I think he’s the number one earner in one of those companies today. I haven’t talked to him in a couple years but anyway, Brian McCoy was an amazing guy. He ended up becoming a mentor of mine and I worked with him in the direct selling industry.

That’s where I started but that was really me learning, it was a network marketing business and I learned selling, I learned talking with people on the phone and doing all those sort of things and I actually struggled for quite a long time with that business.

I don’t think I actually made any money with it for probably six months or more.

Then, this is when I learned about internet marketing. Up until then I was just working with the network marketing and just cold calling people, generating buying leads. Calling them up, trying to sell them my product. I was struggling with that.

I wasn’t really getting anywhere. I was learning how to do sales and call calls and I was getting better but I really wasn’t doing well, and then one of the people. I was making progress. I think I had a few people on my down line at the time and one of the people in my down line came across this book by a guy named Mike Dillard.

I remember telling him, “That’s not going to help you in your business. Don’t worry about that, just ignore that. Just keep doing what we’re supposed to do. Keeping having cold call line and doing all this stuff.”

Then, I picked it up…

He gave it to me and I read it one day. I was intrigued. It was all about generating your own leads and creating a business of your own. Your own identity. Branding yourself and not somebody else and I really liked the idea and I just dove into that and I had some success pretty quickly, actually.

Creating your own brand identity
Just little bit of background on me. My background is technology. My job was in the IT.

I was a software developer, so for years I would develop systems.

…Yeah, so one of my software jobs early on, I developed an application that was a direct competitor to visual basic, so it’s pretty cool stuff I was developing as a software developer.

Steve Larsen: That’s amazing.

Ed Bordi: Yeah, and so I decided to build an online website to capture leads to generate for myself and Mike Dillard talked about this. I built a website, I wrote the code and I just literally typed in the HTML in my editor and did some code and some developing. Launched a website.

Steve Larsen: That’s awesome, wow.

Ed Bordi: Yeah, it was a simple squeeze page. It was the first one I ever did. It looked just like Mike Dillard’s example in his book and I started getting leads. People started to literally call me up and I was like, “Wow, this really works.”

I was spending 100s of dollars on these leads that had no idea who I was, what I was selling and all of the sudden I created leads on my own and they were calling me up and I was … They were qualified better because they knew who I was ahead of time and what my opportunity was.

That’s how I got started and I tweaked it, and I learned it, and I ended up building … I built a sales funnel is what I built. It was like a simple page. It was a squeeze page that linked to an A web or email autoresponder and I had a 10 day email sequence that I wrote and I just followed up with them, and they called me.

It was literally … And I had a thank you page. It was a two step funnel. Squeeze page to a thank you page and email sold Mike’s book. The offer was sell his book as an affiliate.

Then I called them up after they bought the book and I would sign them up into my program and I ended up doing pretty good with that. That’s how I got into the internet marketing and, at that point, after I got good at that I totally just reinvented my business.

I was still doing network marketing but I didn’t do the whole having meetings at my house and cold calling people. I was just using this as something I had learned.

Steve Larsen: That’s amazing, first of all. You go through, you hear the ad, you see the model, you do the model and actually build out the squeeze page itself. Build out thank you page. What was that doing for you personally at that time, I guess?

Ed Bordi: As soon as I got my first lead I couldn’t believe it. I wasn’t making any money at all at that point, but I just saw that it was working and the fact that I saw that it worked. That I could put something up there, somebody would respond to it and buy without me ever talking to them at all.

I mean, that totally blew my mind. I couldn’t believe that, that actually was possible…

Steve Larsen: So cool, wasn’t it?

Ed Bordi: Yeah. I literally was so excited I became obsessed with it. I was like, “If I was able to do this. Even just like this tiny little success that I had. If I really got good at this, what could happen?” I just knew the possibilities were endless and that’s what I did. I ended up just really diving into study.

I mean, I ended up buying stuff from other people. Perry Marshal taught a Google AdWorks course. I bought all his stuff. I learned about Dan Kennedy and I started buying a lot of his stuff.

Steve Larsen: Nice.

Ed Bordi: Everything that Mike Dillard put out, I literally bought every one of his courses and devoured them and implemented them and I ended up doing really well. It was probably six months after that. After I started studying I managed a good business at that point.

Making money online

I was actually making money now. I was probably making close to 1,000 dollars a month at that point. My business, which was really good, especially when I was in the negative before I hadn’t earned all this stuff.

Then, what really changed my business back then was Dan Kennedy talked about, and Mike Dillard too, this idea of magnetic marketing.

It really, it’s just attraction marketing where instead of pushing your message out to the world and just hunting down leads is you create a persona for yourself and people are literally attracted to you and you don’t have to do as much work going out and hunting down people to be customers.

They just come find you because you’ve created this authority … You’ve elevated yourself to somebody who is in authority.

I just, I liked that idea and I wrote a book and it was based on my six months of the success that I had at the time and because I was a software developer I built a replicable system. It was like an affiliate marketing system, basically. People could download.

It was a free download…

They could download my book for free, which was my front end offer and then they would get free access to my system and then in the system they would basically get a complete funnel built out for them with all their information just built into it. They could just promote that.

…I built that whole system and I ended up doing my own … Now they have this dream 100 idea. Back then I learned the idea, it was called sneezers. Seth Goaden wrote about it.

Steve Larsen: Yeah, yeah. I know about sneezers. Seth Goaden’s the man.

Ed Bordi: Seth Goaden called those people sneezers and those are people who are really highly influential people in your market who, if you can get them to buy into your product then they’ll do all the work of promoting it for you and then you just need to work on dealing with them.

Same idea as the dream 100. I did that, I got all the people in my upline who had a lot of influence and could start promoting my book and my system. I literally, once I did … I think I had 1,000 downloads in one night.

I, literally, this was just a couple months after I still was struggling. I just, literally my head was spinning at the time and I was just still figuring things out. Nothing was, I mean the system was a little bit buggy and nothing was perfect but I was just working through it.

Learning and making progress. I just got to experience all those things and it was just a lot. I remember just enjoying every minute of it and I was hooked.

I was just hooked on it…

The great thing is, I was able to, I studied really hard and I implemented and the thing that worked is I studied really hard and I implemented what I learned right away. I think that was the reason that I had success. I didn’t just sit on ideas. I put what I learned into action immediately and it’s surprising. If you do that, you can get results.

Steve Larsen: Yeah. You actually do with your are learning for sure. What kind of stumbling blocks did you hit along the way, though? I mean, that sounds, that’s amazing and someone who’s listening to this might think like, “Oh, man. I could just put the stuff together and it’ll work.”

Ed Bordi: Yeah.

Steve Larsen: Certainly it can but what did you hit along the way?

Ed Bordi: Yeah, no. Seriously I hit a lot of stumbling blocks. First of all, those are the successes.

Steve Larsen: Sure.

Ed Bordi: The issues that I had along the way were when I first built my website, my first version of it, it looked terrible and I don’t think anybody … I think I spent 100s of dollars on Google AdWorks and I don’t think I got anybody to opt in.

It’s just a process of learning and testing

and tweaking and then going over and over again. It’s a very frustrating process but because I stuck to it and I just didn’t give up. I think that was they key, why I had success.

I just did not give up

I just didn’t give up…

I knew it worked, I’ve seen other people do it and make it work and I was just going to make as many iterations and as many tests as I could until it worked.

I probably went through, easily, 20 or 30 different versions of a squeeze page or a funnel at the time before I got one that worked.

I mean, that’s, I mean literally … That was 10 years ago before there was anything like ClickFunnels. This was me, literally, building them out. It would take me two days to write one of these.

Steve Larsen: Just for one page?

Ed Bordi: Just for one page, to build it out, to make sure it’s all working and tested and then get it up and running. Then it would just totally flop and then I like, “Okay,” then I would throw that out and then I would just start over again. That was definitely one of the big stumbling blocks for me.

Steve Larsen: I mean, how much time, I guess, since you started that to the time when it all started clicking?

Ed Bordi: Yeah, I think I just learned about it and I just started putting things into action. I had a couple wins right away but I think they were just lucky things. Like I was leveraging Mike Dillard’s systems so it was an established proven system at the time. When I was doing that, that was easy…

Easier, excuse me. It wasn’t easy because I had to learn how to do the AdWords. You had to … It’s not just the technology part too, and understanding the steps. It’s all the stuff that the supporting systems and processes and steps that you need to do.

To have a successful squeeze page it’s not just putting up some HTML, it’s understanding who your customer is. It’s really understanding the psychology of the person who’s looking at your page. It’s having the skill set to know what to put on the page.

What’s the copywriting supposed to look like? What’s the headline supposed to say? That, it wasn’t just the technical piece of it and the steps. Squeeze page to a thank you page and some emails.

It was understanding who the customer is and knowing how to word your emails and how to word your headline and that was a lot of study too.

I mean, I was literally devouring books. I was reading a couple books a week, probably, and I was reading them cover to cover and then I would go back and reread them. I remember, I was really into Dan Kennedy at the time and Mike Dillard, and a couple other copywriters.

I would literally take Mike Dillard’s sales letter and I would read through it, every word, and then I would take it out and I would literally write it. Rewrite his sales letter just to internalize the process and I did that.

I would rewrite the best sales letters that I could find. I would do that over, and over, and over again and I think that was one of the biggest things that helped me because the technology piece. You know, anybody can just throw up a website or hire someone to throw up a website.

It was really understanding the psychology and the copywriting is really what helped me get better and I struggle with that. All those first 20 versions I was telling you about. It wasn’t just necessarily the page, it was the message wasn’t probably right was the issue. That was something that took quite a while to figure out.

I’m even today, 10 years later, I’m still trying to refine my ability to deliver the right message. It’s a process and that was the part that was the hardest. I struggled with getting leads initially because of the process of figuring out the right messaging.

Steve Larsen: That’s fascinating that … I wish more people do what you just said that you did. I just want to point this out to everyone who’s listening because right now behind me I’ve got sales copy literally printed out across my floor that I laid in a row. I’m marking it up and I’m going all over the place.

…Some of the first sales copy I ever learned how to actually write I, by hand, transcribed it and rewrote it and reread it and did it in front of the mirror. I loved that approach to it. There’s no other way, in my mind, it’s one of the fastest ways to shortcut process of learning this stuff.

Ed Bordi: I agree with you. I mean, I think that may be, people have asked me why I’ve been able to have some success with selling and with the writing and the copy that I’ve done and I think it’s probably because of that. As I said, I really, I followed a lot of different copywriters and one of the things that I picked up early on was this whole idea of swiped copy.

I have a massive swipe file. I have boxes and boxes of literally junk mail and sales letters that I’ve printed out and advertisements that I’ve grabbed off the internet and I’ve printed them out.

Whenever I’m writing anything, I dig through my swipe copy and I find something that’s similar or relevant and I take good ideas and I mix different pieces of that version and that person together and that’s how I end up writing most of my copy but it’s a process, and it really helps you internalize what works.

Steve Larsen: Absolutely. Ed, could you tell us what you’re doing right now? What is that’s taking your time now, business wise?

Ed Bordi: Yeah. Right now I am growing my business three different ways. Well, first of all, I should say I still have a full time day job. Although I don’t probably need to keep it, if I didn’t want to, I’m making enough from my side business right now to quit my job but I’m keeping it mainly.

Well there’s a couple reasons…

First reason is, it’s a good story because the people that I’m trying to help probably already have some side of an existing career or a 9 to 5 themselves and I wanted to be able to show them that you can do this.

Look, I’m still doing it. I have a full time day job and I was able to double my income on the side.

Steve Larsen: Yes, so for that.

Ed Bordi: Yeah, and I can do it then you can do it. Not only do I have a full time day job, but I’m still the full time caregiver for my wife. I still have two kids. I do all the cooking and the cleaning and the shopping and the running the kids back and forth, and I run a side business at the same time.

Cooking, Cleaning, and run my business

That’s currently what’s on my plate and my business is this. I have a marketing agency and some of the services I do for my marketing agency are if companies are startups, they have this idea but they don’t know how to develop that idea into a real business.

I will help them write a business plan and then put that, crystallize their ideas and put it into a clear plan and a strategy to implement. A lot of times, companies that I work with or the people that I work with, they want to launch a brick and mortar business.

Not always, sometimes they want to have an information business or an internet business too. If they want to open a brick and mortar business, I have from when I went to school 10 years ago, I learned how to develop business plans and actually get funding from different places.

One of my recent customers I helped them, I wrote a business plan for them and we secured one and a half million dollars to launch a business for them.

Steve Larsen: Wow, congrats.

Ed Bordi: Yeah. That was one of the services I had and then once I launched, I helped … They developed this relationship with me, I helped them get their funding and now they had the money to start their business and they naturally wanted to hire me because we built this relationship and they know me, and the like me, and they trust me.

What I’ll do, is for that business and for other customers, if I get them funding the next step is to hire me to actually do your marketing for you.

My marketing agency is like a full done for you type services. I will do everything for them and there’s various services from figuring out, getting their websites up and running and redefining their sales processes, and making sure that they have the right messaging and whatever it may be.

That’s what I’m doing right now. I have two customers and both of them are brick and mortar businesses where I help them write their business plan, get funding, and launch their businesses and they hired me to do their marketing for them.

I also have a growing coaching business. If somebody wants to, they have their own business but they don’t … They want to do it themselves, they can hire me to help coach them through the process. That is another part of my business that I have as well and I’m mainly focusing on, I’ll help anybody…

Any kind of a business that needs help, but I’ve been focusing on people who are just transitioning from an idea to a business. Mainly startups is who I’m focusing on helping.

Steve Larsen: Right, sure, sure. Now, I know hindsight is 20/20. We always say we could go into the future and look backwards a little bit. Just you’ve obviously going at this for quite some time and then all of a sudden it hit and things are happening and things are starting to fall in place.

You’ve got the cash flow coming in and what road blocks, when you look backwards, what road blocks do you see that you realize, “Oh man I totally could’ve side-stepped that?”

Ed Bordi: Absolutely.

Steve Larsen: You know what I mean? What might some of those be if you were advising someone else?

Ed Bordi: Well, I went from how I started to where I am now, but there was a whole middle area there where I had a lot of struggles. I mean, I literally, when I first started out and I told you my story. How I was having all that success?

Steve Larsen: Right.

Ed Bordi: There was a point, back then, where it became so overwhelming that I didn’t know how to handle it and I literally just dissolved my entire business. I just couldn’t do it. It was way too much on me because I had the job and I had babies, and I had to take care of my wife.

It was just, I literally was just completely overwhelmed…

Overwhelmed doing everything myself

I was doing everything myself. I was building websites, I was getting customers. I was coaching customers. I was creating products, I was writing books. I mean, I was doing everything.

Plus, I had a full time day job, I was raising a family. I think that was a major … I just was not handling, just the operations of my own business properly. I didn’t know how to just get help.

I didn’t know how to outsource. I didn’t know how to be efficient with just the things I do from day to day. I really, really struggled with that and it destroyed my business. I literally went from having a very successful business years ago, to just giving it all up and making nothing.

I went back to just doing … I said, “I just can’t take it anymore.” I dropped it all and I just went back and did just a regular full time day job. I think the main reason was I tried to do everything myself and I didn’t look for help. I didn’t outsource any of the work. I didn’t have a coach to tell me what I was doing wrong or help me course correct if I needed it.

I was just inefficient with my time and I had a lot of fear in me that I was afraid that because I had so much on my plate that I was not only going to disappoint my customers, that I was going to just … It was just going to be too hard on my family as well.

I just had all these worries and fears and it just became too much so those are some of the things that … Those are some of the reasons that I stopped before and I decided recently. In fact, by the way the success that I’m having right now with my business. The coaching clients that I have and the marketing clients that I just told you about.

Steve Larsen: Yeah.

Ed Bordi: All this happened within the last few months.

Steve Larsen: That’s great.

Ed Bordi: I did not even have a business until October. October 31st.

Steve Larsen: That’s awesome. That’s how fast it can happen.

Ed Bordi: I literally just decided that and there was a lot of stuff that happened in between but I always wanted to do something but I wasn’t quite ready yet. I just decided that if I was going to do it, I needed to fix the few things that I just told you about, that I did before wrong.

Steve Larsen: Right.

Ed Bordi: I needed to make sure that I had a way to do it without completely getting overwhelmed. That I had, I learned how to be more efficient over the years or some other things that I did to help with that. I started to reach out to my network. One of the things, actually, I think that helped me more than anything was just making sure that I was around people that thought like I thought.

Steve Larsen: Yeah.

Ed Bordi: People like yourself, Stephen, and just other entrepreneurs who have a positive attitude and do what the right thing is and are not the people who want to blame other people for their failures or mistakes. But they’re really just, they take accountability for what they do and they’re positive.

Accountability Take Responsibility

Those are the things I needed to make changes with and once I figured out how to fix those things, then I was able to … Decided that I was ready to start up again.

I will say, today, that not much has changed in my family.

My wife is still sick. I still have a full time day job and my business, today, is bigger than it ever was and I don’t have any stress. I won’t say that completely. There’s always a certain amount of stress … but I will say that it’s not … The troubles and the worries that I had before, I’m not really dealing with them now.

I’m feeling happy and confident and I have clarity in my business and I’m not overwhelmed because I do have help.
I’m outsourcing things that are not things that I, necessarily, have to do.

Steve Larsen: Is that what the difference is when you say happy/confident? Is that the big difference? The outsourcing part?

Ed Bordi: I think it’s just the difference is, I made sure I surrounded myself with a network of people who are already where I want to be. I hired a coach to help me. I made sure that I had outsourcing in place and I started surrounding myself with people like myself.

Where in the past it was just all the people that I was surrounding with, maybe people in my family, or friends around me that just didn’t understand why I was working that hard and doing that. I can’t blame people. Not everybody has the same ideas and vision that I have, but if those are the only things you hear, sometimes you start to believe that maybe it is too much and maybe you shouldn’t be doing those things.

I made sure that I had the right people around me this time…

Steve Larsen: Right, right. That’s so key and for such a long time I wasn’t quite sure if that was … I didn’t know if that was fluff or if that was real, either. It’s so funny, I’ve experienced the exact same thing you’re talking about.

Where you jump out, you do stuff on your own, and then you turn back around and you realize you’re either sinking or you can’t handle it all, or there’s … And, man, proximity of power. Getting close to those people who are the coaches, who are the right networks, who are … There is so much to that.

Ed Bordi: I would actually say that, that may be the one thing above all other things that I changed, that helped. It’s just knowing that you have somebody to lean on if there’s a question or a problem.

Steve Larsen: Right.

Ed Bordi: Sometimes no matter how sure you are and confident in yourself, it’s always nice to bounce ideas off of somebody else. It gives you that extra bit of confidence and belief. I think that was one of the biggest things for me, for sure.

Steve Larsen: It’s so huge. Well, Ed, what are you hoping to get done in the next three, six months? Where are you hoping to take it?

Ed Bordi: I am hoping to, I doubled my income in the last couple months.

Steve Larsen: Woo hoo.

Ed Bordi: I’m looking to double it again in the next six months, at least. I have a plan to get there and I’m actually very confident that it can happen. I have the systems in place. I have the people in place to help me scale to that level.

To me, at this point, it’s just a matter of doing the work and because I really enjoy helping people. I mean, I literally, one of the things that I love to do. I love the systems and I’m a technology guy. I can get so excited about building funnels and software and stuff.

Steve Larsen: Yeah, you’re right at home.

Ed Bordi: Yeah, I love that stuff. As great as all that is, there’s nothing like helping somebody change their life. I mean, it’s literally, it’s an unbelievable feeling of somebody really wants to make a change in their life and if you’re able to help them get there, that’s pretty neat.

Helping people change their life

…That’s what I’m excited about doing and that’s my goal over the next few months. I’ll probably keep my job.

I don’t have any plans on getting rid of it, but if at some point this year things progress the way I hope then I guess I’ll see about that but right now I don’t have plans of quitting my job.

Steve Larsen: Yeah. That’s not an end that I usually rush to.

Ed Bordi: Yeah.

Steve Larsen: Make sure that it’s going for a while. Yeah, totally.

Ed Bordi: Yeah, I want to make sure … To me, it just makes a lot of sense that if I could build my side business. Instead of just taking all that money and buying all kinds of fun toys. I have a family and I have a home, maybe I’ll pay off my mortgage. Maybe I’ll put a bunch of money away.

…Maybe I’ll pour a lot of it into my business to help my business grow even faster. If I have a job, I have some of those options available to me. If I don’t, then I’m maybe putting myself back in some of those stressful scenarios that I was talking about before. I’m not in a rush just yet. I’m just leaving that open as an option.

Steve Larsen: Sure, sure. Absolutely. Ed, I want to thank you for your time here. Where could people reach out to you or find out more about you, learn from you?

Ed Bordi: I have a website. It’s and on my website and on my website you can see all the different things that I’m doing. I can help people with business plans or I can, if they need coaching I can help them with coaching. I also, I am available to speak and whatever.

If somebody needs help with their business in various ways they can learn about those things on my website. I also have a URL, it’s called startup and you can get there from my main website too.

That’s my coaching program for startup companies…

Steve Larsen: It cut out for a second there. What was that? It was startup what?

Ed Bordi:

Steve Larsen: Success path. I’m just writing it all down. Okay.

Ed Bordi: Yeah, and that’s where you can learn more about how to start working with me if you want to join my coaching program.

Steve Larsen: Awesome. Sorry, go ahead.

Ed Bordi: Yeah, so those are the two ways right now that you can get a hold of me and basically what I’m doing right now is trying to find people who are just not sure where they want to be with their business or they know where they want to be and the don’t quite know how to get there. They can either hire me to help you to do the work for you, or just come alongside of you and be a coach.

Steve Larsen: Awesome, awesome. Well, hey thank you so much. I appreciate your time here and just going for it and staying with it. That’s really, when it comes down to it, just firing a lot of times. Eventually something starts to stick and I think at the crux of it, that’s just really nice to hear and see others doing that.

Thank you so much for your time, for your inspiration as well here and appreciate it.

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