SFR 136: Myron Golden Shares The Laws Of Wealth… – Stephen Larsen

SFR 136: Myron Golden Shares The Laws Of Wealth…

Apr 19th, 2018 anchorwave

I have the most incredible respect for Myron. Come learn some of the laws of wealth from his gift of clarity… ClickFunnels

What’s going on everyone? This is Steve Larsen and you’re listening to Sales Funnel Radio. I have a very special episode for you today. I’m going to be interviewing and going and through and chatting with one of my favorite people in this planet. His name is Myron Golden.

There’s a lot of voices out there, there’s a lot of people out there that tell you to do this or tell you to do that. I’m not calling them out but every once in a while some not done this, they’re not walking with their talking. They haven’t actually been down the path.

Myron Golden

Myron is one of those people that I have come to not just know and like and become friends with but I trust him, I trust what he says, I trust what he’s saying because I know that he’s been down that path. I learn so much from him every time he speaks, very excited to have him on the show here.

I would take notes during this episode. I would do during all my episodes but specifically this one. You’re going to learn a lot about different, not just formulas but the personal attributes and formulas and steps of the process somebody goes through as they start to learn this whole game.

As I’ve mentioned before, a lot of it has to do with personal development that’s tailored directly to you. That’s what you’re going to find out as you listen to this episode. He’s going to go through and dive in and do also a bit of a recap of what he spoke about at this last Funnel Hacking Live. Very honored to have him on the show to be honest.

He is a published author…

He’s spoken for years. He’s helped a lot of people gain their goals. He started out as a trash man. He has made millions of dollars now, very fascinating to watch the process and watch what he’s done and his attitude towards that kind of learning, towards that kind of process.

Very fascinating, please take notes, you guys are in for a special treat. Just stick around if you want to, decided to toss in some of the conversation that he and I had before we were actually officially making the episode together, a fun conversation will be afterwards, after the very last little outro piece…

I spent the last four years learning from the most brilliant marketers today…

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How’s it going everyone? I am very excited. You have a very special treat today. Whatever you’re doing, stop.

If you’re driving somewhere, pull over, take out a pen and paper, everything that you’re about to hear it can be life-changing to you, certainly has been as I’ve learned from them. We have a very special guest on today who has blessed my life immensely.

In fact, he just barely spoke at Funnel Hacking Live. I went home immediately and I started teaching my wife and my friends and family all the things that I heard from this man.

I have learned incredible things from him. I have immense respect for everything that he does. Every time he speaks I feel like there’s just gold that just falls on the floor and I run to pick it up. Anyway, I am very, very excited for the guest today. I want to welcome Myron Golden. How are you doing Myron?

Myron Golden: I am excellent as always, Steve, and better now that I’m talking to you. Thank you for all those kind words by the way.

Steve Larsen: Absolutely. I remember the first time that we chatted really face to face. I’ve seen you in Russell’s inner circle around the ClickFunnels office, places like that. It was after a Funnel Hackathon event, one of those 3-day Death Marches.

Myron Golden: Intense, intense.

Steve Larsen: Yeah, intense, right? You walked up to me and you said something to me that I actually wrote on my wall and I’m looking at it right now.

Myron Golden: Can’t imagine. Hope it was something good.

Steve Larsen: Yeah, it was really good. It totally helped. Anyway, I have a wall full of quotes and you’re on my quote wall. You said, “What makes you you is the ability to see things others can’t.”

…You said that and I wrote it on my wall, and I look at that a lot. It has made me look for more connections, it’s made me look for more things. I really believe that it’s brought me in places that I may not otherwise have been in. I just want to, anyway, thank you for that.

Myron Golden: Wow! Absolutely my pleasure, bro. I call it like I see it. I just say it.

Steve Larsen: I love it, I love it. You have a lot of … you have a book, “From the Trash Man to the Cash Man”, in ways that anyone can become profitable. Really, you obsess this expertise about how the laws of how money work. Could you tell us a little bit of your backstory and how you got into that? It’s an area, it’s not something you learn that from school. It’s not like you … you know what I mean?

…You obviously have this obsession about this topic and it’s impressive.

Myron Golden: You know what I learned from school? I learned to hate school. Anyway, that’s all another conversation. I was a trash man, I wrote the book long time after that, but I was a trash man. I was making $6.25 an hour. It’s the first job that I got after I got married.

…I can remember saying to my young wife, who I love more than life itself, and I can remember saying to her, if we can just make $300 a week, if I can just make $300 a week with overtime from this job, we’re going to be okay. That was my vision.

When I think about that now, $300 a week, that’s where my head was. I drove a trash truck during the day but I had a business at night. I had a part time business at night where I sold insurance and investments. I say, I shouldn’t say I sold insurance and investments, I should say I sold that insurance and investments.

…When I got started Steven, I was probably the worst salesman in world history. If there was a Guinness Book of World Records for a salesperson who could be in sales the longest without making a sale, I probably would have gotten that award and it would probably last until this day. That’s how … it took me literally that long to make my first sale.

Knocked Door to door made first sale

Steve Larsen: Looking at you now, that’s hard to believe.

Myron Golden: I know. Even when I think about it, and the beauty of that is … let me just tell you. I got started in the insurance business, the financial services business in October of 1985. You pro weren’t even born yet, October 1985.

Steve Larsen: I was not.

Myron Golden: Right. This is way before that. October of 1985, I did not make my first sale until April of 1987. I was working, I was doing presentation, I was talking to people, I was talking to friends, I was doing presentation to the family, I was doing presentation with strangers, I’d knock on people’s doors, I’d talk to people I meet, and it literally took me 18 months to make my first sale and my first check was $125.66.

If you take … you have to note that if you take $125.66 and you divide it by 18, that’s not very much a month. Quite less than [inaudible [spp-timestamp time="00:07:39"] a month. I was horrible.

…You say, “Well”, you look at me now and not know that. Here’s the beauty of that whole thing. I’m really good at sales now. I’ve made millions of dollars in sales. I’ve done millions of dollars in sales from the stage in less than an hour. I’m good at selling but I wasn’t always good, and that should give everybody hope.

…This is Sales Funnel Radio. You don’t have to be good to get started in sales but you have to get started to get good. I got started but getting started is not enough.
The second thing you got to do to get good in sales, you got to lash through the learning curve. For me, the learning curve was 18 months.

Most people think that selling is a talent…

People who can sell are people who have a gift of gab and they’re good at talking. I’ve discovered that people who are good at sales are people who have the gift of listening and people who are good at shutting up.

…Anyway, if you’re not good at sales and you’re listening to this right now, don’t think that it’s hopeless for you. That just means that when you get there, you’ll understand what you’re doing better than the average person who had just came easy for.

Steve Larsen: Yeah, that’s true. Absolutely. What did you do to lash through that learning curve like you said? That’s an interesting way to put that.

Myron Golden: How did I lash through the learning curve? I was basically optionless. I think one of the reason people fail is because they have too many choices. I didn’t have any other choice.

…Steven, you know me so you know I walk with a limp, I’ve got a brace on my leg. I had polio as an infant. I’m a very athletic individual, I’m a black belter in martial Arts, I’m a single-digit handicapped golfer, but there were no sports teams trying to recruit me in my 20s.

It wasn’t like I was going to go and get recruited by a professional football team or a professional basketball, or a professional baseball team. That wasn’t going to happen.

I didn’t have a college degree so as far as jobs were concerned, manual labor was basically was left. I couldn’t lift things and carry them a long way so that was out. It was … if I desire to be wealthy, I desire to build a life worth living for my family but I’ve got to make this work. I don’t have any other choice.

…The only people that I knew in the world that were making, this is back at the 80s now, that we’re making $10,000 a month where people who are in that business. In my mind, the only hope I ever had to get to $10,000 a month or $100,000 a year was to last and get good at this thing that other people had gotten good at. The fact that other people had gotten good at it, let me know that I could get good at it as well.

Steve Larsen: That’s amazing. It’s optionless. I think the back against the wall mentality, got to get plata o plomo just like girls was talking about, looking at other model, you’re modeling other people, you talked a lot about … there was something that you said right at the beginning of Funnel Hacking Live.

Your speech is just amazing. You said, I wrote it down as fast I can, looking at your page of notes that I took from your speech right now. You said, “Some of you are not willing to be bad at something long enough to get good at it. I stayed in the game long enough to learn the game.” It just exploded my head when you said that.

Myron Golden: Yup. I really didn’t have a choice. I am a very determined person. That’s not the word my parents used or my brothers. They called me stubborn. I like the word determined better. I can remember going to work with my dad when I was a kid.

We might be working on a car or something maybe and a bolt that stuck and it won’t come out. I said, “Wow dad, it won’t come out.” He said, “Oh it’s going to come out, it didn’t have a choice. It didn’t have a brain, we have a brain, it has to come out.” I was like, “Wow! It doesn’t have a choice. Okay.” When I look at learning how to sell I look at, get it, becoming good at business.

…Business is not going to be one of those things that’s going to evade me. It doesn’t have a choice. I have a brain, it doesn’t have a brain, this is something I can learn, I’m going to learn.

Steve Larsen: Where did you turn to? I think one of the things that people run into … I’ve got this desire. I get a lot of people reach out to me asking thing actually. Steven, I want to go get this done. I really want to learn this funnel game. I really want to be wealthy.

…I really want to learn these pieces. There is so much noise. There’s places all over. We could get distracted with the next book, the next CD, whatever, the next guru, the next thing. How did you figure out what to learn?

Myron Golden: I didn’t figure out what to learn. That’s the reality of it. I literally learned everything I could from everywhere I could. We’re talking about the 80s, there was no Internet. There was an Internet for the government but there was no Internet for the rest of us. There was no Internet, there was no YouTube, there was no Facebook, there were no webinars, there was none of that stuff. On the weekends, I would go to seminars, at least one seminar a month, I would go to one seminar a month.

…Every week they had trainings at our office. I went to all the trainings. I was bad at selling so guess what I did. Watch this. I was broke and I was bad at selling so guess what I did. I went to the library. Remember those things they used to have, the buildings with all the books in them?

I went to the Library

Steve Larsen: Yeah, I’ve heard of them.

Myron Golden: I went to the library and I said, “okay, I’m going to find a book on selling.” Guess what book I found. Tom Hopkins, “How To Master The Art Of Selling Anything”.

Steve Larsen: That sounds like the exact answer.

Myron Golden: Exactly. I started reading that book. There are three things that I got from Tom Hopkins book in the forefront of my mind even to this very day. They were something that I put a lot of conscious effort into and now they’ve become subconscious parts of me.

One, he had this thing called STP20. This is old school now. He said, “The key to success in sales see 20 people, STP, see 20 people belly to belly every day and you will be successful in sales. See 20 people. I said, “Okay. Well, I can see 20 people.” Guess what. It all starts with seeing that first one. That’s the first thing I got from Tom Hopkins, see 20 people.

…What would that translate into in Internet jargon? How about this? Generate 20 leads a day. Generate 20 leads a day that’s 600 leads a month. 600 leads a month x 12 months, that’s 7,200 lead a year. In two years, you’ve got 14,400 leads. Every lead on your list is worth at low end a dollar a month for you. You want to make $15,000 a month or $14,000 a month, generate 20 leads a day. It translates, it’s just a little different. The second thing that I got from him was there’s pain in change until the benefits of that change appear.

Steve Larsen: Interesting.

Myron Golden: There’s pain in change. In other words, if I’m going to change from being who I am to being some … from being the Myron who can’t sell to being the Myron who can sell, it’s going to be painful.

Steve Larsen: What happens after you got-

Myron Golden: It’s always going to be painful until I get good at it. There’s pain in change until the benefits of that change appear.

Steve Larsen: I imagine that.

Myron Golden: You’re going to say what?

Steve Larsen: I’m sorry, I was going to say what happened after you got that first $125.66 check.

Myron Golden: It was like a floodgate opened. It was like, “Oh! I got this.” Then I became the top salesperson in our office like month after month after month after month because I got one.

…A lot of people don’t realize there are things that you can only learn about doing the thing by doing the thing. People want to learn how to do a webinar by watching Russell’s perfect webinar. There are things you can learn from Russell’s Perfect Webinar, no doubt, we all have, but there are things that you will only learn about doing a webinar by doing a webinar, which is why people ignore it.

…He says, Russell says, “Do your webinar 100 times before you turn it into an automated webinar.” We want easy streak. Here’s the problem, Steven, how I perceive the problem to be. People want to have wealth. People want to have things without doing the things that give them the right to have them. People are frustrated because they can’t do a thing but they haven’t become the person who can do them.

Here’s how God set it up in the beginning. Some people may not believe the Bible, that’s okay, I’m going to say this anyway because I believe it since you’re all listening to me.

Steve Larsen: We’re good. They know, me too.

Myron Golden: Here’s how God set it up. The very first thing that God ever said to a human being, to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, the first thing he ever said to them, I call it the first command which came a thousand years before the Ten Commandments. Here’s what he said, “Be, do, have.”

…I’m going to give you the whole thing he said but I just want you to get the essence of it. Be, do have, here’s what that means. That means, “Don’t be can’t do, don’t do can’t have.”

Some people say, “Where did God say Be, do, have?” I forgot “made man”. Here’s what he said, “Be fruitful and multiply.” Fruitfulness is something that you’ve become. Be fruitful. He said, “Multiply”. Multiply is not a be, it’s a do. Be fruitful and do multiply. He didn’t say “do multiply”, just the multiple but the do is…

Multiply and replenish the Earth
Be fruitful, multiply, that’s a do. Replenish the Earth, that’s a do. Subdue the Earth, that’s a do…

Then, have dominion over the works of my hands. If you don’t become fruitful, if you won’t be fruitful, you can’t do multiply, do subdue or do replenish. If you don’t do subdue and multiply and replenish, you can’t have dominion.

Be, do, have, that’s the formula. Stop trying to have success without doing things successful people do. Stop attempting to do things successful people do without becoming a successful person. If you will focus more on becoming the person you should be, everything else will fall into place.

Anyway, that’s my rant…

Steve Larsen: I love the rant. I don’t want to stop you. This is awesome. I think that’s a … there’s a little phrase I’ve been saying. It’s interesting people want to … they want to enjoy progression but have a hard time enjoying the process of progression…

There’s this process that you have to go through. I remember when it clicked for me as well. It’s fascinating that you said that. I was like, “Wait a second. The first taste of success suddenly all these ceilings got a lot higher and breaking. I was like, “Whoa! Look at everything we go do and create. Pretty amazing.”

One of the things that I ran home and taught my wife from your … from Funnel Hacking Live, from what you taught was this whole concept of these four levels of money, oh my goodness.

I went nuts when I saw that…

I wrote down everything I could, I was writing as fast as you were talking and getting all these pieces together. Do you mind teaching that here? I’ve put it on the spot but that was life-changing.

Myron Golden: I’m here already so whatever you want me to do, I’m all in. I talk about the fours levels of value. Here’s what it boils down to. A lot of people would go through life whining about the fact that life isn’t fair.

Here’s what I’m going to … I’ve got a good word for all of you who are whining about the fact that life isn’t fair.

Get over it…

Steve Larsen: Woohoo! Thanks for saying it, yes.

Myron Golden: If life was fair, a chicken would have you sitting on its dining room table tonight for supper. Get over it. Life isn’t fair. My dad taught me that one, I was in elementary school.

Steve Larsen: Amen.

Myron Golden: Hey Steven, how about this?

Steve Larsen: Yeah.

Myron Golden: I was born, this is so hard for you to wrap your mind around. I was born in a segregated hospital that was started by a civil war nurse because the black soldiers couldn’t be treated by the white soldiers. Granted, I wasn’t born during the Civil War. I was born almost a hundred years later.

Here’s what people say. “That’s not fair.” Get over it. The conditions of that hospital were so poor that I contracted polio. My parents moved all the way from Tampa, Florida to somewhere in Pennsylvania before I even got diagnosed to be treated. My left leg doesn’t … basically there’s a placeholder. That’s pretty funny, placeholder. Somebody will say, “Well, that’s not fair.”

Get over it. Life is not supposed to be fair. Everybody has a different assignment…

A lot of people will talk about, they’ll scream from their … but it’s not fair, income inequality.

We have to understand something. We have to understand that income inequality does not exist in a vacuum. Income inequality is the result of something. What produces income? The only thing that produces income is value. If there’s income inequality, there has to be value creation inequality. Okay? If you desire to make more money, you don’t make more money by whining about how unfair it is.

…Here’s what you do. You go create so much value that the marketplace has no choice but to pay you because they want what you have so desperately. That’s the foundation of the four levels of value.

There are four levels of value. If you offer value at the lowest level, you will always make the least amount of money. If you offer value at the highest level, you’ll always make the most amount of money. You don’t make more money by working harder on a lower level of value.

Levels of Value

That’s something that people really have a hard … but I’m working really hard. I know but you’re working really hard at something the marketplace doesn’t value.

Now they have the framework, here we go. Here are the four levels of value. By the way, the three lowest levels have one resource that we use on those levels. The top level has two resources that we use. Here are the four levels of value. Here we go.

Steve Larsen: Please go take notes everybody. Oh my gosh, go get a piece a paper.

Myron Golden: The lowest level of value is called implementation. Those are the people who do the thing. They mow the grass, they hammer the nail, they dig the hole, they drive the truck, they type the paper, they clean the room. These are the people who do that thing. They are implementers. That is not to imply, it’s not to say nor is it to imply, that the work that the implementers do is not valuable.

It’s just to say that … it’s not to say that those people aren’t valuable. Obviously, one person is not more valuable than another person. What it does say is the value that they deliver in the marketplace is not something that the marketplace values as highly as things they pay more money for.

For instance, I travel a lot, Steven. I stay in a lot of hotel rooms. I think only maybe once in the thousands of times I’ve stayed in hotels, if I ever checked into the room and the room was dirty, I won’t back down to the front desk and say, “This room is dirty. Clean the room.” None of us are willing to stay in a dirty hotel room that the beds were all messed, there’s not clean towels. None of us are going to do that.

We would have to all agree that the housekeeping staff in the hotel are some of the most important staff in the hotel. You can’t even run up the rooms if you don’t have a housekeeping staff. The housekeeping staff makes the least amount of money of everybody who works at a hotel.

Some may say it’s not fair. It may or may not be fair, I don’t know if it’s fair or not, I just know that that’s the way it is.

The key to making more money is not to whine about the fact that you’re a housekeeping staff and you’re not making as much money. The key is stop being housekeeping staff and go do something else.

Key to Success

That’s the key…

Implementation, if you offer value in the implementation level, the resource that you use to make money is your muscles. You make use of your muscles to make money. Because, I’m going to have to do this part quickly, because the essence of money is spiritual, in order to earn more money you have to operate on a higher spiritual plane.

Physicality is the opposite of spirituality. If you’re using your muscles, a physical resource to make something to create, to earn something that’s essence is spiritual, then no wonder you’re having a hard time making money.

I’m going to go to the next level. The next to the lowest level is called unification. These are not the people who do the things, these are the people who manage the people who do the things. You keep the housekeeping staff or you keep the work crew from killing each other, from stealing from the company, and from messing up the company’s reputation.

You manage people…

The unification level, you use your management skills to make money. You will make more money than people who operate on the implementation level. On the implementation level, you’re going to make on the low end. You’re going to make about minimum wage on the low end.

On the high end, you might make $80,000 if you work on Bentleys or Rolls Royce. When I take my Bentley to the shop, they charge me $215 an hour. They have to apy that mechanic probably I would guess $100 an hour. If you’re a mechanic working on Rolls Royces, or Bentleys or even Mercedes probably, you might make $60,000 to $80,000 a year as an implement. Why? Because those people value getting their car fixed at a higher level.

The next level is unification. Unification you use your management skills to make money. On the low end, you might make $40,000 a year, if you’re a manager at Taco Bell. On the high end, you might $250,000 a year if you’re middle manager of Lockheed Martin.

…It all depends on where you’re using your unification skills. That’s the second from the bottom level of value. We’re talking about the potential to make a high five figures or low six figures on the unification level. But the next level-

Steve Larsen: Sorry, I love also that you said in Funnel Hacking Live, you said, “Unification, the lie those people believe.”

Myron Golden: People believe, okay.

Steve Larsen: Yeah, so good. When you said that my brain went nuts, sorry man.

Myron Golden: I don’t have yet the PowerPoint in front so I’m glad you reminded me that day.

The lie that keep a people stuck on the implementation level, the lie they believe is that the key to success is hard work. They work harder at something that’s a lower level of value. They don’t get ahead and they think life has dealt them a bad hand.

…The reality is they just signed up for the wrong program. The next level is unification and on the unification level, the lie they believe that keeps them stuck is the key to success is more education so people going back to school and get another degree.

A degree on top of the degree. They get to master the Greek. They get the Master’s Degree, they get Doctor’s degree and they can’t even earn as much per year as they pay for their education.


Steve Larsen: It is mindblowing. I went nuts when you said that.

Myron Golden: I don’t have a college degree. I don’t have a college degree. Steven, as far as income is concerned, on multiple occasions I’ve made multiple six figures in an hour. It almost doesn’t even sound real. I’m not … it doesn’t make me wonderful. I figured out which level of value to work on and I just work in those levels. I do a little bit of implementation on my business but very little.

I do a little unification in my business but very little. I operate predominantly on the top two levels. The second to the highest level of value, by the way, is a higher spiritual plane. You’re saying that managing people is a higher spiritual, on a higher spiritual plane, but just going out and digging a hole. It requires a higher, that’s why it earns more money.

The next to the highest level of value. This is the third level from the top, I mean the second level from the top is called communication. This is the second highest level of value. The reason communication earns more money is because language is spiritual. Everything about language is spiritual.

The only creatures that have language are spiritual creatures. I don’t mean like parrots. Parrots can say words but they don’t have language. A parent can say the word concept but has no concept of the word, what the word concept means.

When I talk about having language, I’m talking about as a means of communicating a message. Language is … communication is the second highest level of value. We see all throughout our society people who operate on this level. You’re going to earn on the low end $100,000 a year, on a higher level, you might earn a hundred million dollars a year as a communicator.

Communication business

I’m talking about singers, I’m talking about politicians, I’m talking about talk show hosts. I’m talking about talk show hosts, I’m talking about authors, speakers, coached, seminar speaker, salespeople. All of these people operate on the level of called communication.

When I say communication, I’m not talking about words that come from your mouth into somebody else’s ears. I’m not talking about a conversation for the head. I’m talking about a message that moves the masses. I’m talking about having conversations that create cash flow.

People are really horrible at conversation to create cash flow…

It’s really interesting, Steven…When I think about why people struggle in their presenting like people who are in sales. They’ve got something for sale, they want to sell it on the internet or they create an add and the ad doesn’t convert.

…I can almost guarantee you the number one reason ads don’t convert and offers don’t convert above all over things, the number one reason, sales, messages don’t convert is because they were selfish.

Steve Larsen: Interesting.

Myron Golden: What I mean selfish is, you’re talking to your potential customer about you. If they don’t care about you, you either talk to them about your product, you’re talking to him about your opportunity. You’re talking to them about your website, you’re talking to him about your invention.

You’re talking to about your stuff and they don’t care about your stuff at all, they only care about them. Until you have like the greatest quality of a very high performing salesperson, the most important quality, in my opinion or a high performing sales person is a high level of empathy. You have to be able to feel what other people were feeling while they’re feeling.

Anyway, communication, messages that move the masses, conversations that create cash flow.

…Then the highest level of value. By the way, the use your management skills in the implementation level, use your muscles on the implementation level. You use your management skills on therapy unification level. On a communication level, you use your mouth.

Then we get to the highest level of value which is, drum roll please, Imagination.

…Imagination is the highest level of value that exists in the world. These were the people who came up with the ideas. We were just at Funnel Hacking Live a few weeks ago. My drove on to that Disney property and I thought to myself, “My goodness! This man had an imagination like nobody’s- just that one Disney property that we are all. Just that one hotel, that one conversation center that we were on. It was like a small town.

Steve Larsen: Awesome.

Myron Golden: Only somebody would say, “Really, really powerful imagination could come up with something that’s great. Steven, I did this at Funnel Hacking Live. I don’t know if you remember that part or not. I said, “I’m going to name a company and I want you to tell me the first person that comes to mind. Do you remember me doing this?

Steve Larsen: Yeah.

Myron Golden: Then I said, “I’m going to name a company. I’m going to name the company, if you’re listening to the podcast right now, will you say the first person’s name that comes to mind. Apple, and everybody said-

Steve Larsen: Steve Jobs.

Myron Golden: Steve Jobs. I say that’s fascinating. Why does everybody say Steve Jobs? Steve Jobs didn’t invent the first Apple computer, Steve Wozniak did. When people think of the Apple computer, they don’t think of Steve Wozniak, they think of Steve Jobs. Why? Because Steve Wozniak was an implementer and Steve Jobs was an imagineer. Steve Wozniak knew how to make it, Steve Jobs knew what Steve Wozniak had made…

I’m going to tell you something. When you learn to use your imagination, when I say use your imagination, the resource that you use at this level is your mind. When you learn to use your mind at a higher level, it’s going to create for you opportunities the like of which nothing else can touch.

…Now, the other resource that you use the highest level of value is your money.

You use your mind and your money on the imagination level. When I talk about using your mind, I’m going to do this really quickly. There are a couple of things that you have to … there are a couple of mind skills that you must master if you’re going to create wealth.

…The first one you have to master is you master learning. In order for you to master learning, you have to first learn what learning is, what learning is not, and then learn how to learn.

Steve Larsen: This is so good. Again, it’s so good. I wrote all this down too. I’m a big Myron Golden fanboy.

Myron Golden: I’m a big Steven Larsen fan too. We already have that conversation so you know. Here’s the reality. Most people don’t know the purpose of learning, like the stuff .. like school.

The purpose of school is not learning. The educational system is not designed for people who are … In fact, I believe that the educational, really, is one of the biggest hindrance in learning because they teach you that the purpose of learning is knowing.

The purpose of learning is not knowing. In fact, knowing is the enemy of learning. In fact, if somebody attempts to teach you something that you think already know, you’ll stop listening because you all say to yourself, “I know that already.”

Knowing is the enemy of learning…

The purpose of learning, first you got to learn what the purpose of learning is. I’m going to tell you the purpose of learning and then I’m going to tell you how to learn. Okay? The purpose of learning is not knowing but the purpose of learning is mastery.

I’m not going to say, the purpose of learning is mastery…

Then, we’re done. Two many teachers use words without defining those world and leave people hanging. I’m not going to do that. I’m going to define Mastery. Mastery is the ability to execute effortlessly without the use of conscious resources. Let me say that again.

Steve Larsen: Wow!

Myron Golden: Mastery is the ability to execute effortlessly without the use of conscious resources. What do I mean by that? I mean you’ve mastered, I know there’s at least one thing in your life you’ve mastered. You Amy have mastered several but I know there’s one thing you’ve completely mastered, requires no conscious resources. It’s called tying your shoe.

Tieing your shoes

You can tie your shoe, have a conversation, and be holding something under your arm all at the same time. Why? Because you’re not using any of your random access memory to tie your shoes. Why? Tying your shoes is in the cache. For computer people, you understand exactly. Cache, CACHE.

…When you get to the point where doing a webinar is in your cache, it doesn’t require conscious resources. When you get to the point that the one thing, the three secrets on the stack is in your cache, then you’ve mastered it. Most people are far too content with subpar, unmastered skill sets. That’s why like people think, “I’m overwhelmed because this is too much for me.”

No, the reason you’re overwhelmed is because you never learned how to learn. What you do is you learn about something and you think that’s the same as learning.

You take this things that you’ve learned about and you attempt to implement it while you attempt to learn about something else and then you stack one unlearn thing on top of another unlearn thing on top of another unlearn thing, so you’re stacking lack of clarity, on top of lack of clarity, on top of lack of clarity, until finally you feel like you can’t breathe. I’m overwhelmed.

…The reason you’re overwhelmed is because you have mastered any of those steps. Here’s what I know. When you master one component of the thing that you are doing, and you don’t add anything else to that until you’ve mastered that thing, now you’d learn another thing and you master that, now you got two, components master’s on top of each other.

You can do a webinar without using a conscious resources. I have been selling, I don’t want to sound like I’m patting myself on the back but I’ve been selling for so long, for me, selling doesn’t require any conscious effort at all.

I can totally sell unconsciously. I can stand on stage, I can do a presentation, I can close, I can sell without any conscious resources. I can do a webinar, I’d close without any- I can do a strategy session, close somebody on a $50,000 or $100,000 high ticket offer without any conscious resources.

Why? Because I’ve done it so many times that I’ve mastered the skills. Most people are so impatient they won’t become a person of mastery. They can’t do things masterfully so they don’t get to have what only masters have.

Steve Larsen: Interesting. You should pat yourself on the back, that’s quite a talent. You married the process, you didn’t sidestep or look for a short cut or look for an easy way out. You do it.

Myron Golden: I used to look for shortcuts. You know what I found out about shortcuts? They take too long.

Steve Larsen: They’re actually longer.

Myron Golden: They’re a huge waste of time. I’m going to tell you something. People who get out of their car, they ate a candy bar, they get out of the car. They said, we’ll I’d get that candy wrapper later. Right?

Steve Larsen: Right.

Myron Golden: It takes more time to get it later than it does to take it now. People who leave messes everywhere they go, they think, well, I’ll get to it later. Later they get to it and guess what? It’s a big mess that they have to take all this time to cleanup. They could have really done it as a … I’m a little Geeky and a little work but I already know that so I’ve accepted that.

Steve Larsen: Join the club, I’m right with you, right at home.

Myron Golden: If I’m making food, if I’m making … I like fried eggs and I eat fried eggs maybe three or four times a month. If I make fried eggs and turkey bacon and toast and breakfast potatoes from some leftover potatoes or something, if I make that breakfast, I will not eat one morsel until I put away every condiment that I used to make those eggs. I put away the cooking oil, the salt, the pepper, the garlic powder, I quashed the pants that I cooked it in.

Fried eggs

I dried the pants, put them away … you say, “Don’t let your food get cold.” It doesn’t get cold because I’m putting stuff away as I’m using it. When I’m done, that’s given the ability to save so much time. Wheat happens, the reason I’m talking about cooking it’s because it’s just what?

How you do anything is how you do everything?

If you are going to always get to it later, that’s exactly how you live your business life and you think, “I’ll master it later, I’ll master it later I’ll masters it later. What happens if, you have never network mastered. You end up being just a person who’s average and ordinary and you wonder why you never get great . you never get the great results because you’ve never become the great person who does the great things.

Master one thing at a time…

The other resource you use at the highest level is your money. Let me talk about, can I talk about the other learning thing? I know I’ve been going ranting forever and ever.

Steve Larsen: I’m loving it. This is great. I’m afraid I’ll say something it’ll take you out of your flow. I’m not saying anything.

Myron Golden: The other thing that we have to learn to use our mind for after we learned to use our mind for learning, we have to learn to use our mind to harness our superpower.

Every human being like whose of normal mental capacity has a superpower that if you don’t learn to harness and use it for your own good and for the good of others, the machine, a cultural hypnotic societal mechanism also know as the matrix, the machine, the powers that be, whatever you want to call it. That thing is going to use your superpower against you.

I’m going to tell, I believe that the biggest things holding people back in their lives is the very thing that could catapult them for, and that is their superpower. They’ve been programmed all their life to use their own superpower against themselves. I’m going to tell, now that I’ve talked the superpower, I’m going to tell you what it is. Are you ready?

Steve Larsen: Yeah. Writing it down.

Myron Golden: It’s called expectations. Expectation is your greatest superpower. Here’s the challenge though. Expectation manifests itself into mental manifestations and two, emotional manifestations. Mental manifestation number one is called faith. Mental manifestation number two is called doubt.

The mental manifestation of faith and doubt are a big deal because … but those are concepts. One of the things that I’ve learned and am learning is that people don’t do the things they know how to do, people do therapy things they feel like doing.

Most people don’t know how to make themselves do you thing, feel like doing the things that are in their own best interest. What I just said right there, that’s a gold mine. If you can learn to make yourself feel like doing the things that are in your own best interest, it will change your life for the rest of your life. For instance, people will say, “Steven, I’ve got a procrastination problem.”

I’m going to argue. People will say, “Steven, I’ve got a procrastination problem. I’m going to argue but I don’t like to argue but I’m going to argue right now. There’s not a single solitary human being on planet Earth that has a procrastination problem. That’s a bold statement, right?

Steve Larsen: Yeah it is.

Myron Golden: The reason I say that is because I recognize procrastination for what it is. It is not a problem, it is a symptom of a problem. It’s a symptom of the emotional effect of your superpower, expectation being used against you.

I’m going to tell you what that is. It’s called anxiety. Procrastination is always the result of anxiety. Notice I didn’t say it sometimes a result of anxiety. I know I’m speaking in absolute and that’s because I’m absolutely certain of…

Steve Larsen: It’s on purpose everyone.

Myron Golden: Yes, I know. Oh no, but you don’t understand. The reason I put off working out is because I don’t have now. The reason you put off working out is because you have more anxiety about working out than you do about having a heart attack. Period.

…The expectation, the feeling that it manifest self in and our lives, that steals all of our dreams is anxiety. Anxiety is the thief of all your dreams.

When expectation manifests itself as a positive feeling, that positive feeling is called Anticipation. One of the things that I teach people to do when I’m coaching them, and I’m helping them break through the thing that’s holding them back. I teach them how to replace the anxious apprehension of the outcome the don’t desire with a joyful anticipation of the outcome they do desire.

That will always, without exception, like there are no exceptions where I’m talking about, that we’ll always help a person to take the action they desire to take. We’ve been programmed to believe or doubt and doubt our beliefs. We have to reprogram ourselves to believe our beliefs and doubt our doubts.

Steve Larsen: I love that because it seems like one of this was a thought that gets tossed around which I have a hard time with is, well, if you’re not doing something in life it just means you haven’t felt enough pain around it.

…I was like, “whoa! Instead if we flip that around and say, let’s find the things that we are in … and switch that, foot that into anticipation, that’s so much more positive than let’s go to a place of pain all the time to get something done.

Myron Golden: Pain can sometimes cause people to move but that’s because that now they finally have anxiety about the negative result about not taking action. That’s all that is…

One of the things that I am learning to do, notice I didn’t say I’ve learned to do, I do it pretty well most of the time but I don’t do it all the way, but it’s something that I do remind when I catch myself not doing, I remind myself too.

That is to never give any energy at all to outcomes that are undesirable to me. Most people give most of their energy to undesirable outcomes and then they wonder why they have all this junk in their life that they don’t desire.

Steve Larsen: Gave it attention.

Myron Golden: That’s right. Where attention goes, intention follows. Anyway, that’s my rant on the highest level of value. If you learn to use your superpower of expectation, like you can make yourself believe anything is possible. The biggest sale that I ever made like one sell to one person Steven, the biggest sale I ever made was a $400,000 sale.

Steve Larsen: Wow,

Myron Golden: I made that sale to a guy I met that day I had never seen him before in my life. I met him that day. We talked, had lunch, we connected, we thought, “Okay, we’ll do some business in the future.”

Then I thought to myself, “Why wait till the future? Why don’t I just make him an offer now? I made him an offer for $400,000. In a big company, and they needed some help with their marketing, and I came up with an idea that could help a little marketing. This offer that I made them was an offer for $400,000 and it was $200,000 profit for me in my pocket.

Steve Larsen: Wow.

Myron Golden: I made the offer and I say, it’s only $200,000 down and $200,000 in delivery. You know what he said to me when I made the offer? He said, “You’d do that for us?” As I thought to myself, “Just as sure as you write that check.”

Write that check

Steve Larsen: Thought I was, should’ve gone higher.

Myron Golden: Exactly. He picks up his phone he calls his accounting department. He says, “Bring me a check for $200,000”. He says, “Do you want it made out to you? Do you want to make it out to your company?” Make it out to my company. Then i called my assistant, had her fax me a purchase order and we closed that deal on the spot.

Steve Larsen: Wow, that’s incredible.

Myron Golden: That was because I didn’t allow myself to talk myself out of making an offer just because I just met this guy today. I only gave him like a 15-minute presentation with no flip chart, no brochures, no nothing just told him what I could do for him. He’s like, “I’ll take that deal.”

My expectation was … let me talk about that for a hot second. My expectation is that when I create an offer people will buy it. If I’m talking to you Steven, even though I expect you to buy it I am not attached to you buying it. I will do nothing whatsoever, I will not use any of my powers to convince you to buy it. But I will use all of my powers to persuade you to buy it. Just thought I threw that out there.

Steve Larsen: Yeah, I’m just writing it. I’m just writing everything.

Myron Golden: To clarify, for those of you who were saying, “Didn’t he just say he’s not going to use any of his powers?” And then he say he’s going, I said, “I’m not going to use any of my powers to convince people to buy it.

…I’m going to use all of my powers to persuade them to buy it. Most people don’t understand that there’s a … not only is there a difference between convincing and persuading. Convincing and persuading are exact opposites of each other.

Steve Larsen: Interesting. I never thought of that before, that they’re opposites.

Myron Golden: When you convince somebody to do something you’re attempting to get them to do something you desire them to do for your reasons.

Steve Larsen: Interesting.

Myron Golden: But when you persuade somebody you are helping them come to a conclusion that you’ve already come to for their own reasons.

Steve Larsen: That’s awesome.

Myron Golden: I don’t use any of my power whatsoever to convince anybody. I’ll never try to talk to somebody into buying something from me. In fact, if somebody gives me a little resistance, like does anybody ever ask you like if you’re closing, why should I buy this from you? People say that in sales, right Steven?

Steve Larsen: Totally.

Myron Golden: Ask me that question.

Steve Larsen: I don’t know if I should get this from you, Myron.

Myron Golden: Then you probably shouldn’t.

Steve Larsen: I love it. I do something similar now, it’s so nice.

Myron Golden: If you don’t instantly recognize that what I have can help you, you should not get it from me. In fact, you should go buy something from somebody else and see if it works and I hope it does. If you’ve got any doubt at all, I’m not your dude.

Steve Larsen: Right.

Myron Golden: By the way, that’s not a ploy. I am so not … I already know if somebody’s going to buy it. I also know that it don’t have to be you. I know that it would be a blessing in your life, in your family’s life to have the privilege of working with me. I don’t mean that in an arrogant way, I just mean I know what I’m doing.

Steve Larsen: Right.

Myron Golden: If you can’t see that, then congratulations, you get to stay on the search a little while. What that does is that frees me from needing them to need me. I am a leader of people, I am not a needer of people. I will lead someone to buy but I will never need someone to buy.

Steve Larsen: That’s awesome. Those are like side … what’s the word? It’s like a by product of staying in the game long enough to gain the confidence to have that expectation.

Myron Golden: Absolutely. I know that somebody’s going to buy this that’s why I don’t need it to be you. Maybe you’ve got somebody who’s going to come along and change your life for the better and teach you how to create wealth and maybe you don’t. I don’t know.

You are not my best chance. I don’t say this to people but this is what I’m thinking when I’m a one on one selling situation. You are not my best chance at making a sale but I am your best chance of creating wealth. What are you going to do about it?

Steve Larsen: That’s great. It gives them a chance to flex their own agency.

Myron Golden: Exactly. Now, they can’t say, “because you talked me into”, I didn’t talk to you in anything, not me, I don’t do that. That is not a game I participate in.

Steve Larsen: I want to thank you for this. Before we jump out here, what would you say to people, I don’t know, who are in the thick of it, they’re still in the, they’re still lashing through the learning curve.

I’ve often learned that especially from listening to guys like you and my own experience, this little game is really a relationship with yourself, kind of a side story. It’s just some kind of piece of advice as well you could give to someone who’s in the thick of it. They’re still learning to have that vision, that grand vision.

Catching the Vision

Myron Golden: Yes. Here’s what I would say. The struggle is not real, it’s imagined.

Steve Larsen: That just made the quote wall.

Myron Golden: What do I mean by that? People say the struggle is real. The struggle is not real, the struggle is imagined. You could take the very thing that you’re struggling with and turn it into a game and make it fun. To me, selling is like a game.

It’s like the whole business is like a game. If you’re in the thick of it, learn the rules of the game, master the moves of the game, and become a winner of the game, and stop convincing yourself that it’s hard. The things that’s hard about business is becoming the person who can do the thing.

Steve Larsen: Whether or not you are that person yet, that’s fascinating. Whether or not you’re the person yet.

Myron Golden: If you’re not that person, become that person and be cool with becoming. Be cool with all. The other thing that I didn’t tell you that I learned from Tom Hopkins, the third thing I never told so it just brought me back to that. He said, “You got to learn to love no.”

Steve Larsen: I’m writing it down.

Myron Golden: Learn to love no.

Steve Larsen: That’s true, learn to love no.

Myron Golden: One of the things that I created in my training back in the days when I used to do a lot of one on one selling was a fast no is better than a slow yes and a hundred percent better than a forever maybe.

Steve Larsen: That’s so true.

Myron Golden: Get people to get off the fence. The reason you’re struggling is because you want to get off the fence on the yes side. You got to get over your need of needing them. You got to stop needing people to need you. You just got to go ahead with people and say, “Look, do it or don’t do it, I don’t care. This is where the train’s going.

…Get on the train or miss the train. Be sure not to get run over by the train. Stay off the track.” I don’t want people to think I’m mean though because I’m a really nice guy. Business is like, you got to have a level of conviction if you’re going to be a business owner. Pretend to believe the stuff, you got to believe it.

Steve Larsen: My product’s good, I guess. That’s not true. That’s not how it works.

Myron Golden: Exactly.

Steve Larsen: Absolutely. Myron, I appreciate it. This has been huge. You call your business Skillionnaire and clearly you are. Where can people go to follow you, to get your stuff, buy everything you have, which everybody should by the way.

Myron Golden: You know what, can I start by giving people something free and the only place I have, the only place I have it is on a website that I put up for Funnel hacking Live. I’ve got a video on procrastination, on how to overcome procrastination and three videos on how the law of attraction really works, they’re going to blow your mind. They’re mindblowing.

…If you think you know something about it, it’s nothing you’ve heard.

If they will go If they go there, they put their name and email just send, they’ll get the three videos for free. Then, they’ll get emails from me now and then. If they want to follow me on Facebook, I’m TheMyronGolden. I think I’m TheMyronGolden on Instagram too. I think it’s the same time.

Steve Larsen: I think you are, yeah.

Myron Golden: It might be Myron Golden. If you want to follow me there, those are good places to go. If you want to get a free of my book just pay shipping, go to Those are a couple of places you can go.

Start with the free stuff to see if you like me. You might just think you like because Steven like alley-oop me with all these fun questions. Go get the free stuff before you buy something. Make sure you really like me, you just don’t think you like me.

Steve Larsen: I’m a huge fan. Also it’s Awesome. Thank you so much Myron, appreciate it, this has been very, very helpful. Thanks for going a little longer than I think we talked right even to.

Myron Golden: No worries.

Steve Larsen: Fun to have you in flow.

Myron Golden: It was fun, it was fun. Wow, we went for a long time did we?

Steve Larsen: We did. I didn’t even realize that actually.

Myron Golden: I didn’t either I was looking at my clock and I was, “Woo!” We got some videos to shoot today so that’s good. All good, man.

Steve Larsen: We appreciate it, thank you so much. Hey, thanks for listening. The most common question I get is Steve, will you look at my funnel? Of course. Whether you want me to coach you, give some handholding and guidance during your funnel build, or simply review the one you have, head over to and book your session now.

Myron Golden: I got some pretty cool millionaire formulas that are pretty epic.

Steve Larsen: Yeah. I’m actually very excited to hear more about them. I’m trying not to dive into what I want to say in the actual show because what you taught at Funnel Hacking Live was so good.

Myron Golden: Really? Thank you.

Steve Larsen: I ran home and taught my wife immediately.

Myron Golden: Wow, that’s awesome, that’s awesome. I’m glad it was helpful for you, bro.

Steve Larsen: Absolutely.

Myron Golden: That’s why we do what we do.

Steve Larsen: Thank you, thank you.

Myron Golden: I love your podcast too, by the way.

Steve Larsen: Oh yeah, you listen?

Myron Golden: Yeah, I do.

Steve Larsen: That’s awesome.

Myron Golden: In fact, I need to leave you a review. You’ll know it’s me because it’s going to start with Esteban. Yeah, I’m going to tell you, when I came to the Funnel Hackathon, you changed my life seriously. I’m not just saying that. I’m not a workaholic like a lot of people in the inner circle, at least I haven’t been. I guess I am now that I signed up for this too comical act.

I’m more chillionaire. I’m 57, I’ll be 57 next month so I’ve worked hard for a very long time and I don’t really need to make more money. You get to a certain point and more money is like it’s totally nebulous. I like living my life. The reason I decided to become rich is so that I could have my time freedom so I could have two things, more time and then choose what I do with that time. I wasn’t really a workaholic.

When you talked about the funnels … I was using ClickFunnels but I wasn’t like Russ talks about, “All you want to do in your spare time is build funnels?” I could think of a lot of stuff I want to do in my spare time. Building a funnel ain’t even on the list. When you taught about, you need three things.

Big domino

…You need the big domino, the one thing, the three secrets and the stack. I’m like, “See, I like that. That’s like boiled down.” I like boiled down. I didn’t get lost to the details when you did that. I said, “You know what? I can do that.”

I took Russell’s Perfect Webinar script and I turned it into an outline and that’s how I build all my stuff now.

Steve Larsen: That’s awesome.

Myron Golden: Based on one thing, three secrets, stack. Bro, I can do that.

Steve Larsen: Right.

Myron Golden: Shoot. Man, you must got me confused with the other Myron Golden, I can do that.

…Anyway, that helped me tremendously because a lot of the details like are just … they’re just grueling for me because some because somewhat I already know and do intuitively because I’ve been doing this for a long time, and some of this just because, if I don’t see where it’s going, the details to me, if I can’t see the big picture, the details to me don’t matter. I can’t process them.

Steve Larsen: Yeah, I get lost.

Myron Golden: You too?

Steve Larsen: I get lost in them 100%.

Myron Golden: If I feel like I’m teaching somebody something … my gift is pastor teacher. I like to teach people like they’re make and do better if they knew better. People could do better if they knew better.

Steve Larsen: That’s a good t-shirt right there. That’s the next ClickFunnels t-shirt. I think that’s one reason I’ve been so drawn to following is I’m learning that about myself. I feel alive, I feel aflow, I feel like I can help people most. For some reason, teaching on stage, it’s my.

Myron Golden: You already know I’m not a workaholic, I’m a chillionaire so I’m not a workaholic, but I love teaching. I breathe it. When I learn something I’m like, “This is so cool. Anybody should know this.” Anyway, I don’t mean to get all Myronesque on you. I didn’t mean to go all soapbox [inaudible [spp-timestamp time="01:04:29"]. It is my nature.

Steve Larsen: I love it.

Myron Golden: The name of my company is Skillionnaire Enterprises, Inc.

Steve Larsen: Yeah, I wrote that down when you said it at Funnel Hacking Live, I was like, “That’s awesome.”

Myron Golden: Got to have the skills if you want to be a millionaire.

Steve Larsen: Absolutely. I’m taking notes like crazy as you say stuff.

Myron Golden: That’s hilarious.

Steve Larsen: I always do. I got a full, I got a lot on you from Funnel Hacking Live.

Myron Golden: That’s funny. I’m glad it was helpful, bro. You helped me. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Steve Larsen: Absolutely. I’m all for that.

Myron Golden: Me too.

Steve Larsen: Awesome, I’ll do my little intro here and we’ll go ahead and we’ll get started.

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