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SFR 122: My New Auto Webinar Stats…

Mar 25th, 2018 anchorwave


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Yup, I just changed up the whole funnel. Here’s what happened


What’s going on, everyone? This is Steve Larsen and you’re listening to Sales Funnel Radio.

I’ve spent the last four years learning from the most brilliant marketers today. And now, I’ve left my 9-5 to take the plunge and build my million dollar business. The real question is, “How will I do it without VC funding or debt? Completely from scratch?”

This podcast is here to give you the answer. Join me and follow along as I learn, apply, and share marketing strategies to grow my online business using only today’s best internet sales funnels.

My name is Steve Larsen and welcome to Sales Funnel Radio. What’s up guys? I hope you like my new intro. Just had several of you guys reach out actually and say that you like it. And so, it means a lot. I take a long time to write those kinds of scripts when I know that I’m gonna hear them a billion times probably. But, I wanted to create more of a journey. More of a … Anyway, I’ve talked about that a little bit in the past.

I wanted to share with you a little bit more about my webinar and what I’ve been doing to it. I did a lot of stuff this week. It’s been a crazy week. There were two days this week where I almost stayed up a full 24 hours just getting stuff done and working on it and the different aspects that I needed to crank out. It was ridiculous. And, I do not recommend that.

In fact, I always think it’s kind of weird when people are like, “Yeah, hashtag the hustle.” You know? And, they stay up 24 hours all the time. But, it just wrecks your next day anyway. So, that never makes sense to me. Be smart with your health. Don’t do that too often.

Hey, what I want to share with you though is more about the webinar and the actual stats. I automated it. I already automated it. I know that a lot of people will probably ask me, “Steven, you always say to do it for seven months.” Well, here’s the thing. Before I actually launched the webinar, I tested it like crazy. I knew the messages were gonna work. I knew the offer was gonna work. It was all already tested before I actually pushed the button. You know what I mean?

And so, I didn’t start from complete scratch when I started to do my live webinars. I did it maybe 12 times and I still, that final time, I was still using the original script. And so, here’s the thing guys. You gotta understand this. This is how I look at the webinar.

This is the three phases of launching any product. The three phases…

And, I didn’t realize that this is what I do or even that Russell, that this is what he does, but this is what it is. We first … This is three spots. We first figure out a sales message. Understand that I said, “Sales Message”. I did not say, “Offer”. I did not say, “Funnel”.

Russell BrunsonNow, 99% of the time Russell already knows what the sales message is going to be. He’s done it so well. He’s done it for so long. But, he understands right from the get go without really even thinking about it. He kind of starts from this place of sales message. Meaning, if he can sell it then we’ll go make the offer. And, he already starts from those places …

So, this is how I did my webinar. My webinar. Phase number one is all about creating the sales message. I don’t give a crap about the actual product or the offer until I know that I can sell the thing. Right? Does that make sense? And, I know a lot of people say, “Well, duh, Steven.”

Well, most of us don’t do that though. We actually turn around and we’re like, “Hey, what am I gonna sell?” Wrong question. The question is, “How will I sell it?” And, the problem is that when you start with an offer, when you actually start with the offer, the problem is that you become tethered by the offer when you’re creating the sales message. Does that make sense?

You create restrictions. You’re not free. You’re not liquid…

You’re not fluid to create whatever sales message you want…

So, what I have been doing for a solid probably year before I actually launched my webinar, what I did is I actually went and I started testing the sales message. I created an entire second podcast show about it. And, I just started dropping out the stories. And, the ones that really resonated, I kind of took note of that.
And, I was like, “Huh. That’s the one that did it over here. Huh.

Oh, that’s interesting. That’s the story that did it over here. Interesting. Oh, wow. They really like this one and they hated that one.” And, I started testing sales message. Also, my story.

And, when we actually get the story down, when we get the sales message down, whatever it is that gets people’s butts out of their chairs and their wallets, and credit card in your hand, then you create an offer that fulfills the promises that you made in the sales message. Does that make sense?

When you actually find the sales message that gets somebody off their butt and gets their wallet in your hand then you create the offer that fulfills whatever that sales message promised…

When you do it the other way and you create an offer, and then the sales message, and then the sales thing, you are tethered in your mind. And, you have this thing where, “Well, my product doesn’t do this.” Okay, well stop thinking about that. Figure out what it is that gets people into action.

People are inherently lazy. What is the thing? And, if you found out, “Oh my gosh. This is the thing that gets people into action, sweet. Then you create. Does that make sense? So, step number one, sales message.

Step number two is then the offer. And, both of them stem off of belief. Both of them stem off of belief. At the very, very bottom. Or, sorry. The very, very last one, that’s when I start building a funnel. And, that’s when I build the delivery mechanism that will serve up those two things. Funny enough though, people usually do the exact opposite. They build a funnel and be like, “Hey, I want an… funnel.”

And, they think of it in terms of funnels. That’s not how it works. You think of it in terms of what are you trying to deliver? And, you go and you put together a funnel. If you do that first, then you build them out an offer, then you figure out how to actually sell the thing, super scary.

Super scary. Right?…

And, so you guys know I’m already automating it, but it’s because of the three steps that I take.

You do it the other way around and you say, “Hey, what’s the sales message?” And, as part of that, you’re figuring out where the traffic is. With step number one, what’s the sales message? What gets people off the butt? It’s like …

I know I bring up this example a lot, but it’s because it’s true. Before Tim Ferriss even finished writing a book he was out there testing headlines and titles for the book. And, he would test tons of headlines and he would spend a little money, like 20 bucks on tons of different … Like, “Hey, 20 bucks for this headline. 20 bucks for this title. 20 bucks for this title.” And, he would go test it. And, whatever one they liked, that’s what he named it.

And, there wasn’t even a book written half the time. He was just seeing what people clicked on.

MoneyAnd, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. You figure out the sales message. What is it that gets people off the butt? They are so insatiably connected to what it is that you have promised. You’ve broken and rebuilt the belief patterns. You’ve helped them see the world in a brand new way and you are now served up to give them an offer. Aww. And, it’s not there yet. That’s okay because now you know it’s safe. It’s worth you time to go create that actual offer. Does that makes sense?

Sales message number one. Offer number two. And then, you create the funnel. And then, as soon as I’ve done that, I go back to sales message. Then I go back to offer, tweak that. And then, I go back to funnel and I tweak that. Then I start all the way back over again, a sales message.

So, the reason why guys is because I’ve been following my process. And, my process is first figure out the sales message, which I did. And, since the beginning of the year, we had like 50 grand and hot traffic sales. People were just super hungry for it. So, the first month, we did 100 grand. The second month we did like 25. And, it was mostly because I didn’t focus on selling it that much. I was just building the offer that I knew was selling.

My numbers were looking great. Everything was looking fantastic. And then, the first two weeks here, I actually haven’t really been selling it that much and the reason is because I had it down for like two weeks ’cause I was going and automating everything.

First, I was talking about the sales message. Then I built the offer. Now, I’ve been tweaking the funnel. And, it’s almost been like month, by month, by month.
Like, since Funnel Hacking Live is … I’m been getting on my plane here in an hour? I gotta get out of here. I was like, I just gotta podcast one time though. I’m excited to talk to you guys.

I woke up at [spp-timestamp time="2:30"] hardly being able to sleep. I’m so excited. I’m that much of a nerd, yes. And, I will admit it. But, anyway. It will probably be really April before we actually start to get real traffic turned on towards it. But, what I’m excited about is this guys. I’m so pumped.

I went and I actually turned on a little bit of traffic and my numbers are holding true…

Meaning, I was nervous that automating the webinar would drop some numbers. ‘Cause people can sense that it’s not live. The products are freaking awesome. That’s never usually the issue. It’s usually not that, “Hey, can we make something that’s sexy?”

It usually does not have anything to do with the actual offer. It’s a formula. The way you get to the offer is a formula. And, you follow that formula, you get to the offer, great. You might tweak it a little bit here and there, but the real thing that you are trying to figure out and the real place that people will struggle and suck it up on is the actual message part. It’s the belief part. It’s the part that …

And, how to not number one just create it, but how to glean it from the sub-market they’re trying to sell to. And so, when I figured out, “Oh, my gosh. I’ve nailed the beliefs. I know I’ve nailed the beliefs.” That’s one of the reasons I’ve sold so well. And, I was selling that puppy before it was actually even ready. And, they knew that. There was no slight of hand thing going on there.

They knew that. They were getting beta access to certain other bonuses that I had in there.

SalesFunnelBrokerAnd then, when I created the actual offer, now the offer is actually done, then I went and I … Now, I’m focusing on the funnel. Okay, what’s the funnel that gives me back a little bit more of my time? I’m telling you, running three webinars a week, holy smokes. That is so much work as a solo one man guy. You know? One man show going on right now. Oh, my gosh. I tried that three webinar a week thing I was talking about for just a little bit and I was like, “There’s no way. There’s no way.”

I could do it if everything else in my business was set up, but it’s not and I’m the only guy running it. I’m excited just to barely have my first employee to come on over. He’s swinging on over and he’s handling support. And, he’s kind of my assistant. He’s also handling a lot of front line relationships. And, he’s wearing a lot of hats, which he’s pumped about and I’m pumped about. But, he’s not gonna be over for another month. I was like, “I gotta automate this thing.”

So, anyways. The reason I automated it was because my registration rates were about 52%, which is really, really awesome. And, even went to up to probably 62% for a while. 62% opt-in rate on a webinar page. And, I think on how I did it. It was really, really cool. I had many engagement things all over. My show up rates were 7-13%. Really low. Right? Really low.

And, I’ve talked about in previous episodes how I believe it’s because the time in front of my webinar was way too long. Meaning, I did a webinar … Especially, for who I was selling to, I can barely remember three days out what … I don’t remember what I did three days ago. And, if I’m asking someone to register for a webinar three days ago and it’s not till tomorrow, I’m gonna forget. You know what I mean?

It needs to be sooner than that. So, I’m shrinking the time from when they register to the time the webinar actually happens. Right? I did that for a while and it really helped. And, I was like, “Whoa.” And then, on that backend, my cart close sequence it was usually three days. I was like, that seems way too long. So, I went down to 24 hours. And, there was a big spike in sales. I didn’t change anything else. I was like, “What the heck?”

Just because there was a little bit more pressure. But, it was almost a little bit too fast. Some people didn’t really have a chance to go watch the replay that they wanted to, so then I’m out to a 36 hour replay sequence now…

That part I could keep. But, what I decided to do … So, I was getting anywhere from 15-25% close rate, which is freaking huge, guys. That’s awesome. Freaking huge. 15-25% close rate is a multi-million dollar webinar, which I know it will be. And, it’s already shown signs that it’s going to be, which is awesome.

So, the one number that I needed to chance, which I know I’ve gone through before is that show up rate. Well, when we automate webinars, the average show up rate is like 85%. It’s like 90% because it’s happening in the next few minutes. That’s how they work. That’s why they work.

You know? Next webinar happening in the next 15 minutes. What? So, I made a top of the every 15 minute webinar. So, every 15 minutes, that webinar starts over again and it’s really, really awesome. So, I’m super pumped guys ’cause yesterday I really had the first time to really turn it on.

Got traffic sent to it…

And, my registration rate, I’m so pumped, was 46%. So, it only dropped like 10%. But, the show up rate was like, it was almost 100%. It was freaking huge. And, I was like, “Oh, my gosh.” And, I was so stoked. And then, we made sales at a close rate of 14.62%. Guys, that’s huge.

That means I can now drive tons of traffic. It means the rest of the numbers are working. It means that I can celebrate as if I’ve made a million bucks already ’cause it means it will. You know? Unless I really, really jack it up and I’ve got some awesome silver bolts up my sleeve that I actually can’t tell you about. Some cool things for traffic that I’m very, very pumped about. Getting hooked up in several ways. Working that Dream 100, which I am, which we are, which we do. I will never stop doing that system. And, that’s what’s been going on.

So, anyway, I just wanted to give you guys a little bit of accounting before I see a lot of you guys. There’s so many things in my mind I want to share with you guys that have happened this last little bit. Things that I’m learning. More clarity, the things that I’ve been understanding. And, teach you how I’ve been … Why did I feel comfortable leaving a job when I really had no business set up? You know what I mean?

Like, that was ridiculous. That sounds so crazy. I don’t … That’s mere madness almost, honestly. To go out and do that. But, it’s because of these certain things that I knew, and I learned, and I saw the patterns that saved my emotional sanity and said, “Yes, you can go ahead and leave your job and it’s gonna be fine because of these signals and signs.”

Number one, it was testing the sales message because people were knocking my door down. I mean, I think I have probably close to … It’s several hundred Facebook message requests asking about my MLM product. And, I barely have gotten to a spot where I can even respond to them and say, “Hey, let’s get over here and you can check it out here.”

When I saw that. When I saw the … Frankly, the other podcast audience is far more interactive with me than this one is. When I saw that … When I saw … When I even just talked about … There were certain buzz phrases I learned that they liked. And, when I would say it, they would go nuts, and they’d look for a product that was the one I was saying and there wasn’t one out there.

And, I was like, “Sweet. I can totally do that.” Does that makes sense? So, all these little signals and signs. And, I had a beta group that I brought through. I didn’t even have the actual product. I was just teaching them the concepts. And, they were going nuts. I had a beta product overall. Not just group. Like, that I launched about a year prior to. And, I saw the ridiculous response from it. It was insane.

And, I took that off once I saw all the issues with it, which is great. So then, I knew more of actually what to … You know what I mean? There was a lot of stuff that I did. A lot of ground work. It was not just like I pulled the … I jumped out the airplane and build the parachute while I was falling, but I still had all the materials laid out before I jumped. You know? Does that make sense?

The groundwork was still there. And, funny enough, the ground never really comes when you jump out of the plane. Usually not. When you jump out of the plane without a parachute in that metaphor. Please don’t do that in real life.
Anyways guys. I’m really, really excited.

I woke up at [spp-timestamp time="2:30"] this morning, like I said, just super excited. I had a hard time going back to sleep. I got a mastermind that we’re running tomorrow with a bunch of you. Very excited. I still gotta figure out more of what I’m gonna teach there. But, at those, I feel like highest level stuff is too … I’ll teach my cool stuff, but I love doing one on one Q&A and taking people’s businesses a little bit further.

If I could do that the rest of my career I would do that, I think, mixed with one or two other product styles that I know I want to go after. So, anyways guys. Gosh. I’m so excited.

When you get to Funnel Hacking Live, take notes. I could not believe the first time I went. I bootstrapped my whole way there. I gave more to get there than the majority of the people who were there. And, I sacrificed my face off. I took 52 pages of notes. Very detailed notes. I still have them. They’re right next to me.

And, that last night when I didn’t have a place to stay, I stayed up. After I applied to Click Funnels, I stayed up and I started going piece by piece through the entire, all the notes that I took, because I wanted to solidify them in my brain. I should go through those. There’s some good stuff in there.

Take notes. I was appalled how many people left their notebooks that they gave them on the chairs. I was like, “What? Do you know what I just learned? Did you just sleep through all of that? That was ridiculous. I just finished my marketing degree.” That’s where I was at the time. I’m finishing my marketing degree and that was better than all of it. The first day. The first session. I was like, “What? Take notes.” Anyway. Something that happens when you write it.

Funnel Hacking LiveGuys, I’m very, very excited. Please come with an open mind. And, if you’re hearing this after the fact, that’s totally fine. Anything you learn from any guru that you’ve realized that you need to study from, take notes from them. One of the things I’ve learned recently as well is that it’s good to read deeply on a broad spectrum.

Or, I should say, it’s good to read it on a broad spectrum from lots of different … And, learn from lots of different gurus, lots of different people that are out there…

However, I found that just really deep diving with only one or two people and you study what they done deeply, very successful individuals. Obviously, the one that I’m going after is Russell. Obviously. I go through, I study him very deeply. And, all of the study, all of the strategies, all of the pitch strategies, all the things that … And, figure out who that is for you. Study that person and their work very deeply. And, stick with them.

Don’t just go so broad. Broad is good, but choose a few characters particularly and go deep with them. And, when you do that you, you learn a lot more of the patterns inside that’s … I mean, it’s just like I share on this podcast. The only reason I can do that is because I’ve studied the heck out of the scripts. I know his scripts. So, when I see him change it up, I’m like wait, what did he do? And then, I see the connection and I see the pieces. And, I’m like, “Oh. Did anyone else see it?” And, lots of times, no. Because we’re all studying this guy and this guy, and this guy …

Okay, that’s great, but especially at first. Like, to really super advance your progression in this game, just go deep with one or two people. You know what I mean? And, really get to know them. Really get to know their mind. Not just their works. And, their materials that they’ve put out.

Anyway. Great stuff guys. Super excited. I’m writing a book. That’s awesome. We made the outline already and it’s freaking incredible. If I say so myself. We just barely launched the affiliate program, which by the way, if you are interested at all, would love to have you. We’re gonna have a lot of sweet affiliate contests here in about two weeks. It’s so cool. Basically, I figured out the math to basically buy anyone a new iMac. And, a new iPhone. And, a new … Basically all the Apple products ’cause I like Steve Jobs. Rest his soul.

And, anyway, there’s a lot of stuff that’s been going on guys that I’ve just had a ton of fun with it. And, anyway, excited to see you guys. Remember the secret phrase. I filmed the special stuff yesterday for those of you guys who remember the secret phrase and walk up to me.

Anyways, you guys. Thanks so much. That’s kind of been a counting of the last two months of my webinar and me automating it and why. And, I will certainly continue to do live webinars for sure, but as I finish this funnel side … Now, I’m now gonna go back step number one and it’s time for me to tweak my slides. And, I know what to change. And, I’ve got some cool other things that I’m doingSales Funnel Radiothat I can tell you about a little later.

Anyways, guys, thank you so much. And, go crush it. Bye.

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