SFR 120: Seeing The $3 Million Pitch… – Stephen Larsen

SFR 120: Seeing The $3 Million Pitch…

Mar 12th, 2018 anchorwave


Here’s what I learned while watching Russell in his $3 Million Dollar HOUR…


What’s going on, everyone? This is Steve Larsen and you’re listening to Sales Funnel Radio.

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Steve Larsen: Hey, what’s going on, everyone? Hey, so I just barely left … Where was I? I was in Vegas. I forget where I go now. I’m traveling a lot right now. I’m going all over the place. I was home for a few days, went over and traveled. I’m only home for a few days again. I’m going to go travel again. I’m home for just a little bit, then I’ll go travel again. It’s all over the place right now. It’s been fun. I really, really do enjoy it. Missing the family though a lot actually, but it’s been really interesting. I had the very rare opportunity of watching Russell pitch. I was at Grant Cardone’s 10X event and it was a great experience.

I got to go sit down and watch. Honestly my favorite speaker was Grant himself. Okay? Besides Russell. I’m going to talk about that in a second. If you’ve not heard the huge news with that, which is pretty amazing, but I was sitting there and I was listening to Grant Cardone and he was teaching amazing stuff. Absolutely love listening to him. Super dynamic speaker. Great guy to listen to. I got a lot of great things from other speakers as well. Frankly the whole reason I went down to this event, okay, I was not planning on going to this event for quite some time. It was about a month ago. I remember I woke up one morning and I started thinking …

3 MillionI don’t know why guys, but I started thinking you know what? I’ve spoken on a lot of smaller stages now. I’ve spoken on a lot of smaller stages and smaller events, anywhere from 1 to 200 people, many times now, right, and several other events when there’s supposed to be more people and there wasn’t and there’s a smaller amount. You roll the punches. A lot of fun, but I started to think. I’m like, “I want to see big people. Really huge influencers. I’ve got to see them go speak on huge stages with massive audiences and see what they do with their energy.” The entire reason that I went to Grant Cardone’s Growth event, right? 10X Growth event.

I actually did not realize how big of a deal it was. I’m going to be completely honest with you. I didn’t realize how many people were going to be there until I think the day before … Not even. No, no. Yeah, okay, the day before I went down there, there was 8,500 people. 8,500. I didn’t know. I have never been in an event that has been that big, that huge. I had no idea it was going to be that big, which there was pros and cons to it. Obviously I’m a huge fan of … Obviously the pro of a smaller venue is you get a little more of the personal touch. However, the con is you may not get to network quite as much. I mean there’s no way I’m going to meet 8,500 people anyway.

Anyway, literally the entire reason I went to this event was to go watch massive, massive influencers speak to massive, massive audiences. I’ve spoken enough on other stages. I’ve taught a lot on other stages. Obviously not just on Russell’s, but a lot of others. There is this vibe. Okay? Each presenter pulls different energies and relationships out of the audience, and it’s fun to watch.

They will match and they will mirror to the personality of the one speaking. It was fun to watch. It’s always fun to watch. If you have ever listened to Darren Stevens, he talks about universals and truisms, things like that, to bring the audience together to get them to do things that you want.

I love studying stage and I love studying stage presenters and what they do to actually control the audience. They have no idea most of the time that that’s what’s going on. Anything from small and OP things, down to the words you say, the gesture you use, the stories you tell. Stage to me is an amazing performance. I have a lot of respect for it because of … If you go watch a movie, they can do a million takes, but like on a stage, you got to be an A game the entire time. It’s all in one take. It’s super, super amazing to watch what these guys do. It’s honestly what I aspire to do. I want to go do that really bad. I’m really pumped.

In a few days, I get to go speak in front of 2,500 people and I’m so excited. It’s going to be over in Dallas. That’s the biggest group I’ve ever spoken to. I didn’t realize that that actually is a lot of people until Dave Woodward told me it was. I was like, “Oh, I didn’t realize that … I thought everyone’s …” Anyway, I’m excited about that and that’s awesome, but knowing that, knowing that that was going to come up, I wanted to go watch this event and it is the reason that I went. I don’t know what I was expecting or what I was even thinking, but I wanted to show up and I wanted to go, like I said, to watch how these guys interact.

For some reason I had it in my mind, I knew that Russell was going to go and I knew he was going to pitch, and I knew that he was pulling off some very special things to be able to pitch to that many people. That is a skillset of its own, but I watched. I was like, “Yeah. I’m going to go.” I didn’t tell him I was going to show up for a while and I went and I showed up and got to listen. The shocking thing right from the beginning, I don’t know why I was expecting anything different. I thought well, there’s got to be some extra thing that he’s doing for that many people. What is it? There’s got to be some extra … I knew he was going to use the perfect webinar script.

I knew he was going to go through it. That’s what I teach guys in Two Comma Club Coaching. I go through and teach you how to actually set up a webinar and get it going, which is … Frankly, it’s one of the major reasons I left my job. I wanted to go prove out and who that that’s actually something I knew how to do as well, not just teach it. I’m actually doing it, which I am. It’s great. I’ll keep accounting for what’s been going on there in future episodes here. I don’t know why I expected anything to be different. I sat down and I can tell you that he used the perfect webinar script just like he would anywhere else. What was fun for me because I love that script.

That script has made millions of dollars. I can think of very few of activities in my life that are worth studying that are that high leverage of an activity to go study than to learn how to pitch one to many, right? Instead of one to one, one to many like that. What I did is I started taking these notes and Russell got up and I was so excited. I know. I want to watch a master in his game, right? I got to watch him do that a lot of times sitting next to him face to face or right at his side or whatever in his office, but it was always over a computer, right or it was always over … There’d be these smaller stages I go see him present of, but never one that big.

For some reason I kept thinking that there would be this extra X factor. I can tell you, I even wrote down, I wrote small audience versus large audience equals the same. I don’t know why I thought it’d be any different. There was a few things though, little extra flares, right? Little extra things. I mean he’s been doing it so long. How can you do it truly 100% the same every single time? There was little tiny things that he did along the way that I thought were just brilliant, little shows of mastery all throughout, right? I took notes of them. I wanted to go through a few of what they are. There’s one massive big one. I’m going to save it to the end.

There’s my little hook to stay to the end, okay? One massive one. There was a huge shift in what he normally does. It was brilliant to watch it guys. Absolutely amazing to watch it. I knew it was coming. I was excited for it. We had studied this stuff before we’ve gone … Anyway, it was right before I left actually. He had this huge memory hit. I’m like, “Oh my gosh. There’s a guy who used to … He did a pitch this way. Let me go find it.” Like 15 minutes later he had dug up all the pages from years ago and all the emails and he was like, “This is it.” When he found it, it was amazing. He’s got an elephant brain for marketing stuff. Absolutely incredible.

It was one major thing that he switched. There was little funny phrases along the way that I keep continuing to pick up on and put it on my own webinar. Every time I do, I swear my wallet just gets a little bit fatter, which is fun. I hope you guys are doing those things as well. Anyway, this is a skillset to just study and learn and obsess over.

Expert SecretsI don’t know that I’ve actually told you guys this yet, I recently went and I took everyone of Russell’s webinar pitches, anything from Funnel Scripts, DotComSecrets X, obviously Funnel Hacks, Funnel Builder Secrets, any of the software secrets when he did that pitch, I grabbed everyone of the pitches that I’ve ever seen him do.

I ripped the audio from every single one of them and I put them in this … It’s literally 11 hours of me listening to Russell pitch back to back to back to back to back. I will just listen to it, right? I’ve got it all together and I will just listen to it. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. One after another listen to … There’s all that education that matters that much in my opinion than learning that skillset. Have no mistake that I’m obsessed over this process. I absolutely love it. I love doing it. This is the thing for me to get better at. It’s where I’ve dropped my anchor. You know what I mean? For a long time I just kind of ran around looking for different things to go do.
Anyway, what I wanted to do is I’ve got Russell’s Funnel Hacks webinar presentation that we use in Two Comma Club Coaching on one screen right now.

Then in front of me, I’ve got also a whole bunch of notes. What I wanted to do is real quick just run through just a few little things. Some of them might seem tiny. Okay? Some of them might seem tiny. There’s one major one though and I want to go through what that is. I want to document it. He certainly will I’m sure because it’s just freaking incredible. If you don’t know, he did over $3 million in an hour and a half. $3 million dollars in 90 minutes. He had a 90 minute slot. $3 million.

His goal awhile ago was just to do a million dollars in a day or even in just a year, right? I think it took four years to hit that million dollars in a year, which is awesome to hit that. That’s huge. That’s so cool to do that, and then he did again and again and again and again and again and faster and faster. The time getting shorter and shorter and shorter, right? Even the Two Comma Club Coaching program, we did that in three and a half weeks for a million dollars.
We did that several times in a few weeks for like Expert Secrets Book, things like that, and the timeline was getting just shorter and shorter, more and more compressed.

Finally, building up to this thing, this scenario where he did $3 million in an hour and a half, which is ridiculous. It’s so cool. It’s so cool. I’m so excited for him, so pumped for him. I went nuts on Voxer just screaming. Oh man. I’m so excited for him. Anyway, I want to go side by side real quick here.

If you study the Funnel Hacks webinar, the Funnel Hacks presentation, like I said, this is like the highest leverage stuff I believe you could ever go study that will pay you and pay you and pay you and pay you to learn how to do this stuff. Now I understand. I know there are other ways to pitch. I know there are other scripts. I know there are other formats, but this one is doing amazing.

Why change what works? I’ve been going back through … I’m sorry. I’ve not actually gone to the actual content here yet. I promise I will here in just a moment, but what I’ve been doing also for my own webinar is I’ve been going through and I’ve been studying a lot of the big webinar people today, right?

I’ve been funnel hacking Liz Benny and watching her stuff. Dan Henry, right? Obviously Russell. Been going looking at Akbar Sheikh. I’ve been going and looking at each one of their pieces. Not just the pages, but inside each one of their scripts. How are they saying what they’re saying? How does their slide say it? How are certain things here and there that are changing? It’s been cool to go through and do that. The major foundation piece of my offer, that came from the market, right? I funnel hacked to a certain extent. I funnel hacked to a certain area and then after that, I went and I made my offer.

The actual changes to the funnel, now that the product’s done, now the product that I’ve been selling is totally done, now I’m just focused on two things: the funnel, how can I improve the funnel, the actual buying experience and selling experience, number two, promoting it. That’s it. Those are my two activities until I die basically, right? Well, number one, I’m really focusing right now especially on the funnel. I know there are things that are broken.

I’m fixing them right now. We’re getting those done. I’m very excited for that. Then I’m going and I’m focusing on how to sell this stuff obviously. I’ve been going through that and I’ve been changing all these things.

My head has already been very much in the spot. That’s the whole reason why I’m trying to pre-frame what I’m going to tell you that it’s not like just random things I wrote down. This is stuff that I looked at very specifically that what he was doing that I’m going to go through and I’m going to add. Anyway, at the very beginning, like in the Funnel Hacks presentation, one of the things that you do is … There’s really two introductions inside of the perfect webinar and I don’t think people realize that. There are two introductions. Number one, you introduce the webinar. Okay? Why the heck are they there, right? Why are they there?

Pitch Anything If you’ve ever read the book Pitch Anything, it’s one of my favorite books ever, it is definitely probably in the top probably 5 or 10 books I’ve ever read ever, and what it teaches and goes through is it talks about every time there’s something new that comes up inside of the brain or in your life, your head runs through all these filters, right? It’s always funny. My wife and I went … I can’t remember what movie we went to go see, but we went to a movie theater.

We were sitting down in the movie and the movie preview started showing up, right?

The movie previews are showing and they’re these little basically little mini stories that are supposed to get you excited about the real thing. It’s always funny. Everybody becomes a movie critic at the end of a movie preview, right? You always see everyone’s heads turn to each other and go, “Oh yeah. We should see that. It looks great,” or you’ll see everyone’s heads go, “That looks weird. That looks stupid. Dumb. Weird.” Everyone becomes this movie critic. Why are you bringing this up, Steven? Because every time something new pops up in front of us, our heads starts to run through a filter, much like a movie preview. We run it through a filter, right?

Number one, am I in danger? Needs of the body. Am I in physical danger? Can I eat it? Should I run? Fight or flight? Should I meet with it? Random stuff like that, but there’s these criteria that your head runs through whether or not you’re trying to to keep you safe and keep you alive and keep you breathing, right? It’s the same for every piece of marketing. It’s the same for every piece. Unless you can get past the first part of that brain, you will not pitch that person. They will not make a buying decision, right? There are two introductions to a webinar. The first introduction is introducing the webinar itself, right?

That’s where Russell says, “Hey, look, you’re in the right place. This is where I’m going to show you how to do this without this. Here’s my earnings disclaimer. Here is a testimonial of somebody else doing this thing.” He doesn’t even talk about what it is yet or who he is. The second introduction is introducing him or me, right? Because I’m doing the same thing, right? The first I’m introducing the webinar very methodically. Number two, I introduce myself. They got to fall in love with me now, right?

The whole reason for those two, especially the first introduction, is to get past that first part of the brain so that they know, “Oh, I’m in a safe place. Oh, I can let the guard down.” I literally have been saying that in my webinars lately. “Guys, feel free to just let the guard down. It’s okay. Let the walls down. This is a safe place and safe environment for us to all learn.” I can’t remember everything I say without my slides here yet. I don’t have it totally memorize slide by slide yet like Russell does, but it’s going in that direction. There’s two introductions.

The story, Russell use the story at the beginning talking about the Four Minute Mile and he’s using it right off the bat. The story is breaking and rebuilding beliefs. It’s getting everyone the same plain. That’s actually a form of NLP. Especially from stage, it’s very, very clever for him to do that from the very beginning, to begin with a story like that. Most people know that story, which brings a sense of community and bringing together, right? All those little things. If you read the book Launch, the nine mental triggers, he is using those like crazy at the very beginning of that pitch. It’s very crafted very, very well.

He’s going through and that’s what he’s doing. He’s going through and he gave the story about the Four Minute Mile. It was absolutely incredible. He tells his own story. He’s using an epiphany bridge. “Oh, how cool to be if I made a million dollars? This guy made a million dollars in a day. My Four Minute Mile is what if I just made a million dollars in a year?” He’s talking about these internal and external desires, using epiphany bridge script, right?

Now what we need to do is we need to see that this guy is not the only nutcase who actually had these results. He goes through and he’s showing … Because that’s what the brain is thinking.

He goes through and he’s showing success stories of others, showing some video testimonials, right? He’s using the same exact format and formula. He very, very closely to the point … It was right after he introduced the webinar, right after he kind of introduced himself as well, he goes into what he calls a price marinade. This is the major difference for fear of talking forever and talking your face off guys and getting to an actual point of this podcast. I’m going to go straight to the main idea. Okay? We’ve been going for a little bit. I’m just going to talk about it. He does what he calls a price marinade. He’s talked about his before so I feel totally fine talking about it as well.

PriceA price marinade. Now what’s a price marinade? Now in a normal sales environment, it’s very common for a lot of times to withhold the actual price until the end, right? What is that in Funnel Hacks? His stack, his value and his stack is $11,552. $11,552. Is this worth $11,552? Of course, it is. If all I said was this, is it $11,552? Of course, it is. Right? That’s what he does. He goes through and that’s what he teaches. His stack has a total value of $11,552. What typically happens is you withhold that information until the ever end. Then there’s a big price drop, a public price, and then another kind of final price drop because you’re special and you’re on the webinar today.

In this scenario, he took that first part and he made it known in the very beginning. This is very key. This is very, very key. This is a huge deal you guys. You don’t pull this off without a lot of finesse, which obviously he has and he could do very, very well. What he did is he went and he said, “Here is the price. Before I sell you, before I have anytime to break and rebuild your belief patterns, which is the rest of the webinar, to do the stack and to tell three more stories, before I get a chance to do that, I’m going to tell you the price of this.” It’s a very interesting play. I feel like I’m going through and I’m talking about and commenting on football plays from the Super Bowl right.

It’s a very interesting play though to go through and watch a pitch man go and pull part of the price, the most expensive aspect of the price, and bring it at the beginning of the pitch, of an hour and a half pitch. That’s a lot of time for someone to get out of their seat and walk away. It’s how he did it that was very, very clever. It’s called a price marinade because you bring that price forward and you talk about it at the beginning and you bring it up first so that it marinates. The brain has time to get used to that price point except that the price point that you said is actually real and say yes to it along the way. Is this making sense?

I know I’m like going deep into the weeds right now and it’s not normal on my podcast to do this. Usually when I do this, people are like, “Oh, that’s an okay episode.” I’m like, “No. That was like the most gold I could have given.” It’s because it’s not wrapped in terms of the story right now. That’s why people might feel like that. Understand what I’m saying. He brought the most expensive, the total value of a stack, and he brought it first. This is what he said, “My goal is to show you that everything that I’m doing here for you to be successful you need to invest $11,552.” That’s about how he worded it. Is that okay? He made everyone raise their hand.

I think we raised our hand or we did something physical to attach to that verbal thing where we said, “Yes. Yes, Russell. I agree. If you can give me 10 times the results of my business right now,” we’re talking about 10X even he tied it right into it, which is awesome, “if you can give 10 times what my business is doing now, of course, I’ll pay you $11,552.” This was masterful. This was masterful because he charges $3,000 for the product, but they’ve already said yes to a much higher price point. Now he has the entire rest of the “webinar” live from stage, though in front of 9,000 people … How many people were there? I think it was 8,500.

He’s got the rest of the time to break and rebuild the beliefs that are saying no to $11,552. He went through and guys, the way he crafted it was just incredible. Just incredible. What’s interesting is Russell’s following the path with ClickFunnels that all of us would be expected to follow as well. First, you write a sales message. You make sure it sells. Then you actually built the product to make sure it fulfills what you sold, right?

Then you kind of go on the road selling it like crazy, and you’re doing the same webinar to tons of people for a long extended period of time. That’s kind of the road that I’m getting on right now and I’m feeling that shift…

In fact, I was talking to Cole. You guys know, he’s my buddy and he’s my first full-time employee, which I’m very excited about to be happening here in a month or two, which I’m very excited about. He was already keeping me on track saying like, “Dude, stay focused man. Don’t go getting on anything else,” but I’m willing that shift right now. I’m feeling the shift and Russell was in the shift. The shift is don’t go build anything else. Just sell the crap out of the thing that you’ve proven, right? You go and you go and you start selling and selling and selling and selling and selling and selling and selling.

Russell for the last little while has done nothing, but the Funnel Hacks webinar…

Very few other webinars here and there that he’s built from scratch. This one though, I think he built the majority of this one from scratch. It was amazing to watch the template and the way he used the template of the perfect webinar script and he took certain parts here and he moved other parts there. You need to see what parts are malleable and what parts are not. What’s interesting is it’s no surprise what’s not malleable. Storytelling? That’s not malleable. You tell your stories. You get good at telling stories. You want to know how you sell? Tell stories. You want to know how to market? Tell stories.

MoneyAt the very based bottom line of it without going to any other detail, marketing to storytelling. You know what I mean? You’re building and rebuilding the way someone sees the world through storytelling. That’s exactly what he did. He’s followed that exact same thing, but this idea of the price marinade is how he was able to get everyone pre-framed for a lot of money. Then it was this insatiable deal when it was only three grand. Does that make sense? He’s introducing a constraint. He’s introducing a constraint at the beginning of the webinar. The constraint being, “It’s 11 grand. Oh my gosh. I’ve got to come up with $11,000. Holy crap.”

Then he’s releasing it at the end. Same thing with the Funnel Hacks webinar. He introduces the constraint. Hey, this is what ClickFunnels is. It’s $297. For $297 you get this and this and this and this and this and this. He’s saying that because that creates limits, that creates barriers, right? You get this many contacts. You get this many funnels. You get this many this and that. He’s saying that so that at the end of the webinar he can release the constraint for his fast acting bonus and get people to get it. This was like loaded with tons of constraints at the beginning with tons of constraint releasing at the end.

That’s why I was so freaking nuts and excited about the pitch that I was seeing. I was like dude, you usually just put like one limiting thing at the beginning and then you release that constraint at the end. You put like a hundred and price marinade. Oh my gosh. $3,000 price point. Thee million bucks in an hour and a half. Oh my gosh. Huge guys. Hall of frame right there in my mind. Should be in yours as well. I know that he’s got this Two Comma Club Coach trophy, but they better come up for another way for what he just did. $3 million in an hour? That should be its own award. Most of us is just trying to hit that in much longer period of time. It’s pretty funny.

Walk inside ClickFunnels and he’s got I think 17 or 18 Two Comma Club awards of his own, and three of them are $10 million products besides ClickFunnels. The dude knows how to sell. Mad, mad, mad props, my friend. Absolutely incredible. Very fun to watch that. I encourage everyone of you guys to obsess like you would over sports or obsess like you would like a hobby over the act of pitching. You’ve got to sell. Everything depends on sales. Don’t think that you can be in marketing and neglect sales. They are different. They are different. The better marketer you are, the less hard sales we have to do, but you still have to learn how to sell.

You still got to learn how to pitch. You still got to learn how to present an offer. Obsess over these elements. These are the things, these are the dials to turn. These are the most high leverage activities for you to go obsess and absolutely love. Anyway, that’s all I got for you guys. I’m sorry if it was a little bit in the weeds. It’s a little bit of a different styled episode than normally I would do, but I just wanted to talk about that and help you guys understand like why that was such a big deal. It was a huge deal on a lot of accounts. My brain, my little marketing serious brain is going nuts.

I literally was just about to end the episode, but I forget one other thing that you guys should all know about. One of the things I’ve struggled with … Struggling is the wrong word for it, but like is a challenge when you’re face to face with people in an event to get people when it’s time to go buy to actually stand up, the physical action of them to stand up and go buy at the back table or back of the room or whatever. The reason why is because they will sit there and they just kind of look at you and they don’t want to be rude because you’re talking.

You have to give them permission to stand up even though you just said, “Go to the back right now. There’s order forms on the back. When they’re gone, they’re gone,” or whatever, right? You have to actually say it. It’s interesting to watch Russell … Two of the things here that I’ve just learned from those are huge, huge, huge guys. I hope that you are soaking this in. This is annoying that I’m going this long, but it was cool to watch him. Several times when he got to the part where the actual call to action came, he would be like, “Guys, if you can tell this is already going to fit you already, like stand up and go to the back. Stand up and go to the back. Seriously right now.

Stand up and go to the back. Get up. Stand. Right now. Just get up and go to the back.” He kept saying it like that way. Then he would stop like in the middle of the stack. I stood up. He was super nice. He talked about my MLM Funnel in his presentation. All this people around me were asking about it. I stood up to go down to the table and they were like, “You bought already.” I was like, “This is something to buy again.” I started walking down. He still went for another like 15-20 minutes it felt like. It was funny at least. About 15 minutes. He wasn’t even done with the presentation and there was probably a thousand people.

He wasn’t even done. That’s what I want to come say. He was not done and he kept going and going. He was finishing the whole presentation, but there was already this huge massive people at the tables turning their order forms like hotcakes. That’s what I want you to understand and know is that … He continued to throughout, continued to say, “Stand up and go to the back. If you know this is a good for you already, oh look at that. Those are the smart people who are already in the back right now just standing up and go to the back.” He kept giving permission because people don’t want to get rude. They’re sitting there.

They’re listening to you. They’re in this docile state. You got to break that. He’ll continue to say it over and over and over and over, getting them permission to come up. I’ve used that tactic in the past and I made the stupid mistake of not continuing to say it. I kept talking afterwards and some dude sat down after he saw that I kept speaking. It pissed me off. He didn’t go buy because he was trying not to be rude to me. That dude should have just went and bought. I did not continue to say stand up. Stand up. When you’re doing live events like that, continue to say, “Get up if you know this fits for you. Get up. Keep going. This would be helpful for you. Get up.”

Then the next day what he had was a … He was able to stand back up and give a … It was basically a re-offer. He like did a double close. It was really interesting. He gave away some really cool … He basically stood up and said, “Look guys, I pulled $3 million out of the room. If you guys want to know how I did it, I’ve decided that I’m going to add my presentation and all the stuff that I did inside what you bought. If you’re like on the fence relieving like in the next little bit, you have got to stand up right now and go to the back and purchase right now because I’ll give you …” He’s adding his extra bonuses in.

I thought like how interesting is that? The guy is offer creating off the fly. This is incredible. Just making it even better and better and better and better. Anyways, he did this cool follow up thing. I was thinking like how would I apply it to a webinar? I’m thinking if I can, that’s going to be a cool thing where I do some cool unadvertised bonus. Hey look, if you’re still on the fence, I decided to add X, Y and X in. I think it’d be awesome.

Anyway, I’m excited to go apply some of the things that I saw to the online webinar. This certainly apply. Man, guys, I get more excited about Funnel Hacking Live than Christmas and this was like the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

Sales Funnel Radio
It was so cool. You guys can call me nerd. I don’t care. It was awesome. All right guys. Talk to you later. Obsess over your thing. Don’t let anyone else talk you out of working hard. Talk to you later.

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