SFR 113: My New Hiring Funnel… – Stephen Larsen

SFR 113: My New Hiring Funnel…

Feb 19th, 2018 anchorwave

iTunesHere’s how I ‘m using funnels to hire a support person, funnel assistant, personal assistant, and high ticket sales person…


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Holy crap, so I’ll be completely honest with you. I was actually at church three days ago and I was sitting down and this guy just said the word Super Bowl, and all of a sudden it hit me that that day, later that afternoon was the Super Bowl. I was like, “Hey, guys. I’m assuming today is the Super Bowl.”

Someone is like, “Yeah.” “Oh, okay. I did not know that.” They’re like, “You didn’t know today was the Super Bowl?” I was like, “No. No, I didn’t. I did not know today is the Super Bowl.” I had a few other friends and stuff they’re like making fun of me for it. I don’t care. I don’t care. Actually, I love the NFL actually. Like, I shouldn’t say I love it. I watch one game per year and that is the Super Bowl. I love the Denver Broncos, mostly because I’m from there.

If we ever get a good quarterback again, maybe they’ll have a good shot at actually doing something good again…

Guys, I love low-information diets. I’m trying to cultivate one of them. For years … I don’t really read the news. I used to have a subscription to The Wall Street Journal. Yes I stopped that a long time ago. I had another friend that was like, “Hey, did you see on the news X, Y, and Z?” I was like, “No.” They’re like, “What? Where do you go to get your news?” I was like, “I don’t. I don’t.” They’re like, “Huh, if something important is going on how do you know about it?” I was like, “Because I hear people talking about it.”

If anything, Facebook will at least give me a skewed idea that something’s at least going on. I’ll hear it from the filters of a billion people on Facebook. I should go check it out then. Like, “Really?” I was like, “Yeah, it’s all about me not taking in too much information. It’s all about me trying my hardest to not take in information.

There’s so much data that’s produced every second now, every little nanosecond. I mean there’s so much. There’s no way you could ever consume the amount of stuff that’s produced in your lifetime. What’s nice about that is you get to actually choose what it is you actually take in. The hard part about it is that you actually have to choose what you should take in. You know what I mean? I go through and actually … I wasn’t trying to talk about this at all actually during this episode.
I try and cultivate a low-information diet as much as I can, much like before our workweek talks about. I’ve noticed in my life, it’s a lot more, I can think. There’s a lot more calm in my head.

I know there’s crazy stuff going on and I’m not trying to be an un-responsible citizen, but I think my best way to contribute to society is to help a whole bunch of people learn how to make a whole bunch of money and help their customers, and I think it’s going pretty well so far. You know what I mean? All right, there’s my contribution and it’s going well.

footballI really don’t read much news. I had no idea the Super Bowl was going on, which by the way, I did want the Patriots to win. I was a little bit sad they didn’t. Broncos and Patriots those are my teams, if I can even say that. I can’t even name players. I barely even know what the teams are.

I don’t even know what all the divisions are inside the NFL. I’m serious, I don’t. I don’t feel awkward about that. I’m a little jealous of all the people who know how to talk sports. I don’t know how to talk sports at all, at all. Why? It’s actually slightly on purpose, especially at the beginning it was very much on purpose. Now it’s just a habit, but I am trying to stay obsessed with my craft. Obsessed. I mean, freakishly obsessed. You know what I mean? Straight up fanatical, monomaniac over what I do. Why?

You know what’s funny? There’s a stat I was reading that I heard about. I can’t remember what it said, but it said basically if you read like … If you consume an hour a day of the material inside your industry, just an hour a day or something like that, within a couple of years you’ll be one of the top people. That’s so awesome. There’s so much other noise, there’s so many other distractions that other people give in to. All I got to do is I got to start reading, I got to start studying, I got to start reading the greats, understand where they are and I’ll be at the top.

It’s the same thing with you guys. I know that every one of you on here, you’re all rock stars, you’re all producers, you’re all … We may not all be A type personalities, but we’re all go-getters. We all try and get things done. I’m a little bit more of an introvert in person. Depends on how well I know you.

That’s all I’m trying to say though, is I try to keep and cultivate this low-information diet and I try to do things in a way that … I’m trying to practice more of what Tim Ferriss is talking about, where he said, he’ll walk around and he’ll just try and figure out the one thing that he could do that would make all these other things he has to do obsolete, which leads me to the topic of this episode.

I know it’s five minutes in, but I feel like that was important to say that. Just try and stay obsessed. You know what I mean? Really, try and stay completely obsessed with what you do, and if you can’t get obsessed about it, you might not be doing the right thing. That make sense? No one really has to motivate me. I mean yes, I get through slumps. I feel like I just got through a little bit of a slump. Creating the product that I just launched out there was rough. I can say with full confidence that my product freaking rocks. It is worth way more than I charge for it. It is amazing. I absolutely love what I produced. It is so good.

Oh, my gosh, I don’t know any other product that’s out there that does what this one does in the space that it’s in. I’m very, very excited and I feel completely confident about that. I just finished it and well by the time you guys get this I’ll finish it because today I’m finishing it.

That was intense. That was hard. Now it’s out. It’s done. It’s just like Seth Godin says guys, “You can be the first or you can be the best.” That’s the path to cash. Vanilla is the number-one selling ice cream that sells 10 times more than number two. It’s chocolate. Right? Number two sells three times more than three. It’s not a linear curve. It is an exponential curve. You can either be the first or you can be the best. We try to teach you through Expert Secrets how to be the first. We try to teach you through DotCom Secrets how to be the best.

Funnel hack someone and do what their process is, and then you go improve on it. It’s a combination of the two that we’re trying to go through and show you guys how to do this stuff.

Anyway, powerful stuff, powerful stuff. Speaking of teams, how’s this for a lead in? I am realizing that where I am, the big domino that I’m trying to knock over my life right now is holy crap, I cannot handle the number of messages that come into me anymore on my own. I can’t, I already wasn’t. If you guys have sent me a message I’m sorry, I probably have not answered it. It’s because of the straight up volume of messages. It’s not out of me being rude, please don’t get offended, but I am doing my best right now.

I’m going to go to try and duplicate areas of my life that I know are duplicated bowl. There’s certain things that I do that I will never try to outsource, that I want to control. I’m sure at some point I actually will outsource those things, it’s just I haven’t figured out the best way for me to outsource them and duplicate those things. Stay tuned, I’ve got a plan on something really cool coming up.

Oh my gosh, I want to build another funnel so bad. I almost built almost one funnel per day for almost two straight years. I mean that’s crazy. I am itching so bad to build a second funnel. I was talking to another buddy of mine yesterday and he was like, “Do not build a second funnel.” I was like, “I want to, I want to build another funnel so bad.”

He’s like, “Don’t do it.” He’s like, “I wish someone else had told me that when I was early on in my entrepreneurial game also.” He’s like, “Russel was right.” I was like, “I know, I know he’s right.” I was known for my speed with these things and it’s helpful. I can take a lot of elements from lots of different funnels that I’ve built and toss them all into just the one. It makes sense, it’s time for pure obsession in just that one thing. I don’t know the exact moment where it’ll be time to move on but I think I’ll know and I’ve got a plan for it.

HireAnyway, so yes anyway. What I’m trying to do right now is I’m trying to go out, I’m creating a hiring funnel basically where I’m going out and I was sitting at a mastermind once, actually was the Inner Circle. I was sitting in the Inner Circle and someone was asking the question, “Hey, how do I find someone good?” It was cool because both Russell and also myself, I raised my hand, and Russell was like, he’s like, “You got to hire from within.”

Meaning hire from within your own community, which is why it’s so important that every one of you guys is publishing. When I was going out and I was getting all these odd jobs done for random things I needed built, I had to reindoctrinate them on what my tasks were, what my goals were, what the culture of what I’m trying to build is. You know what I mean? If I hire from within, meaning I hire from within my own audience, my own following and that’s where I get my help from, that is 100% the easiest way to do that. You know what I mean?

Anyways, that’s what I’ve been doing. This is, I guess, my shout out for it. It was weird when I did a shout out, when Russell did, to his community to find my replacement. That was weird. That was weird. I’m sure some of you guys saw that, but I was sitting there next to him and he goes, “Dude, it’s time.” We put off making the video to find another funnel builder for weeks. We kept putting it on the list. We’re like yes we’ll do it, and then we wouldn’t. We’ll do it, and then we wouldn’t. It was back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.

I think it’s because both of us didn’t want to actually admit that it was about to happen. I didn’t want to leave, he didn’t want me to leave, but the circumstances made it necessary and I’m glad I did. Been able to go build my own stuff and put it all together and things like that. Still involved there.

Actually just signed the contract to be a Two Comma Club coach there, which I’m very, very excited about. I already was though, you guys already know that. I guess they just made it official by signing a contract since I’m gone now, you know what I mean? Anyways I already was though. What I’m focusing on right now … I’m sorry, my thoughts are kind of all over the place. There’s a lot of different ideas that I’m trying to lace together here so you can follow what I’m saying. What I’m trying to say is be obsessed, understand that I’ve never seen anybody ever get to $1 million on their own ever.

I’ve never seen someone who got a Two Comma Club award ever make it there on their own. They always had at least some VA’s, there’s always some other people, some other team members, things like that. Maybe not straight up employees, I don’t want to have straight up employees. Not for right now anyway.
I want to help you guys understand that you will need other people on this journey. It is not cool to be a solopreneur.

If you’ve never hired on someone else, if you’ve never outsourced some jobs or whatever, I dare you to break that mold because you’re never actually going to get there on your own. There’s literally just way too much to do. It’s the reason why every time I record these podcasts it goes off to an assistant, and she turns it into a blog post, and she syndicates it all over the place. If you want to know more about my podcasting strategy listen to episode 60 and 61, and they will tell you about my content engine and super, super powerful.

You got to understand that you can’t do it on your own, don’t try to do it on your own, but be a monomaniac over the thing that you’re trying to be the best at. Obsess over it, read things about it, you’ll be better than everyone else within a couple years, even if you just consume a little bit each day. Obviously if you speed that up timeline shrinks like crazy also, which is I am convinced why it happened for me so quick. Self-driven to just study my face off, and I can feel another big learning loop about to happen for me, which I need, it’s good.

I’m in a big application phase right now. I’m just applying all the stuff that I’ve learned. I’m implementing like crazy and all the stuff that I know, all the things that I’ve done, all the models that I teach and it’s working brilliantly. I mean holy crap, we’re doing well, which is very fun. It’s exciting, we’ve worked hard for it.

As far as progression moving forward and as far as scaling, the thing that I know that I’m going to need to do next is I’ve got to get number one and assistant and number two I’ve got to get a support person. There is way too many questions coming in, I just cannot handle them. What I’m finding myself doing is working in the business rather than on the business and that’s a scary place for me to go for many reasons. I am not good in that area.

My personality is not good in that area, I’m not good at support. People ask questions and I can’t blame them. “Hey, I’ve got a question about this, this, this, this.” For me I’m a self-solver, 99% of the time. It’s not like I don’t ask questions, I ask tons of questions to everybody, you guys know that about me. I ask questions to the cashier, I ask questions to dry cleaner, I ask questions to everyone at all times, I’m learning as much as I can as I go and I love that.

There’s also this element of self-solving. No one’s going to hold your hand to $1 million, you’ve got to be able to self-solve, you’ve got to be able to go and figure out problems on your own, answers on your own. I’m not good at support. As personality goes and even all the tests that I’ve taken, personality tests, DiSC tests, the 16 personalities test, all of them say you’re not going to be good at the support role because I get frustrated too fast.

People are like, “Hey, how do I build a funnel.” I’m like click. The add funnel button, it’s right there, it says it. You know what I mean? I’m not good at that. My personality’s not good at that stuff, so I’m trying to find someone who is good at those things. I’m trying to find somebody who’s … It’s been fun.

ClickFunnelsI’ve been going through and I’ve been funnel hacking the Click Funnels hiring funnel. It’s the very funnel that I went through to apply to get the job there, and I’ve been building it out. It’s been a bunch of fun and whatever positions I need you just click on which one you’re interested in and you can send in your application, there’s several things that I have you do. I have you take the DiSC test, I have you take the 16 personalities test, I have you create a video telling me why you should have the job, and uploading it. There’s a lot of things that I have you do, which is awesome. I mean it’s awesome, it’s a fun application process honestly.

Anyway, so this is my extremely soft pitch. If any of you guys are interested go to and at the bottom there it’s going to say hiring. You click right there. I mean it says hiring there at the bottom for you. Click right there and it’ll show you the positions that I’m looking for. Honestly, right now I’m growing slow as far as personnel goes.

I am very slow to expand right now. I’m nervous to … How should I say this? Things are so much in the testing phase still. Even though the product’s done, even though all the pieces are done, even though the things where they need to be going, now that I have the what of what sells down, I’m just making sure I got the how down. I’m tweaking the funnel like crazy. I’m cleaning up the traffic sources. I am keeping the live funnel but I will probably do a split live and replay option as well, which is kind of cool.

I’ll tell you guys more about that in a little bit. I kind of made it up. I haven’t built it yet but I know how it’s going to work and it’s pretty, pretty cool. That’ll be a whole separate episode, but anyway, so I need help and I already have an awesome traffic driver, I have a buddy of mine who helps me with … He sets up all the processes in the back end, so I’m good at building funnels, but I’m not really good at building the business, he is. He’s building the business and he’s building the processes.

You’d come in and you’re going to work with him and he’ll help you get integrated in a way that the process is all easy, it’s simple, it’s fast, and scratches everyone’s back…

Once that process is set he goes on to the next thing and he builds that piece. Soon I’m going to have to build a fulfillment machine, however that happens, to ship out the stuff that I’m selling because I do have physical products with the webinar that I’m selling as well. It’s kind of a different kind of episode, hopefully it’s okay, but that’s all I’m doing right now is I am so focused on just the product. I want to build something else so bad but I can’t, and so what I’m doing in order to keep the creativity juices going because it’s not about stopping your creativity as an entrepreneur in the stage, it’s not.

When you have the thing done, when you have the thing that you’re selling ready and it’s done and you’re selling it and it’s awesome, the next piece to go get creative on is more ways to get people in.

The next thing to go also do is figure out what you can do inside the business to make it easier and start building up those processes, start building up those internal things you need to so remove you, it’s the big domino Tim Farriss was talking about, that’s what I’m trying to say. I’m looking at the things that remove me from certain areas. Number one, I have got to have an assistant. It’s super honoring you guys, I’m getting asked to speak on tons of podcast shows right now, which is awesome.

I’m getting asked to go talk on tons of events, which is awesome. I’m getting asked to have the relationships over here and remember this little detail about this person over there, and it’s good, that’s awesome, and I want that stuff, those are important things, they’ve got to be there but I am just not time wise capable of being able to handle that kind of stuff right now.

I’ve got to have an assistant, even if it’s just a little bit, a couple hours a day, literally to help me organize my life so I can stay in my creative zone in the funnel building world. Then number two I’ve got to find a support person. Again, even if it’s just a couple hours a day just to … From my standpoint that’s the stuff that I’m looking at and I’m excited for those processes to get put in place so that it helps me stay in the creative zone.

How easy is it to get ahold of Russell Brunson? It’s not, he’s got processes, he’s got appropriate walls to protect himself. It’s kind of a selfish move, but it’s not negatively selfish. It’s selfish in that it protects him and lets him stay in the creative zone, that’s how he can do so much, that’s how he can put so much out is he is always producing.

He’s never there as the mechanic trying to fix things in the business. That’s what the rest of the business is for, the rest of the personnel, the rest of the people there, the employees. They’re there working on those processes, they’re there taking and removing him from those things so that his only focus is selling stuff. That’s what I’m trying to do. It was fascinating to watch that process in person for that amount of time, it’s fascinating, and that’s what I’m trying to create and do. I’ve got this funnel that’s killing it and I think it’ll make a Two Comma Club award.

I don’t want to call my shot here, but I think by the beginning of fall I think it will make $1 million because we haven’t really even started promoted very hard yet. We’re just tweaking, we’re figuring out the traffic sources, we’re figuring out all the different pieces and it’s been great.

Then as soon as that’s up and I feel like it’s in a good place where it stands on it’s own then I’m going to build another funnel that pays for all the costs of my people that I’m hiring. Does that make sense? Rather than say I can’t afford it, I’m asking how can I afford it? I’m like well, there’s a really easy spot right over here that I could go sell stuff in that I know everyone wants that would pay for the people that I’m hiring, would pay for the costs of the actual business.

The actual cost of the product for me isn’t that high and my customers help pay for it, obviously through the purchase of the product. How do I pay for the actual people? There will be a second funnel that is very little impact on my time but at extremely high value that I know will pay for my people.

That’s what I’m looking at right now, and I just want to drop that out to you guys so you guys see kind of what I’m going through as I kind of take a step back and go, “Okay, my average cart value is really high, my costs to acquire is really low. Awesome, great place. The funnel’s doing well. Awesome, cool, let’s keep that traffic source going, we’ll start discovering others. Let’s keep over here, let’s keep creating relationships over here, we’ll do Dream 100 stuff, awesome.

Sales of the product, cool, done. Now let’s go look at actual business…

We’ll go back over here and we’ll figure out the pieces. I have seen so many businesses fail when they build a funnel because they really didn’t actually have a business. They just had an idea and a product. The funnel is not the business, the funnel is not the business, the funnel sells stuff.

Russell BrunsonThe business supports what the funnel is selling, that’s the relationship there. Three times now, at least, that’s the ones I can remember, I have had people calling after we’ve launched a funnel either personally or with one of Russell’s clients. I’ve had people and businesses and business owners calling begging me to turn off the funnel because it is about to bankrupt their company, or they just can’t handle it and their customers are getting mad.

It’s exact same thing Trey Lewellen when he sold that many credit card knives and flashlights and survival things that quickly. People are like who’s this guys? Did someone just take my money, did they steal from me? He’s like no he didn’t actually, he had a great product. He just so many sales he could barely handle the volume of sales.

That’s what I’m trying to prep myself for is a support person who starts out with just a couple hours, we get the process down, and as we scale we turn up the hours of the support person. Frankly I could use a full-time assistant, but we start with a few hours, we figure out the process, and then we turn it up slowly as things need to be done. I am not a fan of just tossing money in random places with hopes that the money solves the problem. I’ve never seen that happen so we start slow, exact same thing with all these million dollar funnels that we go launch and put out there guys.

We just start with a little bit of ad spend, test what’s happening, test what’s going on up there, and then we start turning it up once the results start coming in. Don’t think you got to have hundreds or even thousands of dollars to go test your product ideas on paid traffic sources, you don’t. It’s the same thing with the way you hire, and the way I saw him hire.

He’d vet people out, he’d bring them on in, and then he’d fire them real quick if he needed to, if it really was just not a good fit. It wasn’t him doing any of that either, it was Brent, the COO. He literally could stay in the creative producing, selling mode 24/7 which is amazing.

That’s all I got for you guys. I know my podcast episodes are a little bit long, going for almost 25 minutes now, but it’s because I want to fully dive into the idea and the different applications of it. I hope that makes sense as I do these things, what I’m doing with it. I’ve got a really cool surprise coming up for everybody as well. Something is in the works. It’s probably another six weeks out, but I think you guys are really going to enjoy this. It is a big piece of me. I’m really excited for you guys all to have it. I’ll salt the oats there. I’m not going to dive into it now. If you are interested.

If you’re like Stephen I would love to work with you please know that there’s a lot of people that come to me without me even putting something out there that’s like this, and if you’re listening to this after the time of me launching it and you’re like, “Hey I would love that.” Literally you can go to,, the guy that wanted wanted $40,000 so I got

Scroll down to the bottom and it says hiring right there, and you can see the different positions that are open, or if there aren’t any at the time that’s okay, you can join a list and wait, and be like hey want to be notified next time we have an opening, you really want to get into this. That’s my soft pitch, but that’s exactly what’s going on in the business.

This is me telling you what’s going on and also saying if you’re open to it I’d love to have you. All right guys, thanks so much. Hopefully you got some stuff out of this and you got some ideas. I’m serious about that, learn to be a monomaniac, learn to say no to things so that you can be a monomaniac, you can obsess, you can be one of the best in the industry, whatever it is that you do, and then understand that you don’t ever get there on your own. I’m trying to stay in my Sales Funnel Radioobsessive zone by finding help because I need it.

Anyways guys, thanks so much, appreciate it and I will talk to you later.

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