SFR 112: The traffic I DON’T learn… – Stephen Larsen

SFR 112: The traffic I DON’T learn…

Feb 16th, 2018 anchorwave


There’s a lot to master out there. Here’s what I am trying NOT to master…


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All right you guys, hey, I wanted to walk through real quick a cool realization. I was sitting with Russell, and he and I were chatting, catching up, and we both had this little Ah-ha! like huh, moment. I love that, because he and I both do that. We’ll be sitting there and we’ll be like, “Huh! Oh, that’s interesting. We should incorporate that or that or this or this,” or whatever, right?

There was another experience. This is usually what would happen, okay? Someone would get an idea. “Oh, my gosh! We should do some kind of offer like this.” People go run around barefoot, shorts and T-shirt, up on whiteboards, and we just start drawing out the idea. Then, usually what’ll happen is Russell pretty much has the equivalent of an elephant brain when it comes to marketing. He does not forget anything. It is amazing. It is brilliant. It is incredible. It blows me away every single time. It’s amazing to watch.

He’ll sit there and be like, “Wait a second. There was an email headline or subject line that I saw. Actually, no, it wasn’t the subject line. It was the second line down on the left. There was a certain … What did he say? It was a certain phrase. It was back in … That was in 2004. Oh, my gosh.”

He’ll go and he will find it, which is incredible. I mean, you talk about funnel hacking. That guy knows how to funnel hack like crazy. Part of the reason why … We were sitting there, and he was asking how my numbers were going, asking how stats were going, and back and forth. It was a ton of fun to go through and catch up back and forth, and really, really fascinating, because I was going through, and I was telling him.

He’s like, “So are you running Facebook ads?” I was like, “Yeah, but I found someone, and they’re fantastic. They’re amazing.”

I actually think I’ll interview that person here shortly on this podcast, so you guys can hear some of the strategy, which is amazing, and I want to tell you more of the story of how I found that person, because it’s pretty remarkable, but it’s going really, really well.

I told you guys, was it a couple episodes ago? I told you guys the stats, whereas like $3,000 in, but $42,000 in revenue. I mean, it’s this crazy, ridiculous … I mean, there’s not some nub ad strategy going on there. There’s some straight up ninjery. We haven’t really even turned it up yet.

Anyway, so that’s going really, really well, but I was talking to Russell and he’s going through these scenarios and couldn’t remember where this thing was. I remember it was back in 2004 and it was this email line, this subject line, and that happens like at least weekly. At least. Usually a couple times a week where he’ll do that. He’ll go back. I mean he has an elephant brain for marketing stuff. It’s amazing. It is amazing.

I was talking about it and I said “You know what’s fascinating, is how” I mean I certainly have commented about that before, but I was like “It’s amazing how well you do that, man. I mean seriously.” I was like “You know what it is? It’s pretty fascinating because I think” … He was like … I was like “You have an obsession over Dream 100 strategy.” It was like “Yeah, duh.” But a lot of people have asked me, “Steven, are you the one running your Facebook ads?” Just follow me here for a second.

I was like “No. I don’t want to learn how to do Facebook ads.” He was like “Are you serious?” Like “Yeah, for me that’s not the highest leverage activity. For me to go master that. I want to stay on the funnel building peak.” As much as I can, the most cunning edge stuff at all times, that’s where I want my expertise to lay. I’ve never seen anybody climb two peaks at once.

Find your thing, say no to everything else. That’s how you get really good, that’s how you become an expert. Say no to everything else, except for that one thing. I was like “Okay” and it was interesting because I’ve certainly been temped to go, I know I would be good at probably Facebook ads, they’re probably just like everything else, just like funnel building, there’s a system, there’s processes, there’s formulas.

As soon as you learn what those things are, you know how to manipulate them and tweak them and gain the edge on everybody else on the market. Same thing with funnel building. So I was like “I know I could go learn it, and it’s been temping for me too.”

What I want to do, I want to walk through real quick three different traffic sources that I’m focusing on right now. The ones that I’m saying yes to and the ones I’m specifically saying no to. Facebook traffic strategy changes pretty much daily. I don’t want to say strategy, but policies, procedures, what’ll get you kicked out. What’ll get your account band. What’ll get you buyers. What’ll get you pinged for doing weird stuff. You know what I mean?

That changes on such a regular occurrence. I don’t want to keep up with it. That’s its own expertise, its own skill. So I outsource that. I don’t try to learn that.

That’s exactly what Russ and I were realizing is “Dude, you know what’s fascinating is that your ability to say no to learning these traffic sources is what has made you learn Dream 100 stuff, which has made you your elephant brain-ness.” That is what has actually helped him know, be like “Oh yeah I can funnel hack this person who did this 10 years ago and it was on this one headline on this one book.”

Then he’ll run out to the bookcase and then he’ll start rummaging through books, and no joke, in five minutes he’ll find that specific line on the page from 10 years ago that he read it. It’s brilliant. Because he has spent time to master his Dream 100, he has spent time, which is really like Dream 700, okay. Meaning, he knows their products. He knows their sales tactics. He knows their techniques. He knows their specific offers, how they’re getting, you know what I mean?

The whole game is figuring out what you sell and how you sell it, but he has done it, done so well because he also knows what others are selling and how they sell it. He doesn’t just know his own what and how, he knows their what and how. He knows their business so well that when he needs he’s like “Oh wait there’s a great headline that sold some of that 10 years ago” and he does it on such a regular basis, it’s because he said no to learning and keeping up with the paid traffic area. He outsources that.

The only traffic source that he spends tons of time in, is this Dream 100 one. Well there’s another one as well, okay.

So there’s really three traffic sources that I’m getting traffic from right now. I have two of the three turned on. Number one, which is the one that everyone runs to, and that’s not a problem but for me it just kind of keeps the doors open, it’s not so much the one that blows out the doors and makes all the money. It’s paid ads.

Which might mean Facebook, might mean YouTube, might be whatever, but number one is paid ads.

I would recommend do paid ads…

I’m not telling you not to do paid ads. I’m telling you that when you leave it only to that, usually you can do well. You can make a ton of money, which is great, which is awesome, but the ones that really knock it out of the park they also will include this Dream 100 strategy where they get someone else with a huge list that you’d love to sell to, to promote your thing also.

If they’ve got a huge list, you go out you’re like “Hey, look you’re already in possession of this massive list of people, will you please come promote my thing also?” So number one, paid ads. Number two, Dream 100. A list of people who already have the people you want. Get them to promote and do a little joint venture with them.

MoneyThen the third traffic source that I never really considered until I actually launched my own webinar, which is going to sound stupid but it’s true, as one of the ones that has made a lot of money, is publishing. Publishing, itself. Number one, paid ads. Number two, Dream 100. Number three, publishing.

Number three, publishing, that’s a lot of long term long place filed traffic, but it gets really consistent, which is awesome. And it’s free usually. Depending on how you do it. The other, the Dream 100 stuff, that also can be long term as far as the relationships go, and they’re kind of knock it out of the park styled ones. Then paid ads, that’s its own beast.

It can be its own expertise based on the traffic source and what it is your trying to actually learn. So I don’t try to learn that ’cause I want to stay in the actual funnel side itself. The traffic is the beginning of the funnel but I want to stay in the actual funnel world itself and stay on that peak.

Anyway, I hope that makes sense. Make sure you’ve got all three is what I’m saying. Now, turn them on one at a time, and the safest one to turn on first is publishing. Just go start publishing. Go start publishing. Russell’s obviously an animal at that. I’m super stoked. I’ve had a lot of my friends, because I’ve been podcasting, get inspired and go start their own podcast. They’ll get deals on the very first episode that they push out. It is amazing the brand authority that comes to you when you start publishing. It’s not hard.

If you’ve never done it before, that’s the only price that you have to pay is to learn how to do it. That’s it. If you’re like “Steven, I don’t know how to do publishing”, go listen to episode 60 and 61 of this podcast and that’s how I do all my publishing. I keep it real simple, but I syndicate it all over the place and I keep it, I batch it. I batch the content.

I record a whole bunch at once and then it gets dripped out. Not even by me, right. Anyway, so that’s the whole thing I’m trying to say.

Number one, I’m still trying to publish like an animal, so in regards to the actual webinar that I’m doing right now, the actual webinar that I’m doing right now I need to make sure that I’m publishing about it. I need to make sure that I’ve got Dream 100 stuff going out about it. And I do.

I’ve got a whole bunch of packages. I’m still shipping packages out. I’ve got packaging material all over my office right now. Then the third thing is the paid ads.

Paid ads and publishing, right, those combination together, that’s what’s blowing it up. That’s why I did 80,000 in the first month, which is awesome. Going on into February here, I mean the numbers are still holding true, I mean, so we’re starting to figure out where those ads are. Now we start turning them up, actually turn up the actual sources and things like that.

Then, that third one though, Dream 100, that’s the one I’ll be turning on here as soon as I actually finish the product, which should be very, very shortly here. I have a strategy for how I roll these products out, which is awesome, which makes them, which is probably why they do so well, honestly. It’s the way I roll them out. But that third traffic source, Dream 100, that’s the next one. So I’m going out and finding people who have huge lists of MLMers.

Whether or not I reach out to them or they reach out to me, back and forth, they’re on my list and I mean we’re getting $7 earning per click right now. I mean that’s crazy. If someone has a big list, like, they’re going to make some money. You know what I mean?

That’s what I’m doing. I’m going out, I’m trying to find those people, people who want to do a webinar just with me, with just their audience, I’ll do that with them. People that want to create more of a relationship, they’re like “Hey, I love your stuff but let’s vet you out for a while.” That’s fine. There’s some people that just want to do it, they’re like “Hey this is great.” Then there’s other people who want to develop more of a relationship first. There’s other people … Anyway.

That’s what I’m doing right now. That’s the three traffic areas that I’ve been focusing on right now. It was just interesting to realize as Russ and I were sitting there together, it’s the focus and the complete obsession over just Dream 100, that has made him … It’s one of the things that made him so good, because paid traffic strategies change basically daily.

All the little tricks. All the things. Funnel stuff does too, but it has more to do with human psychology and that really doesn’t change that much. You know what I mean?

While some of the funnel strategies will change or update or things like that, to me learning specifically about sales and marketing itself is the higher leverage activity. It’s the activity that pays more than just learning a single traffic source and building an agency off of that. Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for you guys on that one. Go figure out what those things are. Publish, that’ll get you traffic, especially if you’re documenting your journey of you creating your thing, or launching your thing, or whatever it is.

Whatever the next coming up. Dream 100 stuff, that’s kind of a long term play that for me, publishing and Dream 100 those are the only two strategies for traffic that I even care about. Facebook ads, outsource that and I’ll definitely get Sales Funnel Radiothat individual on here soon so you can hear some of those tactics and strategies, ’cause they are just freaking killing it.

All right guys, talk to you later. Bye.

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