SFR 11: In Your Profession, The “Real Enemy” Might Surprise You… – Stephen Larsen

SFR 11: In Your Profession, The “Real Enemy” Might Surprise You…

Sep 27th, 2016 anchorwave

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[story] The goal isn’t to parade your strengths. Your goal is to highlight your differences…


All right, all right, all right.

Today I’ve got a sweet story for you guys.

I was, so it’s Monday right, and I was coming out of church and yesterday I was in church and this guy and I just got in this conversation. I’ve seen him before. I’ve haven’t really talked to him that much though.

Great guy. I was sitting there and actually we were walking out and our little kids were running around screaming like crazy right and he goes, “You’re in the Army right?” I said, “Yes”.

He goes, “I don’t know if I should publicly say that but I just did so.” He goes, “Man, like is that cool and stuff?” I was like, “Just like anything there’s pros and cons you know. There’s really fun times and there’s really boring times.” He goes, “You do marketing stuff right?”

I said, “Yeah, yeah, yeah.” He goes, “So what do you do?” I start telling him. I go, “Hey, I build sales funnels and I do this and this and this.” He was like, “This is really really interesting.”

I could tell like something was bothering him. He looked over and I asked, him, “What do you do for work? You do like supply chain management stuff?” He was like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

I was like, “I almost did that in college but like you guys are crazy smart. Like you guys have so much” … I remember my supply chain classes that I took being up all night making these ridiculously huge Excel models. They were cool but man it was rough. It was super super rough to do that stuff. My brain … I wasn’t cut out for it. I got bored really quick.

He goes, “That’s just the thing man. Like I’m so, I don’t know, I can’t say what it is.” I was like, “Are you just really really bored?” 

He goes, “Yeah”. He goes, “I’m so bored. I hate my job. I hate what I do. I don’t …”

He got animated. It was the first time I’d seen him kind of open up. He and I have spoken before but you know small talk. We’re not really friends or whatever. It’s not that we’re not but we just haven’t done anything.

Anyways he starts opening up to me. He’s telling me how bored he is with his life. He said, “The only think that I like about my job is the fact that it provides for my family. I like that. I hate going to work though. I hate doing what I do.”

He looked at me and goes, “You are so lucky.” I felt like, I mean I didn’t know how to react to that because yes, I am.

He was like, “You wake up every single day and you’re excited to go to work.” I was like freaking yes man. It’s not even seven o’clock in the morning right now and I’m all ready at the office.

I get up early to just crush it because you guys know that I have a normal job on the side so I do this in the mornings and I build sales funnels in weird times of the day so that I can keep moving towards my dreams and make extra money and it works. I make a lot of extra money with this. He looks at me and he’s like, “You’re so lucky man.”

He’s like, “And you’re in the Army. How’s that? Is that super fun?” It’s just like, it’s exactly what I said before man, it’s like, there’s really good times and there’s really boring times.

Anyways, there’s a book by Tim Ferriss. I’m sure you guys have all heard it, The 4-Hour Workweek. In that book, the first time I read it, I thought this was kind of a weird comment that Tim Ferriss said in there and Tim Ferriss, I remember he said, “The real thing that we’re fighting in this life is boredom.” I thought, I don’t know if I really agree with that. I don’t know. I wish I could remember the rest of the quote. I should have looked it up before I started recording.

He said, “The real thing we’re fighting in this life is boredom. We should do things because it excites us and that’s the only reason.”

I started thinking about why I am where I am and that actually is one hundred percent spot on true that I started learning how to drive traffic because I thought it was really freaking cool and I could send traffic over to tons of different sites and make money.

I remember the first time that I made money online. I went to sleep. My buddy and I was working on stuff and I had just convinced my internet marketing teacher to not let me, I said, “Hey, please don’t let me come back, I don’t want to go back to class. I’ve all ready been studying this stuff for awhile. You guys are talking about the basics and it’s killing me.”

I said, “No offense but can I go do this instead right?” I drew up a plan and it was just a sales funnel. I had an opt in page, an order from, there was an up sale and something else. It was for affiliate products right? I said, “This is what I want to go build and I wasn’t to do this instead of your class.”

I can’t believe he let me do it but I thank God every day that he said yes because he very well could have just changed my life right there, which he probably did because it worked. I went out and I built it and I remember that night I was like, “Gosh, I hope this work.”

I sent traffic to it. I spent fifty bucks which to me was a huge amount of money. Fifty dollars in traffic and I went to sleep and I woke up the next day and immediately pulled up my computer and I was looking at it.

I was like, “Holy Crap!” There was fifty dollars back in my account. I broke even. There were seventeen people who had seen it and had opted in but didn’t purchase so I gained seventeen contacts and fifty dollars.

I was like, “This is crazy. Oh my gosh.” I was a little bit disheartened because I didn’t make money right? All I got was contacts. I didn’t understand how cool it was and what I had just pulled off the very first time that I had tried it.

We call that a self-liquidating offer. I had made no money but had gained customers, so my cost to acquire a customer was zero which to any VC firm or whatever, is nuts.

I went through and I could re-market to those people and I could make more money with them. Anyways, I was going nuts. I got super excited and I started going and driving traffic for Paul Mitchell that was local there and got introduced to eight more Paul Mitchell’s through California.

My buddy and I started building websites for some of their upcoming celebrities who were being on TV. I did it because it was exciting. I was fighting boredom and my brain works at a billion miles an hour.

You guys can probably hear it.

Sometimes I talk super fast but I just, I was fighting boredom. That’s what you should do. Go fight boredom. That’s the real enemy is boredom.

Gosh, I hate going to … The reason I love my job so much, my normal job, is because it’s different every day. I do a different thing every single day. It’s the reason I chose marketing.

I remember I was talking to a professor and a teacher. I know I talk about college a lot but there were some things I really liked about college and things I hated and I’m not necessarily that old.

I’m only twenty-eight. For me college was not that long ago and so there’s always lessons I still did learn from college. I’m glad I went and I’m glad I did it.

There was a teacher that I sat down with and I was like, “Look, I don’t know what I want to do. I can see myself being in finance. My brain can handle that stuff a little bit. I can see myself being in supply chain. That stuff’s really interesting to me too.

Marketing is interesting but it seems like the one that I would actually like the least.” I can’t believe I said that, which is very funny. He’s like, “You’re built for marketing.” I said, “What? Aren’t they like a dime a dozen?” He said, “Well yes, but you don’t need to be.”

I was like, “There’s no tangible skill that comes with marketing though.” You don’t study marketing and come out and go, this is x, y, z like engineers who say, “Hey, I can make you a blueprint. We’ll get it going over to an architect and then you’ve got a building.” Marketing people don’t do that stuff. I said, “What do you guys do?”

He’s like, “The reason I think you’re going to like it is because there’s literally a different problem every single day.”

He was the chief marketing officer of Denny’s for a long time and Little Caesar’s. He’s actually the guy that invented cheese crust. You know the cheese filled crust. He thought about that and he was like, “Hey, let’s just try it out.”

He told me that for a long time there’s not string cheese in any stores in America because he kept telling all the managers to go buy it up because they exploded their projections.

People wanted cheese filled crust. Anyways, random story. Anyways, he told me that in marketing you get to go solve a new problem every day.

My problem right now is I’m trying to find a good Blogger. I don’t like writing but there’s some articles that I need written all right. I’m going to go solve that problem.

Another problem I’m having right now is I want to go find one more awesome sales guy that I can manage all my other sales guys with and pay more than the others. That’s a problem I’m trying to solve right now. It’s fun because I can go out and okay, how am I going to get new blood into my business.

How am I going to sell more sales funnels. How am I going to get more people to try ClickFunnels because I absolutely love it and I do get a little bit of commission with it. That’s my business model and that’s how I make money. How am I going to that?

I get to think of all all these cool problems and come up with all these cool strategies and really the number one thing to fight in this life is boredom when it comes to professionally.


Don’t be bored.

If you’re bored at your job go quite it. I’m serious. Go, maybe not right off the bat. But seriously go get a book that has a really interesting title. If you want to go make money in a different way then start.

Holy crap, start. Life’s too short to do stuff you freaking hate.

The guy yesterday I was talking to was saying, “Hey, you’re super lucky and I just hate my job.” I said, “Well there’s some books I’ll give to you if you want that really have pushed me forward.

The books that have really made the huge difference in my life.” He’s like, “Well yeah, that sounds awesome, let’s do that.” I was like, “Yes, let me show you what I do and let’s see if we can kind of save you man because that sucks.” I can’t remember the name of the book. I’m looking at the bookshelf here.

Gosh, I can’t remember the name of it. You know, anyways, one of the major lessons. It’s on the back of the cover. It says … Oh, it’s a book called, How the World Sees You, Seven Reasons to Discover How the World Sees You. I just want to read these real quick.

The first one is, the world’s not changed by people who sort of care. The world is not changed by people who sort of care.

You kind of have to really care. I’ve talked about that in a previously podcast, how you have to be purposeful.

Number two, you don’t learn how to be fascinating, you unlearn boring. Number three, instead of focusing on strengths, highlight your differences. That alone has made me really stand out. There’s some things I really suck at. I just would hate to be an account.

I would hate to be a lawyer. There’s people who love it so that’s great and I’m going to hire them out. Just because I can do something doesn’t mean I should. I should do the thing that distinguishes me the most, which is building.

I’m actually quite a good funnel builder. Until I realized that I kind of stayed in the back scenes.

Number four, every time you communicate you’re either adding value or taking up space. I hope that you guys think I’m adding value. I’m trying to give you guys cool nuggets and get you motivated to do stuff. Number five, to become more successful don’t change who you are, become more of who you are. Number six, if you don’t know your value, don’t expect others to know it, which is true. I charge ten grand for my sales funnels.

Those are the ones I kind of pre-built for a certain industry. I charge fifteen grand for custom funnels. Until I actually said that for people, I actually worked for free for a long time, which is good. You should go work for free for awhile. Get results, get testimonials, if you’re just starting out.

If you don’t actually come out and say, “Hey, this is how much this is going to be”, before you start building, before you start doing whatever it is you’re going to go do. I don’t care if you’re not building sales funnels but whatever it is you’re going to go do, then people aren’t going to, they’re not going to pay you any money. Number seven, the greatest value you can add is to become more of yourself, which I kind of all ready said that.

This is kind of six things.

The biggest one I wanted to say is that you need to unlearn boring in your own life, not just in your marketing, and then just because someone says, like working nine to five is awesome but it doesn’t always take me eight hours to get my tasks done for the day. Go do something else.

Work on something on the side. Instead of focusing on your strengths, highlight your differences. That’s like Marketing 101 right there as far as personal branding.

Anyways, I’m kind of ranting now again but I just want you guys to know that the thing you need to be doing is like I said, unlearning boring. Fight boring. You can’t, number one you can’t be boring in your business but number two, you can’t do boring over and over again in your life and expect to maintain potency.

You can’t.

Don’t be like that guy that I talked to yesterday.

If you hate your job, man, start making moves to quit it. Figure out what you do like. If you need help, here’s a trick. What do you think about when you don’t need to be thinking about anything?

That’s one of the reasons I chose business. That’s one of the reasons I chose building stuff. Because I started thinking, holy crap, every time I have nothing to be thinking about, meaning I don’t need to be doing homework, I didn’t need to be working for a client that I had during college, I was away from home so I wasn’t talking to my wife or anything, I wasn’t around other people.

The things I would think about was always business related. I was always thinking, “Oh, how could I sell that. How could I do this. How could I do this. Wow, this was a great idea.”

I fell into that wow, it’s a great idea trap for awhile but when I actually started putting things into action, anyways, it was really, anyways.

Go out and don’t, just don’t be boring. Just go figure out what it is you want to go do. Figure out what excites you. Think through, what do I think about when I don’t need to be thinking about anything. The answer to that it is usually what is really going to excite you. Just follow that trail for a little bit and you’ll probably find the answer.

Anyways guys, I want to thank you guys for listening in. As always please go to, download some of the free funnels if you don’t know where to get started and just tinker with them. You do need to ClickFunnels account but that comes with a free trial when you download that link.

If you have any questions go to the HeySteve page there and you can record right off the browser page of recording to me and it will email that voice recording to me. I kind of vent the questions and if the question pops up on the show, then I will go ahead and send you guys a HeySteve t-shirt.

It’s a sweet t-shirt. I’ll go through another podcast episode on how I made those t-shirts without really needing to. How I made them not on my own.

Anyways guys, I’ll talk to you later and please let me know what you think about this. All right guys, see you.


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