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SFR 107: Creating A Customer Salesforce…

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It’s one thing to have a dedicated sales team, but it’s the big leagues if you can turn your customers into their own sales team…


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What’s up, guys? Hey, I hope you’re doing great. It is a Monday morning, which frankly might be kind of weird, but it’s actually my favorite day and time of the week. Call me workaholic, but it’s true though. So, I wake up on Mondays just a-smiling, and I jump out of bed, and I’m so eager to get started on the week, and I know that’s weird, but whatever. It’s true, so I thought I’d just tell you. Anyways, it’s Monday morning. In about an hour and a half here, my wife and I, along with our two little girls we are going to the doctor, and we’re going to find out what the gender of our new little baby is, and we’re very, very excited. We have two little girls already.

I think it’s gonna be another girl, and I think I’ll be the only guy in the house here, which is fine by me. Anyway, we’ll see what it is, and I’ll let you guys know as soon as I do, but we’re super excited about that. Anyway, I thought I’d just throw a quick podcast out to you guys because I wanted to quickly just let you know about something that I’ve been implementing lately that I’m real excited about, and honestly my customers are too. You guys know … I mean, obviously …

This is starting my … Let’s see, what is this? One, two, three … This is beginning my fourth week alone of self-employment, and things have gone very, very well. We’ve done almost 70,000 in sales, and we haven’t really even optimized stuff yet.
You know what I mean? I’m only selling once a week, really, and on my webinar, my live webinar, every single week, and I will plan to be doing the live webinar every single week for probably quite some time because it’s been kind of interesting.

The first few times I’ve done it, I haven’t changed anything from one script to the next, but especially this last one, I felt it. I felt where I needed to make the changes. I felt where the lag was, so I’m excited. I’m excited to go and I’m going to start switching those things out, but it’s been interesting to go through … There’s a billion things I got to get done still, I mean, obviously, who doesn’t have a big to-do list?

But I’ve got this huge whiteboard over here on the side, and it’s just chock full of stuff. It’s loaded, it’s loaded with tons of things that I need to be getting done, and do, and I … Anyway, the whole thing’s been a lot of fun, but it’s been neat to go through and prioritize stuff. So number one priority for me, obviously, has been just to sell. Sell, sell, sell, sell, sell, sell, sell. You guys know I am a huge advocate of the book, Ready Fire Aim, which talks about stage one, zero to one million, that’s the only thing that matters. Just sell stuff.

So, I’ve been selling things like crazy, been fulfilling on them like crazy, and I’ve been mostly just focusing on the actual course itself that I’ve been selling and all the little mini things in them. It’s been a ton of fun to go through and do that. Lot of work. Holy smokes. When I created the Secret to Master Class Program inside of Russell’s two comma coaching, it was from stuff that already existed and I was just organizing it.

And that’s how I made the first pass of content. And then what I did though, was I came back around as I was hearing people’s feedback. Then I went back through and I created all the extra courses and extra things, and extra trainings that were needed to plug the holes inside people understandings, just to make sure all the bases were covered, you know what I mean?

That’s kind of what I’ve been doing this first time, is I’ve been going through and I’ve been building it from scratch, raw, just the very beginning. Zero to a hundred. But then I go back through after I see people going through it, and all their feedbacks, and all their questions, and all … That’s the reason I do live Q and A’s with them every single week.

It’s so that I can get through and see, like, they’re all still struggling with X. They’re all still struggling with Y, or Z, you know what I mean? And then I go back through and I do a second round of filming. I do a second round of product creation. I go plug in all the holes, and I go plug in … And that’s exactly what’s been going on here.

So I’ve been … it’s been a lot of fun. It’s been a lot of fun. It’s a ton of work, but my gosh, it’s a lot of … I mean, I was on … I think I told this to you guys, I can’t remember if I did or not, but I was on stage speaking at two different events this last week, back to back, which was kind of nuts.

And this guy walks up to me afterwards, and he goes, “That was fantastic, first of all.” And I was, “Thank you.” You know, I said, “Thanks. That’s awesome.” And then he goes, “I was sitting there though, and I was trying to figure out the word for you.” I was like, “What did you mean?” He’s like, “The word that describes you. There’s something about you and I don’t know what it is.” And I was like, “Okay, what it is it?”

And he goes, “It took me awhile, but I think I figured it out. You’re giddy.” I was like, “You think I’m giddy?” He said, “Yeah. You’re 100% giddy. Are you kidding me? You’re standing on … you’re doing the … It is so easy to see that you love what you’re doing. And it’s refreshing. Thank you. It’s so freaking awesome to watch that.”

And I was like, “That’s nice of you. I appreciate that.” And he’s like, “I’m serious though. It’s refreshing because most people get up and they’re either sick of what they’re doing, or they just got one trick or tip and that’s kind of it. It’s so clear and obvious that you love what you’re doing.” And I was like, that actually was some really cool feedback. I’m glad that he said that. That was nice of him.

GiddyI never consider myself as giddy about what I do. Maybe I choose a different word. But I am having fun with it, and it’s been great. Hey, so I’ve been getting a lot of requests lately about … you know what, let me get ahead and I’m just going to read this thing first. And then I’ll lead into that. So I’m holding a book. This book is fantastic.

I would read this book if I was you. If I was trying to be a funnel builder. If I was trying to be an author, speaker, coach, consultant, if I was in the SaaS world, if I was definitely B2B, I would put this on your to do list. This book … so it’s a book called Behind the Cloud, by Mark Benioff and this is the story of how Salesforce pretty much went to a billion dollar company and changed the whole industry.

That’s what the tag line says anyway. And it’s amazing. It’s a great book. And what it is, it’s a series of what they call plays. Play one, play two, play three … but of the different plays that they made to be able to go and do what they did. And make no mistake, I am 100% trying to change the MLM industry, which is what I’ve been selling in.

And I have, I don’t know, call it a chip off the shoulder attitude, or chip off the shoulder thing. That industry, it’s an amazing thing to go through if you’re doing it correctly, if you’re doing it right, and otherwise it’s pretty easy to get categorized into the millions of people that just want to lose their family and friends, which is why they join one, I think.

Anyway, so strong opinions there. Anyway, so I’ve been getting a lot of requests from people though, about an affiliate program for the course that I’ve been selling. And of course I’m going to have one. Of course, absolutely, in fact I think it’s going to come out … We technically already finished it. Technically it’s already done. Yeah, anyway.

Technically it’s already done, but … Anyway, sorry, I have like 13 thoughts going through my head and I’m trying to organize them in a way that it’s going to go together. Anyway, I want to read a section from this book and then tie it back into what I was just saying and talking about. And here it is. Anyway, so this is on page 73 of the book Behind the Cloud.

And what it says … This section is called Play Number 40, Make Every Customer a Member of Your Sales Team. And I thought, this is awesome. I certainly agree with this 100%. Make every customer a member of your sales team. And this is what it says, “Just as we tapped into every employee as a marketing person …”

Okay, that’s first of all a very powerful line, “Just as we tapped into every employee as a marketing person, we believe that every customer could also serve as a salesperson. Inside every customer there’s unrealized potential that by offering training and support, we could build a sales army that is not limited to a finite number of salespeople, but could scale to hundreds of thousands and one day millions of customer salespeople.”

I thought that was fascinating. That’s very interesting. Now that obviously the reason you do the affiliate stuff, but I was … I’m never not thinking about what I do guys, I think it’s the reason that guy saw me as giddy. But I was walking, I can’t remember when it was, it was a few nights ago, I was pacing, and I was thinking, and I was pacing, and I started thinking through … I helped create one of the original affiliate bootcamp courses that Russell uses to teach people how to do affiliate marketing.

And he and I tag teamed back and forth along with John Parks, and the three of us went through and we taught this frankly, really awesome affiliate … it’s called Affiliate Bootcamp.

And what it does is it teaches somebody how to be an affiliate if they’ve never been one before, from scratch with no lists. Or if you do have a list, it shows that as well. But the real thing that it’s doing is it’s showing people how to be an affiliate for ClickFunnels. That’s really what it is. It’s positioned as generic, but what it’s really doing is it goes through and it shows people, “Yes, here’s how you promote ClickFunnels for us.” It’s really to make customer salespeople. Customer salespeople where they love your stuff so much … And it even goes through in the book, keeps talking about different training and support and stuff like that, enough assets a person needs so they can be a customer salesperson.

And so what I’ve been thinking through, and actually voxed Russell about this, and I was chatting about it, but I think I’m going to make my own version of Affiliate Bootcamp where I can go through and dive deep and it’s a daily thing for just two weeks, but what it does is it shows people how to be an affiliate in the best ways that we’ve ever seen, that I know how, that we’ve ever … From scratch, or with a list. But really what it’s doing is it’s showing people how to promote my stuff.

I’m creating an army of affiliates that know how to be an affiliate, you know what I mean? And I think that’s what the next thing I’m going to do. And it might be weird that I’m telling you this strategy, because I know a lot of you guys will be the ones that go through it.

But I’m just trying to be transparent and show you where my head is on this stuff. Now first and foremost right now, I need to finish actually building, finish building the actual course that I’ve been selling. And they know that it’s been dripping out this first round. In the future it’s not going to be a drip course or anything like that, but right now this first one, it is.

And they all know that, and that’s one of the reasons why some of them got a deal on it and stuff like that, you know what I mean? Because I’m going through and I’m building it as I’m selling it, at the same time.

Which is nice, because it lets me go through and do the second round of course creation to plug in all the holes, because they’re making it kind of with me … Not so much on their side, they don’t really know that’s what’s going on there.

But that’s what I’ve been doing. And then, so step one, then step two, then I want to go out and … Man we just got offered huge lists from people to go promote the course to. I mean massive, massive people. I so bad want to tell you some of the names of some of these people.

You guys all know them, they’re on TV shows and stuff, which I’m super excited about. But I don’t know if I’m allowed to, so I’m not going to yet. You’ll all hear about it sometime, I’m sure, but it’s not time yet, I don’t think, so … Anyway, that’s the whole thing I’m trying to say with this thing, is understand that when somebody buys your course, there’s really two things … Or your program, or your product, whatever it is, whatever you’re selling, your offer, there’s really two things that still have to happen.

Just because you collected cash does not mean the sale is over. There’s two things that need to happen, and this first one, there’s a PHAT event this week, it’s the last FAT event ever, which I’m kind of sad about. I’m actually really sad about it.

consumer But anyway, I always cover this with them, and then there’s a second piece as well, because of what Mark Benioff said. After a customer is acquired, the first thing you have to do with them is you need to help them consume it. I call it a consumption series. It’s a consumption sequence, a consumption series, consumption guide.

And what I do, and what I’ve been building out is as soon as … Now let’s think about this for a second.

So this is a webinar, and there is … If you guys don’t know anything about webinars, webinars there’s a headline, and then there’s three secrets. So there’s three secrets, and secret number one relates to the vehicle related false belief. Secret number two relates to the internal false belief. And then secret number three is the external false belief. A lot of you guys who are indoctrinated inside the ClickFunnels regime, you guys know the stuff, right. You know that. Well all I do is because … Let’s think about this, in the webinar, you’re going through and you’re talking about secret number one, secret number two, secret number three, right, which is false belief number one, false belief number two, false belief number three.
And then you’re going through and you’re crafting a story, a sales message, a product in the offer that addresses those false beliefs. You’re addressing a product that does that. Let’s think about this though.

If that’s what’s you’re promising, secret number one, secret number two, secret number three, why not show exactly in your product where those answers also are. So the first thing that I do, the first of two things, the first thing I do in this consumption guide, is as soon as somebody buys my product, it doesn’t matter if it’s off of a webinar, it doesn’t matter if it’s off, like whatever … I put out to them at least a three day series where the first email or piece of communication or whatever it is, goes and it actually shows where to get what was promised in secret number one, or the vehicle related false belief.

They don’t need to be called secrets, they don’t need to … you know what I mean? It doesn’t need to be called that same vernacular. I’ve called them steps, I’ve called them … I’ve called them steps a lot, actually. Tips, I’ve called … you know what I mean? It doesn’t need to be called those things. And you might sell a widget in a different way with different vernacular.

But they’re still vehicle, internal, and external related false beliefs. So the first thing after somebody buys it I send to them is first of all, a fulfillment email. But then what I’m really doing, is sending a consumption guide, where the first email is where to find what was promised and addressed for their vehicle related false belief. Secret number one.

The second email that I send out is … that’s secret number two, and where to find that. So I’ll take screenshots of the members area with arrows and put it in the email, and say, “Look, when I told you how I blank without blank, this is where that is. So go click right here and go watch this next part right there.” And the reason that I’m doing it is … there’s many reasons. The first reason, is because I need them to consume that information. Number one, they must feel in their brain that I’m fulfilling on what I promised. Duh.

That’s what they bought. Of course I should do that. Okay, they bought that. Just out of the ethics of it, please fulfill on what you sell people.

But what I’m also doing is I am indoctrinating them further into my culture. It gives me opportunity to train them to open my emails. It give me opportunity to train them when my stuff comes in that they should open it up, but also it helps me be able to figure out who the rock stars are, who’s actually killing it, who the people are that are just doing amazing with my course or my product, whatever it is.

And then I can go back and actually collect them as testimonials and use them in the sales message also for future people. That make sense? That was a lot. Just let me high level recap real quick. So all I’m doing is whatever secret number one, two, and three are, I create a consumption series, number one, two, and three that matches secret number one, two, and three. Does that make sense? And it’s all auto, it’s all dripped out.

When somebody buys I call it my buyer sequence. They buy, first the fulfillment email goes out. Then we will remind them that they’ve got to get added to the group. Then we’ll remind them, “Here’s what we do culturally. Here’s the different events that go on. Here’s consumption number one, two, and three.” I don’t call it that in front of them, obviously. Does that make sense?

So that’s the first thing that I do. Number one I train them on how to consume my thing. That’s the highest level of that. I train them to consume the product. But number two, and this is what ties in. I promise this is not just like a rabbit I’m following over the place. There’s a whole point to this. And the point is that the second thing is that I’m trying to train them how to promote my thing also. So number one, here’s how to consume it so you’re successful with it.

Number two, here’s how to promote so that the course you just bought is free for you because you just go get a few people in, and suddenly all the training, all the material, all the follow up, everything is free for you. Does that make sense? Because what I’ve been doing and … anyway, that’s exactly what Mark Benioff was saying. I’m trying to create customer salespeople. It’s not necessarily a huge focus of mine right now but I know it’s step two and I know it’s coming up, and people are asking for it.

And so I was thinking to myself, what should I do to make this more accessible for people? And so I’m thinking through inside my affiliate area, I’m creating the guide, I’m creating the stuff that will walk them through how to be a generic affiliate, but so that they can go apply it to selling my course for me as well. Does that make sense?

That was a lot of stuff, and I hope that made sense what I’m doing. It’s important to train people how to consume your stuff. And then it’s important to help them realize … If you want to make real, true believers, people who’ve really drinkin’ the Kool-Aid, you know what I mean? Those are the people who are out promoting your thing without you asking them to.

And for those of them who aren’t, sometimes they for need a few questions answered and so you go create an affiliate program. Go create something that helps people understand. I love Backpack. Backpack’s awesome. That’s what I’m using, of course. And it’s been a ton of fun. And so to make it more accessible for people … This is the last piece guys, this is like a deep strategy episode guys, hope this is okay.

It’s kind of a lot of stuff on this one. But what I’ve been doing is on the home page … So it’s a webinar, so on the registration page itself, the actual registration page, in the footer I always make sure that I put two things in there. Number one, you’ve got to make sure you have all the legal crap in there. You’re supposed to have that stuff in there.

I have a PO box that I declare as my business address so it’s not my actual address. There has to be terms, privacy, contact, support, stuff like that. Specifically terms and privacy and support. Those are the three that should always be in there. I don’t know what the current laws are on all those things, but I know that those should be in there.

And then what I do though in the footer is I also always include, number one the login for their actual members area, or whatever they bought because people will always lose the link, so I put it down in the bottom. The second thing though that I always put down there is a link for affiliates. So what it does is it lets me tell people … because some people just want to go promote the thing and not buy it. And I’m like, “All right, that’s kind of … I think that’s a little weird.”

But if they scroll down to the bottom, they just click on affiliates, they can get their affiliate link and promote the course, or promote whatever … you know what I mean?
Anyway, those are the two things that … And that’s what helps close the loop.

That registration page, it is a registration page, but to the person who’s looking it’s a little bit more than a registration page, and it opens up another loop, meaning the loop is, “Hey, you can go be an affiliate. Grab your affiliate link, and here’s how to promote, and here’s how to promote my stuff.”

But if then they go buy, it’s like, “Hey, here’s how to consume what you bought. By the way, here’s also how you can promote what you …” Anyway, so that’s what I’ve been doing. I feel like I’m talking in circles now. I’m literally talking about loops. But I hope that makes sense what I’m talking about though.

Find a way to make your customer also your salesperson and you’re going to be able to expand a lot faster simply because you don’t have to find salespeople, you know what I mean, as hard, as much. It’s pretty interesting, I was talking to … This is the last point, and then I’ll get out of here. I was talking to the CFO of ClickFunnels. He’s the man. And I asked him once, “What’s the biggest expense?” And without any hesitation, he said, “Affiliates.”

Just straight up, “It’s affiliates. Affiliates cost us a lot of money. We give a lot of money to affiliates.” I was like, “That makes sense. That makes total sense.” That’s what he told me anyway about ClickFunnels that that would happen, you’d do that.

Anyway, I hope that was helpful. I hope it makes sense what I was trying to say here. Well all I’m trying to say is figure out number one, sorry, number one understand that it’s not enough to just sell stuff to people, you have to teach them to consume it. But number two, especially once they are consuming it, they’re getting indoctrinated, they love promoting stuff, and there’s going to be people who just want to promote your stuff anyway.

They’re looking for something to give to their audience and might as well make a sweet affiliate program.

Or some kind of thing to help them so that you can arm your people, arm your customers with the correct assets that they need, the correct … you know what I Sales Funnel Radiomean? So I’m tossing in all the … a whole bunch of swipe files, tons of swipe images, tons of swipe email content and copy. Cool things that they can give away to help them lead gen. Anyway, that all I’ve got for you guys. And hopefully you can go out and start applying that. I’ve got to go get ready. We’re leaving in about an hour here to go figure out the gender of our new little one. So fun stuff guys. Talk to you later. Bye.

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