SFR 105: The American Morning Routine… – Stephen Larsen

SFR 105: The American Morning Routine…

Jan 19th, 2018 anchorwave


Check out what 97% of American’s are thinking about before they finish brushing their teeth…


What’s going on everyone? This is Steve Larsen and you’re listening to Sales Funnel Radio.

Welcome to Sales Funnel Radio where you’ll learn marketing strategies to grow your online business using today’s best internet sales funnels. And now, here’s your host Steve Larsen.

Steve Larsen: How’s it going everyone? I am sitting here with one of my best friends named Colton Woods. Colton, how’re you doing?

Colton Woods: Doing good.

Steve Larsen: Awesome. Thanks for being on Sales Funnel Radio.

Colton Woods: My pleasure.

Steve Larsen: Just for real here, though, Colton and I actually … We created my very first ever successful sales funnel in click funnels was with Colton and it’s when…You guys know the story I talk about where when we hid up in the box office seats, we didn’t have enough money for click funnels and we hid up there and we planned out the entire business and then during the trial periods since we already planned out the whole business, the whole funnel, all the things and pieces needed with it we clicked the go button on the trial and then during those two weeks we had to go build the whole thing, get customers, and have them pay for the subscription to click funnels before it even started, which is what happened.

That was pretty crazy huh?

Colton Woods: It was awesome.

Steve Larsen: That was fun stuff, so anyway we are actually in Vegas right now and we’ve been pitching like crazy. It has been a whirlwind of a week I can’t believe how fast paced it’s been. Got here on Sunday…I just wanted to drop by kind of what’s been going on but then also one of my biggest takeaways from this whole week so far.

So on Sunday I got here, and I got here Sunday evening, which was when I…I think I talked to you guys last time, I’m doing this off my phone, I don’t have all my podcasting equip and that stuff but hopefully that’s okay. So Sunday got here, Monday we did a…So I kind of partnered with James Smiley if you guys remember him from the B2B episode where we went through the actual B2B funnels and now he’s been using them and crushing them for like five and six figure deals with funnels and things like that.

So anyways he and I decided to do a Master Mind together here in Vegas so I flew out here and then on Monday though…The Master Mind was on Tuesday, on Monday though we did a four hour one on one session with a private client, which was a lot of fun, we went deep, deep, deep into their business, the different things and we…It was really fun because we identified really quickly what the major levers were in their business that they were not successfully actually taking advantage of, you know what I mean?

The different levers like hey look if you just turn these two points, it looks like that’s the only thing you need to worry about and guys that’s kind of the fun part about this whole game when you get there.

I tell you guys often, I remember very clearly I was riding my bike home, it’s Rexburg, Idaho if you’ve never been there, there’s pretty much this constant flow of tumbleweeds year round it’s extremely windy, and freezing and I’m glad I’m not there anymore.

But as I was riding my bike home from classes one day right, and this thought hit me, how come no one’s paying me money? And I just had the sudden realizations like well because you’re literally asking for money, literally nowhere, no one can even give you money anyway Steven, what are you mad about?

And I realized that I was studying marketing, and I was studying all these things, but I didn’t have a business to even apply these things to, and I know some of you might be in that position. Don’t get so enamored with the cool marketing tips and tricks and the cutting edge stuff but not even have a business to apply it to. You know what I mean?

That’s kind of a backwards thing obviously, so anyway I’d start actually building the business if you’re in that space first of all and if you are I mean awesome, awesome, but what we do and what we did is just identify, if you were to number one, walk away from your business would it stand on its own? If you can answer that question like, “Yep, it’s standing on its own.” Awesome, for how long? Cool so you could walk away for long? That kind of gives you an idea of how free you actually are, and start figuring out ways to replace yourself in the actual company. But then the other thing I would do is start sitting back and start realizing what are the two or three levers?

Really there’s only like one or two, honestly, big levers that if I was just to go focus on just this one thing it would increase the cash in my business exponentially.

So that’s what we did with this guy on Monday, and he’s the man, he actually came to a FHAT event, a Fun Hack-a-Thon event several months ago so it was fun to see him again but we went and we identified…It became very clear as he was speaking what that one lever actually was, and that was one of the most interesting parts and pieces about the whole thing is that it’s his business guys but we had to go help him identify what that was. The one lever, the one thing that you should go focus on that really will turn up the cash in your business and help you walk away right?

A lot of the times it needs to be pointed out to you, it’s not something that you can just like, you know…Usually not always, you’re usually so close to the actual product that you just have no idea what to do next, you know what I mean? So anyway, that’s what we did on Monday, it was really fun, super deep dive, have a feeling you know we’ll keep seeing him and anyway awesome stuff.

So Tuesday right, so anyway…Monday night, go back, I have bronchitis, I was like super sick, Colton shows up which was awesome, super fun and the very next day Tuesday is the master mind and we decided to pitch something. So I wrote an entire webinar script from scratch, top to bottom Monday night.

So we slept four hours in true funnel hiker fashion, because we were up so late getting this thing done, do the whole thing at launch today we’re basically teaching for eight straight hours on stage, it’s a small group so I don’t know if stage is the correct term for it, it’s not like there’s a stage, front of the room?

It was a small group, but I was dead, oh my gosh we got to the end…Got to the hotel and just crashed, both looked at each other and were like “We don’t even want to do anything else.” Wednesday though, was the exact same thing so we wrote and entire new script Wednesday morning and started at like eight o’clock, and pitched it at like three o’clock brand new to room…

There’s only like 30 people in the room, I thought there was going to be honestly I thought there was going to be like 60 or 70 people in the room, there was not, there was maybe 30 people. Really it was like I don’t know, twenty-ish that actually got to the actual thing, I was like “Dang it.”

Man that was solid days work to only pitch 20 people.

Anyway, the point is with the whole thing guys if you just hustle and you just set the date, you will find a way to get it done because you have no other option. Just like set the date, be public about it and then you will figure it out, and you’ll figure it out well enough of course will it be perfect? No, but all the little things that are in there that, if you get 80% of it right, okay? And people will obsess and they won’t actually get started because they think they need to be 100% right, and that’s not how it works, just do the 8…

It’s so 80/20 principal for getting crap done gauge is do the 80% that matters, leave the other 20% who cares? Call it character flaws and use it towards your attractive character’s advantage. Okay publish about it, okay? Just get crap done, anyway so we’re about to jump on an interview in five minutes.

InternetThe hotel internet was terrible so we found this cool little satellite place with a little business center with awesome internet, we’re about to jump on.

I thought I’d just tell you guys what’s been going on this week and I wanted to tell you one of the biggest take aways with this whole thing.

It’s been interesting, I usually am not like this massive networking dude you know? I’m pretty reserved, I kind of…I’m not an introvert but I am so freaking obsessed with working it’s kind of an issue, and so sometimes I don’t want to go out or meet people or anything.

But it’s been fun to meet all these people, I got to talk with Seth Green, which was a lot of fun got an invite from him to be on his show and a lot of other people…Anyway it’s been a lot of fun guys, lot of different cool interactions, hopefully I’m okay to name drop certain things like that but anyway, it’s been fun to go meet these people be hanging around them and I’m trying to do what I invite you guys all to do, which is to continue to reach two levels up, you know what I mean?

If you can think through and think, “Okay, my sphere of influence is this amount.” And you won’t be brand new, and you’re like “Okay, that’s fine.” This is the same way I launched Sales Funnel Radio.

On purpose, this was a purposeful thing when I actually started this show, okay and I thought “Okay, this little tiny line represents my sphere of influence.” Alright now “Look, that guy over there, he has a little bit more influence than I do, he’s got a bigger list, he’s got people who follow him, he’s got more influence.” Okay, and then “Look at that guy, he’s got, whoa look at how much more influence he has.”

And it’s like these increasing tiers of influence, and all I did if you go think through it is I thought where I was at the time and I reached two layers of influence up. That’s all I did, and I interviewed them and got them on the show. And then when it felt like I got to a different level, I reached two layers up again. Now I’m reaching higher, two layers up again and I invited them to get on the show and invited them to get on the show and this is exactly how…

Guys this podcast is going to scream past 100,000 downloads very soon here, and I wanted to do something cool for it soon, I don’t know what it is but just do that, okay? So I’m excited because a lot of these connections…That’s why I’m telling you this, a lot of these connections we made this week was…I think it’s kind of cool because it made me realize also we’re still doing that, and we reached two levels up and we did, two levels up, two levels up, and it’s not like out of this huge desire to be like “Oh my gosh, I got to be the best, I got to be in front of tons of people, it’s all me, me, me.”

No, but I do want to get my message out to as many people as I can right? And so I need to increase my level of influence, how many people know who you are, right? It’s not so much who you know, it’s who knows you, you know what I mean? You’ve heard that term?

That’s so true, so just reach two levels up, two tiers up. So anyways as we were doing this as we were going through it’s been fun to be able to do that and see that, that’s what’s been going on around us. I just wanted to give you one cool take away also that James Smiley dropped in the middle of the Master Mind and then we got to head out here because there’s an interview starting here shortly, it’s kind of cool he stood up and he told us a stat.

It was a very fascinating stat, and see if it works for you because it was like 97% of Americans do this right now. He said it was a stat he said that, he said that 97% of Americans think about something that they want to buy as part of their morning routine.

Isn’t that interesting? Are you on their list? That’s crazy, 97% of Americans think about something that they want to buy pretty much before they’re done brushing their teeth. It literally is part of their morning routine, something that they wish they were buying or something they wish they had.

People are buying more than they ever have, people are buying like crazy, it’s not a secret and just think through are you constantly in front of them? Are you…Just like I was thinking through on my bike while I was riding home, I was like “Man, I’m not asking for money literally anywhere, from anybody.”

valueThink through where you’re doing that and start being more craft-fool on where you put those messages in and are you a part of…Are you standing…Because there’s an onslaught of buyers you know like “Stephen I’m not making the cash I want to.” Are you actually asking for cash? Go through and start asking what those things are and those pieces are and stay in front of people.

So anyways, we got to head out here but I just wanted to drop a few little things with what’s been going on. It’s been a fun, fast, furious week and then instead of doing the webinar on Thursday this week I’m doing it on Saturday and we’re driving tons of ads to that and we’re finding where all the buyers are, it’s been fun guys. There’s a lot going on right now and really try to hit the ground running after leaving Click Funnels and it’s been working. This is only week three, it feels like it’s been several months where I have been hauling so fast and Sales Funnel Radioit’s been a ton of fun.

Anyways guys, talk to you later, go crush it.

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