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SFR 102: Phase 2 Of My Launch…

Jan 9th, 2018 anchorwave


Lots going on right now. Here’s what I’m focused on for my current Product launch…


Hey hey, what’s going on everyone? This is Steve Larsen and you’re listening to Sales Funnel Radio.

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You guys, I hope the day is going great. It’s an early morning here for me. My perfect day gets me up at about [spp-timestamp time="4:00"], and then I lift in the morning, and I go get ready and everything, and then I’m either podcasting or something here kind of early in the morning. That’s kind of been my routine for the last little bit here and it’s been nice, I’ve actually really enjoyed it.

What’s funny about this morning though is I love dead lifting, that’s my favorite lift, and I was pushing myself. There were man yells, I was like and I didn’t realize it but my wife had gotten up also and she thought I was hurt. She was laying on the couch and she had heard me yelling in the garage. I was getting my swol patrol on baby.

I hope everyone’s doing great though. I just wanted to kind of account and report for what happened last week. It was a special week, it was an awesome week. I have been waiting for the last week to happen for years. It was my first week by myself, solopreneur, which is not true, I have a team and people and I’ve got my own little posse now which is awesome.

SalesFunnelBrokerSelf-employed though for sure, that was the first week and it was crazy, it was total whirlwind. I started putting together a webinar and I went and I sold on Thursday, a week ago last Monday. I woke up and none of the slides were done, the funnel was barely even started, none of the pages were done, I don’t even know if there were lists created for this thing.

In fact I had to go catch up and edit a whole bunch of stuff.

I pretty much started from pure scratch, and I know I talked about this a little before but I’m just super pumped about it. By Thursday I had created the slides, which I finished two minutes before the webinar. Ran downstairs, grabbed some water with the bathroom, ran back upstairs to my home office here, my home office here, tossed my computer on my stand, and did the webinar.

On the webinar we did 21 sales, and then another 16 sales in the followup sequence, which was awesome. That was the first round, round one which was great, super exciting.

Obviously now is the time for the so what? What do you do next? That was obviously to a hot list, so I was thinking on going to promote again new hot list, but this week I’m actually turning on ads. I’m getting those things started, and creating the hooks for that, and putting those things together, filming like crazy for the actual course, and it’s an intense week again, a lot of stuff happening.

I’m so excited, and it was a lot of fun, and it was super, super encouraging to have that all happen. It’s just nuts, again I’m not bragging or anything, I’m just pumped, I’m excited for what happened, and all those pieces that got put in place. That was well over a third of my yearly salary in three days, just nuts.

I remember four years ago my goal, you guys know how at the beginning of every year I go and set a goal. Four years ago my goal was to make $1,000 a month, and I was 37 and the single … All I’m trying to say is it works, the stuff works. It’s fun to actually be running on my own. It hurts a little bit still. I love, love working at Click Funnels, love the environment there. It’s weird to be sitting in my home office by myself, which is technically a bedroom, and it’s big but it’s a lot of fun, but it’s a little bit weird.

I am a huge, huge advocate though of different kinds of traffic. What I wanted to go through real quick is walk through what I’ve been doing the last four months and I know the reason that it opened up with such a big bang. There’s two reasons, and the first reason was because I have been … I know I’ve kind of talked a little bit about this earlier, but it sets the stage for something else.

I’ve been treating this a little bit like Tim Ferriss book The 4-Hour Work Week. He released his book very, very slowly over the course of a year, and that’s how he put his book out there. He tested stuff slowly here and there, and here and there. That’s exactly what I did for the last year and a half, two years almost.

I created a whole second podcast about it with the pure purpose of documenting the journey of me creating the thing. I mean if you haven’t started anything you’re in this beautiful position guys. If you’re like, “I don’t have the product yet.” You’re in an amazing spot. I almost envy the people who don’t have anything started yet because of the cool position that you’re in.

If you can document the journey of you creating the thing, man you’ve got tons and tons and tons of content to go put out there. I put 50 episodes out of this other show, 50 episodes before things ever launched. Just documenting the journey of the creation. “Hey, today I did this. Hey, today I did that.”

People were falling in love with the thing I was about to sell them before I was ever selling it to them. Does that make sense? I was selling them without them knowing that I was selling it.

It’s funny, between the two different audiences, I’ve never really sold that much stuff here on this show, but they were expecting a sale. It’s a much, much smaller audience than this audience here.

It’s just fascinating for me to watch the differences between the two of them and anyway, this show gets 300 to 500 downloads a dayish, somewhere around there. The other one only gets one to maybe 150, 200 ish a day, which is still not a bad size.

It’s interesting to see the split between the audiences, the way I launched each one of them, the attitudes and the differences between the two. It’s been fascinating to watch back and forth on that. Pretty fascinating stuff.

I am a huge fan of paid advertising. I used to think that just by … There was a time I was getting all these sales but I wasn’t spending actually any money on anything, and I thought that was a win. That was extremely juvenile of me to believe that. Instead I should want to spend as much as I can on ads and just destroy everybody else who can’t pay to actually acquire a customer, that’s the way to true domination with this is paid advertising.

I’m turning on, so Steven what are you doing next? This is what I’m doing next. I’ve done the first weeks webinar and now this week I’m doing the same thing again, but I’m turning ads on and I’m starting to get another Dream 100 package out the door.

Dot Com SecretsThat’s what I’ve been doing. I started that about four months ago, and I started shipping a ton, and a ton, and a ton of stuff to just Dream 100 people. If you have no idea what I’m talking about you should definitely go read DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets, I believe it’s in both books. It’s one of the only thing that’s in both books. The other one has the attractive character principle.

Excuse me, so what I did is I just did a free training on this a little bit for almost three straight hours. I mean I’m not going to obviously go through this whole thing right now, but just as a quick recap over the top level … The other guys got three hours that let’s me go into a lot of detail of how I did everything and I actually peeled back all of my campaigns and all the things I’ve been doing because I’ve had authors, huge people that you all know.

Say yes to promoting my new course. Say yes to promoting the thing that’s out there.

I started that four months ago, and so what I did is last Friday I was like I want to go through and actually show everyone how I did these things. It’s almost three straight hours of teaching how I actually pulled off the campaigns with this thing.

What I did, step number one, was I went and I actually hired two VAs, and these VAs, they’re like data scientists kind of, and I had them go through and I said, “Give me the top influencers in this industry. Give me the top influencers, I want to know who they are.”

I said, “I want to know who they are, I want to know obviously their name, phone number, email, their business address, if they’re selling any products online, I want to know the size of their Facebook following, I want to know the size of all their social media followings, I want to know do they have any big dominant website out there?”

It was this deep dive and they gave me way more than 100 people, way more than 100.

From those 100, from that list, I went through and I whittled down 100 people that I thought would be really, really cool to reach out to. Basically what I did is I went through and I said, “Look, let me find out a little bit about each one of these people so it’s not like I’m sending the same thing to everybody.”

I went through and I figured out those things, and then I created these lumpy packages, super lumpy, really bright, fluorescent colored wrapping packages. They stood out like a sore thumb. The first thing I shipped out was this little plastic microphone, and I know it was kind of junky but it was to keep it lumpy, and it was to help me, first of all, vet out to make sure that I actually had got the right addressed from all those people.

I went through and I shipped out that first batch and there was 30 that returned back, which was kind of sad but foreseeing that this might be the case, what I did is as I was dropping the Dream 100 packages into the mail, I took a picture of each individual package in a way where in the picture you could see all the other packages laying around.

They’re like, “Holy crap, look at all these packages, these packages are all over the place.” They knew they weren’t the only one getting this. I started mailing big, big influencers a whole bunch of packages all over the place.

Those pictures that I took, just on my phone, I went back and I went onto Facebook Messenger and I sent them the picture…

I said, “Hey, just saying thanks. This is on the way to you.” That was it, I’m not asking anything, I’m not asking for anything, I’m just letting them know I even exist. The letter that I wrote was awesome. I went into super detail with that with everyone, for three hours, it was kind of an impromptu training, I emailed out about it. We had about 40 ish people on I think, which is great.

It was impromptu, I sent it the same day that I was doing it, and for those of you guys who jumped on real fast you guys got the full scoop of this.

It was kind of cool because I was thinking through … Here’s what I really did is four months ago I started thinking through okay, Russell is busy and it’s hard for him to give attention to each individual thing that comes through the door. I was thinking how do I open the floodgates a little?

I mean if I was to email somebody like another Russell in another industry, I do not expect that person to even get it. It’s hard to get ahold of me, I know that, and I’m not nearly on the level of someone like Russell. It’s challenging to get ahold of me, so it’s way harder to get ahold of somebody like a Russell or a big influencer or somebody like that so that they can actually see who you are or even the fact that you exist.

I don’t send emails and I know that some people defer like that and that’s fine but I don’t. I want to send them something that’s kind of shaking right off the bat, that’s kind of jarring, it’s a pattern interrupt. What I thought was I got to sell this big influencer on me with the same tenacity that I sell my customers on my product. I need to sell this Dream 100 person on me. What I did was I actually wrote a webinar script for the Dream 100 group.

They didn’t know that’s what it was, but all I did is instead of tell it all in one shot, I flipped it on it’s side so that package number one was origin story, package number two was the story of secret number one, package number three was the story from secret number two, and so on and so forth. Does that make sense?

It’s origin story, that’s the first package. I wrote out in a letter and told that story with something that was lumpy in there that I could tie into that was slightly cheesy but then also showed them that this wasn’t a generic message.

It worked, it worked, and I had people right off the bat reply to me. Not a ton, these are big influencers, but I had two or three reply back and that’s great, that’s great, that’s a success with huge influencers like that. I know that if they just name drop me just a little bit it gets my stuff all over the place.

They get affiliate commissions on something that’s converting well and I get to put my stuff out to their list.

The next package I put out was just the story of secret number two from the webinar. The next one is secret number … I’m sorry secret number one, then secret number two, secret number three, and then finally on the fifth package which is going to go out here in a little while. I paused it for a little bit for a specific reason, just talked about that on the free training I did on Friday.

I paused it for a specific reason I won’t dive into here. Everything’s going great though, I paused it for other stuff, external things. That’s more of how I’ve been doing the Dream 100 stuff. What’s cool is that guys, the perfect webinar script is designed to break and rebuild belief patterns for your customers about your product and you.

I was like, I got to do the same thing to these big guys right? I don’t know most the people who reach out to me and that makes me sad, I wish I did, but how do I quickly vet through the people that I want to work with? How do I do that?

I’m not nearly on the level of the people that I’m reaching out to and I’m going out and I’m saying, “Hey, I know you have no idea who I am. Why don’t you come promote my thing.”

ClickFunnelsIt’s like come on, that’s from left field, it’s almost offensive to come right off the bat and just start asking for the sale like that. That’s like dating somebody and asking for marriage the same date, very first date, first date. That make sense?

That’s what I’ve been doing though. Package one, two, three, four, and then package five is me asking for the “sale”, which is basically me talking about the affiliate program, it’s talking about other people I’ve been promoting with and for and things like that, and it’s been cool to do it that way.

By package two suddenly people, and it was a super cool thing, people were actually writing letters back. Big guys writing letters back saying, “Hey yes, oh my gosh this is so freaking cool, awesome, this is awesome.” Then package number three someone it was something that you could wear.

These guys, these huge guys were putting the thing on, taking pictures of themselves and sending it back to me because I kept sending back the pictures over social media.

What was cool about that is that some of those addresses on the original package group that I sent out were not correct, but what it let me do is the people who were still interested, I gave them anticipation, and then they turned around and said, “That address isn’t right”, or whatever.

Suddenly I got the right address and was able to re-ship stuff out to them. Does that make sense? It’s huge to do it that way, super awesome. They’re like, “Wait a second, what is this? What is this?” You know that it’s been proven that if you’re going to go on a vacation, the level of anticipation for the vacation can be equal to if not more, being more excitement, and more adventure, and more awesome feelings as the same amount you’ll get on the vacation itself.

The level of anticipation and the feeling you get can be equal to if not more than what you’ll actually feel on the vacation itself. It’s like taking two vacations guys.

If you can set anticipation up correctly, set it up in the right way, it’s one of the nine mental triggers from the book Launch from Jeff Walker. Another one is Reciprocity, so I’m sending them all this stuff.

I’m not asking a thing from them for a while, for packages and packages and packages. It’s not expensive, these things are only $8 to $12 maybe per package, there’s 100 of them on there, and guys it’s amazing what that does.

FunnelHackingI was teaching a FHAT event once, funnel hackathon event, it was day three and I invited the man Dave Woodward, I look up to him like crazy, another mentor of mine almost. I really look up to him a lot.

He came in and he runs the affiliate and Dream 100 stuff at Click Funnels.

We interviewed him and people talked with him on stage there. He went through and he started showing some of the packages of what promoted the launch of expert secrets. He went through and started talking about that. People asked, “Hey how much are these packages that you guys are sending out?” Dave’s like, “Hey about $25, but they’re each bringing in an average of thousands and thousands of dollars.”

People are like what? That’s kind of what I want to get across is if you guys aren’t actually actively creating relationships with people, you can’t build the product, have it be done, and then start working on Dream 100 stuff.

It’s not that you can’t, so let’s say you did do that, but man it is so much more effective to actually go out and have a group of people wanting to promote your thing or at least knowing who you are at the time of the launch. That’s the benefit of where I am right now with my own thing.

Last week I sold to a hot audience. I’ll do it again this week, but we’re going to turn on ads but I don’t like to actually just depend on ads, I want to make sure that I’m going through and going where the communities are that already exist.

Where are the other people who could benefit from the thing that I’m selling also, who owns those lists? Let’s go through and promote with them. Does that make sense?

Massive, massive, massive, huge guys, massive stuff like that because you could spend a ton of time creating the river or just go find the places where there already is a river. You go find the place. Instead of just digging around all over the place, in random places, or maybe there was a river there, you’re going back and you’re saying where do the rivers actually exist?

Chances are someone owns the river. Well how do I get in? How do I get buddy, buddy with that person? Mark Zuckerberg owns this massive river called Facebook. In order to get in good with Mark he just asks for a little fee for ads. Man, there’s other rivers, there’s other places, there’s other places that have … It takes a lot of time, money, and energy to actually create an audience, to create a river.

Whenever I see somebody who just does ads alone and not Dream 100 stuff I’m like man, it’s not that that’s wrong, it’s that there are these places that already exist that are probably prime for what you’re doing. Don’t just lean on ads alone. You go and you actually create relationships and start leveraging what’s already out there.

That was 20 minutes of dump. I hope that that’s okay. There wasn’t much of a story with that, it was more tactile, but hopefully it clears up some of the issues of I see people doing Dream 100 stuff or not, or they get confused with it. I don’t totally know why people don’t actually go do it.

It’s one of the most beneficial things, beneficial activities, massive, massive output for the amount of time you actually put in. I hope that everyone takes it seriously and actually does it because it’s a big, big deal, it’s a huge deal of what it does for the business, what it does for your credibility.

When somebody’s who’s on a higher influence level than you are reaches down and says, “Yes, that’s great,” and drops it on out, not only does it validate you to your people, it validates you to all these other influencers. Now you can go to them say, “Hey look, I did this webinar, I did this JV.”

Whatever you did, with this guy, and this guy, and this guy, and they’re like wow. Well that guy over there wasn’t dumb so you must have something to toss them and then it starts opening the door for all these other people. I’m about to drop the next package here and I’m excited for what it is.

I think it’s going to rock some boats a little bit, which I’m excited about, it’s meant to. Anyway, great stuff. Please take that more seriously if you haven’t and start thinking through where the traffic streams currently exist so you’re not have to feel like you’re creating one from scratch, that takes forever. All right guys, I will Sales Funnel Radiotalk to you later, bye.

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