The Team

Coulton Woods

Steve Larsen’s Right Hand Man, Affiliate Manager, Sales Team Leader, Support Manager, Sue Chef, Travel Agent, Event Coordinator, Handyman, and Rule Bending Enthusiast…

He first met Stephen in College while building and selling his own business and instantly gained a friendship with him after finding out they both knew who Russell Brunson was… Instant Bromance?

He loves doing Business with people who think differently and learning how to be more effective in business himself.

Loves to laugh and always has a smile on. Also loves being around those who choose to be happy instead of choosing to focus on the negative things in life… Also Hates watching the news…

He has a beautiful wife (who watches The Office with him) and baby boy who mean the world to him. Loves the outdoors and spending time with his family in the wild.

Coulton also runs Steve’s downline under Russell and does weekly Facebook lives in that group… Forgot to mention that in the epic list above. (Ooops…)

Oh yeah! And if you are looking at getting into Steve’s OfferLab program (which is epic), you’ll have to go through him first… (also forgot to add that to the list above)

Jessica Walman

Jessica Walman and her agency help influencers and online marketers grow their brands and income through strategic and innovative marketing strategies, specifically harnessing the power of Facebook advertising, Instagram advertising, and powerful funnel creation.

Working with high-end influencers to 10x their ROI, grow their tribes by tens of thousands, and spread impact-driven messages, we aim to spread our clients messages like wildfire and generate income-producing advertising funnels.

No more fighting the fight alone. Jessica and her team arm you with the support, expertise, and fire-power you deserve to amplify your story, reach the masses, and grow your business to a whole new level.

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Daxy Perez

Podcast Ninja

Daxy, A Podcast Ninja, has 5+ years experience as a Podcast Launch, Production, & Marketing Specialist and has worked with some of the BIGGEST internet entrepreneurs in the podcasting world!

He has helped several of them reach the top 50-100 in iTunes and generate 6-Figures + per year from their podcast alone.

Daxy also teaches an online course, 7 Figure Downloads, where he teaches the step-by-step method to launching and growing a podcast that drives traffic to your products and services.

His mission is to help breed the next generation of podcast entrepreneurs who want to create a legacy and change the world with their voice!

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Emely Roman

Emely Roman

Content Marketing Strategist and Social Media Growth Specialist

Emely Roman is a Content Marketing Strategist and Social Media Growth Specialist. She designs and implements high-level content marketing strategies for Trailblazers, Innovators, and Game Changers.

She’s passionate about data-driven results and growing organic, and highly converting tribes for her clients.

Her goal is to help you grow your brand awareness via social media, healthy marketing solutions, and operational business strategies.

Emely geeks out on Instagram and Content. She has helped dozens of clients grow their accounts exponentially, allowing them to gain massive exposure, brand deals and sponsorships, authority, and a growing community that believes in their message.

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Julia Taylor

Julia Taylor

WordPress Developer and Full-Time RVer

Julia is a WordPress Developer and Full-Time RVer. Whether she’s building client sites in the California sun or troubleshooting tech issues in the Colorado mountains, Julia is always ‘at home’ with her trusty laptop!

She loves a good challenge and rarely comes across a tech issue she can’t Google her way out of. As a self-taught developer, she is a perpetual learner and enjoys keeping on top of industry best practice…but also isn’t afraid to test the ‘web dev’ waters and mix things up a bit!

Julia is passionate about solving problems and producing top quality products for her clients.

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Marley Baird

Marley Baird

Strategic Viral Content Expert

Experts in creating strategically viral content, getting videos to rank first on YouTube and Google and using cross-channel video marketing for maximum reach, Marley Baird Media brings next level video social selling to the marketplace.

Working with top dogs like Cristy Code Red, Alex Charfen, Rachel Pedersen, Stephen Larsen, and having worked events with Gary Vaynerchuck, Seth Godin, Randi Zuckerberg, and Robin Sharma – Marley leads her dream team specializing in impact-driven and profit-focused video strategy using The Baird Method.

Waging war against short-term influencers and creating an army of visionary leaders who refuse mediocre, mundane, and average video strategy, MBM builds a production team around their movement through omnipresent video assets.

Interested only in massive ROI and extraordinary impact, Marley and her team work to provide support around their private clients so they can focus on what their movement is meant for – changing their family, business, community, and the world.

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