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Lets’s Talk About The Political Quiz Funnel (download)

Jun 23rd, 2016 anchorwave


Hey, what’s going on everybody?

This is Steve Larsen, and I’m excited for you to be looking at the political quiz funnel.


Right now, I am not going to get into politics, but I will just mention that I don’t know what time you’re watching this video, but Trump and Hillary are still duking it out.

I don’t want to vote for either of them. I don’t like either one of them. I think Trump would do a great job getting the books in order. I think he’d do a great job, because he’s such a good business guy, I think he’d do a good job, but man, the dude is a nutcase. I think he would be crappy for international relations, and be in jail.

With Hilary, I think that because of Benghazi and her own emails, she should be in jail right now. Oh man, and if I just offended anybody, I don’t really care. That’s my opinion, so go get offended by my opinion.

Seriously though, I’m not sure who to vote for.

Okay, so I’m in the Army, right, and we fight and go to other people’s countries to fight to help them have the right to vote, right? I feel like it’s stupid when people don’t vote in our own country and we’re sending soldiers to other places to go fight so that they can vote in their countries.

Anyways, so I’m going to vote anyways, but I have no idea who for. It’s like I could flip a coin and just …hope.


  1. Use a picture that is highly pattern interrupting. This is all about curiosity. Get the opinions of your viewers by poking at their belief systems just a little. HAVE POLARITY OR DIE…
  2. Make a “bridge page” to help people subscribe to you. Use it to create an epiphany in the mind of your viewers.

Anyways, hey, so this is the political quiz funnel, and you’re probably right here looking at it. If you’re not here, you’re probably also on the blog. This is what it looks like, right? This is all about curiosity, 100 percent curiosity based.

We got this really weird picture of Obama right there, right? It says, hey, here’s your News fix, right? This is a fake news site. We call this a farticle. It’s a fake news article. This looks like a news site and it should be a pole next to some. Anyway, it’s supposed to, right?

Political Quiz

Don’t do anything that’s dishonest, or unethical, or whatever, but fake news sites are great because they bring a lot of authority with it, right? Especially when you put a figure on there and he’s doing something crazy and weird. The weirder the picture of the politician, the better, all right? You’re going to get someone to cast their vote about a pole.

You’re going to come right here, and you can use something like Wufoo, their free form builder, Typeform (I love Typeform). Typeform’s awesome, or you can just build it right here in ClickFunnels. There’s a form builder right inside here.


I’ll show you real quick. Open up the editor and if you scroll down, you can set up. Complete your survey by filling out information. You can do this, or you could go here. [This is kind of just a picture right now. As a place holder for, like if you go to Woofoo, or Typeform, or whatever]

Political Quiz

But you say, “Hey, let’s go add in an input form.” All right, and we already have name and email here, so I’ll just drag it out. Name, email, and zip code, but let’s say I want to get people’s opinions back on certain things, right? I can move this back to mid dark.

I’d probably do 2PX there. Who will you vote for? All right, and drop it down. You can use the arrow keys, by the way. It makes it really easy to size quickly. “Who Would You Vote For?” You can make that bigger if you want. Then this is the key part, right? You got to come in here and form so that ClickFunnels knows how to deal with it.

You come in here, and I would go to Custom Type, and you have to fill this out. If you do not fill this out right here with anything, it will not collect the data. You say “whowillyouvotefor” This is going to show up in the metadata that shoots over in an email to you, right? You can fill out “Explain”, so they have to explain real quick.


You could also add in, right here there is a … You can add a drop-down menu in. Now you say “Add new option” and the option is Clinton. The other option would be Trump. Now when they click on it, right? Same thing, you got to go to Custom Type and put in Drop-down. There you go.

Choose one. Save. That’s probably how I would do this, and then get rid of this right here. Sorry, this right here. Let’s open it real quick. Check it out. Choose one. Boom boom. You could fill out and say “Explain”, and there you could have to write this whole thing. There’s also an input form here that’s meant for long text.

Anyways, I don’t mean to be going too deep into this, but you can do whatever you want in that.

Let me back out here, and then you want to give them a bridge page. A bridge page is because you know that people are sitting on one side, right? Think of a river, and you want to get them on the other side, right? To do that, you need to have them gain some understanding.

You need to cause an epiphany. You need them to go “Oh okay. I get it. I see why you’re thinking that way.” Say “Here’s what’s wrong”, or I don’t know. Anyway, this indicates steps and get your friends and family on the same political side, or whatever could be. Anyway, so this is a bridge page and then after that you can opt in again to something else that’s bigger.

Anyways, so this is the political quiz. A lot of things you can do with it. It’s pretty open, not very definitive. Meaning, you can do whatever you want with it.


Anyways, guys, that’s all I have for you and I’m super excited for you. Please let me know whether you go to the “HeySteve! Show and record and ask a question. If you guys haven’t seen that, it’s right here. Click on Hey Steve. This will say Podcast in the future. I’m in the middle of that change right now.

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What’s cool is that you can come right here, and click “Start Recording” and you can record a message to me and it’ll send the voice mail recording to my email. Then I can answer your question on my podcast, or on Periscope or Facebook mention. If I do, if your question is one that’s worthy and chosen then I’ll send you my sweet shirt, which I’m picking up today.

Anyways, guys, I will talk to you later. Hopefully this will help.

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