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How To Use ClickFunnels For Podcasting (Full Website Download)

Jun 23rd, 2016 anchorwave


Good good morning everyone.

How’s it going?

I’m really excited for this one. I primarily use ClickFunnels. It’s a sales funnel software, right. But I actually use it for websites far more often than people realize you can do.

I want to show you that right now.


When I was back in college I started publishing and I started publishing and I got up to 600+ Periscope followers and I got so many followers because I was publishing. I was getting out there. I had interaction with people. People were coming to me asking for me to help.

It was the easiest way on earth to sell, because I didn’t have to do any outbound marketing besides publish. That’s why podcasting funnels are so important.

I started, I remember I was so nervous. Nobody got on my first periscope video. I think it had 12 views or something like that. I took the videos and I put them on YouTube.

I put a cool template around them and then I took the videos and I put them on a blog. I transcribed them. I did it on a Facebook page.

That was a long time ago, that was for a different business that I was doing at the time. You got to have a home base, have a home plate. I recommend everybody publish. Start publishing. If you can, start publishing.


Here’s a couple I’ve built with ClickFunnels.

  1. My actual sales funnel broker website. This is all built in Click funnels.

Sales Funnel Broker

2. Echo H2 Water. Just for fun I will show you another one. I built this one. This whole thing. I was just copying the layout from one of this word press sites. But this is all built inside ClickFunnels as well. Which is awesome. Look, your “buy now”. You can start to see; Look, there’s a order form, there’s bumps on those pages. Anyways.

Echo H2 Water

3. Podcasting Site. This is kind of cool. I’m going to show you the podcasting funnel real quick. Like I said, it’s actually a website. I go inside here and exit pop. This is if you’re podcasting.

Podcasting Site

I’m podcasting and I chose these a little bit different than this, but this is a good standard one that I know like Stephen Esketzis, (however you say the last name. I just call him Stephen Eco-stasis). Also Russell Brunson giving away for their podcast and this is a fantastic funnel or website.

What it lets you do is have a home base, home plate. I’ve been building for people for a long time, but the same thing. I wanted a home base. I wanted a home plate. That’s the reason I built sales funnel broker, so that I could have a spot to actually give you guys content. That’s the cool part about this. I always go quickly through this.


What’s interesting about building out a sales funnel, sorry a website inside of ClickFunnels is that, since ClickFunnels is built to sell stuff, there’s a lot of extra really cool things that you can do to your website because of that.

I’m not a coder, I’m not a programmer. I can read and write it a little bit. I can do minor edits and things like that, but I would not call myself a coder at all. I used to try and build all this stuff out inside of WordPress and that was just not a good idea. For me in anyways.

The problem is that WordPress was build for blogging. For WordPress, you use it for blogging. For ClickFunnels, you use it for selling. GetResponse that I really like for email, but also have a landing page software, you don’t use them for building landing pages because they were built for email only. You know what I mean?

This is cool because you can go through and show the recent episodes and get links to show notes and things like that and keep building it out. What’s nice is that this does not really limit you to build other pages and things like that. I’ll show you some other tricks as well.

With some of my other websites built inside of ClickFunnels as well, you can do application forms, apply to be interviewed, and popup’s and ask for: Name, Email, and Submit the application and it’s just the beginning of another funnel.

Really simple way to put stuff up. I’ll show you how. It’s cool in the way that I build out websites so fast inside of ClickFunnels, because I can crank them out really quickly.


  • I always set them up as order form pages. Even though you may not be selling anything on it, you may want to in the future, right off of that page. Set up every page type up as an order form.
  • The way I do it is that I spend a really long time in the editor on the first page. I don’t build out any other pages until I get the layout of the homepage done. All the links put in. All the pictures I can put in. The color scheme. Etc. How I want it to look, everything.
  • Then I come up here to Settings and I hit; “Save Template” and I name the template. Then we’re going to go; Add a new step. Put whatever domain on there. Just showing the funnel. But then all I do is I go into that specific page type itself that I want.

Here’s the sales funnel broker template right there. I click “Select Template”. Then that page already has all the footers, the headers, all the links set up.

The new editor has templates for headers and footers so you don’t need too recreate links or anything like that in the future. Which is coming up very soon. I’ve tested it, it’s really cool. The Sales Funnel Broker. This is how I do it. This is another guys’ I build.

I just click; Select template, go inside of it and you can just change the guts of it while still keeping headers and footers and you can build websites really fast inside of ClickFunnels like that.


Anyways, guys, I hope that that was helpful for you. Please go download the Podcasting Site. I want you to know that I have never had so many leads come to me as when I started publishing.

Download Sales Funnel

I’m really excited for you to have this. Go ahead and click download. This page will pop up here and Click funnels, this is called the Click pop and this is what you’re going to get. I do this little zigzag thing to show it’s not a funnel, it’s a website.

Podcasting Sales Funnel

As soon as you click subscribe and go, it will drop over the link that you can download this website straight into your ClickFunnels account.

Anyways guys, we’ll see you later.

Please go over to the Facebook page. Let me know what you think about this and how you’re using this in your business and that would get me really jazzed.

All right guys, talk to you later. Bye.


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