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How to Create Product Launch Funnels in ClickFunnels

Jun 22nd, 2016 anchorwave

What’s up everyone. My name is Steve Larson and I have a really sad story to tell you guys today, all right? So, I want to tell you guys about what’s called the product launch funnel, but before I do I want to share with you guys a major failure that I had when I was a very, very, young, early, inexperience entrepreneur, okay?


I was awful at school my first semester. I actually failed out of college. I don’t think people know that. Actually, if you’ve been listening to my podcast at all then you probably know that story.

I sucked at college. I sucked at school in general. I barely graduated high school and, I don’t know it’s just my personality. I was, I guess street smart but book dumb.

Anyway I went through and I had to reapply for college and I learned how to learn and that was hard for me to do. I ended up getting basically straight A’s the rest of college.

I graduated with some crazy awards that only ten of us out of my graduating class got. I’m not bragging but I learned a lot, and I learned how to learn.

Top 10 Ways To Get Straight A's product launch funnel
This was one of the first products I ever made and sold online (still on Amazon today)… FAILED!!! I didn’t know about or use a Product Launch Funnel…

So I wrote a book called The Top Ten Ways to Get Straight As. When I say I wrote a book, I actually didn’t write it. I actually outsourced it and I hated what she wrote so I re-wrote it twice and I was like I’m going to make money, this is going to be awesome.

There’s all these tricks I was learning to get a 4.0 basically every semester and I want to share those with the world, things like that and I put it on Amazon, and I made my first squeeze page ever. Well, I guess for myself. I had been building for others at that time but it sucked. Nobody purchased it. I think it’s only sold a few of them ever and it’s been out a long, long time.


So, I want to talk to you guys real quick about something called the product launch funnel. I love Jeff Walker. I’ve read his book Launch and this is very, very similar to what he teaches. This is basically Jeff Walker’s product launch formula inside of ClickFunnels, which is awesome, super fantastic and amazing.

I wish though, that I had known how to do this stuff. When I launched this book man, I put like 120 hours into this thing and I think I made like 12 bucks. I mean, after- there’ s like two sales with all the fees taken out and everything. Anyway, if I had know how to do what I’m about to show you guys I would have made a lot- I know I would have made more money.


Anyway, this is called the product launch funnel and I just want to show you real quick how it works inside of ClickFunnels, right? I can’t believe I just told you guys that story. There’s so much more that goes into it. There’s another business partner of mine who was, he wasn’t doing a dang thing but he was still wanting 50 percent of everything. I was learning how to do it all and I was building it in WordPress, which just sucks. If you ever try and build anything sales-y, WordPress is not for sales. WordPress is for blogging. ClickFunnels is for selling. You use- whatever the tools most used for, use it for that thing and that thing alone.

Anyway, I spent two days trying to get WordPress to look just like this, with the squeeze page and all this stuff, and it still sucked and I still didn’t sell anything. I think it’s- I just got to check real quick. No, I don’t even own the URL anymore. Anyway, so this is how it works inside of ClickFunnels and please don’t do what I did and use ClickFunnels. This is free. Just click download. You’ll get a two week free trial to ClickFunnels and if you like it you can load all your content in and you’ll be good to go. You can make money immediately, right off the bat.


  1. First, get them to optin. Give something free that logically, shouldn’t be free. This will make opting in a no-brainer. However, whatever you give for free must logically connect with what you’re launching. OR you can have people optin to be on a waiting list but it has to be very sexy for a waiting list to work…
  2. The 1st video is called the “How and Wow” (named by Russell Brunson). Teach something that shakes their belief pattern…
  3. The 2nd is the “transformational education”. Do the hardcore teaching here.
  4. 3rd is the “Ownership experience”. This is where you let them “test drive before buying. Put them in the car and let them see what you’re pitching and how cool it is. This is also called pre-framing.
  5. 4th, “The offer”. Dump a heavy Call-To-Action and let them know they can’t get to it forever. Use a countdown clock like mad here…
Product Launch Funnel
Made popular by Jeff Walker, the Product Launch Funnel (formula) is the most effect way to bring a new product to the market…

So, the first thing to a product launch funnel, or formula if you’re a Jeff Walker follower. Great book by the way, go read the book Launch, is you obviously need someone to opt in. Product Launch FunnelWe’ll go inside the edit it page and if this is the first time ever seeing ClickFunnels, you can do anything in ClickFunnels. I can go through here, and let’s say I want this to be full page- I mean this is ugly but you can do anything you want right now. Say I want it to be three columns and I want instead, let’s drop this headline here, “Get Yours Free”, boom, boom, boom. Actually, I probably can just do with two columns. Change this so you can actually see it and get rid of this because that doesn’t make sense.

I usually don’t ask for people’s names because it doesn’t increase conversions at all. Just ask for their email, and you’ll get less friction also. Get rid of that junk and get rid of that junk, and let’s say that there’s a video that I want instead. We’ll toss the video up on top but it’s too big, so we’ll go to three fourths. Anyway, you start to see the power of this, right? But I still … Let’s see. This is me going real fast. Usually, you can spend more time in this and let’s say there’s a sweet headline here and we’ll bump it to, I don’t know, 50, bold it. Anyway this is kind of the power of it. I want the background to show. I don’t like that background. So, this is some stock background images that I can just choose from or go to, or something like that. Go get things from that.

Let’s drop in this guy instead and we’ll change everything back to white. Anyway, so you can see how this starts to work, right? Let’s say somebody opts in and you’re like, “Hey. I got this sweet thing coming out. I really want you to check it out.” Just know on squeeze pages and landing pages, and opt in pages, whatever you call them it’s all the same thing, the number one thing that makes somebody opt in is curiosity, right? I learned that from Russell Brunson. Make sure there’s curiosity going on here, and this is not really supposed to be a tutorial per-se. I just want to show you guys how this all works.

Let’s say this is launch page one. So I come in here with the exact same editing capabilities, literally create whatever I want and say, “Hey look this is video one. Sneak Peek.” and I can put it all on video sequence. Video two, and that’s the next page right? Link them all together. What’s kind of cool is you can make images on the fly, it’ll be straight color or black and white. Let’s see if it shows here. Come on. Product Launch Funnel ClickFunnelsOkay, so what I would do is I would come inside here, the edit page area, and go to the second image because this is the second video and you could say hey I want this to be full color. It makes that full color, and the others are black and white, so as they watch the different videos that are unlocking, the color is happening.

If you want to, just like Jeff Walker teaches or all the people who teach about product launches, that’s kind of Jeff Walker’s baby though … Let’s say the fourth spot where you’re supposed to release it and you’re supposed to say, “Hey, this is time to go purchase.” I obviously want a big “Buy now for a limited discount.” You don’t h ave to make it all caps I just am, just because. Let’s say I go down here to add a button in and I want this button obviously to go to the order page, and so I’ll go in here to the next page, grab this URL, come back to the launch page and we’ll just link that button, which is really easy to do. Inside the editor I’ll just come down to the button and click. There you go.

I can change whatever it says, download now, buy now, limited time only, change the size, change the color, do whatever I want. It looks ugly but you guys get the idea. I’ll make all these full color because it’s the last page.Product Launch Funnel Sales Funnel

Anyway, so- and this is the exact funnel that you’re going to get when you download, this very one when you click the button below this. This is the order page you can hook up to all your favorite payment processors. Let’s say that when somebody opts in, that’s where you want the email sequence to start, right? So, I would just go over to automation and I would say “Add to Email.” You can hook up with SMTP settings. You can use a free one, like There you go. You can choose the subject, choose a template, and we’ll just- just putting dummy stuff in there right now.

ClickFunnels email settingsYou say, ‘okay I want this to go out in 10 minutes which is “0.16” of an hour and that’s going to go 10 minutes after they opt in, and then the next one, I want it to go out the very next day.

Wait a day before you actually do this, you know? You don’t have to use the templates either. You can go in and edit them. I’ll show you that in just a second also. So, you can open the editor and actually edit the email itself that comes in, the pre-header. product launch funnel clickfunnelsI know I’m moving fast right now you guys. I’m so sorry.

Anyway, so that’s how it works and let’s say I want to add a new action- it’s kind of cool because you can add text message notifications too. You can ask for their phone number on your opt in page. Let’s say there’s a new action and I want a notification anytime anyone opts in, which you might want that, you might not. I can come in and say give me an email notification. This is the email I want to notify.

Anyway, that’s kind of how the product launch funnel works and ClickFunnels makes it crazy easy to actually create it and use it. So, this is the exact funnel you’re going to get. What I want you to do is, if you have a product that you’re going to launch, I would read Jeff Walker’s book. I would go look at what Russell Brunson does. I would definitely look at what Pat Flynn does, the way he launches things, and then just mimic and model the way that they do it.


Create three videos, or the different four video series that Jeff Walker says to do and then come right here inside ClickFunnels, download this free funnel. I made this all so that you guys can just have it (because that’s what I do baby). I’m a funnel builder. (laughs) Hopefully you’ll identify as a builder soon also, when you go download this.

Download Free Funnels

Anyway, it’s a free trial with ClickFunnels if you don’t have it. Just download it, grab it, put your stuff in and then create the emails, put the email sequences in that you want. Very, very simple and you can just drive traffic to the opt in page. The easiest one is Stripe to hook up with your payment process, so just watch money come into your Stripe account.

Anyway guys, I will talk to you later. Please, please, please, as always it fuels me to know how you guys are using these funnels. Don’t be like me and forget that you should prep an audience for a product, much like movie theaters pump out movie previews, like six months in advance before the actual product or movie comes out.

So, prep your products, prep your people and go to Facebook. Let me know how you’re using the product launch funnel in your business.

Let me know if you like it or not and if you’re using ClickFunnels also and just give me some feedback. I’d love to hear from you guys. I will talk to you later.


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