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How To Create A Membership Site In ClickFunnels

Jun 22nd, 2016 anchorwave


What is up everybody?

I’m super excited for this one. This is one of my favorite funnels ever. This is the membership funnel.

I don’t know if you can call it a funnel. You can use it as a funnel but there’s some incredible power with this.

First off, I just wanted to show you real quick some of the things that I’ve built with this funnel. This is one of the funnels that I have the most experience in when it comes to ClickFunnels.

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  1. You send info in an email or order confirmation page to a customer where new members can register or existing members can login.
  2. The content in the members area unlocks based on the products they purchased inside of your sales funnel. (waaaa????) It’s pretty sick.


This is what I want to show you though. I had a site called Secret MLM Hacks. It was a place where I was showing all these MLMers how to use sales funnels basically inside their MLM.

Membership Site

What I did is I’d said, Hey, I want to have a funnel where first I’m going to show someone how to

1) design a funnel
2) create a funnel, and
3) send traffic to a funnel.

Those were my three products.

I gave someone the free product on teaching how to design (below) and then how to create, here’s a creating (below). Then how to send traffic and here’s my traffic course (below).

ClickFunnel Membership Site

What’s interesting is that I can lock all these pieces of content based on whatever they purchased inside my funnel. This is super, super powerful stuff because I’ve found that users who can see content that they can’t get too often want to go back to pay me more money to get to the rest of the content…


I’m just going to show you guys. This is something I made for an awesome company, Echo H2 Water. This is for Paul Barattiero. This is a company I worked for these guys for awhile building some of their stuff which was awesome, a great company.

It’s pretty standard on this. All you do is send people to this and if they have an account they log it. If it sees they don’t have an account they ask them to register. So you can lock access to that.

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 8.40.24 AM

I built this and what they wanted was anyone who purchased any product of theirs, they wanted them to have their own membership area. That way they could go learn more and see events that were coming up. They could see all sorts of stuff whatever their company wanted to put out.


I want to show you though how this stuff all works. This is the funnel you’re going to get. I can go in here, change the background, change all this stuff.

What’s cool is that I’m not a coder, I’m not a programmer. I don’t know if you are or not or whatever. I can read code. I can edit it. I can write some CSS, stuff like that. I would not consider myself hard core coder and I definitely don’t know enough about databases to build a membership area.

ClickFunnels has made it really easy. If this grid isn’t here when you come in, all you do is click membership access and it’ll create that form for you and you can very easily create membership sites.

ClickFunnels Membership Sites

 This is really where the magic happens though in the membership area (below). What’s cool is that I can control who can sign up. I can say, “Hey, if you purchase this product in my sales funnel you’ll get access to my membership site.”

Then in email or on the next page give them access to this URL. You send them to this URL and they’ll be able to sign up. Put this URL on your pages and that’s for them to log in if they already have an account. It’s really, really simple though.

Membership Sales Funnel

You can add different lessons and add sections (above). But this is the cool part, Let’s say I want to add a new section. We’ll just call it test. This product requirements what’s cool if you’ve been watching any of my videos or read my blog at all you’ve heard me talk about fixed insurance so these are some other products. It will look in your ClickFunnels account and say all right these are all the products that you have loaded up in here.

Let’s say I want them to have purchased this product and this product for them to have access to this section. Unless they’ve purchased those two things they cannot open it up. They’ll see the section but it will not be unlocked for them when they log in so it’s very, very powerful.

You create lesson section. Let’s say I want to add a new lesson itself and I want to tag it to that section and say, “Really cool string.” I’ll come in here and I want it to be a resource list. I can also drift the content if I want. I’ll see let’s change this stuff around a little bit. Let’s say I just want one column and we’ll add in a video. If I’m going fast I’m sorry.

This isn’t meant to be like a ClickFunnels tutorial. I just want to show you how awesome membership areas are and what you can use them for. For actual people who are buying, people who you want to buy, people you’re going to be upselling it really gets to like continuity programs. Hey, purchase and every week new content will unlock. You can set that up really easily in here. Let’s just click save.

We’ll go here and then I want to open up what it’s actually going to look like so we’re going to go to the editor real quick. You can edit the stuff here. I just left a lot of stuff in from when I previously created. We’ll hit preview and we’ll go down to test, really cool training, and there it is. I can toss in my URL for videos or whatever and we’re good to go.

Guys, we’re very excited for you to have membership area funnels. These are super, super powerful. You skip all of needing to put in database things. I don’t know any of that crap. I don’t want to learn any of that stuff. Sorry if you’re a coder and I just called it crap but whatever.


Guys, I will talk to you later. Go ahead and click the download link and you can put and create anything you want in there. If you are a coder there is, let me just show you this real quick just so I don’t leave you guys who are coders out. I have used this many times as well.

If you want any custom, if you are a coder or a programmer go up here to the setting spot and you can put in custom CSS right here. I do put custom CSS sometimes in them, not often. Let’s say you want to bring in like a widget or something else from somewhere there’s a custom Java script and HTML area. That’s true for anywhere in ClickFunnels. This is just a standard element so you can put anything you want in there.

Download Free Funnels

Guys, super excited for you to have this. Go ahead and click download and start plugging and playing and giving more value to your customer. That’s what it’s all about. Anyway guys, I’ll talk to you later. If you have downloaded this, once you have please go over to my Facebook page. Let me know that you downloaded it and tell me what you’re thinking and what you’re using it for. I want to hear your success stories.

I want to hear what you guys are using these things to go create and bring value for. Anyway guys, I’m Steve Larsen.

Thanks so much for visiting Sales Funnel Broker and I’ll talk to you later.


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