“HeySteve!” Show 3 : Becky De Acetis Asks Why I ONLY Use Order Pages In Full Sites… – Stephen Larsen

“HeySteve!” Show 3 : Becky De Acetis Asks Why I ONLY Use Order Pages In Full Sites…

Nov 16th, 2016 anchorwave

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I don’t just build funnels in ClickFunnels. Full out websites are not only possible, they’re CRAZY fast… Here’s some tricks fo’ ya!!


Steve Larsen:

What’s going on everybody? This is Steve Larsen and this is an “HeySteve!” segment of the Sales Funnel Radio Podcast.


Welcome to Sales Funnel Radio, where you’ll learn marketing strategies to grow your online business using today’s best internet sales Funnels. And now, here’s your host, Steve Larsen.

Steve Larsen:

Alrighty Alrighty, Hey! So today’s question actually comes from Becky, and actually I have interviewed Becky before in the past, so if you want to, go back and listen to her interview. It’s absolutely, totally amazing. Absolutely amazing interview. But anyways, I’m going to play her question.


Hey Steve, I was wondering on your template for the website, why you made every page an order page?

I think I know, but just wanted to be sure. Thanks so much!

Steve Larsen:

Okay so I actually get asked that question pretty frequently.

Click FunnelsNow if you guys haven’t done this in the past at all, please do in the future. I made my entire website, salesfunnelbroker.com, available for everyone for free. I mean you can download literally the entire thing, straight into your ClickFunnels account. Now if you don’t have ClickFunnels, that’s totally fine, it’ll just give you a two week free trial, so you can go in, literally switch out your pictures, content, copy. Honestly, and what I would do, and I’m telling you guys to do this and a lot of people I think would freak out at this, but …

Literally put up my website on one page or on the right side of your screen and then the version that you download from me on the left side, and then you can go through and just add or change whatever and just make sure you model after what I’ve done.

It works, almost everyone it works quite well…

I want you to know, I had somebody come out and they were on YouTube and they were calling me out saying, “How is it that,” I can’t remember what they said. They were like, “How come you didn’t give this to me for free? Are you serious, you’re not,”

They said something like that, I can’t remember exactly what it was, but I was crazy fired up, like, “Are you kidding me? I gave so much stuff away for you guys. I just finished building another person’s Funnel, and I charge ten grand for them, and I’m giving you the entire website for free. That’s like giving ten grand away.”

I got to be honest, I still get a little gut check every time I do that because I worked two or three hundred hours on that thing. I worked a long time on that, but I just wanted you guys to know that I do care about you and I’m obsessed with Funnel building.

So anyways, back to the question…

Becky asked, “Why is every single page,” when you guys download it you’ll see it, “Why is every page set up as an order page?” If you don’t know what Becky is talking about, when you’re inside of ClickFunnels, before you get in the editor but you’re in the actual Funnel, you’ll notice on this left side that it all says “Order Page.”

So the first page will be a home page but underneath it says “Order Page,” right? Then there’s an about page. Underneath it says “Order Page,” and I’ve had people ask me, “Why do you do that?”

So think about it this way. ClickFunnels is absolutely fantastic, not just for building things like Funnels of course, right?

I use them to build websites, full websites, and I’ve done it for many people. You can check out echoh2water.com, that’s a full one I built out. I guess I won’t list them all out here, but I’ve built a ton of different websites inside of ClickFunnels and the way that I do it is first, right off the bat, I make every page an order page.

Here’s the reason…

A lot of times what happens is I say I’m building a site, I’ll say I’m building a full website inside of ClickFunnels and in the future, I’m like, “You know what? I would love it if I just sold something straight off of this page.”

Let’s say I’m in the about page section of my website. If you went to salesfunnelbroker.com/about, you’d see me and you’d see about me and I’m telling you guys who I am and what kind of person I am and trying to get a relationship with you guys, right?

Let’s say I wanted to sell something off of that page right there. You actually can do it straight off that page because it’s an order page. There’s been many times in the past where I have, someone’s come and I only made this mistake one or two times and realized I should build out every single page as an order page.

This is off of a website, understand what I’m telling you…

This is not a traditional Funnel that I built out….

The reason I do it is because there’s been many times in the past where I built for somebody and I go out and I’m like, “Cool, hey, the project’s done,” and then they’re like, “Hey, can I sell something just straight off of this page?”

And I’m like, “That was different than you and I agreed on. Sure. But I’m going to have to rebuild that as an order page type or there’s some really ninja code things you can do to switch it,” and I was like, “Oh I don’t want to anyway.”

So I just rebuild it real quick with one on one page, one on the other. But anyways, that’s the reason why I do it though. So that to future assume any kind of purchase that might happen on that page in the future.

Now that’s kind of a quick answer to your question, so I wanted to go through a little bit more about how I build a whole site inside of ClickFunnels, because I have been asked that so many times. So, that’s why I was like, okay this is totally going on the show.

Becky I’ll send you your T-shirt right after this…

Here’s how I do it though. Like I was saying I build out, first I select, I delete everything out of the Funnel. I start out a Funnel, it doesn’t matter what kind and click Funnels. I delete every single page. Then I just create an order page one and choose any template.

When I open it up though, I delete everything. Then I’ll go out and I Funnel hack, essentially. Who are the other guru’s out there? Who are the other people out there who are crushing it who I might want to model after? And I’ll get four or five different websites that I like the look and feel of them.

I don’t want it to be too corporate-y…

So then I go out and I build the whole thing and here’s the key part. Make sure that all of headers with all the links are in there. Make sure all of the footers with all the links are in there.

Make sure you get that page, as far as a template goes as 100% complete as you possibly can. Because then what I do afterwards is I’ll go in and I’ll just save it as a template. I save that whole page as a template and then I just literally paste it out like five or six times and name one of them the about page.

Name the next one the services page, name the next one the podcasting page. Just like you guy see on the top of salesfunnelbroker.com. What’s cool about that though, is the front page becomes, and any of the other pages become the entry point for other Funnels that I’m building out. So here, go check this out, for example this is how I do it.

If you want me to build the Funnel for you, I did not think about all the people that wanted that when I built salesfunnelbroker.com, I was just planning on being a broker, which I do that also, by the way.

But I was thinking, “Man, people want me to build their funnels for them, this is awesome, I’m really excited to do this!”

If you look, the salesfunnelbroker.com site is not in the same category in ClickFunnels as the services, /services Funnel is. It’s a different Funnel. But anyway, I don’t want to keep rambling on. It’s now turned into a long answer, but that’s the reason why so that I can assume that they’ll be future sales, which is awesome, which is what I’ve done.

That free Funnel section, guys that’s making like a grand a week and I’m not doing anything on it.

You guys can go do the same…

I want you to know though, you can download the entire site that I built for free, like I said, right in your ClickFunnels account. If you don’t have one, just get the free trial, it will go right in still. But what I also did, if you go to the free Funnels section in there, scroll down to the bottom, I created a custom WordPress theme, so that I could still put up blog posts, and there’s a whole other episodes that I’ve got on how to do that.

Ask More Questions

I’ve made the whole thing available for you guys though. It cost me a good chunk of money to create, a lot of time, a lot of time with another coder that I ended up hiring and she’s awesome.

Well we ended up packaging up the entire blog theme and we made it available to all you guys. And so if you look, if you click across the top, salesfunnelbroker.com the blog at the top, there’s a whole bunch of different places. Well the blog is not on the same URL, it’s actually WordPress.

All I did is I went and I paid someone to custom create a WordPress theme that made WordPress look like the site salesfunnelbroker.com. So they looked like they were together on purpose. That’s what that is. So if you want to, you can also get that as a companion to the entire salesfunnelbroker.com website.

Anyways guys, I’m sorry, this is kind of more of a nitty gritty, that was like hard core style more of an episode and I promise I won’t do these too often and these “HeySteve!” segments is a little bit more forward, not as many stories I should say.

Anyway, guys, thanks so much and Becky thanks so much. I will get your address from you and then I’ll send you off that T-shirt. Anyone else who has a question though, please go to salesfunnelradio.com and you can see, if you scroll down on the right, there’s a little green button you can click it and ask any question you want. It will forward off to my email.

I kind of vet the questions to see which ones will be great on the podcast and then I send you out a free “HeySteve!” T-shirt kind of as a thank you. Anyways guys, hey thank you so much, and I will chat with you all later.


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