“HeySteve!” Show 2 : Aaron Jordan Asks How I Got 53,000 People To A Site In 2 Days… – Stephen Larsen

“HeySteve!” Show 2 : Aaron Jordan Asks How I Got 53,000 People To A Site In 2 Days…

Oct 8th, 2016 anchorwave

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All right. All right.

This is actually one of the “HeySteve!” segments.

I should maybe get like a different intro or something like that, so it’s not the same “Welcome to Sales Funnel Radio”, you know. I paid some guy like, I don’t know, like ten bucks on Fiverr to do that. I mixed it and everything. He just did the voiceover.

Anyway, this question comes from Aaron Jordan, so I’m just going to put it in here.


“Hey, Stephen. What’s up, man? This is Aaron Jordan. First, I just want to start by saying I love your MLM Funnel. It’s excellent. It’s everything as good as you said it was. I just wanted to ask a quick question. I wanted to know what was the name of the company that you used to send out the million SoloAd emails. All right? This way I could do some test marketing. Talk to you later.”

Hey, man. That’s a good question. Aaron, thanks so much for chiming in and thanks for talking about the MLM Downline Recruiting Funnel, too.

That thing is selling like hot cakes.

I’m loving that thing and so is everyone else. It’s awesome when you make a product and … I kind of just made it as a hobby project and then I kind of forgot about it. I was in the middle of college and it was just a fun thing. It turns out it was actually really good.

Hey, so for the SoloAds and if you guys are listening and you don’t know what SoloAds are, a SoloAd is … Let’s take this scenario.

Let’s say that I have a huge following of people. Right? I have lots of emails on my list, tens of thousands, a thousand, five hundred. It could even be two hundred people on an email list.

You can sell with what’s called SoloAd. Now it’s illegal for me to give you the contact information of that person but what you can do is you could pay me to put an ad out to my list.

That way, you still get your message out and I follow the law by not giving you all my emails because you don’t have permission to take someone else’s contact. They didn’t opt into you. Right? That’s called a SoloAd. You’re sending one ad by itself, solo, you know, to an email list.

Typically, it’s to an email list. Usually, in the Internet marketing world, when you say SoloAd, it just means the email, usually not to followings, but you can do the other following, the different mediums.

It’s funny I actually just mentioned it. I actually use the company called Fiverr and Fiverr is a place … There’s some caveats with Fiverr. Fiverr is like a … You can go pay people five dollars to go to crazy stuff. I’ve had people beatbox my name. I’ve had people beatbox … I like the rap ones. I think they’re funny.

This dude rapped “Happy Mother’s Day” to my mom on this video. It’s really sweet. It was like five bucks. You can do lots of Internet marketing stuff, also, so pay somebody to do SEO for you. You can buy back links there. It’s a little bit more of what we call grayhat in Internet marketing, meaning it can be like dirty traffic.

Sometimes search engines like Google or YouTube or Facebook or whatever can tell that you’re buying likes or they can tell that you’re … Like I’ve gotten ten thousand likes to a video on YouTube in twelve hours. Most of them weren’t real, though. It was just to test it, just for fun and then it ended up blowing up because people created a perception.

YouTube saw that and they took off the likes, so I lost some money on that but that’s okay.

The only reason I’m telling you that is because it’s a caveat. It’s a warning for what actually happens when it comes to SoloAds on Fiverr, also. SoloAds are great but you need to know that from Fiverr, they are kind of like the trash traffic. Do you know what I mean?

Not always, maybe there’s a couple that are really good. I know what you’re talking about. In one of the videos I was talking about, in that five-day free course that comes with the … You can white label for yourself with the online funnel. I sent a hundred and seventeen million emails in forty-eight hours.

Here’s why it’s trash traffic. We got fifty-three thousand people to visit our site in two days. It was fifty-two thousand, four hundred eighty-eight or something like that. A hundred and seventeen million emails go out and only fifty-three thousand of the hundred and seventeen million actually showed up. That’s why it’s trash traffic because it’s kind of garbage.

I buy SoloAds from a whole bunch of people at the same time just because I don’t know. Some of them might be crap. From that fifty-three thousand, only a hundred bought and got on our pre-buy list. Now we only paid a hundred dollars for that so we got a hundred people to sign up for a hundred dollars, basically. Fifty-three thousand people jumped on.

I could retarget those people. If you don’t know what retargeting is, you can just look it up. It’s meaning I follow you around on the Internet with my ad and it looks like I’ve been there all along. It kind of can pull people back into your funnel. Retargeting is like remarketing to people who have already seen you stuff so you don’t lose them. That’s basically how it works.

I would go to Fiverr and I would look up a guy name Travis Sago and I would use his email format, mixed with Russell Brunson’s email format. He writes what I call short style. Keep it a very brief email.

Most of them don’t let you add images anyway. It’s going to be plain text. Say in there like, “Hey, look!” Use a really catchy headline or subject line, something that is just loaded with curiosity. The whole point of the email is to not answer any questions. It’s to keep curiosity on the line. If you look at a lot of commercials or movie previews.

A lot of times, they do not tell you what the movie is about or they don’t tell you what the product actually is. All they do is tell you what it’s not. That’s kind of what you want to do in a SoloAd. “I’m doing x, y and z without this, this and this.” Do you know what I mean? “I gained a six pack without doing any situps.” Or “How to gain a six pack without doing any situps.” That might be a pretty catchy headline for a SoloAd for someone who has a following in the workout space, obviously. Right?

You might open up the email and say something like “I don’t have to do any situps. Actually, I’m still eating carbs. I actually love eating hamburgers. That’s my go-to meal every single lunch every single day. Click here to find out more.”

You didn’t tell them what it actually is. You just told them what it’s not and I’ve found that that actually really works quite well to drive people in. Now one caveat with this also is that you should probably set up your own tracking.

If you go to salesfunnelbroker.com/resources, I think I have a … I’m going to fill it in for you. She says no, but I think there might be a free trial with a company called ClickMeter, if you use that link on that page.

ClickMeter is cool because through that link, they’ll give you a thousand tracks every single month for free. What’s kind of cool is I’ll use them and I’ll take whatever link I want them to go to, so if it’s a landing page and it’s a product that teaches them how to do something with situps or their abs or whatever, I’ll take that landing page link, run it through ClickMeter so that anytime anyone hits that link, it gets tracked and I can see if it’s from a bot, if a spider is crawling it like a Google Spider or if it’s a natural person and where they are in the world.

Then I’ll take that link, though, and that’s the link I’ll put in the email so I can track it myself. The reason I do that, especially with Fiverr also, is that they’ll tell you you’ve got nine thousand people that come to your actual website and click on it when ninety percent of them are bots. I use my own tracking and go back to those people and say, “Look, I use my own tracking. I know that’s crap. I use my own tracking and you didn’t send all those people. Half of them are bots.” Usually, they’ll give you an extra few cents for free for that.

Fiverr is good. Just know you kind of have to do more handholding and you have to grab them by the leash a little bit more because it can be crappy traffic, but it also can be a good way to test.

I usually will use Fiverr only in a scenario that I need to go and just make sure the pages are all converting, meaning I’ll have done on my test, I’ll go through my funnel and make sure that I think it’s working. Then I want to make sure, though, that it’s still working for other people, that it’s not just because I’m cached on my browser, meaning my browser has saved parts of the website so I’m getting a different experience.

I test it incognito in Chrome and then if it’s working for you, then go do a small test also and then after all those things are done and you’ve seen that even just a couple of people hit it and do some minor things on there, then I’ll go buy a Facebook ad or whatever traffic it is you’re basically funnel hacking because now I know. Right?

Anyways, that’s what I’d do. Go to Fiverr. If you just literally search the term, email SoloAd, you’re going to find tons of people. Then filter by rating or popularity or something like that and you’ll see all the people that have been buying from this person, which typically means that they’re pretty good. Most people don’t keep buying crap over and over again.

If you can look through the reviews and see that there have been repeat buyers, especially, that’s a great cue. The other thing you can do, too, is let them know that you are watching them, meaning send them a message before you buy and say, “Look, I know that it looks like you have a few upsales here.

For an extra ten bucks, you’ll put it here and you’ll do this for an extra twenty and that you just want to make sure that it’s not all bots. If you can get an answer back from them and at least just let them know you’re watching them, sometimes they’ll send you an even better list.

That’s just a few little tricks and really, that’s true for anything you do freelancing. You have to weed through ninety-five percent of people just to get a good gig usually. Once you find them, you keep them for life and you keep them busy so they only work with you.

Anyways, that’s a very long answer to your question. Usually, these segments are not that long but that’s how I do it. Go to Fiverrr.com. It’s F_I_V_E_R_R. It’s two R’s. Usually, it’s five bucks. The upsales are typically worth it so if you use an extra five, ten, twenty dollars, and that’s usually where they make their money, they make it even extra cool.

That’s kind of how it works, man.

Anyways, yeah, you sent me over your address so I’ll send you over your t-shirt and anyone else that’s listening to this, know that if you ask a question and if it’s is applicable and if it’s not a dumb question, go ahead and go to salesfunnelbroker.com/podcast, scroll down on the right and there will be a green button.


If you click it, it will record your question to me. Send it in an email file and then I’ll put it on the podcast and send you a free “HeySteve!” t-shirt.

Just send me your shirt size and I’ll send it on over to you for free kind of as a way of saying thank you.

All right, guys. Thanks so much and I will talk to you later.

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