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Building A High Ticket, Coaching Sales Funnels

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What’s going on everybody. I’m actually very excited to share this with you, which is funny to say about a funnel, but it’s true though.


Coaching Funnel
Honestly I just like this picture… 🙂

Awhile ago, before I was building sales funnels, I got my start studying internet marketing really hardcore. Back in college, I had been learning the basics of marketing, studying all these gurus and their courses.

It funny, because I have a marketing degree and I eventually I got to a class that was supposed to be about internet marketing in college. Well I got there and it was just crappy. It was so bad.

Everything they were teaching was 10 years old. Nothing that they were talking about was really working.

I went to the teacher and and said, “Hey do I really need to do this? Here let me drop this plan and I want to do this the rest of the semester. I don’t want to do your classes.”

selling funnels in college
This is when I was selling funnels in college

It was kind of forward, but he saw what I was doing though and said I should go for it. I’m forever grateful that he did let me because doing so may as well have changed my life, which he did.

What ended up happening was there was a Paul Mitchel in the area that came to the school and was asking for help with some things. Anyway, my buddy and I got the professors and teachers to introduce us to them.

We started driving traffic for Paul Mitchel like crazy. We got hooked up with eight more of them through California and it became this big thing. We started building for some of their celebrities.

This is the first time I’ve ever told this story. I don’t even think it’s on my podcast or anything. If you are from Paul Mitchel and you’re listening to this, I’m not naming any specific names on this ha. I guess that’s the legal disclaimer.

I won’t say too much more, but what’s interesting is we started getting a ton of businesses asking us to do the same thing. We had 15 businesses on a waiting list, and we were in the middle of college, in our marketing classes, where we were supposed to be learning this crap.

We started driving traffic for them and it went well. There’s no particular reason I was going to show that page or whatever, but here’s what ended up happening: Tons of students started asking us what we were doing. Everyone suddenly had a business that they wanted us to drive traffic for and do things for.

It was a little bit frustrating for me, because the trend was the same every time and this is where the lesson is. Someone would come and the idea that was like, “Oh yeah. I totally want to have this. I totally want to get what you’re doing.” But they wouldn’t have a real business in the first place, or they wouldn’t have any money to give us, or they would want it to just be a charity thing, or they would want us to do it just for experience and resume building and consider it part of an internship, or things like that. It was like, what are we doing that is not attracting the right person.

This is crazy. We ended up dropping the whole thing. We took the lessons on building sales funnels and I went off and did other things and started blowing up other ways, which was really cool, but it was really really hard.

Anyways, here’s the lesson is that we were not attracting the correct person. People were coming to us, but we were still having to sell them in certain ways and we weren’t getting the right person. What I want to show you guys is this is called the coaching funnel.


  1.  The first step = WORK FOR FREE! Go produce results for someone else and get their story on a video describing their story (dramatic and gripping)
  2. Make an application form. Have them come to YOU! Why should they have you?
  3. Give them some assignments. Homework. Get them involved in their own application. Will this cut your leads down? Yes!!! Will more of them convert with less of your time tied in meaningless calls? YES!!!

High Ticket Coaching Funnel

What the coaching funnel solves is that very problem and it’s one of the reasons I love this funnel so much, because what you’re going to do when you starting coming through these pages is you’re going to say, “I want you to prove to me why I should coach you.” You flip it. You create an application out of it.

For example, I just went and I really want to get Lasik surgery. (I’ve had terrible eyes since I was in second grade. My eyes are awful. If I don’t have contacts or glasses in, I can’t see more than six inches in front of me and it’s just really bad, so I want to get Lasik.)

I was totally walking through their value ladder and their sales funnels and I was loving it, because I could see what they were doing. They’re like, “Well, we’ll have to see if you’re eligible, so why don’t you get an appointment and we’ll have you go down there.”

I was there for only three minutes and the guy was like, “Yeah. You’re eligible.” What it did is it made me want “Oh, I hope I can do this. I hope that I’m eligible. I hope that I can get out there. Oh, it’s free for me to see if I’m eligible?” All it does is it vets out all the people that are just talking, verses those people that actually take action

It’s the same thing with this funnel. What you want if you’re coaching people, if you’re a coach at all, or you’re trying to get someone. You can even use this for products and say, “Why should you get my product? Why should I allow you to have my product?” When I started doing that to people. When people came to me and said, “Hey, I really need you to build this funnel for me.” Well have you even made a dollar? “No no, it’s just a startup.” Sorry, I’m not working with you. It helps me vet out all the people who have never taken enough action in their life to really get any real results anyways.


This is the whole funnel. What you’re going to do is you’re going to come through (and I learned this from Russell Brunson and it totally changed my life) you got to work for free for one person. The first person that you come through, go work for free, get them results, whatever your coaching on, whatever you’re helping people on.

Get the first person crazy amazing results, then document that story, and that becomes your marketing message. When people come to this first video right here on this page, it says sales pages on the side right there, but this isn’t. Anyways, what you do is you put that video right here.

Coaching Funnels
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Someone giving you your soppy, sob, testimonial video. “Oh my gosh.” He goes, “Steve Larsen came in. He built this funnel and my business has doubled since then, but my overhead has dropped, and everything has changed. I see in color now. I was seeing in black and white before.” (ha) It can be on an iPhone. You don’t need some high quality thing. The story is what you really want.

In the headline, say, “Looking for more awesome people.” It just has the sappy, sob video. It says, “Apply for the program.” A few more testimonials. “Apply. See if you are eligible.” Truly don’t let some people in if they’re not a good fit. This is a real application. Keep the reputation up that you just don’t let anybody in. This is all kind of a template thing. You can change whatever you want here and these are some things to help get an idea of the things you should put on this page.

You say, “Hey look, apply for the program.” And it opens this pop up and it says, “Hey look, you’re on application step 1 of 3.” That let’s them know that look there’s more coming, so as soon as you click apply here, that doesn’t mean the loop is closed, mentally.

What you’re going to do is come in and say “All right. It’s time for you to fill out this application. You could do this on a form straight inside ClickFunnels. You could use a free form builder like Wufoo and just embed it with some HTML here, but have a video here of you that says, “This is why I got into this business and this is the reason why I’m coaching you guys. I’m really excited for this. Personally this is my story.”

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(You think of what I’m doing right now. I’m telling you stories of how I used this funnel and it’s blessed other people’s lives. This is the exact same thing that you need to be doing with your product or business.)

They’re applying and they’re proving to you why they should be let in. Tell us about your current business. Why is it that I should be taking you? It’s just kind of a place holder there. Once they apply, they’re asking you to get in. They’re asking you. For coaching charge anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000. A lot of money and you’re asking them why you should take their money (laughter). It’s a really funny way to flip it around, but it makes them prove themselves to you and it makes you more of an authority figure. Not in a bad way, but you know what I mean. They’ll listen to you more.

sales funnels
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When you come inside here say, “Thanks for applying.” Then you give them homework. You give them homework and you say, “Hey watch this video. Here’s what’s going to happen next. If you can’t wait just call this number and you’ll talk to one of us immediately.” You’ll get really hot leads like that. It’s crazy.

“Watch these videos. Fill out these forms. Thanks for your business or whatever the product.” If you’re coaching them volleyball or whatever it is. “I want you to make a video of you doing these different exercises.” I don’t know what you call them. Relay. I don’t know. Anything. That way we can talk about it we have stuff we can talk about on your first coaching call, if your approved. You get them involved in the process. Get them contributing in the process to them applying. That’s the whole purpose, the whole reason for this funnel. This is like high ticket stuff that you can do with it also. Very powerful. Super amazing.


Again just like anything else in the ClickFunnels editor, I could go add more videos, say I want this all to be in a two column instead of one, so on one side it will have “Get ready. Do you want to get started with it now?”

You can change whatever you want in ClickFunnels, which is amazing. You can add custom HTML stuff. Let’s say I want this as background color. Just toss it in a little bit right there. We’ll add a border in. Full border, but dashed.

I want it to look similar to what was just on there. There you go. It’s too close to the one above it. Anyways, see you can do anything you want. I’m not a programmer. I’m not a coder. I didn’t have to call and wait for changes to happen. It’ just changes that happen on their own, which is incredible.

I want that more narrow, which typically would, and there was content where this will narrow the actual table.


Guys, I’m super excited. I really do want you guys to have this. I’m excited for you to use this as part of your business services. The people that are my customer are people who already in business, who are already making money, and all I’m going to do is help them structure their sales funnels, whether offline or online in a way that let’s them give more value to the customer, but also make more money.

Click the download link.

Download Coaching Funnel

It’s a free trial of ClickFunnels when you use that link below. Use this thing free coaching funnel. Do whatever you want, but please go to Facebook, or the comments below and let me know how you’re using this funnel. Like I said before in other videos, it fuels me. It helps me know exactly, number one, how I can serve you guys better, and give just cool content away for free, but it’s also a fueling for other people to see this is fantastic and it helps scratch us both backs.

Anyways I appreciate it and I’m excited to hear from you about your sales funnels. I will talk to you guys later. Bye.

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