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AutoWebinar Sales Funnel (Free Download)

Jun 22nd, 2016 anchorwave


If you can master this funnel, write your own checks and sit back in happy land… 

This funnel is one “bad” mamajama. Lets quickly identify “the crucial’s” of each page (for the sake of not writing a whole blog on the strategy behind each step). Take a look at the diagram below.


  1.  A registration page wreathing with curiosity gets someone to register for your webinar…
  2.  Your ‘Thank You’ page doubles as a place to run an “Ask Survey” (props to Ryan Levesque) so you can answer the collective questions people have…
  3.  An email auto-respond’s to the subscriber’s optin, which includes the “FREE THING” you used to bribe the visitor..
  4.  An awesome “Indoctrination Series” pumps out to registrants. While it’s perceived value is through the roof, it’s real purpose is to sell people BEFORE they get on the webinar…
  5. The “Live Webinar” page is structured so everyone thinks the presentation is, well… live… (use Russell Brunson’s FunnelU chat box to make the prerecorded webinar chat comments staged)
  6. Push everyone to the Order Form and spend a good 30 minutes answering questions
  7. Post-Webinar: Send the replay to everyone who didn’t buy or attend. But end the replay within 3 days…
    Auto Webinar

This funnel is free for you obviously. If you like it, awesome. If you don’t, that’s totally fine also. I’m just trying to help people sell more basically, and my personal mission for is to give away a million sales funnels.

(Nod Your Head)

Give a big “Yes.” You can say it audibly to the computer, it’s okay. Obviously, I’m sure you want automated sales, and what I want to show you is a little bit more about how this funnel works, right?

If you’ve never seen the click funnels editor, this is what it looks like (below). You can use this to become a conversion boosting, cash money machine. The funnel you’ll download for free (also below) has dummy text and videos. Go in and change them both. You’ll see it’s really easy to use. It’s just (a kick butt) drag-and-drop editor.



If you’ve never seen the ClickFunnels editor before, click the image above, download this funnel, get the free ClickFunnels trial, and go play. I’m not a coder and this is the easiest thing I’ve ever used to create sweet webpages and funnels.

I just want to show you guys a little bit about what ClickFunnels can do. Let’s say that only bolded text is that color, so we’ll come in here and we’ll say, I don’t want that, so it says amazing things you’ll learn.

Auto Webinar

Anyways, there’s a lot of stuff you can do with this obviously. This is a software done by Russell Brunson and he’s done an amazing job with it. This isn’t meant to be a ClickFunnels tutorial. 

You can integrate easily with GoToWebinar or WebinarJam, along with any of your favorite autoresponder (or just use the sweet one already inside the software).


Webinars are really good for selling things that are like $500 to like $2,500 to $5,000 (mmmaybe).

Beyond that, you know, you should probably change the medium maybe over the phone, but webinars work very well for the middle of the value ladder range, and if you know Russell Brunson at all, you’ll know what the value ladder is.

This is an auto webinar, and what’s funny is people always want to go get an automated webinar and ask me to build for them a lot.

BUT the thing is you should not be automating a webinar unless you’ve been running it personally, by-hand, manually for quite a while (six months is what I’d say).


You’ve got to do them live, and the reason is there’s going to be crap-ton that you learn as you do them live, time after time after time.

It’d be like learning trying to go straight to the SuperBowl right out of High School. It doesn’t work at all like that.


I absolutely love football, and the Denver Broncos, that’s my team.

Peyton Manning for life. I’m very sad that he just retired.

I’m not too sure on the new Quarterbacks the Broncos are looking at now but I’m sure they’ll be good still. (moment of silence everyone… mmmmhmmm)

Complements of

And no one tell me that I’m just a fan just cause they’ve been in the SuperBowl several times. I’ve been a fan since 2000 when the beat the Greenbay Packers. 

Honestly I don’t get to watch as much as I want to… I’m usually too busy building sweet crap online and makin’ the moe-nay (ha, which is fun too). Maybe I’ll get to go see the SuperBowl one day… SAWEET NECTA PIE!!!

I digress.


If you are automating a webinar, it means that you are ALREADY rocking it, and you’ve made all the tweaks you think you can.

You should always do webinars live until you’ve got them to a certain spot. (Know about how many sign up each week, how many actually attend, and how many buy).

Once you have that, then you can automate the webinar, but until then, DOWNLOAD THIS FUNNEL and understand how it works, learn it, and know that this is the goal.


The first thing you should do is download the normal webinar funnel first. There’s some things inside of the automated webinar which is obviously just for automation that are not in the other webinar funnel.

That’s the one you need to go learn on, right? That’s the training wheels. Auto Webinars are big boy land…

Anyways, guys, download the auto webinar funnel.
(you get the ClickFunnels trial with the funnel)

Free Funnels

Please go over to Facebook and let me know what you think about this funnel, and if it’s a help to you at all. I’m just excited to hear that you guys are downloading them..

Thanks guys. I’ll spreken to you later…

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